Posted on 05.03.2019

Swamp Stomping

I watched part of the Senate hearing with Attorney General William Barr yesterday and, instead of hearing the informed questions of supposedly public servants who are sworn to serve the interests and security of this nation and the people who put them in office, I was bombarded with useless, showboat inquiries that everybody in the room already knew the answers to.

There were, would-be presidential candidates preening and posing for the television cameras asking inane, convoluted, disjointed questions, accomplishing absolutely nothing except for wasting the time of all involved.

Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii indulged in downright character assassination, her remarks acerbic and insulting, having no effect but to paint her as a misandrist, just a bitter old woman with absolutely nothing constructive to add to the conversation.

A few weeks ago, when the Democrats were certain that Mueller’s report would contain full-blown proof of Russian collusion, or at the very least - if not impeachable material - enough misadventures to cobble together an obstruction charge, Mueller was hailed as a paragon of virtue and to doubt his findings would be tantamount to heresy.

But now that incontrovertible proof is not forthcoming, and the grasping of straws and parsing of jurisprudence have taken over, Mueller has assumed the role of a shadowy agent whose intention leaves a lot to be doubted, by those who once placed him on a pedestal.

He is more than likely on his way to becoming a pariah, a whipping boy, since the star the Democrats have hitched their wagon to has flamed out and the only thing left to do to save face is to kill the messengers, the plural denoting the mutual defaming of AG Barr, since he will be the one to investigate the misdeeds of the Clinton campaign, the false flag obtaining of the 
Christopher Steele dossier, who paid for it, who signed for it (four times) the anti-Trump bias of the FBI agents involved and Comey’s partisan handling of Clinton herself, and any distrustful aspersions they can cast now, I’m sure they view as thickening their armor.

But from what I understand, it’s going to take more than deflowering the Muller and Barr reputations to keep the wolves of reality away from the Democrat door as the names I’m hearing are major and plentiful and any thread that Barr pulls in the shadowy world of the Clinton machine could possibly unravel the whole house of cards.

Part of the Democrats problem is their accursed arrogance. They were so sure about Ms. Clinton’s rock-solid victory in 2016 that they neither prepared nor made suitable contingency for a defeat which might expose their role in the events leading up to the FISA warrant abuses that led to the surveillance of the Trump campaign.

In fact, they were arrogant to the point of carelessness. Hillary’s destruction of email that had been subpoenaed, paying for a dossier put together by a foreign intelligence agent, a dossier that even he could never vouch for the accuracy of, and the biggest - and most in-your-face offense of all - using the dossier they knew to be inaccurate to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on an American citizen, not once, but four times.

Talk about obstruction of justice.

From the rumors being circulated in “the city of leaks” the Inspector General’s report could well present some devastating information and that should be out in a few weeks, and from what I gather Barr is ready to start assembling his own team of investigators to dig into the Hillary side of things, and where that will lead and how far up the food chain it will reach is anybody’s guess.

The crux of the situation is this, when you go stomping around in the swamp, the slime has a habit of splashing both ways and you never know what you’re going to find under the next dead log and swamp snakes don’t care who they bite, very possibly the guy who turned over the log.

So, the next few months should be interesting as both sides try to make as many points as they can before the 2020 election, and I’ve got a feeling that the throat cutting and ship jumping is just getting started.

The amount of “loyalty under duress” in Washington could probably be stored in a snuff box and when plea bargains and CYA gets to a fever pitch, things could get hot and heavy and some very swelled heads could roll.

Tighten your cinch, America, this ‘un is just about to come out of the chute.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

