Posted on 04.24.2020

No News - Good News?

I just perused the headlines at a major online news source and if that was all the information I could obtain, I would have an extremely depressing day.

I’ll admit there is enough bad stuff to dominate the front page or lead story of any news organization right now, but what really irritates me is the total omission of, or relegating to boilerplate status, anything uplifting or hopeful.

Even the positive information that does make it to publication or broadcast has a big “but,” like “but a study conducted by Dr. "so and so" at the "such and such" medical center warns that the drug could have some residual negative after effects and although doctor “so and so’s” opinion has not been backed by extensive research, blah, blah blah...

Or, “Anonymous sources tell us…”

This pandemic has literally changed my TV watching habits.

We turn the set on for the news portions of the 700 Club, a source I trust for journalistic honesty, we watch the president’s coronavirus report every afternoon, Brett Baier is a straight shooter and I trust his reporting, a little Tucker Carlson, a little Sean Hannity and that does it.

If World War III was being fought and it was only broadcast on CNN, I wouldn’t even know about it, I caught them broadcasting fake news as far back as the first Gulf War.

I can’t handle the network evening news anymore, their bias, their political agenda and their hate for the president colors everything they report, even including the current pandemic and it is so evident that, no matter what happens they try to find a way to point a finger of veiled accusation at Donald Trump.

They are very careful to never give him credit for any of his accomplishments, and even when they do make a concession and have to admit that something Trump did was good for the country, they always bring in somebody like Charles “The Undertaker” Schumer to tell America that what they have just reported is not good at all and that it will have catastrophic ramifications.

*NOTE* The reason I call Schumer “The Undertaker” is that, when he stands at a podium with his spectacles at half-mast, his droll voice, his unhappy countenance, if you turn the volume down, it’s easy to imagine that he is saying that everybody in America has leprosy.

I’ve never been much of a newspaper person, even back in the day before TV, and radio coverage was sketchy at best and newspapers were the prime source of local, national and international news.

But it seems now that, “All the news that’s fit to print.” has changed to “All the news that fits our agenda.” and the once-respected newspaper is best used to line the bottom of bird cages.

I have, however, found an online newspaper that reports the news, extensively, fairly, truthfully and pro-American, and I do scan it every day and find information never mentioned by the mainstream.

If there was any compassion left in the White House Press Corps, since such stories fall into their bailiwick, somebody would take the Democratic Party to task for exposing Joe Biden to the rigors of running for president.

He is obviously not up to it.

He has problems maintaining his train of thought, seems totally befuddled by simple questions and some of his responses are incoherent and way off target.

And the worst is yet to come. 

Can you imagine what Joe Biden will do when exposed to the acerbic wit of Donald Trump?

But I suppose that reporting anything negative about a Democratic presidential candidate would be frowned on by the establishment, even if it was meant to be compassionate and constructive.

The odd thing is that even with the rigid curtailing of my television viewing, I still stay up to date with the limited time I do devote to it, which tells me that actually what the media is doing is repeating the same stories over and over, different anchorpersons and personalities, but the same information.

When your face is rubbed in bad news several hours a day it can get to be depressing and hang a pall over your entire day.

Want to see a change in your attitude?

Turn off the news, try binge-watching Andy Griffith or Gunsmoke, enjoy your food and drink, try reinstituting the ancient art of conversation and start being confident in the fact that, with God’s help, this too shall pass.

What do you think? 

