Posted on 04.10.2020

New Hope, New Life

There is no doubt that Easter will be celebrated in a way that will be so foreign to Christians this year as we shelter in place, practice proper social distancing, wash the first layer of skin off our hands, wipe down, clean up and do our individual bits to rid our beloved country of this plague that has besieged not only our nation, but Planet Earth at large.
We will have to forego the large family dinners and the familial comraderies that is such an important part of our special holidays.
Churches are traditionally very well attended on this day with sunrise services and specially planned music and people who only attend church once or twice a year making the pilgrimage.
And this year the buildings will be empty, with services, for the most part, being broadcast on television and the internet.
There is a great sadness across our land with the truly alarming mortality rates and the media doing their level best to keep everybody terrified 24 hours a day and people being sick without even the comfort of having family members close.
We all know that, all you have to do is pick up a newspaper, turn on a TV or radio and you’re inundated with the macabre, the alarming, the gloom and doom, the seeming hopelessness.
The fact is folks, we need Easter, we have never needed it more, because Easter represents a new beginning, a new assurance that no matter what, we never have to face a world gone mad alone and things are not hopeless at all.
Even if it does mean worshiping along with a picture on TV, if it means providing our own communion elements to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even if we are not familiar with the songs they sing or the minister who delivers the message, the important thing is that we are memorializing the event that sets Christianity apart from every other faith.
The proven fact that Jesus Christ, after being crucified and having a spear driven into his side to make sure he was dead, was laid in a tomb and on the morning of the third day He rose from the dead and after a period of walking among men, ascended to Heaven after promising that He would come back to this earth and take His believers to a place of indescribable joy.
Easter is a day when - to use a street term - all the stops should be pulled out and Christianity sings, prays and worships in high gear.
Yes, this Easter will be different, and the most significant event in history will have to be observed without crowds of the like-minded, the special hymns we have come to love and the message will be spoken from a television screen instead of the pulpit.
So, this Sunday, we will watch our church service on the internet, and with some grape juice and a bit of bread join our pastor as he conducts the communion ceremony and join the rest of our brothers and sisters who are watching, and praying for our nation, and together asking God to send an answer to deliver us from this plague.
We won’t be able to see the other believers, but they’ll be there, along with millions of others, watching other telecasts and remembering that the only begotten Son of God spent six hours nailed to a cross in a kind of pain we cannot even imagine, to pay the awful price for our salvation.
But the truth of the matter is that the Church of The Lord Jesus Christ is not a building, it is the body of believers around the world who have accepted the free gift of eternal life by declaring their faith in this Risen Savior.
Who, as the Bible says, “Confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in their hearts that God raised Him from the dead.”
And so, this weekend, the Church, though scattered, will celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, in our hearts, where He lives.
The Way, the Truth and the Life, the Messiah, Jesus Christ.
We will take joy in the fact that
May you have a joyous Easter, secure in the Truth that God has not forgotten us.
It’s all about Love.
What do you think?
Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.
God Bless America
Charlie Daniels
P.S. I don’t have the words to express the admiration and gratitude for the doctors, nurses, medical maintenance crews, firemen, police, truckers, farmers, shelf stockers, grocery clerks, checkout people and all those on the front lines who put themselves in harm’s way to keep America cared for and fed.
May God bless, protect and keep you, each and every one. - CD


Enjoy Resurrection Day
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie wishing you and yours a Very Special Resurrection Day. As we pray for deliverance from this plague, I personally think we need to call the plague for what it is, the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the world in history, we need to pray that the President gets the revelation that DR. Fauci is a representative of big Pharma, the deep state of open borders, and just like the scientists that argue for the decimation of the US economy to prevent global warming, it has nothing to do with the truth of the facts and everything to do with control and taking every right that the God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob bestowed upon ALL men from creation. In the end we will all see that the numbers never added up, the models were created by deep state sympathizers and One World Order believers that deny the very existence of God.......Luke 21:28-33 King James Version 28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.29 And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;30 When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.31 So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. 32 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.......nuff said God Bless, locked & loaded Plowboy
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COVID Social Distancing Easter
Charlie - as a physician - I can testify that the media is doing their job reporting the facts - which are terrifying. With the exception of Fox News which reported misinformation during the outbreak - the media has been doing a good job. Hopefully, ignorant comparisons with the flu are decreasing. This virus is remarkably contagious. There are a significant number of asymptomatic people that can spread this virus. Although we know that age and preexisting disease are risk factors - many young healthy folks are affected severely and a significant number are intubated and even die. Social distancing is the best thing you can do to stay healthy - and I am glad to see that your weekly statement encourages the celebration of Easter remotely within your home. As you note, Christianity is not a building. Please ignore some ignorant statements (mostly from crazy people who truly are in need of medication) that encourage ignoring social distancing and attending Church anyway. Although a non-believer, I fully support your desire to celebrate your faith. Ignoring social distancing and attending church may allow you to praise Jesus. Indeed, I hear believers continue these prayers everyday in the hospital - immediately before intubation. Despite our differences in political and cultural opinions, the great thing about America is that we all tolerate each other and live together in peace. Happy Easter to you all. Social distancing, stay at home as much as possible, wash your hands, stay safe.