— Charlie Daniels


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Swamp Stomping
Could not agree with you more! Anxiously awaiting Dems eating crow but I’m not convinced they exist in our reality. Can only hope America keeps them out of power.
Posted by Lori
Barrel Of Rattlesnakes
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, these politicians are more crooked than a barrel of rattlesnakes, and will strike like lightning to protect their political graft. When I watch some of these elected politicians perform like show people it make me want to puke. Make no doubt about it, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob put Trump into office and at least up to this point in time He has his back. The murdering, as in abortion. The lying, as in they have proof of Russian Collusion. The back stabbing, as in throw Joe Biden under the bus cause he is an old white man, democrats are fixin to reap what they have sown and it will be funnier than a barrel of monkeys.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Weaponizing fbi
The problem as I see it is, the Democrats are trying to paint Barr as a tool of Trump so that anyone he uncovers can say that he just went after them because Trump wanted revenge
Posted by Chuck
Swamp stomping.
I totally agree with you Charlie...This whole revenge seeking conspiracy is the only conspiracy going on in this great nation...just because the liberals were so sure that Billary had the election sewed up and looking like fools now...they are so angry at themselves for getting it wrong they will stoop at nothing to try to change the results by any means possible starting with fabricating lies and closing their minds to REALITY! Of NO wrong doings of our fairly President Trump...So if they have any chance of succeeding in 2020 they should lay low and regroup and concentrate on the wants and needs of this great nation since WE are the ones that vote!....This whole nonsense that liberals are wasting time on reminds me of a crack head that will do anything and everything to get that next fix...just like they trusted the Mueller report was going to be their shangra la but now calling it and Barr out just shows that nothing is going to satisfy their penchant to change the outcome of 2016.....Get over it and Move on!!! Or they are going to regret the findings of Barr of their criminal actions and I hope everyone involved will be severely punished by a non biased justice system and maybe just maybe this will get politicians back to serving our people in this country that belong in this country.....God Bless America
Posted by David
I am always surprised that this group of religious "god fearing" conservatives support a lying, habitual adulterer, woman genital grabbing, man who insults POW's and handicapped people and has an affinity for dictators such as Putin and Kim Jong Un. I strongly believe that if Obama had insulted a POW stating that he prefers the ones that don't get caught, and if he received and enjoyed love letters from the dictator of N Korea, you all (and Charlie) would would be bursting an aneurysm. Do you all really read the Bible and the teachings of Jesus and see Donald Trump as your savior. I truly don't get it.
Posted by Paul
America and President Trump
Hats off to you Mr. Daniels for being a real American. We are tired of hearing the whiners and leftists apologizing and complaining about the U.S. all the time. If America is so bad, why does everybody and his brother want to come here? Let's talk about the citizens ( like you and others do), who built and lived and fought and died for this Christian nation. The politicians want to give everything we worked for to illegal immigrants and are getting away with it. That is why we have to keep praying for President Trump. He is the only one left(I believe) that can turn this ship around. When you listen to all the garbage the left spits out, you can't help but think they are crazy. America is the last "hurdle" to Globalization. They know that. People like you and the real Americans are speaking out and that is so good. Some things never change and shouldn't, including America. We are under attack from all directions, but prayer and standing up will see us through. Thanks so much
Posted by Chazz
Stomp the Swamp
Mr. Daniels, I have come to look forward to your bare bones truthful commentaries. Again you sum up how so many Americans feel! Thanks... Respectfully, I have a Banner Song, that I have written for Donald Trump! You have been placed on my heart as the one to best present it!!! Godbless and Godspeed!!! Sincerely, Bernadette🇺🇸 our Commander in Chief's birthday is June 14th...
Posted by Bernadette
Attorney General Barr frightens the Dems.
That is why they are smearing him so vigorously. It is obvious that the FISA warrant, based as it was on an unbelievably flimsy dossier, was a back-door into domestic spying on a political opponent of the Dems --nothing more. It is obvious that Hilary Clinton's private server was a deliberate plan to launder a phony (Clinton) "Foundation" money-grabbing scheme. It is obvious that the deleted and bleach-bitted emails were proof of corruption. It is also, finally, obvious that the Uranium deal which put it in Russian and Iranian hands are also in those deleted emails. --------------------- SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR PAUL: The greatest Kings of Israel were a father who sent the husband of a woman he was having sex with on the Ultimate Fool's Errand (and thus making him the most famous cuckold in all History) and his son, who had way too many sexual partners for passing modern scrutiny. Yet who is foolish enough to deny that King David and King Solomon were the best two kings ever? President Trump in a piker in comparison to those two, and his daughter married and Orthodox Jew, converted herself, and has Jewish children.....the first, by the way, ever to be associated with an American President. (...and one who has finally recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.) (Personally, I suspect that anti-Semitism plays a significant role in anti-Trumpism.)
Posted by Allan
Phil McCormack
Charlie, I was unsure if you knew that Phil passed. Did not know if Molly Hatchet had let you know. He loved you....talked very highly of you many times. Patricia
Posted by Patricia
Paul's Swamp
Paul, first of all you need to realize that Trump is from New York City, it is it's own world, you have to have be aggressive and on the defense or the streets will eat you up. That being said, how many democrats especially Obama and his cronies could be investigated by 17 lawyers (Mueller's team) with unlimited resources, plus throw in some crooked FBI people, Comey and Peter Strzok who going against everything the Constitution of the USA stands for had their own personal vendetta against Trump. The man is cleaner than all get out. All Russian Collusion was going on during Obama's watch and in his typical fashion he did nothing while on his watch. Remember Obama was the one who said Trump would have to have a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs, he did just that. And I see the other day that Harry Reid two years after leaving office said he is now afraid of the national debt, imagine that after 30 years of helping drive it up.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy PS As Jesus said , He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
Posted by Plowboy