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels



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The undertaker
Charlie when you mentioned that Charles Schumer looked like an undertaker, I laughed out loud.
Posted by Gary
I too stay away from main stream media as false information can do nothing but be divisive and promote hate as well as provide every day false information. POTUS is the best leader we've had in years and raises hope for all true Patriots. If we are to ever turn this country around to protect all of our freedoms we will need to turn out like never before and vote conservative in November to keep the Presidency and, most of all, reclaim Congress. We have great people doing great things and owe a great deal of gratitude to our military, 1st responders, doctors, nurses, our police, truck drivers and all those feeding those in need. I am a retired truck driver, but continue working as a school bus driver. Since school is not in session we continue helping working with our school employees feeding the hungry children in our area. Many thanks to the school systems around the country doing the same. I love my country and am proud to be an American. Prayer works. God bless us all.
Posted by Mark
No News - Good News?
Dear Mr. Daniels, I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT with your post (message)! I am dad to two adult sons, and a grandpa to three. Due to the nature of their jobs my sons no longer live near me. My oldest son (44 years old) phoned me just a few days ago, and asked, "Dad, what media organization can I watch on TV to get the real news; unbiased news?" Sadly I had to reply that I could not provide him with an answer. I could only say that when I grew up we had two black & white stations to choose from: NBC with Huntley and Brinkley or CBS with Cronkite, and for the most part I "think" all three tried (I believe they tried to bring us the news with very little personal comment). I went on to tell my son that within the past year (prior to the virus) one could spend an hour with CNN, switch to FOX, watch it for an hour, and come away not believing the two stations were covering the news within the same country, our country, the United States of America. I still watch some FOX, but I despise CNN and the others. In my opinion if they are not flat-out lying they use the "old trick" of lying by omission. I caught the Big-Three at this game several times prior to the virus: If there was something very positive about President Trump (say, lower jobless numbers, or lower food stamp applications, rather than report the numbers the networks would simply omit that portion of the news). When the Russia hoax became apparent, they simply omitted any coverage of it. I caught them doing this over and over until I finally stopped watching. I now refuse to allow those networks to broadcast within my home. It's my home, and I'll choose who comes on my TV. I've mostly switched from television to a few (very few) trusted personalities on Twitter. I'll read their post and a print story they've captioned below the post. With that exception I do listen to some talk radio; and of course talk radio leans Right. But I'm just an old country boy; I grew up believing in our flag, our veterans, and our Constitution. I'm a retired sheriff's detective with 30+ years of honorable service who strongly believes in the Second Amendment. I never had an occasion to fear a legal gun owner, not once! On the other side of the coin I do whole heartedly believe if JFK were to see his Party today he wouldn't recognize anything about it. I also strongly believe that JFK and Ronald Reagan have (had) much more in common than JFK would have with Joe Biden. And speaking of Mr. Biden, he's either changed, or never was the "good-old-boy" he's always wanted everyone to think he was. He's gone so far Left he's going to have a heck of a time attempting to come back to "good-old-boy" Joe. Makes little difference to me, I'm voting for Mr. Trump "again" anyway! Thanks for the opportunity to vent Mr. Daniels and God Bless...(!!!) God Bless the Trump Administration and family, VP Pence and family, the scientists, doctors, nurses, LEOs, EMS personnel, National Guard, military, and others on the Front Lines. And God Bless those who are ill or fearful, or both. God willing we will prevail.
Posted by Mark
Charlie Daniels
Wise and True!🇺🇸
Posted by Stacy
Charlie, I’ve been following you for quite awhile. I always enjoy your posts as you generally feel the same as I do on things. I also enjoy your morning prayers, they remind me of the way my grandfathers were but no you aren’t old enough to be one of them so I guess that is a pretty big compliment! This is the first Soapbox I’ve seen & I hope to see many more. You’re something the country needs more of, a face we all know & can relate to who is down to earth, has common sense & good values. God Bless & keep doing what you’re doing.
Posted by Kerri
Evening news down the drain!
I am totally with you Charlie! I cut my ties from all TV news 2 weeks ago and I feel liberated! Chuck Schumer as the undertaker, was the best description I have ever heard to describe him! LOL! Hit nail on the head.. Thanks for you lending your soapbox! God Bless Ps I'm 65 yrs old and grew up listen to the CD BAND. Loved yall!!
Posted by Debra
Thank You
