Posted on 05.01.2020

The Opening of America

As I was sitting here contemplating what I was going to write this week, wanting to be topical and subjective, the thought occurred to me that, aside from a cure for the coronavirus, the paramount issue nowadays is getting everybody back to work, the opening of America.

Before the plague, we thought of the opening of America as being done by men in covered wagons who rolled west into the great unknown, with only the word of a scout who had passed that way before to guide them.

And even if he knew the way, there was always the risk of hostile Indians, swollen rivers, avalanches, dried up water holes and a myriad of unknowable dangers and impediments they may have to encounter and defeat before they could move forward.

And although they took place in different centuries and with different purposes, I can draw an analogy between them.

Both the original and the modern-day opening of America are fraught with danger and uncertainty and must be approached with courage, tenacity and common sense.

When those wagon trains pulled out of St. Joe or wherever they left from, they departed with the full knowledge that there would be casualties, setbacks, trials and tribulations and that, only by continuing to move forward through it all could they ever reach their destination.

The journey we are now undertaking holds its own portion of peril.

There will be deaths that the media and opportunist politicians will blame on the efforts of those who are trying to get the nation back to work, there will be editorials, massive social media campaigns and whole TV shows devoted to acid criticism of those leading the charge.

And, like the pioneers who knew that if their dreams and aspirations of freedom, prosperity, security and stability were ever to be realized they would have to put aside the fear, accept the setbacks and push on through the obstacles to reach their goal.

And if our dreams of continued freedom, prosperity, security and stability are to be maintained, we must do the same thing.

We have no choice, we have to.

Although there are those who, because they think it will help them gain political power, would like to see everybody stay at home, the economy disintegrates, industries closed, city streets deserted and empty.

But those are the same people who seem to think that the food sold in grocery stores just shows up in trucks, never stopping to think that, without the infrastructure that supports the food chain the shelves would soon become bare and stay that way.

Trucks, tractors, farm machinery, even railroad locomotives, food processing equipment and a thousand other links in this complicated chain break down and need spare parts, growers need fertilizer, ranchers need replacement fencing, livestock farmers and chicken growers need feed and medicine for their animals.

The first time an eighteen-wheeler blows an engine and the replacement is not available, the first time a farmer can’t obtain the seed he needs to plant a crop, when inoculations for animals, even nuts bolts and gaskets are not available and breaks down an assembly line, a link in the fragile supply chain is broken. And when this has happened over and over again, the grocery stores shelves are barren and the panic begins.

So, America has to go back to work, American industry is like a Rubik’s Cube, you’ve got to have all the parts in position, an interdependent system of industries, services, production, transportation, agriculture and manufacturing requiring a gigantic workforce, and without that workforce the system just implodes.

There will be lessons learned, and I fervently hope that one of them is, for this nation to depend on any other nation in the world for anything it takes to insure the efficient operation and the strong security of our country is foolish and dangerous.

So thoughtfully, cautiously, carefully, prayerfully, in increments, in areas that are ready, it’s time to jump=start America’s economy and, with Almighty God’s guidance and help get back to being the greatest nation on earth.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels



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Get er Done
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie it is high time to Get er Done, most folks know that I believe that the models for the covid-19 epidemic were designed by the same people who brings us the global warming models and vegetarianism. It is time to move forward,ran into a guy the other day who said Trump should shut down all meat packers for 30 days , I asked him what we are going to do with the 10,000,000 hogs that will normally be slaughtered for them 30 days. No idea. There is no doubt how politicized this is, just look at the states opening back up and the ones wanting to strangle all life from this country. The good news is there are more of us that want to keep America Great and Trump wins in November and life will be good we will have hot dogs, baseball and apple pie.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Eloquently put Charlie Daniels
Your editorial was massively correct. You have an eloquent way with words Mr. Daniel's. Your grace and compassion for humanity and America show so clearly in these words, as do the words you put to music. I was proud to see you in concert many years ago and just as proud to read your words of encouragement in what will most definitely be a scary few months as we re-open our businesses. God Bless you now and always.
Posted by Diane
Prevail In Peril
Yes, yes, and yes, Charlie, you nailed it. Subjective succeeded. It may be fraught with peril but peril is what we do, it's in our DNA. Sometimes you have to weigh the assets and liabilities and then go for it. Not in a whimsical, careless way. Just like 911, we can never forget the cause of this or where it came from. However, it sure illustrated the problems well. Now we must do something about them. But in everything, do it all in spite of that. What irritates me is how the media talking heads can sit in their earthen shelters and yap away and never lose a payday while harping against America or the people that made it great. Look at their sacrifice....compared to ours. We all paid a heavy price. Now let's even the score. Dollars to donuts, we're going to do it again. ~~NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
You are the present day Freedom Fighter for American People
I graduated high school in 1973. And yes I attended Vietnam War protests, and I am still glad that I did. You Charlie are now my Pete Seegar. You are the only public figure that has come out to support Americans. I am a Republican, but at this stage in the game, bad choice of words but for want of another, it Truly DOES NOT MATTER!!! Our Freedoms are being stripped daily, and I truly fear for our future generations. Where is Tom Morello, Joan Baez, David Crosby, Willie Nelson and the list goes on. I know where they are, they now sit among the ELITES while our Freedoms are at Jeopardy. Thank you for all your thought provoking words
Posted by Susan
Plowboy, I KNOW you’ll agree with me on this.
Since you mentioned vegetarianism, I’ll say this: What’s a more important use of plastic, “vegan leather” or much needed medical supplies? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Virus & America
Yes I agree with you Charlie Daniels
Posted by Theresa
Amen brother.
Posted by john
Reopen America
Only Republican governors will be vilified, dems will get a free pass by a biased bought and paid for so called free press. Fight the good fight Charlie.
Posted by Jeff
Common Sense Re-opening
We need to get back to work, I agree. What I don’t agree with is the refusal of so many people to be cautious while they’re getting back to work. I can’t think of a single industry that would be harmed if everyone wore a face mask, and I didn’t want strangers within six feet of me at the grocery store BEFORE all this ridiculousness happened. Your health, my health, and my elderly mother’s health is more important than whatever fool reason you have for not wearing a mask and standing in my back pocket at checkout. Get us back to work, of course, but use your head while we’re out there.