Posted by Paul
Posted by Allan
Happy Easter Charlie and Hazel! May God continue to Bless you. If you have a moment to look up "Because He Lives" from the Gaither group - this is the song that holds the most comfort for me during this turmoil.God Bless, Patti
Posted by Patti
He Lives
Perfectly said, Charlie. And maybe also this is a great reminder that we are in the world but not of the world. Happy and joyous Easter to you and yours. He has risen. And my Savior did it long before Coronavirus ravaged the earth.
Posted by Jeff
song to rewrite
T Graham Brown . She’s a brilliant Conversationalist. He is a brilliant conservativiist
Posted by Claidia
song to rewrite
T Graham Brown . She’s a brilliant Conversationalist. He is a brilliant conservativiist Bless You.silly angry believer
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song to rewrite
T Graham Brown . UShe’s a brilliant Conversationalist. He is a brilliant conservativiist Bless You.silly angry believer .front line pharmacy worker . No PPE for us!
Posted by Claudia
song to rewrite
T Graham Brown . UShe’s a brilliant Conversationalist. He is a brilliant conservativiist Bless You.silly angry believer .front line pharmacy worker . No PPE for us!
Posted by Claudia
song to rewrite
T Graham Brown . UShe’s a brilliant Conversationalist. He is a brilliant conservativiist Bless You.silly angry believer .front line pharmacy worker . No PPE for us!
Posted by Claudia
song to rewrite
T Graham Brown . UShe’s a brilliant Conversationalist. He is a brilliant conservativiist Bless You.silly angry believer .front line pharmacy worker . No PPE for us!
Posted by Claudia
COVID - the biggest scam? We are truly in silly season here. As I see the young people on vents as well those passing away it seems to be a convincing scam. The mass graves in NYC must be another hoax? Dr Fauci is a reputable scientist and physician and is one of the heroes that Charlie admires at the end of his post. His views are completely consistent with the medical profession as a whole. He is one of the few things that trump did correctly. The idea that Dr Fauci is a deep stage, one world, big Pharma representative, like other scientists with goals of decimation of the economy and is intent on taking away your rights is conspiracy looney bin talk. I know that Charlie is not responsible for the views stated here but he should put an end to this nonsense as ignoring Dr Fauci's advice results in increased morbidity and death. What next? Dr Fauci is controlled by Clinton? Obama? Soros? Why don't we add martians and outer space aliens as long as we are in crazy land? This is too serious an event to throw in this nonsense.
Posted by Paul
I’d like your feedback on this.. Food for thought from the weirdo who always questions authority. Not saying it's right. Just here to make you think. "We are seeing the most draconian measures enforced at all levels of government that we've ever seen in our lifetimes, and yet rather than being alarmed by the things going on, so many of you applaud. People are being arrested for spending too much time outside, and you applaud. Pastors are being arrested for daring to hold church services, and you applaud. A child's birthday party is raided by police, and you applaud. A young woman is ticketed for going on a leisurely drive alone because it's deemed "non-essential travel", and you applaud. A parade of school teachers and administrators who wanted to drive through neighborhoods and wave at children is busted up by cops because they were "non-essential," and you applaud. A lone paddle-boarder in the ocean on a beach without any other people around is arrested because he's violating quarantine orders, and you applaud. People are being denied life saving medical treatments because they're not a priority right now (not "essential" as deemed by the government) as the entirety of our medical system is focused on one thing, and you applaud. Businesses are beings forcibly closed and padlocked and owners arrested for refusing to shut down, and you applaud. Dairy farmers (and soon, other farmers) are being incentivized to stop dairy farming and to sell their herds, and you don't seem to understand the implications. You're being told to use hotlines and online forms provided by your local governments to report your neighbors who don't obey, and you comply. You scold people day after day for not obeying government edicts, and if any of us dare to question what's happening, you lecture about how we're a danger to society and and we just don't care about people dying. You've somehow managed to convince yourselves that the people whose lives are affected by a virus are MUCH more important than the people whose lives are being destroyed (and in many cases, leading to death) by the effects of a worldwide economic shutdown and impending worldwide depression the likes of which no one has ever seen before. At what point will you start QUESTIONING what's going on? How far does the government have to push before you're jolted awake from your slumber? How far are you willing to go with this? If they told you to load your families onto train cars so that you could be taken to Virus Protection Facilities for your own safety, would you do it? YES. Yes, you would.That much has become painfully obvious to me. And the whole time, you'd be shaking your finger and yelling at those of us who refused, accusing us of being "a danger to society" and "not caring if people die." But they don't have to load you onto train cars and take you to Virus Protection Facilities, or force you to comply, because you do that voluntarily. They control your mind. They control you through fear. They control you by convincing you that the world is a scary dangerous place, but they're here to protect you, care for you, and keep you safe, just as long as you OBEY. They know that as long as you're locked inside your comfortable home with Netflix, Hulu, Face-book, Twitter, Instagram, and a cell phone, while dangling a $1200 check in front of you like a carrot on a stick, you'll comply. No force is necessary for the majority of the herd. YOU ARE IMPRISONED, willingly, and you're too blind to see it." - Anonymous Brave America
