Posted on 03.22.2019

Catastrophic Ramifications of Abolishing the Electoral College

There was a time in my younger life, when I was more inclined to take things at face value, or superficial appearances, without actually delving into the reasons for or the aftermath of, the doing away, or at other times, the instituting of policies and programs.

It seems that the millennial generation is afflicted with the same shortsightedness that I suffered from, when it comes to things like socialism and nanny state politics, having been, at least in many cases, indoctrinated by flower child college professors and ideologues who seem to believe that the money passed out by government programs either grows on trees or can be printed, ad infinitum, an unending supply of currency guaranteeing cradle to grave security for the industrious and non-industrious alike.

There is a well-founded saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

If that is the case, socialism is definitely the epitome of insanity, in that it has been tried over and over and always arriving at the same result.

A government that has grown so bloated with bureaucracies to watch the other bureaucracies while administering everything from food distribution to doctor visits, with the legislative element passing ridiculous regulations and promising more and more benefits, until there are no more lines of credit, the tax base has maxed out, the party is over and the government is forced to take action to control riots and demonstrations.

Socialism in its purest form always morphs into totalitarianism.

Look at Russia, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Venezuela, the numerous African nations who have dipped their toe in the water to end up experiencing super inflation to the tune of issuing a three hundred-billion-dollar bill.

But the current generation has never been taught about the disaster of socialism, and view it as a wonderful level playing field where all needs will be met by a benevolent motherly government.

And when the case for abolishing the Electoral College is presented to them by the politicians and ideologues, it will be done in the name of fairness, a system where every vote would be counted and the true majority would - at last - have their voices heard.

After all, shouldn’t he, or she, who gets the most votes win? Should not the masses prevail, true equity be accomplished?

Not unless you have a desire to be ruled by the people on both coasts, Chicago, Houston, and the other urban megacities where most of the population of the nation reside, South Dakota and Wyoming be damned.

Which means that the only representation the flyover states would have would be the Senate and you can bet the loyal opposition would make short work of their influence.

Let’s just be honest here.

The open borders policy, lowering the voting age to 16, the intention to pack the Supreme Court and the abolition of the Electoral College is a brazen attempt by the Democratic Party, to control every elected official, every federal judge, every bureaucrat, every law passed, everything from tax rates to hospital stays.

Don’t be deceived, it’s not compassion or empathy that prompts these Democrats, it’s the unholy quest for power, the same passion that cost Satan his place in heaven and will eventually cast him into eternal hell.

People who crave power have tunnel vision, all they can see is being able to control the lives of others, it is the most potent drug of all and eventually drags its addicts down to the bottom of the cesspool they live in.

Put simply, doing away with the Electoral College would disenfranchise around 80% of the geographical area of the nation and place unlimited political power tantamount to that of a dictator in the hands of politicians who would totally ruin the industry and economy, cut the military to dangerous levels, cower and kowtow to foreign governments, take away any citizen’s right to own firearms and reduce the constitution to a list of toothless suggestions.

Do you think it can’t happen in America?

Well, folks wake up, its only one election away.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, the police and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

