Posted on 06.05.2020

Looking for the Light

I have - as I’m sure most of you have too - been caught up in the “bad news cycle.” It seems like it’s one bad report after another with politicians trying to take advantage and media trying to scare us even more than we are already.
The pandemic, the economy, the seeming shutdown of almost everything along with the violence on the streets is enough to keep you depressed, despondent, afraid and confused.
I have been trying to find a little light at the end of this long and tragic tunnel and have come to a few conclusions.
1. Don’t sit and watch the news all day and all night, sadly it’s the same thing over and over, just reported from different people’s perspectives. You’re basically not getting anything new and the media loves to beat the same old tired horse, and the worse scenario they can project the better they like it.
2. Remember that it is the intent of some politicians and those in the media to paint the darkest picture they can conjure up to scare the public into going along with profligate spending and loss of personal freedoms. 
3. See to the needs of the ones you’re responsible for and don’t worry about the food, fuel or any other basic need running out, you may have to settle for some off brands and certain non-essentials may be in short supply, but you can keep your family fed and your vehicles running.
4. Just because there are people busting up storefronts and setting police cars on fire, never believe there are enough of them to overcome our society, that’s what they desperately want you to believe and panic from fear.
5. If you don’t own a firearm, get one and it doesn’t have to be a 9mm semi-automatic or an AK-47. Get something you can handle and are not afraid of. The more basic, the better, the best home protection I know of is a double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun with hammers you cock by hand before you shoot, it doesn’t jam and when loaded with double aught buckshot and both barrels fired simultaneously, can take down any three people coming through your front door.
We all hope and pray it won’t come to that but if you’re apprehensive a little preparation could help.
There is always a lesson to be learned and I have had a lesson I had already learned reinforced.
That there are things that happen in this world that man has no control whatsoever over.
A farmer can plant a seed, but he can’t make it grow.
A baby can be delivered into the world, but no one can make it start breathing.
A doctor can treat, prescribe medicine and perform surgery, but he cannot heal.
All these things require the touch of the Creator’s hand, to cause a seed to grow, a baby to breathe, a medicine to heal and the answer to a cure for a deadly pandemic.
The world stood totally helpless in the grip of coronavirus, we knew nothing about it, except that it was extremely contagious and deadly.
Even after the drastic measures of shutting down whole nations, quarantining millions of people, denying public access and public gatherings the virus kept killing thousands of people.
Man can discover, experiment, develop, test and administer drugs and therapies, but he cannot make them work. The knowledge to develop a cure for coronavirus will have to be imparted by Almighty God.
When scientists and medical researchers came across a vaccine for polio, smallpox, yellow fever and all of the other diseases that once caused death and deformity, it was not just a stroke of luck or trial and error. It was ordained by the hand of God.
And when an effective cure for COVID-19 is perfected it will also be so ordained.
God operating in His way and His time, the Bible says His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.
You can believe this now or you can believe it later, but believe it, you will.
Because COVID-19 is not the last set of deadly germs that could spring forth from some far-flung corner of the world at any time and all the knowledge, technology and brainpower of the world cannot cope with it.
Only God can impart life, only God can make a seed grow, only God can reveal the answer to a deadly pandemic.
What do you think? 
Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem 
God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels



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thank you!
God bless you Charlie. This is something that should be spear far and wide. Everyone needs the hope this message brings. Thank you! Many blessings, Jen
Posted by Jennifer
They Keep On Coming
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie we read in Luke 12:7 King James Version But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.What more do we need to know sir, we could talk till the sun comes up about how these fascist commies try to scare everyone with their rhetoric, me sir, l'm a simple man " But if I catch somebody breakin' in my house I got twelve gauge shotgun waitin' on the other side" I figure we won't have to blow very many of them straight back to Hell from whence the came till the rest of em have a radical change of heart.Unfortunately it is going to be one manufactured crises after another until they hear in November that Donald J Trump beat Michael Obama in the 2020 presidential election, then they will be looking for their coloring books once again ...nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Thank you
Thank you Charlie Daniels. You are a shining light. I look forward to seeing your posts every day. They bring me peace and solidarity. Sanity.
Posted by Sheri
Steel witness CD
Anyone have one. I gave mine to a minister and never got it back. Tried to order but $25 for a used one out of my budget. [email protected] THANKS
Posted by Robert
A few points I'd like to make
1. We have more to fear from rampant police brutality and systemic racism than the fear-mongers at Fox want you to believe about the protesters. 2. "When scientists and medical researchers came across a vaccine for polio, smallpox, yellow fever and all of the other diseases that once caused death and deformity, it was not just a stroke of luck or trial and error. It was ordained by the hand of God." You have absolutely NO evidence to support such a claim, merely your religious indoctrination and wishful thinking based on your ignorance. 3. Why do you still persist on asking your followers to pray for the police and the soldiers? Why not the sick, the poor, those who are actually oppressed, whole communities victimized by "the system?" 4. Frankly, I'm considerably more concerned about peace across these united states than I am about Jerusalem. Shouldn't a great American patriot such as yourself also be?
Posted by Steve
To 'regressive liberal' steve
I've read several of your ignorant, slanted and misguided comments. It is very clear what side of the fence you sit on. Let's look at where the problems lie in regard to the rationale handling of the Covid pandemic, as well as where the greatest numbers of cases, deaths and economic strife (just ask the families of the more than 5,000 people who died in nursing homes, rehab. facilities, veterans homes as a result of NY Governor Cuomo's Executive Order to put Covid positive patients back into these facilities - we have a family member who died that way); the looting, rioting, violence, injuring and killing brought on by radical - marxist - leftist thugs (Not Peaceful Protesters) supported by the 'regressive democrats' and the liberal media; instead of looking at ways to find ethical and definitive solutions to combat and end racism, the ignorant and irrational want to defund and dismantle the police; instead of condemning the actions of the rioters and looters, as well as marxist - anarchist - domestic terrorist groups such as antifa (cowards who hide behind masks, helmets and black clothing), the democrat politicians and hysterical liberal media are complicit, supportive, funding and even providing bail to these individuals and groups; spewing lies and ignorant comments stating that there is rampant police brutality and systemic racism in the United States and the absolute lie that Fox News spreads lies and creates an environment of fear mongering in their broadcasts (the majority of our police officers and law enforcement personnel - 99% - live by their oath to serve and protect; that systemic racism (the dems. new catch phase) exists in police departments; Fox News has clearly supported peaceful protests, detests the actions of rioters and looters who have damaged and destroyed property and lives, has identified facts not hysteria and emotion (common practices of msnbc and cnn), clearly detest the loss of innocent lives at the hands of sick human beings such as chauvin, support the rule of law, fully support necessary changes and solutions related to police inequities, racism, equal opportunity, social justice, etc.); instead of looking for solutions to create positive and permanent change in our great country, people such as yourself and who sit in your 'basket' look to blame others (it's always President Trump's and the Republicans fault) and base their thoughts on emotions not logic; instead of mourning and detesting the horrific murder of George Floyd, David Dorn, and so many others, as well as looking for answers to finally correct the 'ills' which unfortunately exist in our society and country, the liberals and radicals are trying to force things down peaceful and law abiding Americans throats that follow their narrative and agenda; instead of honoring the life and memory of George Floyd in a peaceful way, as his family has requested, aggression and doing what is necessary to force change as some want, complicity and irratational support occurs; etc.; etc. I detest what has happened to George Floyd, and so many others, who have been victimized by insane animals as chauvin. God Bless George Floyd, his family, as well as all innocent victims who have been injured or whose lives have been needlessly taken because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, their lifestyles etc. We need to come together in order bring about positive change, find necessary solutions, allow all citizens of the United States of America to feel safe and have the opportunity to maximize and achieve that they are capable, as well as have the opportunity to enjoy all that this great country has to offer. Our country is not perfect, but we have progressed a long way in order to right the wrongs of our past. Entitlements, enabling, violence (of course unless Steve you want a pice of me), denouncing your own self because of your skin color, providing solutions to one's rage instead of making it worse, challenging everyone to make the most of one's abilities not making excuses for them, as well as offering a little love and empathy not sympathy and excuses, are not solutions. They are paths to continued destruction. Instead of violence and aggression, wouldn't it be better if all groups sit down together, listen, and find solutions that are positive for all. Steve, your anger and finger pointing is immature and inappropriate. 'Woke' up my man. GOD BLESS AMERICA. God Bless all who have made the ultimate sacrifice in order to allow us to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities provided to us as Americans. God Bless all who have been victimized by violence and crime, prejudice, poverty, racism, etc. Steve, I strongly suggest you read 'White Guilt' written by Shelby Steele (an amazing scholar and intellect who is African American. Also, ignorance is dangerous. Open up your eyes and mind Steve. Find solutions. Work for positive change.
Posted by Michael
I needed that encouragement.
Posted by cheryl
Amen ol' buddy!
Posted by Brian
Looking for the Light
Charlie, thanks for this new blog. I've enjoyed your insight in these several articles. I think that in short order, we will learn that the COVID19 Virus was in fact, a extension of the coup attempt against our President. Its petered out with the exact same stats as the seasonal flu, btw, especially when you consider they were calling anyone who passed "with" the virus as someone who passed "because of" the virus. It was nonetheless, a big fat dud, Then, comes the next psy-op..."Race War." Couldn't have asked for more perfect timing. Coordinated with the end of "lockdown" when millions of Americans had grown stir crazy, fully inundated with "cabin fever" and the fetid media doing it's best to make it happen. Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner. The Globalists are pulling out all the stops and surely have a couple other surprises in store for the braindead leftist liberals who are being played like your fiddle (no offense). So they want us at each other's throats so we can't see what they are doing behind the curtain. We need to turn off our televisions and computers and talk to one another. We scare the Bejesus out of them when were getting along. We've got to overcome this psyop and declare our liberty from the Satanic Cabal, once and for all! I appreciate what you're trying to do. God Bless...btw, Charlie, if my name sounds familiar, I was in negotiation with your manager (David Balew sp?) several years ago regarding some Toy Caldwell recordings that I produced shortly before his untimely demise. Negotiations fell apart, I know not why. Peace, brother!
Posted by Duane
GOD is in charge
You're a wise man Charlie D. Good is being called evil and evil good. Anyone hear hoofbeats?
Posted by jefry
Looking for the Light
Amen Charlie, well put and just what I needed. No matter where I turn right now, it's either COVID-19, rioting, looting....after a while, it starts to weigh on even the strongest of souls. You are completely accurate, all in God's time! Remember folks, God is never late. A very smart lady taught me that.
Posted by Cyndi
God bless you Mr. Daniels
Your opinion piece is wonderful in tone and healing in its town. Thank you for your inspirational words.
Posted by MIKE
Looking for the Light
Thank you so very much Charlie. Finally, a Godly voice of reason! Stay healthy brother, Bless this man, Jesus... One day I'll see you on the other side... Heaven's our home
Posted by David
Your facts are wrong and facts do matter
where in the lords name do you get your facts. I love how racisits spin tales to justify their behavior. You are whats wrong with the USA.
Posted by Kat
Thanks Charlie
Thanks Charlie, I've always admired and respected you (and enjoyed your music; I've been listening to your music for a good long time (I'm 62).) I do appreciate your Bibliclly-based comments, your faith, your patriotism and your optimism, not to mention your logic and good old-fashioned common sense. Thanks again sir!
Posted by Charlie
Soap Box
And God bless you too Charlie Daniels
Posted by Chubby
Thank you
Thank You Charlie for your encouraging words. God is not surprised by any of this, and in the end God (and we) wins.
Posted by Rocky
Thanks for this calming message
In the years that you have been my friend (and you didn't know that) I have become an ardent follower of your message. I write music in my office/studio and have done for years now, nothing as refined as your music, but nonetheless with a conviction that the music I write is worthwhile and substantive. Here's a treatise I wrote in 2005 about our country and our constitutional republic and my belief that there is a Master Plan, graced by our Lord that will one day become evident when he returns to end all this nonsense and protect our children from the resident evil being perpetrated on us. The Master Plan: We started our nation in response to a tyrannical rule by an elite, effete, power grabbing monarchy whose concept of governance was one of total control and monopoly, excessive taxation and restriction of individual rights. In this age we have regressed by allowing politicians and their bureaucracy to have the same type of power over us. We must either accept that our freedom is given us through a Master Plan by our Creator, or through the edicts of a politician class that seeks to control us by power through laws and the destruction of two documents that mean everything to us as a nation, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I choose the Creator, the maker of this planet and man and all that lives and breathes on it. He is in charge and will represent those that are compelled to freedom whatever the cost. Our forefathers chose to fight and many paid the ultimate sacrifice. The rights of man were changed by these men. The political class treats us all with arrogance and an effete attitude. This attitude must end soon before we cannot reverse our current course where our children and theirs will live without peace and dignity and in poverty and not simple wealth. We are all Americans, not identified by party or class, race or wealth, but by the "content of our Character". We help humanity recover from the wounds it suffers from drought and flood, earthquake and tsunami, the viciousness of dictators and despots and yet we are forsaken by these same victims of circumstance that our country has rescued. This attitude has to change. Our Creator has a plan. The Master Plan for freedom for all humanity. The Master Plan. Here's the song and the lyrics: Lyrics Copyright 2005 David B. Harvey 59 Granada Road Arab Alabama 35016 256.653.1674 THE MASTER PLAN Intro A long time ago when kings ruled this land We fought to gain our freedom From the tyranta€™s heavy hand And now its come full circle Our freedoma€™s not a sham Now we bleed to free the planet from the tyrants of Islam Men and women dying by their own peoplea€™s hand Lord help the innocent Give them strength Amen But thata€™s the price wea€™ve paid and Wea€™re paying it again Freedom dona€™t come easy But thata€™s the Master plan Where our fathers died as patriots Where they made a stand Changed all life as we know it Changed the rights of man Our warriors sacrifice their lives for the common man We didna€™t ask for war The eagle flies again Strength and wisdom come from deep within Wona€™t you come with us now and seek The way of peace Relax and come with us now Seek total release Bridge Politicians argue about it each and every day Millionaires and money will it always be this way? Wea€™ve given back our freedom to the kings of today Business as usual power blinds their way And yet we let them use us and thata€™s what makes them bold Wealthy politicians are self seeking and so cold. Our children need much better Will it always be this way? Wona€™t you come with us now and seek The way of peace Relax and come with us now Seek total release Now while we live in Heaven others live in Hell Starvation and genocide and eating hand out swill From these ranks rise the zealots of the world Denial rampant rising freedom cried the world But thata€™s the price theya€™ve paid and Theya€™re paying it again Freedom dona€™t come easy But thata€™s the Master plan Whata€™s the real price were paying and Whoa€™s paying it again? Freedom dona€™t come easy But thata€™s the Master plan The Master plan (repeat and fade) Copyright 2005 David B. Harvey 59 Granada Road Arab Alabama 35016 256.653.1674
Posted by David
God works
Funny how this pandemic and rioting followed one after other in a way that sure seems God planned to change us, win us to Him
Posted by Dave
I think there is evidence Steve
Like the planted seed and breathing baby God arranged our brains too. We need to use them. Not blame the devil like church lady Dana carvy, Charlie D and flip Wilson. Know it’s also the flesh involved. Gotta get a handle on that - what God gave and continues to give us - along with some free will liberty
Posted by Dave
Mr. Daniels, I grew up listening to your music and songs like "Running with the Crowd" taught me a lot about life and to live it with values, morals and a strong independent spirit. Thank you for helping me along through life with your music and god bless you and the CDB.
Posted by Val
Looking For the Light
Amen Charlie! Peace comes with Christ!
Posted by Patti
Light vs. Darkness
How dare you make any sense, Charlie? I just knew that would bother some people....but please keep on. ~~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Charlie Daniels
Posted by Keith
Go Charlie Go Go Go ...
Charlie B. Goode. ~
Posted by Allan
A Few Conclusions
I’d like to add one more: 6. Be innovative. Look at the peaceful protesters. What are they doing other than “raising awareness”? It would be much more effective to boycott businesses in municipalities where these police brutalities take place, and enhance this boycott by buying gift cards of businesses not in this municipality and giving them to people for free. Much lower risk of rioting, too. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Responding to Duane
"[W]e will learn that the COVID19 Virus was in fact, a extension of the coup attempt against our President." Not true. China is aggressive against America REGARDLESS of who's president. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
"[N]ever believe there are enough of them to overcome our society."
Charlie, I like your conclusions, but I ESPECIALLY like conclusion number four. Too many people forget that. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
fan mail
saw the interview w Dan Rather. bought your album of Dylan songs. Each song seemed like a celebration. lot of joy in your music. new 80 yr old fan Thanx!
Posted by mike
"Libarol" is not safe look what it's done to your Kat
Sideshow Steve, the label says it causes, inability to tell the truth, and to know the difference between right and wrong. Total loss of original thought. Some people feel a strong urge to riot and loot, play with matches and run like hell when the cops show up. Keep away from children, pets and trolls. If you find that you have overdosed on "Libarol" you must take large doses of "Conservator" you can find this product in any red state and most churches. Not sure about your foul mouth, lying Kat but you can try it. If you want to get clean all you gotta do stop lying, start praying and listen to the CDB. Trust me Trump's win in November will be easy if you get your head right. DeploraBill the Northwoods Drifter
Posted by Bill
How can people be so blind to the false leader we have?? The laws apply to Democrats AND Republicans INCLUDING the president. Morals apply to him as well yet the Trump Supporters (doesn't include all Republicans) opt to look the other way, make excuses and fight tooth and nail against anyone who criticizes Trump. We need to be meeting in the middle to work towards finding common ground and a better tomorrow.
Posted by Kat
Baffling or Buffooning
Kat in my neck of the woods you find two things in the middle of the road, dead skunks and yellow lines. Me thinks you are more of a buffoon than anyone else hear baffling. You calling Charlie racists shows your true color as a race baiter , Mr Daniels has no racist bone in his whole being nor any inclination to be racist. It amazes me how you Democrats are liken to the pot calling the kettle black, Joe Biden and Hunter would not know what a moral was if it bit them on their buttocks. Obama is a sodomite he also has no moral compass nor a desire to have one. Bocephus said it best I'll keep my freedom,I'll keep my guns,Try to keep my money,And my religion too,Try to keep on working,Try to keep on smiling,I will keep my Christian name,And y'all can keep the change,I'll keep my heroes,Pictures on the wall,I'll keep my family safe,You bluff when I call,I'm going to keep my big V8,Keep my friends the same,Keep the government outta my business,And y'all can keep the change......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
"[Y]ou find two things in the middle of the road, dead skunks and yellow lines."
Liberals and conservatives are on the same side of the road. Moderates are on the other side. Both Obama and Trump are a disgrace to America's presidency. Being president itself doesn't make someone special. It's hype. America is better off with the presidency being less of a status symbol. America's true greatness is in the private sector, not status-climbing elected officials. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Hey, Michael!
Do Fox News and the rest of the reich-wing media deliver that Kool-Aid in 55 gallon drums? Sure seems like you had plenty of it....
Posted by Steve
Hey Michael, Sideshow Steve and his foul-mouth parrot...
The posts from these clowns clearly show that they have moved on to the hard drugs, yes I fear they are abusing the same crap that Pelosi and her gang have been using on the weak minded fools. The street name is "donkey" it is the worst of the worst, it destroys the mind look at creepy Joe, Nadler, Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi these people are hooked on the "donkey" cops call'em "donkey heads" I guess they have a neat logo you know of a donkey head. Anyway Mike, thought your post was spot on and well crafted. Sorry to hear about your loss. I read today that Cuomo went against federal guidelines concerning nursing homes and Covid 19. Good luck to you Mike. DeploraBill the Northwoods Drifter
Posted by Bill
Bafflin' Kat and Scummy Steve
Kat - Are you aware of what the hell is going on to and within our country? Talk about morals. Do you listen to, and are you supportive of such ignorant democrat politicians such as pelosi, schumer, schiff, as well as the democrat mayors and governors whose cities have been looted, set on fire, businesses destroyed, innocent citizens and police have been injured and killed, statues (beyond Confederate statues) and monuments have been torn down or damaged, as well as are complicit and supportive of radical-marxist-terrorist-anarchist groups such as antifa and major elements within black lives matter? Instead of working with such passionate and ethical leaders such as Senator Tim Scott who devised a very sensical Bill on police reform, schumer just pushed it aside and had his democrat colleagues turn their back on it. Then to hear pelosi blame George Floyd's death on Republicans? How disgusting! What happened to that innocent and defenseless man was horrific. Calling anyone who doesn't see your point of view (as well as ignorant liberal democrats) a racist, is disgusting. Referring to anyone who supports President Trump as having no morals or fight tooth and nail to defend him, is so off-base. I am a Republican and yes I support Trump. No I do not agree with or defend everything that he (or anyone else says for that matter). I do, however, believe in this great country; believe in the rule of law; and, absolutely despise anyone and everyone who is attempting to damage or destroy the United States of America. It appears, however, that there are many democrats who are complicit with those who are. For the record, I am a patriotic American who will do anything in my power to support and defend it. By the way, I am not a racist! Where do you fall? Scummy steve - you're not worth the dog crap on the bottom of your shoe. Your comments are freakin' bizarre. Fox News and the reich-wing? Drink the kool-aid? Don't associate Fox News with the other 2. Since the Revolutionary War, my family or ancestors have fought against nazis, the third reich, communists, al queida, taliban, isis, etc. I'll gladly do the same against marxist anarchists such as you and your kind.
Posted by Michael