Posted on 06.12.2020

Justice For All

The death of George Floyd was the most vividly displayed, all-inclusive example of unnecessary and unbridled use of force I have ever seen on film. the sight of four police officers pressing their weight on the length of an already subdued body was disgusting, disturbing and enough to make any law-abiding citizen wonder how men capable of this degree of malicious violence can possibly wear a badge.

What a horrible way to die, 

These men give a black eye and an undeserved fictitious reputation to every man and woman who wears the blue, the decent people who have chosen a hazardous career of service and protection, who daily place their lives on the line to keep the jungle at bay.

At present the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater as radicals call for the abolition of whole police departments, giving little or no thought to what a move like that would bring about.

There is no doubt that something drastic needs to be done, but doing away with organized law enforcement is tantamount to declaring “every man for himself” as protection of home and family would fall on ordinary citizens.

No, the garden does not need to be plowed under, it just needs weeding, and that overdue responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of mayors and governors as the buck passes from the street to immediate superiors and on up the chain of command until it reaches the top.

With very few exceptions, the most important job of any elected official is to surround themselves with capable personnel, people who are able to accept the responsibility of their post to hire competent people for the next rung down and so on and so forth until there is a reliable, unbroken chain of authority from the executive offices to the grunts.

Too many times political partisanship and cronyism comes into play somewhere along the line and inept personnel who are in way over their heads are given positions of authority and the chain is broken and the system falls apart and from incompetence or indifference it manifests itself in people who are not qualified, people who have gone out of control either unnoticed or overlooked by their immediate superior.

It is of paramount importance to put review and reform on the front burner, but not just the rank and file street and patrol cops who live where the rubber meets the road, but also the top jobs in the Capitols and City Halls that need scrutiny, because there are many political appointees in state and city governments that know as much about keeping a vigilant eye on hiring and discipline as a hog knows about an airplane.

But acknowledging that there are problems to be dealt with in police departments and the chain of command, and while peaceful protest is a time-honored method of bringing attention to the situation, it is not a license for thuggery, chaos and insurrection. 

The small violent faction of the protest movement are arsonists, anarchist and murderers, they beat innocent people unmercifully, burn and loot businesses good citizens have worked all their lives to build and murder human beings they don’t even know.

They need to be dealt with by whatever degree of force is necessary to protect the lives and property of law-abiding citizens. They burn homes and businesses in poor neighborhoods, leaving the residents with no place to live or even a place to buy the essentials.
Antifa has been designated as a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.

And yes, black lives certainly matter, but all lives matter, every life is precious and to say only one race matter is the rankest form of apartheid.

The overwhelming majority of Americans want justice for all people, all races, all social and financial strata, and that is exactly what we are promised in our constitution and our bill of rights.

Discriminatory law enforcement is unacceptable period,

The mayors and governors of the cities and states with the most problems are quick to point fingers at outside forces, ulterior factions, racism and lack of funds.

Speaking for myself, as a businessman responsible for creating and marketing a product who has made a payroll twice a month for the last several decades, if one of my employees treats fans, promoters, or the lady who works at the front desk at a hotel disrespectfully, the problem is mine, to discipline that employee and, if the problem persists, fire that employee.

I hire capable people and if for some reason they have grown tired of, or lost interest in their jobs, it’s my responsibility to rectify the problem.

I know I have a small outfit and running a city or a state is much more demanding and complex, but the point is, the time-proven basics of leadership still apply.

The combination of coronavirus, protests and violence in the street has exposed the incompetence, helplessness and downright cowardice of many so-called “leaders” around the nation.

Consider that the next time you vote.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem 

God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels



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And The Democrats Never Stop
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, if things don't turn soon President Trump needs to add BLM and the Democrat Party party to the terrorist list along with Antifa. The sad truth of the whole matter is that beginning with the democrat party and accelerated by Lyndon Baines Johnson's great society is that they have taken the chains off of African Americans legs and put the chains on their minds. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." The only good tahat I've seen from this is I have had at least a dozen Democrats call me in the last month asking what gun they should purchase for personal protection. God Bless the USA , the Second Amendment and President Trump, Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Antifa, Black Lives Matter Inc., and probably others I haven't heard of yet, have been planning this bunk for years. -- They were looking for an inciteful video, and finally they got one. -- But my God!, Al Sharpton as master of ceremonies in spite of the Jews he has murdered? -- Members of Congress kneeling before Black Lives Matter Inc. in precisely the 'Mammie' pose?? -- Robert Byrd's Ku Klux monuments untouched while the humanitarian Robert E. Lee's monuments get trashed??? --- Virginia's Black-face painted governor given a free pass by Obama???? ------- Play-acting! Pure Play-acting!
Posted by Allan
Spot On Allan
Amen, Amen & Amen Allen, BLM is all about being anti-Semite and shoving the LGBTQ agenda down the throat a nation founded on Judeo Christian values. Obama himself a sodomite and Muslim who declared that the USA was no longer a Christian nation, he brought race into the picture with every opportunity he had, from declaring that Trevon Martin was the image of his own son if he had one. to his beer summit where he stated "apart from this incident is that there's a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately." When the Ferguson MO grand jury reached it's verdict Obama said we must accept it, but at the same time admonished police to show care and restraint in dealing with the peaceful protests that were sure to follow. Fortunately the light of the truth has prevailed on what has happened in the past and hopefully it will continue to prevail. Amazing how low of a thug they had to use in the George Floyd case to find the inciteful video that they have been waiting for. Another piece of food for thought my friend, Antifa is an oxymoron when you realize that they are indeed true fascists, If we look at the spirit and people who are behind the BLM movement we may have another oxymoron on our hands.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Justice For All post
It could not be stated any better or more True; Thank you for that wonderful post during these crazy times. I'm so tired of the news I can't stand to watch it any more. It seems like everyone is going off the deep end. It is so nice to hear a clear voice!
Posted by Eddie
justice for all
I so much agree. Wake up everyone in america, get involved in the community, even turn off the TV and see what is going on. I have been thinking that there needs to be a commission such as the grand jury to hold a hearing when there is a charge of racism. britality, and any charge against a police officer, The establishment has not been doing this at all. Hold the accountable accountable. thanks for reading.
Posted by Kent
Once again you are right.
Once again you are right on with your thoughts. When I heard a Judge tell a courtroom full of people (at an "immunity" hearing for an educator that abused Special Needs children) them them that he gave a police officer immunity for raping a woman that he had stopped for a traffic violation and the police officer went back on the job I knew that this education would walk from the abusive treatment that these children received. So not only should we have concerns for racism but discrimination against members of society that can't protect themselves. And the police department did nothing to protect these children. They X cleared the case and moved on.
Posted by Judy
Soapbox “Justice For All”
I appreciate your comments. I am in wonderment at how can this issue of criminal police be a racial issue? Every person should be in total agreement that police committing criminal acts including those covering for them, should be fired and charged. I am a special educator. There is no reason I ever have for violating the rights of and committing criminal acts against my students. Trust me at times students can become extremely disrespectful. But I must maintain my professional demeanor at all times. I also will not cover up for other staff who violate their work expectations. There is no racial divide about no teacher abuse of children there should be none about police abuse of citizens. Anyway, I visited your website today to give you a holla that you are one talented musician👍🏾 I definitely appreciate and agree with your soapbox.
Posted by Joyce
Justice for all
Thank you Charlie for your post and you're correct all lives matter we all bleed the same color inside and that's the most important thing to remember it's not the color of someone's skin but the outlook they have for their fellow human beings you can either look at life with blinders on and not see everything that's in the picture or you can scan the horizon and see the sunset too and not just thunderstorms many people don't realize that 99% of everyday Americans want the same as them a normal hard working life it's the 1% that are rotten to the core and want to contaminat the whole box of apples, god bless America
Posted by Mike
I gotta know Plowboy ...
I have taught Hunter's Safety for almost 40 years. Every year we'll have some families, Mom, Dad a couple kids looking to learn about firearms and how to use said firearms for personal protection. In every case these folks moved from the Mnps/St.Paul area to western Wisconsin. They learn how to handle everything from rim fire to howitzer, they will learn to shoot .22 bolt action single shot rifle and if they want to go to the next level I have firearms that they are welcome to try. I get asked all the time, what should I buy to be safe? Charlie sez 12ga double barrel stagecoach shotgun with buckshot what say you Plowboy. DeploraBill the Northwoods Drifter
Posted by Bill
“... Robert E. Lee's monuments get trashed ...”
Allan, since you mentioned it, the best way to keep these monuments up is to stop recognizing them as honors. Of course they’re honors when they first go up. But as time goes by, at some point they stop being honors and become historical artifacts of what WAS an honor. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Responding to Plowboy
The name of that thug: Derek Chauvin. George Floyd was turning his life around. He stopped being a thug. Derek Chauvin, on the other hand, is a murderer, plain and simple. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Buy American
Bill, I would first tell em as anything else a redneck like myself buys Made in the USA whenever possible. Weapons of choice I'm close to Charlie, I would stick with the shotgun in the house because it us hard to miss and if you do miss it ain't going to kill the misses sleeping in the next room. The most bang for the buck with my money is a Mossberg 500 combo comes with a 28" barrel if we want to go get some quail or practice throwing skeet, yet it has a 18-1/2" barrel for moving around in close quarters. When I think of pistols we again go American, Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight, a small 1-7/8" barrel and weighs under 1 lb. Load up with some good Winchester 130 grain 38+P. Folks I would definitely stay away from semi-automatics in pistols because without a firm grip it will jam especially in lighter framed guns. Also the 642 does not have an exposed hammer, nor a safety to try to remember where it is at in a stressful moment. The best holster for a 642 is an old sock, drop it in and nobody sees anything to draw attention and you don't even have to draw, just shoot the SOB right threw the sock or the wife can shoot threw the sock and the end of her purse without even pulling it out in close and quick situations. 2 Timothy 4:1 King James Version I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy ps Bill I think you will see many more drifting your way as COVID 19 and BLM has folks rethinking what is important to them money & status or life, liberty and family
Posted by Plowboy
Trump gets the blame for everything when the worst cities in our country are ran by Democrats! It must stop! And I just read where Adam schiff has pictures circulating of him at democrat donor Ed bucks drug den? Hope it isn't true as Ed buck is a disgusting person! WWG1WGA
Posted by Wesley
we need you now more than ever mr daniels
mr daniels hello im 62 just retired forced out after back surgery i dont have much never wanted much even thou i was born in ny im 500 miles from nyc but have always been a simple man god fearing bible reading i believe in whats right and the 2nd amendment and america and embarresed to have ny plates on my car and ashamed of whats happening in the world i want out of here not sure if id be welcome down south i have your values i always thought i was a country boy and should of been born in the south i fish hunt camp fly the flag and believe in whats right you are very respected and out spoken ive listened to your songs since i was 16 i just watched a video on you tube simple man and brought tears to my eyes the world needs to hear you thru song tv interviews etc that song nails it for 2020 god the good book guns glory built this country ive seen you on religion tv to if thier is a way to help you get the message let me know and god bless you and america be safe thank you bill quinn silver creek ny
Posted by bill
Plowboy, she said,"Pink grips makes her 642 a bitchin' gun."
Safe to carry, easy to deploy, plenty of stopping power, and with some practice you can drive nails at 30 feet. I feel the 642 is the best personal protection firearm you carry. Why, because it is safe to use. The concealed hammer is the key,as my wife says "It's point and shoot." She loves your idea for holsters, it will be easy to match her outfit! She can buy a bunch of socks for the cost of one good holster. Thanks Plowboy ps keep talkin cause there's never nuff said about freedom! DeploraBill the Northwoods Drifter
Posted by Bill
Right to bear
Great column. About the only thing Democrats know how to create is a mess. They sure can't create jobs. Some gun stores are seeing an uptick in black women buying guns for home defense. Well, Liberals, I hope you're happy. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff