Posted on 06.21.2019

Subterfuge and Candor

When I hear people say that Obama is responsible for the good economy we are experiencing, it reminds me of a statement he made about manufacturing jobs in America.

He said, “…some of those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back,” and questioned Donald Trump’s ability to do what he was promising, to bring back manufacturing jobs, he even went on to mockingly ask, “What magic wand do you have?”

And statements about the new reality, a scenario where America must accept a reduction in lifestyle, a downgrading of our economy and acceptance of our industry moving out of the country taking good paying jobs with them to nations with much lower pay scales where they manufacture products and sell them in the USA without penalty.

I don’t think Barack Obama really wanted to see America be all it could be, I believe Obama saw America as a bully, as an expansionist nation forcing our will on the world at large, a repressive tyrant that needed to be brought down a notch or two and take its place in the New World Order, a placating, passive nation of repentant supplicants, forever apologizing for our greatness and paring it down by sharing it with the world.

I think the statements Obama made to describe those he so disagreed with and feared was the one about people clinging “to their guns or religion” and “America is no longer a Christian nation,” most clearly define the disparity of his ideas about America.

Most all the people I associate with believe in Almighty God, own guns that they will never give up without a fight, and I don’t know where President Obama got his stats, but America is still, by and large, a Christian country.

I think what he meant was that the people who clung to their God and guns and practiced Christianity were standing in the way of the kind of future he envisioned for America, where the government controlled everything, setting itself up as some kind of pseudo-deity.

Christians will never accept government as their god and people with guns are willing to protect their stand against any government who would infringe on their beliefs.

Obama’s third term, insofar as intent and policy, was to be carried on by Hillary Clinton.

Along comes Donald Trump, a New York real estate developer and former television star, brash, abrasive, pugnacious, plain-spoken, afraid of no one, who could trade punches with any politician or pundit, willing to stand toe to toe with any detractor and insist that his concept of America was totally different from Obama, Clinton, et al.

He believed - and made the disenfranchised believe - that those jobs Obama declared gone forever could come back, that America could drill, frack and pump our way out of the clutches of oil producing countries in the Middle East who hate our guts.

He believed in the sanctity of life and stood against the wholesale abortion policies of Obama.

He was pro-gun, pro-Israel, embraced Christianity and told us that with the easing of regulations and some sane tax policy that the manufacturing jobs we had lost, or basically given away, under Obama, could be brought back on shore.

He told us that NAFTA was a bad deal for us and should be either renegotiated or abolished, he told us that China had for decades taken advantage of our lax trade policies and should be made to toe the line with tariffs if necessary.

He told us he wanted to Make America Great Again and that GDP numbers in the 2% range were totally unacceptable.

He told us we needed a wall to help stem the overwhelming flow of people and drugs across our borders.

He told us he would appoint Supreme Court judges who would level the playing field against the liberal onslaught of the Obama appointees.

And despite the biggest and most concentrated all-out war by Democrats, media and even some establishment members of his own party, using government agencies, false FISA court warrants, a US Senator, who has turned his whole tenure into trying to impeach him, he has been able to deliver on most of what he promised.

At present we have twenty-four Democrat candidates vying for their party’s nomination for president, as far as I can see there is only one plank in the Democrat platform and that is to get rid of Trump.

So, for a minute, let’s say they did get rid of Trump, what would they do? Where would they take the country,

All we have so far is that they would repeal most of what Trump has done, which would mean higher taxes, bigger government, repressive regulations and all the other suffocating crap liberals can come up with.

So, what would happen to the stock market?

What happens to manufacturing?

What happens to trade policies with China and the rest of the world?

What happens to the military buildup Trump initiated? Liberals and the military are like oil and water.

What happens with the Democrats open border policies when the entitlement rolls - and most of the Democrat candidates think the undocumented should be on them - what happens when they reach critical mass?

Of course, what I’ve addressed here is but the tip of a very large and very volatile iceberg.

And in November of next year, we will learn if this iceberg will be pushed back out to sea or allowed to stay in port and cause a flood of unmanageable proportions.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

— Charlie Daniels


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Keep America Great
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie you have nailed this one six ways from Sunday, Obama is a sodomite, evil, demented, Muslim who is nothing short an antiChrist spirit. If people knew nothing about Muslims before 911 they should have figured it out that morning in September. I thank the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob everyday for President Trump. No sane person today can vote for a Democrat, besides abortion, take there sanctuary cities, where we find Mexican illegal Fidel Lopez ,a demon possessed individual who raped his girlfriend’s small dog to its death . The wise leaders of Oregon, ignored a ICE detainer placed on him,releasing him back on the American people, after serving a mere 60 days in jail, believing that his freedom is more important than protecting Americans and upholding the US Constitution, typical Obamamites. Thank you sir for telling it like it is, God Bless President Trump,the USA and Israel, Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
A beautiful young musician
Have you heard Karolina Protsenko? Y'all should get together!!
Posted by Russell
Totally Agree
Go Trump and Charlie! I am not exactly dumb! The dem lambs are! Since I am a retired USAF Officer! With 2 Masters degrees and serving in multiple ways, including a City Council Member, I am pleading with the populace to wake up. The Dems are way off base in supporting the USA. Please avoid being Sheeple! I fought for this country and continue to do so. OAC and the like are not geopolitical experts! She's may have been an OK bartender, but ignorant as to the goings on and history of the USA. Concur with Charlie! Go USA, I love my country and do not at all trust my government or the politicians who supposedly represent me/us! WDH
Posted by William
Soapbox comments
While I agree with you... Amen by the way American is a Christian nation. Our pledge of allegiance says so. Being a Baptist preachers daughter I know what the Bible says and we need to put it to use! But like I said I agree with you but I can't stand Trump. If only someone could replace him with all the promises he made but will actually keep them .
Posted by Sharon
6/21 post
As a Veteran I applaud your stance. As a general rule I don’t read,listen to, nor pay much attention to what celebrities or entertainers have to say on the political world. I seek out your post because that is my America that I believe in. And I will defend the right for anybody to have opposing viewpoints, no matter how offensive or delusional they may be. As wa say “Bless their Hearts”.
Posted by Steven
I partly disagree.
I agree with supporting the troops, Police officers, etc. I was in law enforcement in the USAF. I consider myself a Progressive. Some liberal, with some conservative, too. I do not like Trump or his administration - which changes more often than the weather. IF you look, he has not made his promises come true. The deficit MAY cause a recession. And, I do think that Obama did get us out of the recession, in the better way. We are a great nation, but to say we don't have issues is ignorant and hurtful. Republicans tend to wave the flag and spout patriotism, while not acting in it's best interests. Democrats tend to point at issues we need to work on - which I think is fair and honest. Who do a lot of people WANT to believe, why the party that's telling them they are fine, that America has no woes or faults. I think people Not doing their civic duties is why were are in a mess. Many never to one constructive thing to make America great - they didn't vote, they don't go to civic meetings, or other citizen acts. Then Trump comes along with an "easy" button and many followed him. Democracy takes participation. Most don't. I do Not hate Trump, but many hated and slandered Obama, many from their church pews. I see some of the extreme posts in social media and the conservatives postings are the most vile and some are outright lies. I know we have some sites that were made to just throw mud at the dem's and anyone opposing Trump. SOme are russian bots, too, which should scare ALL Americans. They are meddling in our Democracy. Not enough was done. THANK YOU for listening to an alternative view. I love my country and I know You do Charlie.
Posted by deborah
American progress
Posted by Caroline