Posted on 01.03.2020

One-Trick Pony

I can understand political parties thinking they have all the answers while the other parties are lame and doing their best to raise money, choose good candidates and campaign hard drawing comparisons and pointing out differences to point out why their platforms and their candidates are much superior to their opponents.

But their ultimate goal is supposed to be what is best for the country, not what benefits political parties or furthers the goals of some philosophy or idealistic notion of what the progressives think the nation should be.

The battle should be fought in the arena of ideas, the expose of bare facts and the choice should be made by the citizen voters, not by a legislative body who removes it from the hands of the people and usurps the power vested only in the casting of “one person one vote” electoral system mandated by our Republic.

To say that the Democrats fevered obsession with removing a duly-elected president is a totally partisan endeavor is proven by the 100% - minus two - Democrat votes in the House, in fact, Democrats joined the entire Republican side of the house in voting against impeachment.

The truth of the matter is that the Democrats are totally out of options when it comes to regaining the White House in 2020 because they know that Trump has kept his promises.

The economy is smoking, unemployment for all Americans is at historic lows, the Obama depleted military has been revitalized and Trump has been the only president since the emergence of China as an economic force to stand toe-to-toe with them to demand fair trade policies.

The one-sided NAFTA treaty has been revamped, and although Nancy Pelosi tries to claim credit, anybody with enough gray matter to pop the top on a soda can knows that Obama had eight years to do something about it and the Democrats never lifted a finger to pursue the same negotiations that Trump was able to achieve.

Wages have gone up, taxes have gone down. 

In spite of dire warnings from a politically sold-out media, America just had its biggest retail Christmas shopping season in history and violent gang members are being rounded up and deported.

Hope has been given to terminal medical patients by allowing them to receive drugs that are still in experimental stages and lives are being saved.

Obama told us that our best days were behind us, to get used to the “new normal” of high unemployment.

I guess he must have meant that the “new normal” is the best the Democrats can do because Trump just blasted Obama’s theory into oblivion.

So, it would seem that, in the debate for the White House, the Democrats have only one hope to impeach Trump and that’s going to be a pretty thin piece of ice to be walking on November 6, 2020.

Let’s look at the score so far,

Russian collusion: Trump W - Democrats L
Obstruction of Justice: Trump W – Democrats L
Steele Dossier - Proven lies, innuendo, fantasy: Trump-W-Democrats-L
Mueller Report - Wet Blanket: Trump W – Democrats L

Don’t know what this cost the taxpayers but you can bet somebody will bring it up during the campaigns, and from what I’m hearing the end is not in sight, they just plan to keep on trying to impeach?

So, the Democrats have become a one-trick pony.

Never mind the needs of the nation, the deplorable conditions of the streets in LA and San Francisco, never mind the murder rate in Chicago or Baltimore or the unending influx of illegals pouring across our Southern borders.

Never mind that America has the best economy that we’ve had in decades.

Never mind that the socialist government they want to bring to power has been the downfall of every country where it’s been adopted and has been responsible for more deaths than the Black Plague.

No, nothing matters except getting rid of a very successful president they hate.

Well, Nancy, Chuck, Adam, Jerry and all the rest of you power greedy political shysters, when you stomp around in the swamp, there ain’t no telling what kind of dangerous swamp critters you’ll stir up and the slime splashes both ways.

And somewhere down the line one of them is going to catch up with you.

Ever heard the name Durham or Barr?

What do you think? 

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem. 

