Posted on 09.06.2019

Where Does it End?

I will be 83 years old in October and will be the first to admit that, for the most part, the world has totally outpaced me, technologically, style wise, musically, and certainly insofar as what is and is not socially acceptable.

And while an octogenarian fiddle player from Tennessee may be miles and decades behind in recognizing and embracing the “in” thing and what is socially acceptable in this ever-changing beehive we live in, there are a few eternal truths that can never go out of style or be pushed to the side and ignored if the human race is to continue to exist and be anything except separate stubborn, recalcitrant warring clans, each totally and implacably committed to their idea as to the societal, political and moral boundaries of the nation.

The truth is the truth, always has been, always will be and truth’s oldest child is common sense and unfortunately, that child has all but been banished by segments of the American population in the last several decades.

What prompted this article was a news blurb I saw the other day about a woman boarding an airplane with a miniature horse she claimed to be her “comfort animal”.

People come on, ain’t this a few points south of downright insanity?

As one who has owned horses for the last fifty years or so, I am here to tell you that there has never been a horse that cannot be spooked and the meanest horse I’ve got on my place is the littlest one.

I also submit to you that somebody who is so off-center that they have to take a horse with them everywhere they go, probably has no business getting on an airplane anyway.

Can you imagine a plane hitting really rough weather and a horse, even a miniature twisting off, raring and pawing? And believe me, even a couple of hundred pounds of scared horse is totally unmanageable.

Any animal, no matter how docile or well-trained, is capable of violent behavior, as evidenced in the Siegfried and Roy show in Las Vegas some years ago when a tiger they considered tame and safe enough to expose thousands of people in the audience to seriously injured one of the best animal trainers in the world.

I am in total agreement with our servicemen and women and the physically impaired who use dogs for, guidance, therapy and emotional needs being able to take their animals on board an airplane.

But a danged horse?

What would happen if I walked into the airport with a 2000 lb. bull and claimed I just couldn’t face the flight without him.

I’ll admit that trying to fly with a bull would be pushing the envelope, but you probably get my point.

Where does it stop?

It will only stop when people in authority in this country gain enough common sense and courage to say NO.

We have come to the point that when politicians find it expedient to their political career they completely forsake common sense and say it’s alright to break certain laws, to encourage certain behavior, to allow certain brown shirt type groups like Antifa to hurt citizens and destroy property without punishing them.

It’s all right for Black Lives Matter to shout slogans about frying policemen like pigs in a blanket or wanting dead cops.

It’s all right for certain cities to ignore federal immigration laws and give sanctuary to people whose backgrounds, criminal records or health conditions they know nothing about.

It’s alright to turn sections of some of America’s greatest cities into garbage piles, to scatter feces on the streets and to create scenarios that could, at any time, cause an epidemic of disease that could spread like wildfire and sicken and kill thousands of people.

It’s alright for United States Congresswomen to defame and insult the only real ally we have in the Middle East and defend terrorists and radicals.

Such is modern-day liberalism, the unwillingness to say no, the godless fallacy that anything goes, that there is no right or wrong, no ethics, if it feels good do it, no genders, no respect for unborn life, no proven paths of civility, no laws that can’t be bent or broken.

There is a word for it, it’s called anarchy and it is a one-way path to chaos.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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They say with age, comes wisdom. Don't ever stop speaking out Charlie, wisdom and common sense, aside from music, is your forte. You have a God given talent to put into words what many of us can only think about.
Posted by Michael
You Don't Have To Hang From A Tree To Be A Nut
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie we used to say some people were half a bubble off or a few bricks short, but these folks done went and bought the funny farm, lock stock and barrel. For the life of me I will not understand how we gone so far with cuddling and handling people with kid gloves. It is high time for some to suck it up, man up and take responsibility for their shortcomings. We have churches preaching the feel good gospel instead of fire and brimstone, we see crooked politicians try to line their pockets with climate change scare tactics that just like evolution being taught in schools has absolutely no truth behind it. But in their warped mind,being in control of us and taking away our freedom is justified no matter how much collateral damage occurs.....nuff said God Bless the USA and Israel Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Where Does it End?
Thank you for your comments. I'm 65 years old, and I sometimes feel like I'm living in a bad Twilight Zone episode. Your perspective is a breath of fresh air. ~ Blanche
Posted by Blanche
Where does it end?
Posted by Li
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Isn't a miniature horse about the size of a golden retriever? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Speaking of Comfort Animals
Here's an interesting article:
Posted by Tru
I Didn't Hear About This
I don't remember hearing anything about liberals supporting the scattering of feces on the streets. Who's doing this? Sounds like one more thing that shows how crazy liberals are. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Well Said!
Well said, Charlie. All of it. Common sense is the key. Americans either have it or they don’t care. Political correctness in this country is an attempt negate common sense by shaming and controlling us. Keep writing Charlie. You’re soap box is bigger than most of us have. Always appreciate your comments. God bless.
Posted by Alex
Where does it end?
Thank you, Charlie! No one could say it any better! My Dad, if still alive, would be just a few years older than you...what I wouldn’t give to sit down with a cup of coffee with you two. God Bless you and your Family!!!
Posted by Wayne
Charlie's subjects
As far as I am concerned, Charlie nails it on the head everytime. If I owned a TV news show, Charlie would be the one I would choose to do the narration.
Posted by Rick
Rite on Charlie Daniels!! Hopefully common sense will come back before it’s too late😳
Posted by Tina
Where does it end
Charlie, you are one smart man. I wish everyone thought that way! I don’t know where common sense has gone in people. How much more will people keep pushing the envelope if others don’t say NO! They push and push their ideals on everything until they get what they want. Even taking stupid things all the way to the Supreme Court in some cases. Honestly, I’m scared! Mostly for the younger generation. They will be the one’s left that have to live in this world that these crazies have allowed it to become! I hope I am not here to see it because it would break my heart! It is already breaking. Why don’t they see what they are doing? If more people had God in their heart and knew how to be kind to one another it wouldn’t be like this. Thank you for your post. God bless America!
Posted by Debbie
Where does it end
I am knocking on 50. I would never had kids if I knew how this world would end up. Let alone 3 grandsons. This world is all about everything but God, Respect of others, And a good old whippin from your parents.
Posted by Mike
Liberals & Conservatives
Charlie, it’s not just modern-day liberalism. It’s polarization. Best for people to not be loyal to EITHER ideology. They BOTH have their share of bad ideas. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru