Posted on 11.06.2020

Hanging Chads 2020: The Sequel - Soapbox Jr.

I remember the “Hanging Chads” miniseries from 2000. It was on ALL the channels. I wasn’t a big fan, and I certainly didn’t think it warranted a sequel 20 years later.
But here we are.
To their credit, the state that the entire world was watching every ballot get painstakingly scrutinized passed 2020 with flying colors. Florida got their votes counted and reported in a timely manner this time. So that part of the story does not repeat itself.
Instead of dimpled, pimpled hanging and “pregnant” chads, we’re watching an unprecedented deluge of mail-in ballots which have created major problems.
First of all, mail-in ballots are the easiest way for voter fraud to occur, especially in states where ballots are sent out without being requested.
But we’ll come back to that.
Let’s talk about the “Blue Wave” that was supposed to result in the Democrats taking over the Senate, and increasing their majority in the House of Representatives which would allow a potential Harris… I mean, “Biden Administration” the freedom to ram through the socialist wish list we’ve been hearing about from Bernie Sanders, AOC (who dad used to call “Cookie”) and many on the left.
The wave never made it to shore. In fact, it appears that Republicans will hold the Senate, and currently, 18 of the remaining House races that haven’t been called yet are leaning Republican, and could result in a 50/50 - or close to it – House of Representatives.
Not a very surfable wave.
But still, we saw a real wave of support for Donald Trump on election night come to an abrupt halt when the Atlanta area allegedly stopped counting and went home for the night, and totals halted from other states as well. Then states that looked like sure wins for the president started eroding, and then Wisconsin and Michigan flipped to Biden.
We’ve been told it was because so many mail-in ballots were counted after “day-of” voting in those states, and more were to follow suit.
So, despite likely keeping the Senate, tightening the numbers in the House, we are led to believe that voters rejected Donald Trump.
If that were the case - that voters were repudiating the president - it should have affected the down-ballot voting, and the mythical “Blue Wave” would have flooded Republicans out of Congress.
But here’s the thing.
Overall, Joe Biden underperformed - compared the previous voting totals of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - in every major city, New York, Miami, you name it, except four cities.
The very states that looked to be sure wins for Trump, which are now either flipped or still too close to call.
So, Trump performs better in every major city except these four and Republicans likely keep the Senate and tighten the House to a slim Democrat majority, at best? That doesn’t pass the smell test.
What also doesn’t pass the smell test is that in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, GOP poll watchers have been kicked out of observing the vote counts despite the law permitting partisan poll watchers to be there and challenging votes if anything looks suspicious.
First, GOP observers had to stand back 100 feet, then were removed from the counting area and then they came back with a court order which was denied. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the Pennsylvania state legislature with a Republican majority passed the election laws which were amended by the PA Supreme Court – which has a liberal majority – extended the deadlines for ballots to be received three days after the election, and said that ballots could not be thrown out for not having postmarks or signatures that don’t match.

Detroit election workers put paper and cardboard over windows to keep the counting from being seen with binoculars, and many videos have been circulating of poll workers allegedly filling out ballots before stamping them as received and legal.

Has anyone heard any reports of Democrat poll watchers being ushered out of GOP heavy districts?
Anyone? Anyone?
We’ve heard of vote count spikes overnight for Biden with none for Trump is a statistical impossibility. Those votes aren’t separated, they are logged and reported all at once.
There have also been allegations of multiple deceased voters showing up as having their votes counted, and in Nevada, reportedly ten thousand votes were cast by voters who no longer reside there.
Arizona was inexplicably called by several outlets on election night, despite the fact that there were many votes outstanding, and in the last few days, the totals have been tightening.
I could go on and on.
But this is far from over.
I don’t see Trump’s team giving up this easily.
So, one other thing in common with 2000 is that we’re not going to know who will be leading our country for a while. It’s far from over.
“I have not yet begun to fight.” – John Paul Jones
You better believe it.
What do you think?
Pray for our troops, our police, the peace of Jerusalem and definitely for our country.
God Bless America!
— Charlie Daniels, Jr.