I'm from Georgia our governor has been thrown under the bus trying to get our state back to a somewhat normal life style "we have nothing to fear but fear itself " I think this sums it up pretty well What do you think? Thank you for what you are doing for our vets
Posted by Robert
Thank you for bringing back common sense....
Posted by Cindy
This soap box
Just think if all of the major news papers shut down ,how many trees would be saved.cut all major tv news ABC,CBS, NBC down to one hour like in the old days,for local and national.get rid of CNBC, MSNBC,and CNN(aka the Communist News Network).
Posted by Eugene
Truth and consequences
First of all thank you for your insight and truthfulness. I can’t stand to watch any major news source or read any newspapers, even local papers. It’s very difficult to find much truth in anything that’s broadcast or printed these days and one of my biggest concerns is the consequences that we will all suffer from the biased drivel called news information. Maybe it has been said before but I honestly can’t believe how much hatred there is towards one man and the people that believe in him. It’s utterly disgusting. Thank you for your time and honesty.
Posted by Todd
Great insight. We need the Holy Spirit to help us through this.
I like the idea of binge-watching Andy Griffith. It gets to be where programming for my young 9yo and 4yo becomes difficult without some hidden or underlying message Hollywood is trying to plant in their brains. I don't know what will come of Biden, but it would be insanity to continue with him. His mind is not there. As for Donald Trump, watching him spar with the media is right up there with watching a UFC fight for me. It's entertaining and my guy always wins. His skin might be slightly orange, but that's just because of the the effect Teflon has on a person's skin 😁 I think this country needs more prayer. Not simply other people praying for us, but each of us praying for ourselves and others to be filled with the Holy Spirit. At some point I stopped asking the Holy Spirit to just guide me. I started asking the Holy Spirit to lead me. Then I started asking the Holy Spirit to pull me. And when I thought maybe that wasn't enough, I just asked for the Holy Spirit to just give me a big shove in the right direction. I think a lot of things would be solved if people could ask this of the Holy Spirit for themselves. Anyways, it took me a while to realize that prayer is not for God to get to know me, but for me to get to know God. Thank you for writing this soapbox post.
Posted by Vin
Amen, Charlie, Amen ...
Quite frankly I have quit watching ALL of the major and not so major networks, occasionally I watch a little Fox, it is very hard to find good old fashion news reporting .... everything is ether "opinion, coverup or propaganda". My local failing newspaper leans any farther left it will fall over, I get the e-edition for the comics. I use "social media sites" to access some conservative and Christian sites for my news, I do enjoy Huckabee's daily posts. I prefer reading to "listening" ... Would really like to know what e-newspaper you peruse daily .....
Posted by Steve
Online Newspaper
Will you share the name of the online newspaper that reports the news, extensively, fairly, truthfully and pro-American?
Posted by John
No news - good news
Spot on. Your blog NoNews - Good News reads like me and my wife talking. Yes, “The Undertaker” is perfect for Chuckie because I feel he is out to kill our country by whatever means he can. BTW, just finished “Never Look at the Empty Seats.” Loved it!
Posted by Bob
Online Newspaper Source Query
Good evening Charlie, Thank you for your uplifting message despite all of the gloom that has pervaded our country, and our general outlook, since the COVID-19 virus was first revealed to us back in March of this year. Out of curiosity, what is the online newspaper that you have found that you mentioned above? It would be great to read a source that can be trusted. Thanks in advance. Jeff Vargon Bronx, New York PS I look forward to seeing you and the band this coming October in Englewood, New Jersey!
Posted by Jeff
No News - Good News
You and I are simpatico about the news. You refer to a newspaper that you feel is pretty straight, and I would appreciate you sharing its name with me.
Posted by Dave
Good News
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, there is plenty of Good News out there today, God is still on His throne Deuteronomy 6:4-5 King James Version 4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord: 5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. I totally agree on watching news today, it entertaining but definitely not about truth. what little national news I watch is on OAN. I have been an avid newspaper reader since third grade and still buy local papers when traveling even if I only stop long enough to fuel, I enjoy the local news. Last but not least in the news is the coronavirus, with each passing day we see more and more people come to the realization that it has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with control and taking our God given freedoms, that Dr. Fauci, an Obama fan, spent to many years with sodomites and AIDS research to be in the position that he is today. This will prove out to be the biggest scam every perpetuated on the world, probably no much worse than a bad flu season. Then we can discuss the important issues like why he democrats avoid Joe Biden's sexual harassment escapades like those of Bill Clinton. Has the me too movement not resonated with them? Or maybe we can get the truth on where the Covid-19 virus originated. Last but not least let us distance the USA as far as possible from The World Health Organization, another One World communist run organization.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
The Lunatics are Out
News from OAN? You absolutely have to be kidding. Truly a way to "dumb down." I know that Charlie is not responsible for some of the silliness on this board. But statements like the following are an absolute sign of lunacy. I would be embarrassed to have the following ignorant statement from a fan. "Last but not least in the news is the coronavirus, with each passing day we see more and more people come to the realization that it has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with control and taking our God given freedoms, that Dr. Fauci, an Obama fan, spent to many years with sodomites and AIDS research to be in the position that he is today. This will prove out to be the biggest scam every perpetuated on the world, probably no much worse than a bad flu season." Dr Fauci with too much time with Obama and "sodomites?" Why stop there? Add the Clintons, Soros, Martians, UFO's. Plowboy - Time to take the tin foil had off!!
Posted by Paul
No News - Good News?
As much as I don’t like the media’s liberal bias, I do think it can be taken with a grain of salt. There are sources without much liberal bias, like Fox News, but those sources are rare. Elected officials follow the mentality that the right government policy, whatever it might be, is the answer to our problems. Journalists are people in the private sector who provide much needed information, even if they do have a lot of room for improvement. Since Trump is an elected official, just like Pelosi and Schumer (even though he’s on the other side of the fence), and there’s more to how society functions than government, I have more respect for journalists than for Trump, but this is DESPITE of their liberal bias, not because of it. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Trump stopped press briefings.
For a while before he stopped these press briefings, I’ve been thinking maybe there should be some kind of replacement for them. Journalists would have their own webpages to publicly display their questions for the president, the president would have a webpage to publicly display answers to these questions, and the general public could criticize Trump if he won’t answer an important question. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Too close to home
Sir your observations are spot on and an unfortunate summary of the reality of our Republic. I just retired from the 118th in Nashville and during 2017 stayed in Mt. Juliet for about a year, I passed your signs but regrettably missed crossing your path to shake your hand and thank you for your service. My cousin SSGT Derek Farley USA, was KIA’d about 9 yrs ago and would play your tunes in his Buffalo before rolling to any EOD calls. He’d have felt the same. Please continue in Christ and your patriotism in this dark time.
Posted by leonard
News Outlets
Thank you sir for your thoughts weekly! I just wanted to inform you that there is a news organization "One American News Network" OAN that is available on Directv that gives news straight up, and their commentary is pro-american and logical. Demand it on your cable provider, I am trying to get it on mine! Thank you!
Posted by Charles
Tell me a story, Shorty
Right on, Charlie. Turn it off is the best advice. The press/media establishment wouldn't know a story if it bit them in the you know what. They denied and ignored the biggest story of our time. We all know what that was -- and so do they if they were even a smidgen honest about it. But they barricaded it off like Berlin. Speaking of "train of thought," I've long figured media felt it's duty was to to try to confuse people as much as possible, control what they see and then tell them what to think. I'm not much of a conformist in that department. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
If anyone here likes to read opinion that's SUPPOSED to be opinion, here's a good source. Lots of columnists. Liberals, libertarians and, yes, plenty of conservatives. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
“Anonymous sources tell us…”
All MSM use “Anonymous sources tell us…” to start a lie. Love your writing, love your music. Keep up the good work in Christ. Thank you. Tim
Posted by timothy
Tee Shirts
Way to go Charlie. I could not agree with you more. If we need it here make it here. China is not our friend. Hoping there is one more good thing that can come out of this Pandemic. To Corporate America stop taking peoples job's away with automation. You can see how the economy has nose dived with all the people out of work. To me it is very simple keep money in the pockets of the American people and they will go out and spend it. Can you settle for making millions instead of billions. Come on cut some of your bonus's and pass the wealth down to the hard working American people.
Posted by David
Liberals are missing some good opportunities to criticize Trump.