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Give em Hell Donald
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie everything you stated here is 100% true and correct. I was glad to see the news where President Trump authorized the greatest military ever in history to deliver another one of Obama's Muslim buddies to Hell, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, :):):). And to quote one of Mr. Daniels recent twitter post that says it all...... Schiff-Nadler you’re a disgrace to your ethnicity, both chairmen of powerful congressional committees you’re willing to rip the country apart in a vain attempt to impeach a president and yet Omar and Tlaib spout anti Semitic poison and you don’t say a word Consumed by the swamp.........Could not be more spot on Charlie...nuff said , keep your powder dry, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Your 01 03 2020 Soapbox
Mr. Daniels Sir, To tell you the truth, I was unaware that you had the soapbox on your website. after receiving for Christmas your books "A MEMOIR" and "Lets all make the Day Count" even signed by you. For that thank you. As for todays article I fully agree with you. Being a redneck cowboy I can relate to your conclusions . Being a common sense late sixty"s I really like your thought process and I look forward to continuing to read your column. Once again thank you for your signed books. Robin
Posted by ROBIN
Trump Gives Border Security a Bad Name
It’s far-fetched to claim that the wall can’t be climbed. We can defend the border without putting kids in cages. Putting the military on the border is actually a good idea, but he gave up on that. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Trump’s Economic Improvements Are Not Impressive
With the right ingenuity, the private sector can do FAR more good for the economy than ANY elected official, including Donald Trump. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Great read. Obviously logical conclusions. Just can’t understand why so many believe their crap. Aren’t we smarter than that. I’ll say a prayer.
Posted by Mike
One Trick Pony
Amen spot on...
Posted by Marty
Tru Not True
Tru even Snopes agrees that it was on Obama's watch that the cages were built and used. Look to heaven and Israel to see how effective walls are. Trump has used the private sector to create the booming economy that we are enjoying. Maybe many Trump haters should realize that God might have given us Trump so that we would have time as a country to repent and turn from the wickedness of abortion, sodomy and the other lusts and greediness that has lead us to kick Him out of the schoolhouse and statehouse.....nbuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Amen! Truth is truth! You, Mr. Daniel’s have hit the nail on the head
Posted by Debbie
The democrats loved Donald Trump before he ran for president because they knew by his reputation that this was not a man they could control and he was now a Republican, against abortion and who listened to middle class Americans and promised to make America great again. I agree with every word Charlie Daniels has said so eloquently. He gets straight to the point and tells the truth. Thank you Charlie. You are a true American! God Bless the USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Posted by Michele
I am an American
First & foremost I am an American.... I agree with all you said... We need to first be Americans,,, this party thinking is destroying our country... and this focus of constant pursuit of impeachment has kept them busy from taking care of the real issues that need to be addressed now for every American..... I may not agree with all the president "tweets" and I think sometimes he should just not "tweet".... but the overwhelming disrespect he gets from the media, the news, talk shows(which should not be on the air) , from just astounding..... there is no place on the planet I would rather live than the United States...I will never be rich but I dang sure would like to be able to live in peace, make a decent living to support myself, and pray that these people will finally get their stuff together so future generations of Americans will be able to have a better life... God Bless America & God bless our Troops Sincerely,Tina
Posted by Tina
God Bless Charlie Daniels
Loved your "One-Trick Pony" editorial Mr. Daniels. Aside from being spot-on, all I have to say is "God Bless Charlie Daniels!" Thank you for being you, sir!
Posted by Shaun
One-Trick Pony.
Mr. Daniels I am so glad that we ( The American people) have you ( A True American) to stand for what is right and tell it like it is. I appreciate all you do for America and I’m sure Mr. Trump does too. Keep on being you Mr. Daniels. Thanks, Brian.
Posted by Brian
Responding to “Tru Not True” by Plowboy
Trump is guilty of continuing Obama’s policy. Yes, I find fault with both Obama AND Trump. Trump is trying to build an EARTHLY wall, which is much different from the wall used by Heaven. Israel’s walls are probably watched closely by ARMED GUARDS, which we should have on our border REGARDLESS of whether or not we have a border wall. An earthly wall without armed guards is useless. What the private sector can do without being used by any president dwarfs what Trump has done with it. We have time as a country to repent and turn from wickedness REGARDLESS of who’s president. Some people say that taking prayer out of public schools caused trouble for America. But I agree with you that it’s the other way around, as you’ve said. So-called “Christian” nations, including the America of yesteryear, are dominated by hypocrites who just follow the status quo instead of being truly Christian in their hearts. This leads to people calling themselves “Christians”, yet doing very un-Christian things. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
One Trick Pony
Dear Mr. Daniels, I didn't know you had a soap box until I looked up your site to get info on sending you a song. I knew I chose you for a reason. You didn't grow up to far from my stomping grounds and I totally admire what you have to say. I am proud that President Trump has done his job and endured what he has. His strength is incredible for the absolutely insane left. I wonder if what I am hearing from Nancy Pelosi can actually be thought of as credible by anyone. I am in Southern Virginia and our Govenor has lost his mind. We will never take laws that control our gun ownership. How could anyone this day and time disarm its law abiding citizens. California is a far cry from Virginia and this giant is awake and alert. I'm a 50yr old nurse but will never give in to any law against what I own or carry. I know I went off the Trump subject but this is way more extreme than even Iran matters. We the people are serious and will fight for Virginia or any other State that needs us. May God Bless Us All ! Caroline
Posted by Caroline
Trump Dropped the Ball on FEMA in Puerto Rico
A blunder, just like Obama privatizing NASA. I'd like to see the private sector take over both functions, but for now we still need FEMA and NASA. When Bush43 dropped the ball with FEMA in New Orleans, the problem was genuinely overlooked. But Trump should have learned from Bush43's mistake. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Thanks Charlie,for standing up for the USA,and President Trump
We love your music,we love you as a real American who stands with our police,firefighters,and our troops and Israel !
Posted by Mike