Posted on 12.06.2019

Can We Even Be Fair Anymore?

I have been on this earth for 83 years and I remember elections and political climates from the days of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration through the present day.

Roosevelt was given credit for ending the Great Depression by the people in my part of the country and was very popular and could depend on plenty of votes to carry the “Solid South.”

He was much loved, but his wife Eleanor was maligned and disrespected for reasons I don’t even remember, probably because she was the epitome of what we imagined to be the haughty elite who thought themselves better than those of us much farther down the food chain.

Actually, Eleanor Roosevelt was a kind-hearted woman who did a lot of good in her life, but her finishing school speech and the inability to affect any “down to earthness” was enough to brand her as aloof and cold to edgy Southerners who were the object of so much criticism, hyperbole and jokes in those days, considered slow, dumb and incestuous by so many uninformed “Yankees.”

Actually, we knew very little about Mrs. Roosevelt, our concept was prejudiced, ill-conceived and stemmed from nothing more than swift glimpses of her in newspapers and the newsreels that showed in between the cartoons and the ever-present black and white westerns that played in every theater in the Southeast religiously every Saturday.

When Roosevelt died, and Harry S. Truman came to power, he was perceived as being weak and feckless and not able to hold his own with Stalin, who was trying to gobble the entire European Continent.

His critics were proven wrong many times over as Truman demonstrated his mettle time after time in the tumultuous period that followed the Second World War, and why anybody would consider the man who had to live with being responsible for dropping the first and only atomic bombs as being weak is ridiculous in hindsight.

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush and Obama had their detractors and apologists, but no president in my lifetime has been the object of as much concerted scorn and downright hate as Donald Trump.

Congressional committees, TV personalities, columnists, bloggers, Hollywood heavyweights, foreign leaders and pundits and talking heads of all strata and stripe seem to have boiled their reason for living down to one thing, remove Trump from office.

And as we all now know, the articles of impeachment will go forward in the House and if passed there, which I have no doubt it will be, will go to trial in the Senate.

With a booming economy, record unemployment, stratospheric stock market, rebuilt military, economy crippling restrictions removed, independence from foreign oil, and too many positive improvements to list here, it’s strange why - especially with an election in eleven months - this incredible and determined army of malcontents would be arrayed against a president that was elected by the people.

Now let’s kick the gearshift into neutral for a few minutes and try to assess the situation, putting aside personal likes and dislikes, Democrats or Republican, left, right, middle of the road, whatever.

Let’s just take a look at what has surfaced so far, and I know that the hearings, especially the Nadler sessions with the Ivy League law professors were long, laborious, extremely hard to understand, but if you’ve gleaned anything from them use your own common sense in answering these questions, because the majority opinion of what I’m about to ask could well define our Republic for the next several decades.

1. So far in the Congressional hearings have you seen or heard anything that is, in your own mind, an impeachable offense?

2. Has President Trump done anything that has endangered our security?

3. Should the president serve at the pleasure of the American electorate or the whim of the majority of the House of Representatives?

4. If this goes forth and impeachment is carried out will there ever be another president with opposing majorities in the Congress who will not be in danger of impeachment?

Adam Schiff and the Democrats have opened a Pandora’s Box that could well keep this Republic embroiled in political civil war for the foreseeable future.

In essence, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi and their Democrat majority are trying to strip We the People of our constitutional rights, to elect a president, with mere months to go until an election.

