Posted on 11.29.2019

Danger Zone

It is my firm belief that the United States of America entered a Danger Zone several years ago that it is still in and that the American Dream, our individual rights, our Sovereignty, and any real chance of pursuing life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without interference from an all-consuming central government would become a thing of the past.

It would appear that in the coming months several separate reports will be issued that could expose a coordinated attempt to defraud the federal justice system, threaten the rights of citizens, drive others into bankruptcy by unrelenting pressure, cover up serious federal crimes by high government officials and circumvent the will of the American people by removing a sitting American President by bogus processes.

These things alone threaten the freedom, due process and quality of life of every American, but should they succeed, the ramifications would change America forever.

Let’s take a look.

A FISA warrant is one of the most serious and most secretive documents in our nation’s arsenal in our fight against espionage, terrorism and subversion and involves using federal agencies in spying on an American citizen.

It requires credible information that an American citizen is involved in something that constitutes a serious danger to the nation. It requires heavyweight signatures and has to be signed off on by the FISA Court, the anonym FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and there has to be strong, evidence-backed by a declaration of imminent crimes against the state, such as collusion with foreign powers, planning a terrorist attack or other plots to harm America.

There have been four FISA warrants obtained under shaky and questionable, possibly totally false circumstances.

Hillary put Secret State Department documents on an unsecured server and destroyed documents that were under federal subpoena.

The reason I draw the above dichotomy is to illustrate my point that when you hold all the cards in government, the collusion of the head of the FBI and cooperation of the heads of other powerful government agencies, and the media is in your pocket you can do just about anything you want to.

Hillary was the odds-on favorite to become our 45th president and all her questionable dealings, the quid pro quo at the state department, the shady dealings of the Clinton. foundation, the exposure and destruction of secret government documents would have never seen the light of day.

Let’s take this scenario a little farther, what if, in the future, some unscrupulous, power-hungry person does get elected to the highest office in the land and let’s say that their party wins a significant majority in both the Senate and the House.

And let’s say that that government sets in place a fast track to citizenship for the millions of illegals now in the country and began all the free cradle to grave perks to satisfy the extreme left-wing and thereby creating an unbeatable electorate.

And let’s say they are, over time able to pack the Supreme Court and load the federal bench around the country with radical left-wing judges.

And let’s say that your taxes double, homeschooling is made against the law and one morning you wake up with federal agents knocking on your door with a federal search warrant to locate and confiscate all your firearms,

Well, the first thing you’re going to say is “They can’t do that”

WRONG, these people, once they surround themselves with power can do anything they want, up to and including the stringent measures I listed above.

What I’m saying people is, I truly believe that America came dangerously close to losing control of our government. These people have already shown us the treachery they’re capable of and the distances they are willing to go and the evil they’re willing to use to achieve their goals.

Look at what they’ve done without controlling all three branches of government,

Can you even imagine what they would do if they did?