— Charlie Daniels


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Demoncrats Be Damed
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, the electoral college is the only thing that gives the common man a voice in this country, the Senate with two from each state also helps keep the power among states individually rather than any heavily populated state controlling the other 49 or in Obama's case the other 56. We have seen how power grabbing and lying is in the Democrats blood, from Pocahontas Warren scamming Harvard out of millions as a native American professor to O’Rourke, shying from his Irish heritage name of Rob and aligning with a Latino name of Beto, who started out as a hacker, and pirate of software....maybe a Chinerman's name would be closer to the truth. It is time for the working man and woman of this country to push back the PC BS and vote for a True Americans like Donald J Trump. The only comfort I get in reading the daily news is knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob is in control. God Bless Jerusalem, the USA and Trump for calling it correct again......After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights....nuff said God Blee Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
God bless you Charlie. I am paraphrasing when I say this, but Plato said, if we don't become involved in politics we will be ruled by our inferiors. Yep, that's exactly what were getting. And the frustrating part of it for men like me, and I'm sure like you also, you can't grab one of these weasels and administer a little curbside justice. I think this is going to get worse before it gets better. You and our President and the rest of this country are in our prayers.
Posted by Lee
Electoral college
Obama brought out a new breed of democrat. When they voted for change, it wasn’t subtle changes they were looking for . They want to destroy this country as we know it. Jealous of success they want to bring everyone down to the lowest level and ridicule personal responsibility.
Posted by Michael
Your soap box
1st your hero the liar in chief was proposing getting rid of the electoral college right up until the election. He is also the one trying to pack the court. If you look in the dictionary under the word totalitarianism you will see Trumps picture, he wants it all done his way. That's not the way it's done in this country. For the record I am not what you woul call a liberal or a democrat. I do not vote for a party I vote for people I voted for Ronald Reagan I voted for George H W Bush I voted for John McCain and I voted for Barrack Obama for the second term, that being said I tell you that I would not vote for the hypocritical idiot that now occupies the white house if he was running for sewer inspector
Posted by Bob
More war on the horizon
You are so right Mr. Daniels. If we don't stand up an vote for people who want to keep America free, then it will become nothing more than a dictatorship I am very afraid there will be bloodshed right on American soil once again,because true Americans will not be pushed into a country without freedom. Freedom has cost lives before in this country an it will again.
Posted by Mandy
Electoral College
Charlie Daniels for President 2024!
Posted by Kevin
Well stated Mr. Daniels well stated
Posted by Terry
Our Youthful Shortcomings
Charlie, thank you for pointing out one of your shortcomings from when you were younger, saying you used to be "more inclined to take things at face value". This is far different from how my elders used to say things like "We wouldn't have done something like that when WE were young." -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Thank you, Charlie
Yep, tell it like it is.. as you always have, always will. We all have to speak up, stand up for our America. Not allow the "others" and bias media, colleges to tear down what our forefathers built up and bestowed upon us to protect and defend. American history, not contemporary narratives and interpretations, need to be taught to all the poor misguided and placed back into our education system everywhere. We do not need to, want to, be governed by politicians only concerned with their own welfare and how they can further enrich their own bank accounts, at the cost and loss of American Freedoms and God given Rights. God bless America, and you, sir......
Posted by Jesse
Electoral College... among other things
You are 100% spot on. Why doesn't the citizenry see through the Democrats attempt at a power grab? The liberal media protects the Democratic agenda, squashing any speech that exposes them for their true selves. On another note... I had the great pleasure of seeing your concert in Springfield, MO recently. That was fantastic! Thank you so much!
Posted by Neal
Electorial College
I totally agree with your assessment of our government. All I can say is Amen.
Posted by Diana
Guns and how they impact us
I fully understand what you are saying about having your 2nd amendment rights. But how can we not live in fear? Everyday, more and more innocent lives are being taken due to one person who has gotten their hands onto a weapon of mass destruction. Being a high school student, there isn’t a day that the thought of “what if...” goes through my mind. How do you think we can prevent these tragedies from happening without banning guns? What other ways do you think can help us?
Posted by Elizabeth
I just wanted to let you know that I was at the Grand Ole Opry Tuesday, March 19 and saw you perform. WOW! My husband and I just loved it! I wish I had your energy! By the way - thank you for playing your new song for us. We think it's great! Blessings to you and your family.
Posted by DEBORAH
GOD bless you Charlie !!! How about lowering the voting age to newborn then the infanticide party would NOT kill them ! I feel only prayer will help & heal our country . As much as I did not like Obama policies I still prayed for our country, can’t believe their are fools that have such hatred in their hearts for our President , that they would be glad to see him fail than have our great country do well , I worship GOD not government . Secure our boarders or shut them down, it’s a travesty that illegals have more rights than real citizens, Illegals spread disease invading our country but government wants all its citizens to get vaccinated ? Hypocracy !!! I’m all for legal immigration for all who love our country as much as you or I , but they must be properly vetted . I pray we never have another 9/11 , but if that happens ever again I’m sure democrats would blame our President, liberalism & socialism is a sickness , prayers prayers prayers !!!! Hope your feeling well Charlie GOD BLESS
Posted by Rich
Thanks so much for all you do. Saw you the first time you guys played at Volunteer Jam, what a thrill for a young soldier, have been a fan ever since !
Posted by Lester