If this sordid cancer metastasizes to its full potential, Heaven help us all.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Unimpeachable & Unstoppable
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, on question # 1 we have not seen or heard of anything impeachable, Schiff & Nadlers fantasy's & circus be damned. On question #2 Trump has strengthened our security more than any president in recent memory. On question # 3, We the people elected Trump and if We the people want him gone we have our chance in 11 months. On question # 4, no one will be safe if they succeed. In conclusion it is time for these sore losing cry babies to suck it up and get on with keeping America Great before they all are voted out as deep swamp commie sympathizes.... on second thought, let them dig their own grave......nuff Said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Can we even be fair anymore
With all due respect I disagree. 1; I watched a lot of these hearings and in my mind there are many impeachable offenses. 2; I believe that President Trump has compromised our security and does it almost daily. 3; he is not serving the American Electorate at all, just him, his family , and maybe a few friends. He is supposed to serve all Americans. On this point he has failed. It is also my opinion that he was elected with help from Russia and that is a proven fact. He also lost the vote by almost 3 million, thanks to an Electoral College that was originally intended to bring the slave states states into the Republic. The House of Representatives is really the only branch of our Government that is representative of the electorate. 4; Remember Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about an affair between two consulting adults in an investigation that started out about a whitewater Real estate investigation. Trump has taken meetings with Putin and insisted no one be present except an interpreter and she was sworn to secrecy and notes confiscated. I ask you as a reasonable, intelligent, Articulate, patriot does this seem right? With much respect, Fayette
Posted by Fayette
Can We Even Be Fair
Thank you for this post, I learned a lot about those earlier presidents. I appreciate your insight. It’s shocking and so dismaying to see the level of hostility, hate and dishonesty being tolerated and even applauded in our country. Hate is a blinding thing. I so appreciate your daily Twitter posts, thank you for speaking truth and good sense, sharing Scripture and encouraging people to pray. May God have mercy on our country again. May He bless you with many more healthy years on earth!
Posted by Ellen
Please make your posts shareable to pinterest. Thanks
Posted by Carolyn
The impeachment of a corrupt despot is enabled pursuant to our Constitution! Impeachment is not the stripping of the electorate's ability to choose a president, but is the Constitutional process to ensure the Executive honorably and faithfully executes his/her oath and sworn responsibilities.
Posted by David
You are a talented musician. I know, because I am a musician myself. I have covered your hit. That being said, I can't agree with your premise. Trump has taken every opportunity to undermine our democratic system and destroy our standing in the world. We have become a laughing stock. His friendship with Putin and Kim (2 dictators) is telling....It's not my job to educate you...Have a good life. A former fan.
Posted by Bruce
You can put the blame squarely on Mitch McConnell and his cronies to start this whole thing when he said he would never allow anything to pass for Barack Obama a black president as long as he lives. And those words were never truer than the eight years that Obama was president
Posted by Timothy
Some things are too impeachable
Rush to impeach sums it up for me. I would have said 'gutless pundits'. No, there is no there there. No security threat. The HoR cannot run itself let alone the presidency too. And they shall not pick or veto our presidents. However, impeach they must as it was the plan all along. We went from the first unimpeachable president #44, to the first impeach him for anything president. But as you said, it will only be the first one -- and from now on the game changes. Don't like him? Well, impeach him. Don't like the results of the election? Impeach the SOB. We're creating the first impeaching class of Americans, And boy, can we be some fickle people or what? Start it the day after inauguration, why not? Quicker the better. Don't even bother picking the cabinet or appointments. What has America become? Charlie warned you here first. This may become the United States of Impeachment. They can't impeach America, though, but they'll try. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Thank you for the reminder to change the station whenever your songs are played. Email me and we can begin a dialogue, if you have the courage to do so.
Posted by gary
Soap Box
Mr Charlie---I always read your Soap Box posts when they appear on my timeline....and I ALWAYS agree with what you're saying. Keep up the great writing
Posted by Barb
Charlie Daniels
Charlie, the Lord uses the good ones, the bad ones use the Lord. It is really sad that people won't accept the vile things that Don Trump has done. I don't believe for one second that the Jesus you claim as your savior would EVER accept the things he has done. I will continue to pray for 45 and for you and people like you who have this so twisted. Judgement day will be an eye opener, and I just can't wait for the Lord to do the smack down on false Christians...
Posted by Neal Williams
Trump Soapbox
I completely agree with every single world you have said....I am in aw of our president as to what he has done, he doesn't ask if it is ok to do or will it hurt anyone's feelings, he does what is great for our country. I have not been aware of your Soapbox but I am now, so I pray for your blessings. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Posted by Carol
I think you should run for the presidency. You make much more sense than any politician I have heard lately.
Posted by Carolyn
People, he's our leader he's our president. What if we had treated Obama the same. Would you liberals like that? Respect the office and the President like we've always done. The election is coming and don't blame us if he gets reelected....
Posted by John
Turning this country around
As usual Charlie you have hit the nail on the head. So glad to read Charlie’s Soapbox
Posted by Ronnie