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Danger Zone
Amen and thank you CDB
Posted by Tim
Danger Zone
The current group of Democrat candidates will, if elected, move us closer to a totalitarian government. All he free stuff, higher taxes and less individual decision making are in their respective platforms. How people can look at this and think all is well is a very sad circumstance. Our country, freedoms and rights, as established in the constitution and bill of rights are at risk of being removed form our life. Charlie, as always, has the correct view and interpretation of current events. We need more conservative view points to continue to live our lives as the founding fathers intended. And they have been taken away already, to a certain degree. President Trump has done much to reestablish common sense and conservative perspective in our lives and deserves another term to continue his efforts. God bless this nation. I sincerely hope at all have given thanks to our Lord and Savior for the blessings we have received.
Posted by Carol
Not your grandparents gov anymore
On the verge of the abyss, Charlie. so true. Well then ...." the distances they are willing to go and the evil they’re willing to use to achieve their goals." In that case, our very talking about it and comparing details might become a very inconvenient and problematic thing for them. Anything is a very, very big word. Shutter to think. That is no longer crazy talk. It's all too real. ~ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
We Must Continue The Fight
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie we were going off the mountain at warp speed with Obama at the controls. It will take somebody smarter than me to figure out when the Democrat Party sold out, lock, stock & barrel. But all you have to do is look at them today and see that the ends justify the means, no matter how warped their sense of the end has become. They are not the party of the working man, they are the party of the global elitist. They are not the champions of the under dog, they fully and unquestionably support the wholesale murder of babies in the name of choice. We as a nation must re-elect Donald J Trump, if there is any hope for the survival of the United States of America, the land of the free and home of the brave......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Government by Charlie Daniels.
So true, Charlie. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Janice
Thank you Charlie!
I've Always liked what you had to say. Always knew you spoke from the heart based on facts and firsthand experience. Never lose the faith, bro, there is indeed a God in Heaven who is looking on. Right now, IMHO, it seems to me He must be looking down and asking us What in the World are we Doing with this Land He's given us.. I keep playing 'In America' .. hoping you have it in yourself somewhere to add or re-tool it enough to help folks focus on the real fight right now.. left and right alike... we MUST fight together against what is happening TO this country .. before we lose the whole thing. Happy Holdays, thank you for your service sir and NEVER surrender
Posted by Jason
Martial Law Rule
I am a 62 yr old 'self-governed' man (Floridian / instructor / mechanic) who is being attacked by the CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE just because I like to live off grid and live independent of the downtown brownshirts. I will be devoting the remainder of my life to an uphill battle to rid America of Slavery and Extortion actualized by mass media programming and fraud. The problem is the U.S. / STATE / COUNTY / CITY courts refuse to recognize Common Law. They operate under summary procedures pursuant to states of emergency declared for one bogus reason or another. The U.S. govt., and all of its political subsidiaries (STATES, COUNTIES, CITIES) use summary procedures to CONtrol the useless eaters (citizens) and extort them daily via fines, licenses, taxes, permits, etc. I have documented this in every court in the 'former' USA, the evidence stands, unrebutted. Since 2008 they have used their abusive summary procedures in their 'massey' hearings to rubber stamp alleged code violations. Today they have a lien which exceeds $600,000.00 against my home .... for stuff I have in my yard behind a properly permitted fence. The fine accrues daily. In 2008, the CITY arrested me for 'obstruction' when I helped an elderly couple with their code matter. The CITY bulldozed that property and eventually took possession of the home ... again for stuff in the yard which never posed a threat to the safety of the community. In 2012, BSO unlawfully trespassed, broke down gates and doors, invaded my home, beat me up in front of my wife, and then arrested me for refusing to open my door ! (She returned to Japan a few years ago, says she feels safer there) In 2013, I was sentenced to a year in jail for this obstruction charge which took place at a 'trial' similar to the infamous trial held in the Planet of the Apes. I was not allowed to proffer critical evidence and I was not allowed to speak about critical issues for my defense. The idiot judge would not even let me mention the Magna Carta to the jury ! In 2015 Coast Guard helicopters buzzed my home at about 100 feet, in an all too obvious attempt to scare me. They have buzzed my home seven times, that I am aware of. I have attempted to do a presentment with the local county grand jury. All inquiries ignored, denied, rebuffed and or told that if I continued I would be arrested. I pay my property taxes under protest, force of arms. I hold Ministry services here and have recorded the operation of same with the recorder for the county. The COUNTY of course, refuses to recognize the tax-exempt status of my property. I lived off-grid for a few years. The CITY started fining me $200.00 / day because I refused to open a water account, use their toxic water loaded with fluoride and chlorine. To stop the fines I opened an account but I never turned on their water. It does not matter, the terrorists at the CITY charge me more than $60 / month for the 'privilege' of having this assinine account. I was totally disconnected from the electric grid. I sold the solar panels when I updated the electric box to allow for sale of the home, which, I am unable to do, because of the huge, ridiculous, unlawful lien. Whatever happened to