Posted on 09.20.2019

Fifty-Five and Counting

September 20, 1964 was a bright, crisp day in Tulsa, Oklahoma when a small group of people went to the upstairs office of a Justice of the Peace to witness Hazel Juanita Alexander and Charles Edward Daniels take their vows and enter into the bonds of holy matrimony.
The service was short and the small band headed over to the Piccadilly Cafeteria for lunch, which concluded the planned part of the ceremony and after spending a few minutes with Hazel’s mother and dad, who were probably wondering what their baby daughter could possibly see in an itinerant  musician who owned a couple of suits and a guitar, I took my new bride to the somewhat less than luxurious hotel I was staying in, which was to be our home for the foreseeable future.
The Fondalite Club in Tulsa was a regular stop for the Jaguars, my band at the time, but we only spent a few weeks a year there and the long periods in between, times were tough and it takes a strong and devoted kind of love to endure during the frequent separations.
But Hazel was patient, believing me when I said there were better times on the way and anxiously awaiting the time when we could be together.
Then in 1965 when our son, Charlie Jr, was born the time away from home became even harder to contend with for both of us. I remember being away from home for a sixteen-week stretch when Charlie was an infant,
I came home so anxious to see my family and hold my baby son, and when I picked him up, he started crying, he didn’t know who I was.
Even after we moved to Nashville in 1967 the periods of separation would continue as I pursued my dreams, logging millions of miles and untold weeks away from my family in the process.
We moved to town with a twenty-dollar bill and the clutch out of the car we were driving, and Hazel made do with whatever I could bring home in any given week, but the one thing we were meticulously careful about was that our son would never do without anything he needed, and her first priority was to make sure he was well taken care of.
Even when things started looking better and I got a recording contract, the incessant traveling my career required still kept me away from home for long periods of time.
But when I did get home, whatever time I had off was spent with my family as we made the best out of whatever time we had together.
I missed so much of my son growing up, so many birthdays, anniversaries and even my days at home for Christmas and other holidays were limited, but all through the difficult years of my being gone most of the time and the days of skimpy budgetary, rattletrap cars and secondhand appliances, my wife never lost sight of what I was trying to accomplish and giving me whatever latitudes and parameters it took for me to get there.
She has gone through so much for me and any success I’ve had would never have come along without her steadfast support and encouragement.
In 1983, when Charlie Jr. started college, I had a bus outfitted for the two of us and Hazel and myself began living our dream of being together night and day, traveling around the country, still pursuing my ambitions, but doing it together.
She has been my rock, my tether to reality, my reason for getting up when I get knocked down.
I would lay down my life for her without hesitation, and know without doubt that, other than giving my heart to Jesus, marrying Hazel is the best, the most important and the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.
It’s hard to believe it’s been 55 years since that sunny day in Tulsa when we joined our lives together and went out to face the world, to be tested in life’s crucible and to find what real and lasting love is.
Would I do it all over again?
In a New York minute.
What do you think?
Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem 
God Bless America 