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More Crooked Than A Barrel Of Snakes
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Jr, this whole thing stinks to high heaven, they shut down voting in these Demonrat controlled places so that they could see how many Biden votes they had to generate. I'm sure that the same sewer rats from communist China that brought us the Chinerman Virus are in bed with Joe. The good news is that we have a fighter in Donald J Trump and he is never, never, never going to give up. I'm not sure how he is going to do it, but I will bet the farm that he teaches these Demonrats a lesson that they will not forget. It is time to be locked and loaded for these deranged ones will be like zombies when they finally have the light shown to them, and hopefully Joe, Hunter, Hillary, Obama, Holder, Comey and the rest will be wearing their orange jumpsuits ......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Great Writing
Thank you stepping up and filing your Father's shoes or boots. It was a great writing and your finger is on the pulse. Deocrats are cheaters.
Posted by Michael Todd
Hanging Chads
As I write this, Biden has been declared the winner and there's dancing in the streets all over America. My take is there was undoubtedly voter fraud committed .... How much to make a difference remains to be seen. In addition, Georgia has 2 runoff elections for the senate that could possibly give the D'rats a complete sweep of 2 of the branches of government, the legislative as well as the executive. Not a comforting thought. We'll have to see how this plays out but I don't have a good feeling. The Trump team has set up a Legal Defense Fund to combat the voter fraud in many states ... The president had 70 million votes, I challenge all that supported the president to dig into their wallets and help bring to light the voting atrocities that we have witnessed. It may not help right a wrong but it might make states look at their procedures where this chaos never shows itself again. Can you imagine if 70 million just gave $10 each? Well I've covered myself and 9 others with my donation. God Bless this country and God Bless Donald J Trump, a good man that has had the establishment deck stacked against him for 4 years by some of the most vile men and women that America has ever seen in leadership positions. Pray for America!
Posted by Mark
No, repudiating the president should NOT have affected the down-ballot voting.
Lots of people are repulsed by Trump but not other republicans. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Umm, it's not quite the way you portray it...
Man, you just ran through pretty much the whole range of debunked controversies, didn't you? There were no "major problems" reported caused by the "unprecedented deluge of mail-in ballots." Counties and states made provisions for all of those ballots and counting went on -- legally -- after Election Day (just as it always has). There have been no significant instances of voter fraud at all. Biden and Harris are not even progressive, let alone socialists, so you aren't likely to see too many "radical" policies being pushed through, especially if McConnell holds the Senate for another two years. Anyone with an ounce of "cowboy logic" figured out that Trump was going to be ahead in a lot of places on Election Day and that his lead would likely dwindle as the mail-in ballots were tallied; that's because Biden encouraged his supporters to use mail-in voting for safety purposes (there is a pandemic going on, you know) and to thwart the widely-reported chicanery of the Postmaster General. Trump spent the last 4 or 5 months demonizing mail-in voting as being the pillar of a "rigged" election, so it was widely expected that his supporters would stand in line at the polls. Since some states (e.g. Michigan, Pennsylvania) weren't allowed to start counting mail-in ballots before Election Day, of course the walk-ins were going to be tallied first. See? No magic or voter fraud required. This reply is already long enough, so I'm not going to get into some of your other claims except to say that they have been debunked all over by the media and by the elections officials themselves. -Steve
Posted by Steve
No, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia did NOT look to be sure wins for Trump.
They were swing states. Three of them have been swing states for a long time. Georgia became a swing state when Brian Kemp became governor by strategically changing the voting laws in his favor, causing a backlash from democrats led by Stacey Abrams. In the general election, people in swing states have more reason to vote, while those in solidly red or blue states are more likely to take for granted that their candidate of choice will win their state. Swing states, of course, are often toss-ups, but not always. Florida was a swing state and went for Trump more easily than expected because of the refugees escaping communist Cuba and Bolivarian socialist Venezuela. (The phrase “Bolivarian socialism” is deceptive, referencing a much honored man in that country for propaganda purposes. Bolivar himself was not a socialist.) -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Philadelphia County and Detroit
The restrictions and obstructions in those two places, however, are legitimate concerns. I don’t dispute them. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru