Posted on 08.07.2020

God Winks - Soapbox, Jr. 8/7/2020 - With Pictures!

So, here we go! We’re heading into uncharted territory. The first time I’ve written a soapbox not based on dad’s passing or a CDB song anniversary in about 12 years when I wrote a couple of soapboxes of a more political slant.

So here goes.

I wrote a little about “God Winks” in one of the soapboxes on dad’s passing, but I wanted to go into more detail about them.

A friend of mine used that term a while ago, and I really liked it.

The best definition I can think of would be little signs, oddities, or occurrences that seem to defy coincidence.

My dear friend, Lynn Foster, whom I have known for about 23 or 24 years had a dozen such “winks” when her son, Matt, passed away, which she hopes to write a book about at some point.

The one that stood out the most was when she said that while he was still alive, Matt was weeding a bed of purple iris bulbs at Lynn's house, and working up quite a bit of sweat, and he was dripping sweat into the flower bed. Then Matt passed away, and a while later when they started blooming, several beautiful purple irises sprouted, but in the middle of them all, a single white iris where Matt had been sweating sprouted, there were no white irises planted there.

I was blown away by her story, and others she shared with me, and now I’ve got a few of my own to share.

The first of which was a rainbow – and at times a double rainbow – directly over the funeral home on the day of dad’s CDB family visitation and the Mt. Juliet celebration of his life outside. People started sending them to me, and I saw them popping up on social media all over the place. Each one had one thing in common, one or both of the rainbows arching perfectly above the funeral home.

Coincidence? Possibly… but that wasn’t the only “wink” that presented itself recently.

On the same day of the visitation/celebration, I received a photo of a cloud near Crossville, TN that bore an uncanny resemblance to the style of cowboy hat that dad wore – and was buried with. I’ve examined, zoomed in and scrutinized the photo, and I can’t find anything that would give me reason to believe it was Photoshopped. First of all, if someone had painstakingly crafted a cowboy hat in Photoshop, they would have probably taken the time to airbrush out the power lines in the foreground, and the file name was consistent with Apple iPhone photographs which is “IMG_” and a 3 to 4-digit number, as opposed to “Charlie_Daniels_Hat_Cloud.jpg” or something along those lines. If someone had created it, they’d probably tag it so it wouldn’t get lost in the sea of other photos with similar names, because they would want to be able to find easily in order to show their handiwork.

So, I feel like it’s legit, and it really is breathtaking.

And the “winks” just kept on coming.

On the day of dad’s funeral on Friday, Pastor Allen Jackson at World Outreach Church paraphrased a scripture from the Book of Zechariah, he said a mighty tree has fallen. 

The next day, I was driving up the hill to mom and dad’s in dad’s truck, when we had to stop because something was blocking the road. I got out to start moving the debris. It seemed that limbs were laying across the driveway because a tree had fallen over and crushed the gate of a holding pen. We hopped out and started trying to clear the road, and then it was pointed out to me… “A mighty tree has fallen.” 

Totally took my breath away.

I looked up and said, “Dad…? You talking to me?”

Not to mention that at dad’s graveside service, there were lots of butterflies, there were a lot of flowers there, but there was one small butterfly that was happy to settle on the hand of the daughter of one of my dearest and oldest friends, and seemed very comfortable there and not ready to leave anytime soon.

Again… no, I don’t think my dad is a butterfly, but there have been stories of butterflies being connected in some way to a recent passing, so who knows? Maybe there is some sort of connection that we don’t understand.

But the biggest “wink,” so far, came exactly one week after dad’s funeral. 

I’ve been getting back into swimming laps at mom and dad’s pool to offset the excess comfort foods I’ve been partaking of recently. Due to an extremely hectic day, I didn’t get into the pool until after 9 PM, so it was basically pitch black as I got into the water.

Since my mind was sharp as a bowling ball for about 3 weeks following dad’s passing, I don’t recall if this happened before I started swimming, or in between laps, but right above mom and dad’s house was the lowest and brightest shooting star I’ve ever seen, and it was right in front of my face. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a real shooting star before, and have had to settle for the memories of Steven Spielberg movies which often feature them.