freedom of contract ? The freedom to contract - or NOT - with whomever I please ? In late 2017, the CITY filed a muni code criminal charge against me for 'littering' my own lawn. Of course they have NO case, there is nothing here that poses a threat to the SAFETY of the community but they are THE GOVT. At hearing #5 the following conversation took place with the presiding judge: Me: The CITY attacked me right ? A criminal municipal ordinance bulk trash charge, 60 days possible jail time ? Judge: Yes Me: This is America, I can defend myself, right ? Judge: Yes Me: I did so, with written demurrers and appearances here in your court. That is better than using a gun, right? Judge: Yes ! The CITY had a DUTY to answer my written demurrers ? Judge: (pause...) Yes. Me: Well months have gone by, the CITY prosecutor has not responded to any of my written demurrers and you allow this travesty to continue. You refuse to discharge this case. I submit that you are all guilty of CONspiring to Terrorize me under Color of Law. What say you ? Judge: We are going to change the subject, now, Mr. Toski. (she just admitted that is exactly what they are doing) In August of last year the same county court judge (Jill Levy) ignored the 90day speedy trial rule and refused to certify that I was in a CONstitutional court of record, of common law. Accordingly, I signed the plea bargain papers under duress. (can't fight them in jail) I complied with the unlawful terms of the 'plea bargain' within two months. The CITY refused to terminate probation early. The CITY said I was still in 'technical violation'. I demanded they put their assertion in writing and sign it. The CODE Director (Porshia Goldwire) refused. The CITY attorney refused to respond to any of my written demurrers in the court they used, to attack me. I went in front of Judge Levy to terminate the probation early. She refused to read my documents, look at the photos. They CITY never responded to my Motion and the Judge refused to respond in writing, as well. THAT is terrorism under Color of Law. Judge Levy admitted that, ... in open court. She said I could appeal. On Feb. 18th, 2019 Judge Levy signed a warrant for my arrest even thought the six month probation period was not even over yet ! The warrant asserts that I failed to remove a non-permitted fence and that there are derelict cars on the property. A 'permitted' fence was signed off on months ago and cost me several thousand dollars ... $500 for the permit alone. There never were any 'derelict' cars here. In any case all vehicles are tagged, licensed and insured. BSO and Code minions have been here twice to verify. They refuse to send me their findings, but, indicated, when here, that they did not see any problems ! I have filed Emergency Petitions for Writs of Habeas Corpus in small claims court, county court, circuit court, the district court, the local court of appeal, the Supreme Court for the People of Florida ,the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. (case 19-10990-F), the U.S. Court of International Trade, and the Supreme Court of the U.S. Case numbers are assigned, the CITY never responds to my Petitions, and then a clerk dismisses my case w/o any justification. I submitted my demurrers to the Governor of Florida and President Trump. Both have ignored my demurrers ! I have never been convicted of a true crime. Here is a simple syllogism: 1) We are all born equal under the eyes of the law. 2) The govt pretends to recognize this maxim in today's 'civilized' society. 3) If we are all equal, I am not your slave and you are not my slave. 4) No man (or woman) is bound to another written civil codes, rules, regs, statutes, acts, etc. unless there is CONsent / CONtract. 5) The only 'LAW" that applies to one who is self-governed / autonomous is Common Law. 6) Govts refuse to operate their courts under Common Law and instead use summary procedures under Civil statutes (not true law) 7) This is simple fraud and terrorism under color of law. 8) If one contests the STATE of emergency jurisidiction, one is simply ignored, then arrested is he/she does not comply with the unlawful demands of the STATE criminals. Yes, they are the true criminals here. This all seems quite hopeless. Slavery has been around since the beginning of time. However I will continue to fight. I live under two maxims. 1) Golden Rule 2) If one is not part of the solution, one is part of the problem. Namaste, Don Q.
Posted by Don
The Truth is Out there!
Thank you very much for your timely and comprehensive explanation of why we need to wake and smell the coffee in America. We need more well-known figures to speak out publicly against the Deep State. (BTW, I've been a fan since I was a kid, and that was a looooooonnnnnnng time ago! Love your band!)
Posted by Katherine
I read your post concerning your birthday, and had wondered - what does Charlie think about X or Y ... and given your experience I have checked back a number of times. I'd like to wish you could stick around for at least another 50 years. Your wisdom and insight whether on issues of FISA or Trump or whatever subject are ... comforting when all I want to do is shake my head and cry. I was just told about a flight you had been on some time ago, and the flight had been diverted due to weather, and you made available buses for everyone, to take them to whatever city it was the plane was diverted from ... kindness and such genuine humanity are not common today Charlie. And I wish it was. We don't have to agree on politics or the color of the wallpaper or whether a Ford or Toyota, but decency. Something you have. Thank you
Posted by Frank
An Example of Practicality Against Socialism
With a non-profit organization that manufactures prescription medicines, and gives them to people for free, both taxpayers and drug recipients would save money, because they’re not the ones paying for them. And those who do pay for them, the donors, would save money, because they’re paying for the cost of production, not buying from a business selling them at a profit. Then, people won’t have a reason to vote for candidates who are socialist enough to use taxdollars to buy from for-profit pharmaceutical companies. Just asking people to give money to support a cause like this is not enough. There needs to be fundraisers where people actually BUY something. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru