Posted on 07.12.2019

And the Road Goes on Forever

If you’re ever traveling the highways of America in the wee small hours of the morning you’re apt to see a touring coach, pedal to the metal, interior lights dimmed, heading out for who knows where, hauling a band of tired musicians bound to their next show.

I guess some people think there’s something a little mysterious looking about a coach rolling through the midnight hours, the curtains closed and nothing visible, even in the blacked-out cockpit where the driver sits, his mind intent on getting his sleeping charges to their next destination safely.

Actually, to those of us who ride on those coaches, there’s nothing mysterious at all, and sleeping in a moving bunk and waking up in a different motel parking lot every morning is routine.

Let me fill you in a little bit.

I am currently sitting at my desk aboard the Twin Pines Rambler - my tour bus - rolling through the lush and beautiful agricultural area of Illinois in route from Chicago to New Salem, North Dakota, enjoying the view of some of America’s most picturesque and productive farmland.

In a couple of hundred miles, the landscape will change as the big four-lane interstate rolls into the prairie country of Iowa and again when we approach the Black Hills Country of the Dakota Badlands.

Between now and the middle of December, the CDB's tour will take us to over thirty states and around sixty thousand miles to play seventy more shows added to the forty we’ve already done this year.

My band, road crew and me will see more of each other than we will members of our families, spending the nights bouncing down the road in a bus bunk, days in different motels, existing on fast food, concert rider vittles and cold pizza.

We will go through dozens of sets of guitar strings, thousands of gallons of diesel fuel and I can’t even estimate the amount of drumsticks and fiddle bows.

We will see the changing of the seasons about three times, considering the timing of the weather changes in different parts of the country we travel to.

We will play "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" approximately eighty more times, be near the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, cross the Smoky Mountains, the Rockies, the Adirondacks and the Poconos and traverse a goodly portion of desert.

We will watch somewhere around fifty college and pro football games, and have cells phones behind the amp line tuned to up to the minute score information on Saturday nights when the game of the week involves teams we are interested in, with one of the guys taking a quick peek between songs and signaling the info around the stage.

We will pay thousands of dollars in road tolls, permits and state performance taxes, go through pounds of chewing gum, barrels of spring water, untold cases of soft drinks and beer, enough junk food to fill a dump truck, meet sloughs of new people and see a lot of familiar faces.

We will play shows with old friends like Travis Tritt and Alabama and meet fresh talents and hear new young sounds, we will sit with our old acquaintances and tell road stories of bygone days, talk about legends we admire and old road warriors who left us in an early, untimely fashion.

And night after night, we’ll pack it up and move on to see what’s around the next bend or over the next hill.

We will play the Grand Ole Opry as many times as our schedule will allow and possibly get in a few recording sessions later in the fall.

About the middle of December, we’ll have our company Christmas Party, say goodbye to each other for a couple of months and go our separate ways until the first of March when we’ll start the whole thing over again.

It’s an itinerant, sometimes grueling way of life that can be tough on marriages and nerves and can only be tolerated by those with a fire in their bellies and stars in their eyes.

I am in my 62nd year of being a professional musician and at the age of 82 I can honestly say that, despite all the bumps in the road, the loneliness and the separation, I don’t believe I could have spent my life in a more exciting, fulfilling way.

And if God is willing for me to carry on, I sure am.

Already booking dates for 2020.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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And The Party Never Ends
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, here is to many more years on the road. The Bible does not speak of retirement and I for one hope to go out of this world with my boots on. As long as a man is able to keep on keepin on I believe that he should. In my mind retirement is like sleep,over rated. Nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
thank you
Thanks Charlie.. I've seen your show from Maine down to Florida...keep on sir
Posted by rob
God bless you, Mr. Charlie
You have given us many years of stories and songs that have filled our lives with joy. You have sung what's on many of our minds, told OUR stories as well, made us see our homes and neighbors in a kinder, gentler light, and blessed us with your wisdom. My sweet wife, a keyboard player, massaged your aching hands at Nashville North in Illinois and to this day she considers it a treat to have done that. Her son, Matthew, played bass with you. It is my loss that I didn't know her then. Again, Godspeed and God bless.
Posted by Brett
Ever coming to my neck of the woods again?
You played at the Cass County Fair oh, darn, some 16 or so years ago ish??? My daughter was just a baby in a stroller and was a fussin big time. But your music got her rocking and rolling.... And wow... my favorite, Devil went down to Georgia.... WOW. And you played on a golden fiddle no less. Bow strings be a flyin! (You must chew through them quite a bit.) I will never forget that. So if you are ever coming to SW Michigan again, (And I'm willing to drive some) PLEASE drop me a note, tweet, something. I don't want to miss out. Cheers.
Posted by Jenny
Concert in Greensburg PA at the Palace.
Hey Charlie, I read all of your soap box specialties and have seen so many of your shows I have lost count. Seen several of the 80's Volunteer Jams. I would love to see you back at the Palace again because I missed you last time. How about penciling it in soon?? Thanks. Ken.
Posted by Ken
Huge fan!
Love your music, your logic, your energy, your Soap Boxes, and your politics! I’ve been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember. I’m a 66 year old RN and still working part time. I was on my daily two mile walk with my dog recently, listening to the radio via my ear buds, when Mountain Music came on. Thank goodness I live in a rural area as I can not help but flat foot when I hear that song. I looked to see if any cars were coming and saw none, so flatfooted to my hearts content. (Think my dog thought I was crazy!) I pray that you have many more years of performing!! Hope to see you if you return to the Harvester in Ricky Mount, Virginia.
Posted by Marcia
Pikeville KY gig in October 2019,......
I can't wait to see you, hear your live songs, and the meet and greet later. You are one of my last heroes.
Posted by Barry
Way to go!
Love you Charlie!!... you love what you do and it shows!!... find evidence and it's very evident you love God and this country you are a true-blooded American country boy🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤❤❤❤
Posted by Kelly
Just can't wait for the 18th
Eau Claire Wi is the place to be on July 18 the CDB will as always put on a show like no other band. A great mix of old and new,some gospel and a couple instrumental pieces will make for a beautiful outdoor show! Iam taking Trudy, my wife of 39 years for our anniversary.The same girl that went with me to see the CDB and the Allman Brothers Band at the UW River Falls,Wi. back in 77 or 78 less then 20 bucks for two tickets! Yes, the CDB has been an important part of my life and I'll bet the same can be said for you folks reading this. What's that you say? How did I get that beautiful girl to go to the show with me? How else, call up Trudy on the telephone, send her a letter in the mail! We love ya Charlie, we love ya in Wisconsin! Thank You and the band for 40+ years of memories. Bill (good guy with a gun)
Posted by bill (good guy with a gun)
Thank You!
Thank you Charlie and your band! You've created some great memories throughout my life with your music and interviews. What I see missing in country music today is the likes of guys like you. Yes, there are a few out there but as time goes by it seems fewer. I'm reminded of the song George Jones did "Who Gonna Fill Their Shoes" Not many of the up and coming have a true country background or soul. They want to chart the tops with fluff songs. I've never had to deal that with your songs you told vivid stories and conveyed your message in the imagination of my mind. Some are blessed story tellers that can paint a picture like that. I place you in that category. Thank you for always being patriotic, supporting the troops, and your proclaiming your faith in God. God Bless and safe travels!
Posted by JAMES
God Bless
From north eastern North Carolina,I pray that God gives you all many more years. Thank you for all the great music and fighting for our constitutional and God given rights. Keep on trucking Brother!
Posted by Steve