Charlie, I have enjoyed your music since the early 70's and your opinions since you began sharing them. I am grateful to you. I have never trusted any politician since the Vietnam War which I was blessed enough to miss due to my age. I was born in '55'. It's clear to me that once people get into Congress, they change. Not in a good way, either! Congress has become a country club of sorts where everyone is making backroom business deals with big donors, lobbyists, Wall Street traders and other assorted self-serving people who never have the best interests of common hard-working, taxpaying Americans in mind. Even if they go in with good intentions, they get seduced with power and greed. So they do their best to stay in the club as long as possible and if they are shrewd enough, they succeed in making a lot of money while OUR taxes and living costs rise astronomically. Good honest people don't seem to last long in Congress and it has become a cesspool of corruption. Donald Trump is not a politician! He became shrewd as a businessman by winning and losing his own money! He learned from his failures and kept clawing his way back up. He has also seen the ugly side of politics because politicians are drawn to anyone with money. He knows how they are and how they operate. He has witnessed the selling of America. He knows that this Republic will not last unless he can expose the corruption to the voters. In my opinion, President Trump is the first non-politician to wade into the swamp of politics. He is fighting for us, the little people who no longer have a voice in government because both sides are corrupt. THAT is why they are trying to get him out before he seriously damages their money-making machine! He can't be bought! He can't be controlled! He is going to ruin it for all of them! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Posted by Jack
Keep on Keeping On
Amen, Amen & Amen Brother, sure looks like you stirred a hornets nest on this one, You now got a former fan, but remember Jesus said Matthew 5:11 KJV 11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. As far as Bill Clinton's impeachment, I said it then and still believe that is was a total sham, His statement "It depends upon what the meaning of the word 'is' is." is a classic. If he had not been married to Jezebel he probably wouldn't have not needed Lewinsky or the others. As far as Trump and Stormy, if if happened Donald was a Democrat at the time and it is between him, Melanie and Jesus. While I'm speaking of the First Lady I must say she has shown more class and style in three years than the previous two First Ladies did in all 16 years that they were in the White House. Anybody who does not understand the reasons that the founding fathers of this great nation compromised and came up with the electoral college must not support the rights of all people from all parts of the country to be heard. As far as Putin and Kim Jong Un, I'm reminded of Luke 15:2 KJV 2 And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, saying, This man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them. We could quote scripture for hours that deal with murderers, how can anybody thinks that they can vote for any body that supports abortion and not be guilty of accessory to murder is beyond me, no different than the guards in concentration camps during WWII that many of these same people will tell you today that they did not exist. Remember folks "High crimes and misdemeanors” as in the impeachment Alcee Hastings, not as in you do not like how somebody wears their hair. Donald Trump is against abortion and does not drink, maybe, just maybe these are two reasons God put him in the White House today. Remember Jesus said if you do not have a sword go and sell your cloak and buy one (Second Amendment) and Jesus also put a wall and gate to keep sinners out of heaven. (lets build the wall).....nuff said God Bless Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and the nations that they love, Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Donald Trump never claimed to be a Politician, He has done what he set to do and its hurting the Democratic Wallets. The Democratic Party needs to be Impeached an Overhauled! God Bless Our President and God Bless Our USA!!
Posted by Gary
Comment to your tweet
Mr. Daniels, that tweet was beautiful and eloquently written. You and people like you are who we should show admiration because you've walked in a time in life some of us can only hear about. I myself am grateful for having history told from those eras because we can't go back in time unless it's through what we hear. I've always been fascinated with the truth... It's out there, just need to know where to look. I feel the the best education you'll ever receive regarding past, present and future starts from the daycare, elementary schools, and up to the nursing and retirement communities... you get the picture. We need to stop looking and start seeing, listening and start hearing. Being right as opposed to being good is almost obsolete. I stress the word... ALMOST. Blessing
Posted by Brenda
How do you impeach a President on supposition.
In all the testimony brought forth by the Democrat witnesses, not one of them was able to state a fact that proved that our President did anything that came close to being impeached for. It was all filled with "I believe," "I thought," "It was my understanding," "I overheard," I was told." nonsense. Donald Trump released the actual conversation and neither he nor the recipient on the other end of the line believed there was anything untoward about the conversation. That should be the final analysis of this entire matter. The FACT that many Democrats hate this President and want him out of office because they HATE him is no basis or logical reason for this impeachment nonsense.
Posted by Tony
Hi, Charlie, I'm a long time fan unfortunately I've only seen you perform live one time in Keene NH some 45 years ago. You were great as always! It's sad that there are so many misguided and obviously ill- informed people out there the one thing they all have in common is when they are asked what Trump has done wrong they all answer the same " there are to many things to list but everyone knows" is normally the answer you get but when asked to state specific things none seem to be able to nor can they list information sources or come up with tangible proof basically none of them can come up with proof of any kind just he said she said. On the other side proof of corruption of the Democrats is coming out daily now not just he said she said tangible provable facts of the crimes a multitude of Democrats have committed. Yet some still refuse to look at the facts for these few I guess there is no hope if they insist on going through life with blinders on that is there right but what a boring life they must live.
Posted by Joe
Adam Schiff sings! ...
Posted by Allan
Toddler Trump the Crook
Charlie - you are a great musician - and although I often disagree with you - I believe your heart is in the right place. Having said that - I am surprised that you are being duped by this crook. This man has bragged about his ability to lie and dupe the public. If Obama did half of these things, I know you would pop an aneurysm. It is silly to waste more time - as history will clearly show that this man is a crook - and similar to Nixon - his supporters will go the way of previous supporters of Nixon and will be silent. When toddler trump states that he could shoot someone on 5th ave and not lose a single voter - that is not a compliment to his voters. That is a statement of a megalomaniac narcissist that is stating that no matter what he does, his followers will continue to gobble up all of the poo he puts out into the world. It is time for followers of toddler trump to pull their heads out of their butts.
Posted by Paul
Trump was not elected by the people. Clinton got around 3 million more votes the Trump
Posted by Alice
Adam Shiff
Amen brother they have all forgotten who they work for more people half to stand up and tell they Rep ,SEN how they fill or we need to just let them have it and the south will rise again
Posted by Chad
“Fire Nasty Nadler” for his bigoted and very bias opinion
I as a born and raised Amerixan citizen vote to FIRE NASTY NADLER for being extremely bias and unprofessional in this Trump hearing!! Lets Unite America and take back the house!
Posted by Julio
So is your take that wonce a president is elected he has king like powers. And can you honestly tell me that if Hillery was president and trump was running against her, and she asked another country to dig up dirt on trump you would be ok with it
Posted by Patrick
Vietnam Veteran Apology Cause
Dear Vietnam Veterans, I'm so sorry for how you were treated when you came home. I truly believe if Charlie Daniels knew about this, He would be interested. Please let him know.
Posted by Ken
Trump with Putin and Kim
I very much doubt that Trump’s association with those kind of leaders is out of goodwill, as Plowboy suggested. For example, he handed weapons to Saudi Arabia, supported that country’s attack on Yemen (leading to a humanitarian crisis), sent OUR military to protect THEIR oil (that we no longer need because of deregulation of fossil fuels), lifted sanctions (in reaction to taking Ukraine) on Russia, tried to get that country back into the G7. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Donald Trump’s Adultery
It was wrong. But it’s not significant as to whether or not he’s a good president. Yes, he was a democrat at the time. But even if he’s having an affair now while in office (which I hope he’s not), it still doesn’t make him a bad president. Like Plowboy says, it’s between him, his wife, and God. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Donald Trump Not Drinking
Just like the adultery, it’s not significant as to whether or not he’s a good president. But realize this: Even though Trump himself doesn’t drink, he probably makes money from those who do. It’s hard to imagine his hotels and resorts not serving alcohol. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Pro-Gun Donald Trump
That doesn’t make him special. Pro-gun politicians are a dime a dozen. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Pro-Life Donald Trump
That doesn’t make him special. Pro-life politicians are a dime a dozen. If Trump gets impeached, he’ll be replaced by Mike Pence, who’s much more pro-life. Pro-choice democrats aren’t being careful what they wish for. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
We’re Not Being Fair Now.
Bribing Ukraine for information on a political rival is an impeachable offense and an endangerment to our security, but there’s been no significant evidence of that. However, excusing people from testifying IS an impeachable offense, and does not serve the American electorate. He should be impeached and removed from office for contempt of Congress, but not for abuse of power. Guess what’s gonna happen. He’ll get impeached for both and removed for neither. It’s inevitable. That’s because lawmakers put too much priority in party loyalty. Presidents with opposing majorities in the House of Representatives are in danger of impeachment because of polarization. We need to take each issue one at a time instead of being liberal or conservative. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
the cold war in america is unfortunately on. glad your startin' to fiqure it out charlie.
Posted by ron
President Trump
Charlie I'm worried as you, anybody that thinks that this Stalinist show trial has any merit is obviously suffering from Fake News propaganda. This should worry anyone with half a brain. We are seeing the results of electing stupid people, this needs to change if we want to save this country. Pray for Trump he's our only hope the way I see it. RonS
Posted by Ron
Democrats Have Awakened a Sleeping Giant!
Democrats have awakened a sleeping Giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve. With their fake Impeachment of our Great President, and trampling over the Law and Constitution, Democrats have severely angered the People. Democrats have sown the wind, now they shall reap the whirlwind. Justice is coming in 2020!
Posted by Popeye
What a Shame.
Good riddance.
Posted by Pamela
Pandora’s box
Mr.Daniels, love your music and Thank you for all y’all do for our Veterans. I saw you at the Grand Ole Opry. Desert Storm Veteran. I’ve read the story about Pandora and Epimetheus. Great story,can’t think of the name. But you know it’s old because it’s really about Jesus. If you haven’t read it please do some research and read it. You will love it. Again, Thanks for everything you have done for our Veterans. Paula
Posted by Paula
Can we be fair any more?
ESTHER CATHERINE You're wrong, tRumpy did NOT will the election, the Electoral College gave it to him. Perhaps in your joy you forgot that point.
Posted by Cate