This one couldn’t have been more than 30-35 feet above mom and dad’s house.

And it was spectacular!

As impressive as it was, once it cleared the roof of mom and dad’s house, it burned up and the bright head became a bright white streak about 3-4 feet long and then vanished.

Once again, I said,” Dad…? You talking to me?”

I’m not suggesting dad or Lynn’s son were ghosts or anything of the sort. Does this line up with Christian theology?

I don’t know.

None of us know for sure what happens when we pass, except those that have already shuffled off this mortal coil.

All I know is that there have been some unexplainable things that have happened to me, to Lynn, and countless others.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting an Ouija board or doing any seances. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I know dad is not wandering the earth as some disembodied spirit, but does the Almighty allow the recently deceased to briefly reach out to loved ones from above?

I don’t know, but,

“There’s some things in this world you just can’t explain.” – Charlie Daniels 1980

And I'll be keeping my eyes open for more "winks" from above.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, our country and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels, Jr.

*NOTE* The photograph of the shooting star was created in Photoshop and is not actually what I saw, but it is the best recreation of the event I could come up with. – CD, Jr.



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Spine tingling. I totally believe our passing loved one’s can ‘look down’ on us. I believe we are more sensitive to this when they pass and therefore notice more coincidences. It serves to put a smile on my face when it happens.
Posted by Cathy
So many things like that can happen
My little brother went instantly and suddenly, didn't get to say bye, was not a long sickness, and last monday my daughter and sister came to tell me he was gone, I bent over in pain and hit the floor with my fist screaming at the devil, broke my hand, but when they left and I started praying, I saw a vision, and he walked over to me and hugged me and said bud I am alright I love you, and the Lord said he is with me, and that helped a bunch, they were trying to say he over took his med, but the Lord told me he had a heart attack, and later the next day they said he did, the Lord can comfort us in many ways, and does, so much we don't know and there is a whole nother world we can't see in to much, some of us can a little, when God shows us things, but theres much we haven't seen and do not know, thanks for suggesting this, it helped people can be cruel your dad gave me encouraging words, I thought a lot of him, miss him, my brother did too.
Posted by Roger
Thanks for posting those awesome images and the thoughts that go along with them, tender moments. Whem my mother passed we had some of those winks as well so I felt and experienced some winks as well. They came as white feathers, like goose down feathers and there wasn't a thing in the house that was made of down feathers but they kept appearing all over the place! Thanks again CDJR, tender moments shared.
Posted by Russ
God winks
Thank you fir sharing. I have gotten God winks several times. Especially after my amazing father passed in over a decade ago. They still continue to this day. Thanks be to God for the many blessings and attempts to make it clear that out fathers and The Father are letting us know in all those little ways they know we will understand. 💖. Many blessings.
Posted by Christine
Ain't God Good
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Jr. I believe in your God Winks and know of many events happening in peoples lives when someone passes and other's report seeing angels waiting for them before they pass. This is all good, but just as you say the bible teaches what happened to King Saul when he tried to communicate with the dead, not good. We read Leviticus 19:31 Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God......nuff said appreciate all that you do, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
I love that you shared all these signs. I do believe GOD allows this little things to comfort us and let us know we are not alone. I have one "wink" I'll tell you about. My brother died over a year ago and I was feeling so blue and as we were leaving the grave side (it was Feb. in Illinois, snow on the ground) and I looked down to grab the car handle door and right by my foot was a perfect heart shape in the snow. I believe GOD gave me that to comfort me. Blessings to you and your family. Loved your dad, his music and all that he stood for.
Posted by Tracy
God Winks
Totally agree. After my Mom passed, we saw more butterflies and noticed more Cardinals ( the bird is associated as a visit or reminder of a passed loved one). About a year after her passing during a rain storm, I opened a basement door to our driveway to watch the rain. There in the storm window was a small tree toad. Before she passed to told me (I was 59 at the time) she never understood why my oldest uncle nicknamed her Toad. ( Btw, her maiden name? Daniels 😎) Keep watching for those Winks, Brother. Loved to you, your Mom and the family, friends and work mates. 🎸🎤😎
Posted by Arlin
Pick a Side
I thank the Lord for a man of convictions that Charlie Daniels was. What a great man. What a great article that speaks the truth of what is happening in our great country. If we stay silent, then we may as well cast our vote for this chaotic attempt to destroy America, the America that our families and ancestors fought for. When I talk to those who are voting on the left, I ask them what they are voting FOR. Do they know what that is? Most say they are just voting against Trump. I want to know what they are being taught in the schools, for socialism is the most failed form of government in the history of the world. Freedoms are lost and morale becomes the norm. Those of us who have worked hard all of our lives and sacrificed to get where we are are ridiculed as white racists. That could not be farther from the truth! The harder I work the luckier I get! Actually, I do not believe in luck. I believe in the sovereignty of God. Why is the Bible being burned with our flag? Why are Christians being persecuted? Jesus is the ultimate in love, grace and sacrifice for all of mankind. I believe there are evil people behind this insanity. I suspect most do not even know what they are doing but it is not because of the treatment of minorities. There is something much more powerful in the works. I just have to shake myself and think that this is a nightmare. I fear that there will come a time that we will have to protect ourselves by our own means. Why would anyone want us to get to that level. It makes no sense. Well looks like I have gotten carried away and I have ranted too much. Charlie Daniels, I know where you are. All tears are dried and you can be free to worship and glorify the Father and Son that you proclaimed and followed. Blessings to all reading this. May God help us and save our great country.
Posted by Luanne
Current post
Good down to earth post CD Jr, keep them coming. I believe we miss an awful lot of supernatural occurrences such as you've described by being too busy with the cares of this world. The Bible has plenty of descriptions of these and one great story of being so wrapped up with the world that a man wasn't surprised when his donkey talked to him and actually started arguing with the donkey! (Numbers 22:21-33) BTW, when my dad died in my parents bedroom, the kitchen clock stopped at that exact moment and our dog who was also in he kitchen started to howl & cry. Yes "There's some things in this world you just can't explain"
Posted by Bob
Keep Chargimg
Thank you Charlie Jr. for keeping the site up and running. I still check it out everyday. I didn't know your father personally. But, at the several meet and greets I was so fortunate to be able bend his (good ear) for a couple of minutes. He treated his fans with such regard. Please find comfort in the fact that thousand upon thousands are praying for you and your Mom.
Posted by RaccoonMan
God winks
Charlie, we are only a few years apart. I know exactly what you are speaking of! When my Dad died, they were everywhere! I am a Christian and believe God is sending us signs of comfort! I hope you see many more, I am still praying for you and your mom. May God continue to give you peace beyond all understanding during this next few months. Keep up the posts here and on Twitter-God be with y’all!
Posted by Treska
God winks
I believe comfort comes to us in different ways. Hold on to your winks. I was a radio dj and never was able to interview your Dad. I want to read his book. I respected him and his opinion.God bless y'all.
Posted by Sheila
I to believe in God winks
My sister passed away June 10, we got home from the hospital and we had a rainbow appear. Several family members saw it to in different areas of my hometown. And butterflies have been flying all around my home, more than I’ve ever seen before - God winks!
Posted by Judy
God winks
Every time I say god wink to a friend or Aquiance I get the deer In the head light look. Then I explain to them what it is I get a story about a time it happened to them. The soapbox about it was so well written and I give a tip of my hat to Charlie jr
Posted by Andrew
God winks
How awesome I too have noticed things like this when someone close to me has passed
Posted by david
After my brother died in February, our dad starting getting his garden ready. It was still cold, late February or early March, and too early for butterflies. Dad said just as a butterfly appeared, he heard my brother call him Dad and told him he was okay. It comforted him greatly. That same Spring when our stepmom’s Iris started blooming she finally got a “root beer” Iris. They were my brother’s favorite but she had planted them 10 years before this, among other kinds, and the root beers never bloomed till then, and never bloomed again.