— Charlie Daniels


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Congratulations Charlie & Hazel!!
Congratulations Charlie & Hazel on your 55th wedding anniversary!! May Christ richly bless you now - and even more tomorrow!! May you & Hazel have many more wonderful anniversaries. All the best ~ JH Jacksonville, Fla
Posted by Jon
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, ain't God good. Hope you, Hazel and family enjoy many more years together here on earth before you move on to your mansion that Jesus has prepared for ya'all. Congratulations & God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary to you and Miss Hazel, I count it a blessing the time you introduced me to her the night of the volunteer jam a couple of years ago. I too am married to the love of my life. And have been for coming up on 30 years. She too has lifted me up in tough times. Congrats again buddy.
Posted by Jack
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs.Dainels. May God bless Bless y'all and your family with many more Amazing Anniversaries. You both are true American Patriots and from my family to yall we say Thank-you very very much and God Bless.
Posted by David
Beautiful testimony of love, determination, courage and faith. God is good. Many blessings to you and your wife. Keep inspiring us... I love to read your tweets.
Posted by Diana
A blessed couple who blesses the world Happy Anniversary!
Posted by Shelley
HAPPY 55th Anniversary.
God Bless you and your Family Charlie. Awsome post.
Posted by Jody
Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊
I can only wish you as many more years of happiness and say, “ How Sweet it is!” It was a God Blessing because he knew you needed a soul mate to drive you on through the pitfall, downfalls, and sinfall nature that goes with the music industry. Thank God for Hazel! Furthermore, you got the whole package, a beautiful woman, devoted, supportive, strong, reliable, and she can cook ! God bless you both and thank you Hazel for allowing Charlie to share his musical gift to the world!
Posted by Alice
Happy 55th Anniversary! May God bless you two with many more years together!
Posted by Mary
Mr and Mrs Daniels, congratulations on your anniversary of 55 years. I also spend half my year away from my wife and 3 children. I work for an oil company drilling for our natural resources trying to keep oil and gas cheap. Keeping a family together when theirs separation is very hard. I feel your pain. But it’s all worth when I get home and see their smiling faces. Love your music and I listen to your greatest hits album on every trip I make home. Especially “In America” you see I’m a patriot and a freedom lover. You need to loan that song out to our President. He’d like that one. I’ve seen you in concert 4-5 times, Canadian Tx, OKC, Ok, Dallas Tx, and I cant remember the other one. Your a class act and may God Bless you in your work and travels. Stay Safe and Love you Brother.
Posted by Jason Curtis
Hello Charlie and Hazel ! Your post was a Beautiful Testimony of Love and Faith in Jesus !! You are a Blessing to Many. May the Lord Continue to Bless You and Your Precious Family. Amen. Pat from VA
Posted by Pat
Happy Anniversary folks! 55 Years. What a milestone! Saw you 27 years ago at Valley Forge Music Fair in PA! Wonderful story!
Posted by Ginny
Thank You
Thank you Mr Charlie for you support of our Great Nation and the NRA My son and myself are Life Members,and I try every year to make it to A friends of NRA event in North Carolina. I know you spend a lot of time and effort into helping with these events and I just wanted to say Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU and this Great Nation that we call HOME.
Posted by Paul
Charlie Daniel
Am very excited to see you this coming weekend as well as all my friends Happy Anniversary ❤️
Posted by Rita
I’m a huge fan of the band , love the music.
Posted by Thomas
Happy Life Celebration
Charlie n Hazel, God Bless You Both on your celebration of Marriage. That is a long time seems like. But probably looking back it was like a yesterday? Time really does fly! My Mother used to tell me that all the time and it felt like it drug in forever. I'm so honored to know you both. Charlie, you have touched many lives through your music and your testimony. I applaud you for your stand with God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit. There's nothing greater in my life then that trinity. Always has been an always will be. We'd Love to meet you both if life let's us cross paths. I'd love to share some prophetic realities with yall. We Love Yall an Wish Yall the Best Anniversary Ever. R n D.
Posted by Rick
Fallen Navy Seal swim
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Posted by Tony
Soapbox / 9/20/2019
Thank-you !! For the very truthful real meaning of the bond of holy matrimony , to read just a very short part of your family's struggles & victories was very encouraging!! Many many more years.
Posted by Ron
55 years
I have often commented to my friends what a testimony you and Hazel are. You are among the very few celebrities who have kept your marriage together. I am so proud of you two and I am proud to call you my cousin because of your love for Jesus and your outstanding Testament to marriage. Love Brenda
Posted by Brenda
To find a person to love and support you all the days of your life is nothing short of a blessing. I am sure everyone will agree Hazel has completed you not only in love but music, for that I am thankful. I have been a CDB fan since 1973- I was 13. Thank you both for the great music. Keep it coming. I’ve seen CDB now 8 times! Pittsburgh PA!
Posted by Kathy
55 and Counting
A good woman made me be a better man and I'm still not as good as I want to be for her. God has blessed you and we wish you many more.
Posted by Doug