Posted by Bill
COVID crazy talk
Some on this post are up to their crazy talk again. In cases that I have witnessed, people who violate social distancing are requested nicely by authorities (and physicians in my hospital) to stand further apart. Shelter in place and social distance are recommendations for safety. The idea that police are going around the country throwing people in jail and locking them up for violating social distancing is inaccurate. Comparing this to stuffing people on a train and shipping them out is a separation from reality. Yes - there have been some legal actions when someone leads a mass gathering involving many people in an enclosed space - as there should be. No different than if a store were selling unsafe food or a pharmacy selling an unsafe drug. You would hold the owner of the store or the pharmacist accountable. Most sane people see the facts and voluntarily do their best to stay at home and maintain social distancing and I applaud. Charlie has cancelled his concerts for now and I applaud. Let's maintain some sanity here and dispense with the crazy talk.
Posted by Paul
Thank you!
Just wanted to thank you for putting this out there. God Bless You and our President and our country!
Posted by Rhonda
Happy Easter Charlie and Hazel.....and Thank You for being the voice of reason in all this chaos
Posted by John
New Hope, New Life
Sadly, a lot of people will be in a church building this Easter for the wrong reason. Many churches have been serving as impromptu hospitals for those suffering from the coronavirus. This reminds me of how God wants us Christians to be charitable to others. We use our physical resources of church buildings on this year’s Easter Sunday to care for others, as we remember that God is with us everywhere (not just the church building), we follow him all seven days of the week (not just Sunday), and we’re grateful throughout the whole year that he is risen (not just Easter). Also, the more people catch the coronavirus, the more dangerous it is. Pray for those who are at risk of catching larger amounts of this virus, such as medical workers, coronavirus patients in close quarters with others who have this same virus, etc. And let’s not forget those who get survivor’s guilt from this crisis. Pray for them, especially that they realize that they can pay it forward. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Thank you, Charlie and Happy Easter to you all
God bless you, Charlie Daniels, and happy Easter to you and your family. Thanks for making THIS particular Easter, "almost like being in church" itself, with your heart, spirit, and words that gather up all in a big hug of community. We love you. God bless, be well. Grace, of Ventura
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He is Risen INDEED
I just read about folks still meeting in a sanctuary. And complaining that tickets are being issued, or they are being reported to the required 14 day quarantine. To me, if the government passes a law (or an executive order), fight it if you want. But if you defy the order, you should be prepared to pay the price! God is good All the Time
Posted by Jack
Why Sit Here Till We Die
As I heard a preacher preach this as his Easter Sermon yesterday I wondered why so many are blind and deceived, William F. Buckley once said “I’d rather be governed by any random person among the first 500 names in the Boston phone book, than one Harvard graduate.” I would like one of these "smart" individuals to tell be how 125,000 people who 99.9% have no pre-existing condition, whose outcome, death, is certain, are murdered and sacrificed every day in abortion mills around the world but we have no public outcry, nor shutting down the economy. People can spin this many ways, but the bottom line is that it is all about control, I was born a redneck and I will die a redneck, what is happening today is completely wrong. I would rather be known as a conservative nut job than a liberal with no nuts and no job. I'm pretty certain that school children today are not taught what we were in elementary school, Patrick Henry's speech where he said "Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" 2 Kings 7:3-4 King James Version 3 And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die? 4 If we say, We will enter into the city, then the famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore come, and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall but die. nuff said God Bless, use common sense wash you hands, Plowboy
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Responding to Plowboy: “...DR. Fauci is a representative borders...”
What Dr. Fauci has been saying promotes REJECTING open borders. As a matter of fact, spread of disease is a common argument in favor of restricting who comes into our country. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Christian Fellowship and Social Distancing
I see no reason there can’t be a church congregation coming together outdoors with six feet between each person. Also, whenever two or more believers are together Jesus is in the midst of them. And there’s no reason to believe that two or more people together on the phone or on Zoom or whatever would be an exception. -- Tru Cola
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