Posted on 11.20.2020

Hell’s Breaking Loose in Georgia, and Elsewhere - Soapbox Jr.

We’re hearing a lot about potential voter fraud and rigging of the 2020 election in the news these days. I am not saying with certainty that is what happened, but from what I have seen and heard, I am concerned about what could potentially be the most widespread voter fraud in our nation’s history.

Sadly, rigged elections are nothing new.

Allegations of rigged elections go all the way back to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1800, again in 1824, and 1876.

More recently, John F. Kennedy won an extremely narrow election in 1960 with approximately 113,000 votes separating him from Richard Nixon which put Kennedy in office, and there has been much talk about Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley arranging for ballot boxes being stuffed, and a reporter named Earl Mazo said he found tombstones that matched Chicago voters in certain precincts and a dilapidated old house where nobody lived, yet 56 people there voted for Kennedy.

A confession of guilt in 1962, eventually led to the prosecution and incarceration of three poll workers from Chicago’s 28th Ward. 

There are many other instances of voter fraud and election rigging through, but let’s focus on the current situations.

President Trump’s legal team had a press conference of over an hour-long on Thursday, detailing a flawed - or intentionally compromised – voting systems and software, allegedly used in the glorious socialist-state of Venezuela and allowed votes to be switched to the late Hugo Chavez from his opponents, and claimed that the reason so many precincts was that the software which was intended to flip votes from Trump to Biden was overwhelmed by Trump votes coming in, and had to stop in order for a plan B to add last-minute votes in order to put Biden on top.

Dominion Voting Systems machines are at the center of the controversy, and the Trump team says they have 234 pages of signed affidavits with allegations of fraud, and poll watchers who were prevented from observing and being able to challenge ballots as allowed by law. 

Don't forget that Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and several other prominent Democrats voiced concerns about the security of the Dominion system.

Dominion officials did not show up for a fact-finding hearing in front of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Friday morning, which could have potentially shed a lot of light on the allegations of vote switching - and curiously - since election day, over 100 Dominion employees have deleted their LinkedIn profiles.

There’s a real “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! The Greatest Oz has spoken!” feel to the whole thing. We’re just supposed to nod and accept the assurances of our benevolent overlords in the mainstream media at their word that there is no reason to doubt their assertations that the election was fair and free with no monkey business. 

Feels like the old Jedi mind trick, with the mainstream media believing that their “Force” can have a strong influence on the weak-minded public.

But let’s move from a galaxy far, far away back to the old west.

Time to use a little “cowboy logic” as dad used to say, 

“2+2 is always 4.”

“Water doesn’t run uphill.”

“Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire somewhere.”

There’s enough smoke surrounding this to think that there may be some flammable material could possibly be combusting.

And there is a situation in Wayne County Michigan where intimidation and doxing – leaking of personal information - caused two Republicans on the election board change to voting to certify the election results after originally refusing to vote to certify the election results, and then rescinding their votes. More votes than registered voters have been found, which seems just a tad suspicious.

Time will tell if any of these legal challenges will change the results, but time is getting short, so if a bombshell is coming, it is going to have to be soon.

But another major concern is the apparent invitations to voter fraud in Georgia with economist Thomas L. Friedman who said he hopes that Democrats move to Georgia and register to vote so they can participate in the two runoff elections for Georgia’s two Senate seats, a situation that the Georgia state legislature should address as soon as possible, as it has the potential to shape the U.S. Senate majority for years to come.

I’m sure that if Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity suggested Republicans up and move to the Peach State in the next month, then hell would break loose in Georgia, to paraphrase a certain fiddle player I was close to, and he would be fit to be tied at what is going on down there, and elsewhere in this crazy election.

Rosin up your bows, Georgia!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, the peace of Jerusalem and for our nation.

God Bless America!


—  Charlie Daniels, Jr.


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Crooked As A Barrel Of Snakes
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Jr, I'm sure your dad would be fit to be tied. I'm 1,000% certain the smoke is coming a fire bigger than all of em that the west fought in 2020. What is even more unbelievable is that the media including Fox is fighting the truth, All that we have heard from mainstream media for 4 years is Russian Collusion, and Impeachment. This is the same rigged system that turned Venezuela from a prospers nation into a sewer of socialism, and will do the same thin to the USA, except just like when the devil went to Georgia and met up with Johnny, he has met his his match once again, except this time his name is Donald. You can bet the fire will fly but Jesus is still on the throne......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
What do I think?
I think you're delusional. You spout all this conspiracy theory nonsense without offering one shred of proof that this is what actually happened.
Posted by Nick
I'm with Nick
I was going to write a lengthy comment which I know would do nothing to enlighten anyone here on what "Reality" is, but Nick put it plainly and simply: you are delusional. The reality is that there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of widespread voter fraud anywhere. No shenanigans at the polling stations (observers were not excluded). No rooms full of Democrats filling out ballots for Biden after election day and then having postal workers backdate them. No voting machines/software "flipping" millions of votes for Trump to Biden. There is only a pathetic, deluded bully who doesn't give a darn about anything or anyone but himself, surrounded by his GOP enablers.
Posted by Steve
And the Devil deals the cards ...
Strange times we live in. I believe there was definitely instances of voter fraud that benefited Sleepy Joe, how much and enough to overturn an election remains to be seen. The main issue is that we must have confidence in our election system or we run the risk of losing everything that America has stood for for the past 244 years. I would think that all Americans would be supportive of ensuring that the elections for our nation's leaders is completely above the board and that the integrity of elections is intact, no matter which side of the aisle we gravitate towards. I also believe that at the federal level, there needs to be mandated rules that are the same for each state. Michigan's rules need to be the same as Tennessee's and so on. Back to the present situation, if Biden is proved to have garnered the most votes fairly then so be it. The key words are fairness and that every legal vote counted. I would think that this would not be too much to ask. Stay tuned America, it ain't over yet! ~ Mark from Shelbyville ~
Posted by Mark
Georgia recount
Well said CD Jr. I'm sure your father would be voicing the same comments. Such a great post & keep 'em coming. You have your Dad's gift for putting thoughts into words and sharing them. Thank you.
Posted by Brian
Blaming Brian Kemp
“Friedman...hopes that Democrats move to Georgia and register to vote so they can participate in the two runoff elections.” I blame Brian Kemp for this. Changing voting law to benefit himself becoming governor motivated Stacey Abrams and the democrats in Georgia to make a HUGE backlash. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
“Friedman...hopes that Democrats move to Georgia and register to vote so they can participate in the two runoff elections.”
If it’s for a primary residence, that should be legal, with the exception of a law saying you need to have been registered to vote in the preceding general election to vote in the runoff. If it’s your home, it’s more than just your property or vacation place, and you should be allowed to vote there. If it’s your secondary residence, on the other hand, that’s not really home. Look out for those who register to vote based on their secondary residence. THAT should be illegal. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru