Posted on 05.29.2020

Faux Leaders, Faux Justice

What happened to George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman recently cannot be explained away by emotions, feelings nor necessity. It is a flagrant and careless violation of the basic code of all policemen to protect and serve.

I don’t believe that placing one’s knee on the neck of an already subdued man can be found in any police training manual anywhere.

Also, culpable the other policemen who stood by without putting an end to the obvious deadly overuse of force.

A scary parallel is the case of Eric Garner who died as the result of a chokehold administered by a New York City police officer.

Other cases could be cited, some valid, some exaggerated, some political footballs kept in play by an “If it bleeds, it leads” oriented media.

It should be noted that the vast majority of our law enforcement officers do not fall into the category of these few despicable individuals, and the good ones do their job and do it well, “To serve and protect.”

But the rock-solid fact remains that one is too many, that excessive use of force cannot be tolerated and enabling an incompetent person to use it by pinning a badge on them is a slam and a stain on the thousands of decent men and women who put their lives between us and the jungle every day.

So, it comes down to what it always comes down to, leadership.

True leaders do not pass the buck, do not blame their problems on other people and sets of circumstances. A true leader adopts the old Harry Truman slogan, “The buck stops here.”

When something like this happens, if the victim is a member of a minority, the first play of a faux leader is always the race card.

Not, “Why was this officer on the street in the first place?” “Why didn’t his immediate superiors know from his record that he was a problem and pull him out of pressure situations?” “The record of other questionable actions was there, why was it not acted upon?”

And from there the responsibility works its way up the food chain all the way to the pinnacle.

The best analogy for me, since I’m in the music business is, if I hire a drummer who drags, rushes and can’t keep a beat, the blame falls on my shoulders. Not my manager, not the person who recommended him for the job, but me, and it’s up to me to rectify the situation.

The same is true with governors, mayors, police chiefs, precinct captains and all others who don the mantle of responsibility.

It is neither helpful nor productive to start pointing fingers and dredging up old injustices to blame a situation on. The people voted you into office to rectify such injustice, not to play the blame game or teach history.

Every election, for the past half-century, politicians stand up and tell the voters what they are capable of doing, how they will change the business as usual graft and corruption and balance the scales of justice for minorities and underdogs.

They claim to have the ability and courage to bring about real social and political change, they have the answer to leveling the playing field, they will be the champions of the forgotten man, they have the strength and integrity to procure true liberty and justice for all.

And then, the first thing they say when faced with a difficult situation, “It ain’t my fault” and blame “Four hundred years of racism in America.”

The same politicians have been promising the same things for decades and keep getting elected with the same old lies.

Until America starts electing leaders who are willing to take the responsibility of their own actions and the actions of those under their command there will never be street-level justice in America.

Don’t give your vote to some jaded old charlatan or attractive young firebrand with skin-deep abilities and commitments.

Measure twice, cut once.

What do you think? 

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels



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The Party Of Th Klan
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, you are right on track with your analogy sir. How anybody can be surprised by this amazes me. The last Republican Mayor in Milwaukee left office in 1908, 112 years ago, the party that founded the KKK was the Democrat party, the party that still still uses minorities like a borrowed mule is the democrat party, the party of racist Joe Biden, who just the other day stated "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." is the democratic party. Need I say more? Someone in leadership needs to hold everyone in Milwaukee PD from the offices in the video , up to and including the Chief of Police accountable, and then move to make all elected officials in that municipality accountable. Maybe some of them should spend time at Supermax Correctional Institute with Bubba ......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
True dichotomy....
Damned if you do, damned if you don't....
Posted by Billy
Charlie is correct. "Until America starts electing leaders who are willing to take the responsibility of their own actions and the actions of those under their command there will never be street-level justice in America." Meanwhile, toddler trump constantly whines and blames other people.
Posted by Paul
Minneapolis vs Milwaukee
Excuse me folks, I got my Minnesota towns cornfused . Minneapolis is where the Charlie is speaking about, not Milwaukee as I s cited the facts of mayors. However the analogy still stands. Since the vice president of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society served as mayor of Minneapolis, Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr. they have had two republican mayors, the last one leaving office in 1973. My apologies for the error, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
"True leaders do not pass the buck, do not blame their problems on other people and sets of circumstances. A true leader adopts the old Harry Truman slogan, “The buck stops here.”" And yet, you support the bloated orange occupant of the White House, a guy who refuses to take responsibility for anything he or his administration does.
Posted by Steve
Thank you for the wonderful common sense...and ps..for driving the devil out of Georgia...keep that gold fiddle hot Charlie & the boys...
Posted by Dude 2020
FAUX Leaders
There is a sadness today across America for George Floyd and his family but also for the destruction in our large cities. Living in rural America it's like we're on the outside looking in and not being able to comprehend the destruction and what purpose it serves. I pray for our policeman every day and wonder who would choose that profession. I appreciate Charlie's words about "the buck stops here" and wonder if i will ever see a leader in my lifetime who will again adopt that mantra. Thanks Charlie for the words of wisdom - it seems like such common sense but is lost on our leaders. God Bless you and pray for America.
Posted by Gail
5 /29 soapbox
Could not be much more clearer !!
Posted by Ron
Faux Leaders Faux Justice
Well said.
Posted by Val E.
Political Hay
Media hacks and politicians making political hay from deaths? Naaaahhhh!
Posted by Val E. Forge
Feedlot society
Hello Mr. Daniels. I last watched you live in Hunter Mountain NY in the 1980's. Long time. I'm a transplanted New Yorker, now a Colorado metal sculptor who is so fed up and motivated to support President Trump that I've cut time from my work to create SOMETHING to help the guy kick butt again in November. I've conceived of a video that might just get people to wake up through a little knock on the head, a little self reflection, to see that we've all been made fools, no matter what our skin color and ethnicity might be. As we see how desperate and divisive our media and socialist operatives have gotten in light of this Minneapolis incident, choosing not to directly address the horrible culture in the Minneapolis PD but instead to magnify/manipulate the situation to effect our President, we need to match their passion and dark efforts constructively and positively for our country. We as Americans have been led down the forked path of division but since Trump is a construction guy, we could help him build US a highway out of the Swamp. I just can't stand around and watch the destruction anymore. I'm a metal worker, but I have my storyline and about to start getting my video footage. It takes place on a ranch and a feedlot. I have no musical talent and unfortunately most of the musicians I know are hard core lefties. Tough to be a conservative artist. Would you consider working with me on some music for the project? I'm totally open to other talents as well. As I said, I'm a metal worker. I know what message I plan to deliver, but the path to getting there is open to any talents I can find. Hey, it's very cool that you are still doing your thing. Retirement is not in my plans either. I'm in my late 60's. Thanks for your time Charlie Daniels, I love the Ya Ya video!! Wayne Kilbourn Sedalia CO (307)274-6533
Posted by Wayne
Your recent posts
I always liked your music but now want to burn my CDs. You have really shown me who you are. Get a gun? I don’t want to do that but you encourage us to. As a Democrat I am just out to get Trump? No. But I can see his autocratic impulse. So yes maybe I am. Thanks for good music but I no longer want to hear it.
Posted by Cindi
Are your posts messages wrought with racism cloaked in the guise of patriotism? Trump has done nothing but separate and divide the American people. Ultimately, the issues are NOT solely Republican or Democratic, it is an extremist political view issue. Anything to the far left or the far right is not good. I would respect you more if you just came out and actually write what you mean. Don't pussy foot around, using innuendo and passive aggressive statements. Own your beliefs and what you stand for. Whatever those beliefs are. As an independent, I opt not to buy into the propoganda spewed by the current president in power. Yes, he might be our president but he could care less about anyone but himself. He is a narcissistic classist, racist, chauvinist who is not a leader. He over promises, under delivers and passes blame.
Posted by Kat