Here’s an example: Remember the comments Trump made about illegal immigrants when he announced he was running for president? It could easily be said that he was talking specifically about illegal immigrants and the nation-state of Mexico, not ethnic Mexicans. Remember Trump saying he couldn’t get a fair trial from a native-born judge because of his Mexican ethnicity? That’s a pretty serious red flag. But liberals are more critical of what he said just after coming down that escalator in Trump Tower. Why? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Soapbox and the Lockdown
I have been searching for something worthwhile too, and I found something...Soapbox. Thank you and keep voicing our opinion. By "our" I mean your opinion and mine. If someone, like me, feels that his body has been beaten up and weakened, man up and understand that. I have learned that I need to wash my hands a lot and to keep my hands sway from my face. I have also learned that I need a lot of interaction with others - my friends at Home Depot, the grocery store, and Church. The lesson has been received. Lets Roll.
Posted by Dave
To Tru
No, I don't think the Liberal Left, individually or collectively, have missed a single opportunity -- let alone a good one -- to criticize Trump. They've been on the hunt from day one. If anything went down an escalator (metaphorically) and never went back up, it was the loony liberal left and their patrons of press allies. They parlayed it into a hoax impeachment as planned. But Missed? I don't think so. President Trump weathered a coup and impeachment; the Libs didn't fair so well. ~~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
To Jeff
First of all, my reference to Trump coming down an escalator was not a metaphor. He literally did that as a part of his grandiose arrival to announce his run for president. Second, having more criticism for what Trump said about the judge than for those comments in Trump Tower is a big opportunity, but the left doesn’t do this. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Tru Cola
You are literally calling out the left to have even more criticism of President Trump. I don't know if that is even possible. Every statement he makes is scrutinized in a meat grinder and twisted. Unlike the way Obama was treated. I just don't know how they could do "more" of it? But most Americans look at his actions, it's about his actions, and I am more than satisfied with him. And a grandiose entrance didn't bother me at all -- as if it mattered. ~~NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
To Jeff
“And a grandiose entrance didn’t bother me at all -- as if it mattered.” I’m not saying it bothers me. I was just mentioning it to refer to a specific speech. That’s all. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
To Jeff
“But most Americans look at his actions, it’s about his actions,” What he says is a warning of what actions he’s willing to make. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
To Jeff
It’s one thing to say that Trump is a better choice than Biden or Hillary Clinton. But he’s still undeserving of a good legacy. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Tru-ly confused or listening to Terrible Paulze lie and lie and lie...
Journalism is guided by 5 values Honesty, Independence and Objectivity, Fairness, Diligence, and Accountability. Today MSM will have none of this talk of values, print anything you can dream up and count on folks like Terrible Paulze to spread lies to all that will listen. Everything TP puts out is a lie like claiming to be an MD, well Paulze, playing doctor with your sister does not make you a doctor! These people are trying to confuse and mislead any way they can. I find it strange, but Tru-ly, that you could think because Trump won the only election he's ever been in, somehow makes him just like Pelosi and Schumer which combined have about 80 years as "public servants" I like to call them, "One old drunk chick and some fella with green teeth" Pelosi who controls a huge amount of power in this country won her district with 141,365 votes or 68.5% in 2018. That's not right, is it? Paulze take another look, that's not a tin foil hat, that is a helmet Plowboy is wearing he's been under "Battle Stations" for sometime now. You'd know that if you read his posts. Hey, say hi to your sister for me k. Deplora-Bill the Northwoods Drifter
Posted by Bill
Tru -- Legacy Lives
He already has a good legacy, but we just have the privilege of seeing it in real time. For those who aren't blinded by politics and hatred anyway.
Posted by Jeff
To Jeff
I’m not saying he has (or will have) a good legacy. I’m saying he doesn’t DESERVE one. The Founding Fathers, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan, all deserving of a good legacy. But none of our high-profile elected officials since Reagan deserve one. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Trump’s Press Briefings
It’s wrong for a leader such as the president to chew out and interrupt journalists. No, I don’t like journalism’s liberal bias, but that’s no excuse. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Reporters - Worse than spies
"[Reporters] are worse than spies. They print rumor and gossip as truth.. I would have them all shot but it would be of no use for there would be news from Hell before breakfast the next morning. Vox populi? VOX HUMBUG!" - General William Tecumseh "Uncle Billy" Sherman
Posted by Val E.