Posted by Jennifer
God Winks
I completely believe it. "God Winks" is a great term for what you are witnessing. I, too, have witnessed it many times. Having worked in a funeral home and making removals, I can remember on a particular incident I walk up to a home and noticed two butterflies by the front door. It seemed so unusual to me that when I entered the home and spoke to the wife of the deceased I told her how nice it was to see butterflies by her front door. She asked me what I was talking about. I explained and she started crying. She went on to tell me that butterflies are very uncommon around her area...especially around the front door. But what as really something was just before her husband passed he said he would let her know he was alright. she asked him how. He told her he didn't know, maybe as a butterfly or something. God Winks... they are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing Charlie Jr.
Posted by Bryan
God Winks
They’re real! God bless!
Posted by James
God Winks
I sure do love your posts! When my granddaughter, Scarlett, died at 21 months old with a rare and aggressive cancer, I decided I couldn't love on this Earth without her. I was going to drive my car into a telephone pole. But God..He had a bigger plan for me. That day, I walked in my kitchen and in the middle of a pot of scarlett lilies that had been given to us the day of Scarlett's funeral by a precious friend, was a huge white lily. The only white lily in the pot. I fell to my knees and knew it was God reminding me she's still with me and He knows my pain. Today, I am the founder of a small non-profit called, Scarlett's Closet. We help families whose children are admitted into the hospital unexpectedly. It's what I was created to do and I am so thankful for the God wink I received that day. Our log has a butterfly on it. They always make me think of her. Prayers for you and your Mother. We loved your Dad. Saw him 3 times and got to meet him the last time. What a treasure! Blessings, Lisa Fountain
Posted by Lisa
God winks
God does allow our loved ones to comfort us.I remember my father hugging me after he passed away. I could feel his presence. It felt so real like he was still with us.These God winks are his blessings for us. I hope your god winks bring you comfort and peace. God Bless
Posted by sindy
A very good friend of mine passed away in 1998. He and his wife supported several animal rights groups, and he and his wife always put out bird and squirrel food at their home. On the day of his burial as we drove through the cemetery a large deer walked out from a densely wooded area. The deer stood still until the hearse carrying my friend passed. Then it turned around and went back into the woods. I have never forgotten about this.
Posted by Mike
Please keep writing on your Dad’s social media. I have so enjoyed what you have shared. Prayers to you and your Mom and family. “There’s some things in this world you just can’t explain,” Charlie Daniels. Love it!!
Posted by Jo
I have nothing but good memories of Charlie Daniels and his music. I was lucky enough to see him in concert in Dothan, AL. It was a great show.
Posted by Joanne
I firmly believe in signs from Heaven. No doubt that was your Dad sending signs to let you and your mom know he’s just fine and will always be looking over y’all
Posted by Dawn
God's winks
I truly believe God let's you know your loved one is safe with him. All of these "winks" were you Dad letting you all know he is with the Lord. As hard as it is to be without them here on earth, we know they are safe. You Dad will be waiting for your Mom and you.
Posted by Deb
Responding to Plowboy
I take comfort in the fact that talking to the dead is not only a sin, it’s actually impossible. If I could talk to my loved ones who’ve passed on as I could talk to God, I’d end up saying things to them that I don’t want them to hear me saying, just by thinking about it. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
God bless america if people dont like law and order get out thank you
Posted by James
Responding to Luanne
You responded on the wrong soapbox article. (I’ve made the same mistake, before.) My response to your post is on the article “Pick a Side”. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
I added a couple of comments on Charlie's passing.
Since this article is supposed to be "not based on" Charlie's passing, I posted them in "The Best There's Ever Been Part 4". -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
I am just catching up on Soapbox and noticed in the clouds in front of the Rainbow there is a cloud that looks like a face. Just wondering if that is Charlie looking down on everyone.
Posted by Tammy