Posted on 03.08.2019

What Cookie Really Wants

The unadulterated darling of the media these days and the prototype of Democrat idealism is a slight, outspoken, would-be social engineer and international mover and shaker named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a former barkeep from the Bronx in New York.

When any newly elected Democrat comes on the scene who has beaten the electoral odds or attracts an inordinate amount of media attention they immediately become “a rising star in the Democratic party”, and rarely has anybody fit the Democrats' dream more aptly than Ms. Cortez (who I prefer to refer to as "Cookie", don’t know why, but figure if they can dub her AOC, I can call her Cookie) as I feel that such political anagrams should be reserved as honorifics for the JFK’s of the world.

But while the Democrats are smiling all the way to the sound bites, there is a mostly unacknowledged sense of unease creeping in amongst the establishment and more centrist wing of the party as the realization that Cookie Cortez, along with several other members of the freshman class have arrived in town with their own ideas about which direction the party should take.

They have little respect for, or loyalty to, the long-established hierarchy and are siphoning off a goodly portion of media attention, painting the “New Democratic Party” as air-headed, anti-Semitic and foul-mouthed.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are like two old paddle wheeler captains trying to fly a 747. Things are out of control and they simply don’t have the cajones to do what is needed to bring it back into line.

They know that Omar is costing them dearly with moderate voters and Jews, but instead of doing something meaningful like censuring her, they make some toothless resolution that accomplishes absolutely nothing to sooth ruffled feathers, and down deep they know that they have a more or less permanent problem, as Ms. Omar’s hateful rhetoric is not seated in politics but in a rabid ideology and will continue to surface.

Then Cookie - rather than conferring with cooler heads and seeking counsel from experienced players who know the acceptable parameters - tells us the world will end in 12 years if we don’t adopt a laughable piece of tripe she calls the “Green New Deal” which would do away with fossil fuels in ten years, a feat that the top scientists have been trying to come up with for most of the last century.

Most of the provisions of her folly are almost like something a late-night comedian would use in some hyperbolic joke.

And yet the Democrat leadership lacks the intestinal fortitude to take the young lady aside and explain the facts of life to her, that there are much more critical issues to deal with before all the coal mines, refineries airlines and thousands of other satellite businesses can be shut down, that nuclear fallout is more harmful than bovine flatulence, and that people don’t want to be told what to eat, no matter how healthy it is.

Maxine Waters, who seems to think you can impeach a president for wearing socks that don’t match continues her nasal, ad nauseum, “Impeach 45.”

Then there’s Adam Schiff, the patron buffoon of lost causes, who has devoted his undistinguished career to investigating all things Trump.

No collusion?

No problem, we’ll just keep looking, it’s not his money that Mr. Vanilla is spending chasing his rainbows.

So, what will be the next “big thing?”

I predict it will be an all-out assault on private gun ownership.

There has never been a nation that has been taken over from within that has not been disarmed first, and if you think that the “New Democratic Party” has anything less in mind than installing a government that controls your ability to see a doctor, what you drive and where you can drive it, the education of your kids, and in reality, oversee the total dismantling of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, you’d best take another look.

People, please realize something.

These people don’t view the world as we do, they see us as being incapable of governing ourselves, they think everything can be fixed by government and they think that the United States should be radically changed into the image of every other fallen nation who has tried things their way.

So, what does Cookie really want?

Everything, but before domination comes disarmament, it’s essential to their cause.

Look for an underhanded, sneaky, midnight vote type attempt at major gun legislation soon.

Do we sit back and watch this happen?

Speaking as one legal gun owner, voter, taxpayer and patriot, NEVER!

They have no idea how determined a mad bunch of real American patriots can be. We’re not Pelosi or Schumer, to be brushed aside, we’re not afraid of what the media says or thinks, when we stand together, and we will when the going gets tough, you’re going to think that a humongous buzz saw has been cranked up.

So far, this is still the Land of Liberty, let’s keep it that way, “New Democratic Party” be damned.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Check out "Mexico Again" from Beau Weevils - 'Songs in the Key of E'


Your article on cortez, the treasonous democrats and gun control was right on the money! Agree with you 100%! Hope you caught that 8lb bass! Phillip Gleason
Posted by Phillip
Spot on Sir
Words of wisdom from a man who has dealt with the Devil in GA as well as other places! God Bless.
Posted by Neal
Dang Straight
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie you have called this one,dang straight as an arrow. Anyone who votes for Muslim into political office is like Mad Maxine Swampy Waters, if brains was electricity she could not light even a firefly. And I suspect the old phrase that's the way the Cookie crumbles, will take on a whole new meaning. Speaking of Cookie and all of her taxes, her own mother is now happy living in Florida, telling us that her tax bill went from $10,000.00 to a manageable $600.00. Speaking of taxes I wonder how much income Cookie told the IRS about as a barkeep? She should move to Cuba or Venezuela for a year and see how much she really likes socialism. Comparing the Border Wall to the Berlin Wall shows how little she understands about truth. In closing to quote Charlton Heston AKA Moses "From My Cold Dead Hands"....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
What Coookie Really Wants.
Good read Charlie, perfect analysis on the whole dumocrat situation. It amazes me that these people can even get elected to office. I think we have some issues coming up that are going to totally unwind on the gun issue. People aren't going to put up with it, especially law abiding gun owners.
Posted by JR
3/8/19 Post
I don’t own firearms because, thank God, I live in a place where I don’t to. That said, the quickest way in the world to make me go out and get one is to tell me that I can’t. As history has shown time and again totalitarianism will come from the left before it comes from the right, for all the reasons you mention. Thanks for the great articles and please keep them coming.
Posted by Sean
“cookie” 😂
Loved your essay Mr Daniels! Agree 100%
Posted by Veronica
Your article about AOL was spot on! The deceiver of this world has his sights on our country! I am writing a banner song for Donald Trump and would be honored if you would consider presenting it! Im serious🙂 Godbless
Posted by Bernadette
Charlie tells it like it is
I feel that our puny means of defense will be squashed by the military . If the left gets control of the military we will be eradicated .
Posted by Jeff
New Democratic Party
They are nothing g but communist in sheepshead clothing. If they ever do return to office, and try to disarm our great nation, they will be met with a force of unbelievable magnitude. When the people who put these radicals in office realize what is happening, it will be too late to turn back. 1776, here we come.
Posted by Dwayne
Assault on the 2nd Amendment
At the present time, 100 million+ gun owners are stocking up, on ammunition and firearms. They will be kept, locked and loaded.
Posted by Frank
About Cookie et al
The liberals are a bunch of puppets, manipulated by a group of elitists who don't even care about liberal causes. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
AOC is indeed a puppet
There's much more to it than we thought. She's just a mouthpiece for the Justice Democrats, and was selected and prepped to run in a district targeted by the JD. They freely admit it!
Posted by Ben
Time will rat them out
I sure like that name, Charlie. I agree completely. You gave me a chuckle too. Schumer and Pelosi ought to stick to kites, that's more their speed. The only thing about this all is the speed they are moving. it'll be soon.
Posted by Jeff
Like the way you think. Like the music even more.
Posted by Chuck
AOC Aka "Cookie"
I am having a really hard time trying to figure out why people living in fantasy land are constantly trying to invade and force their fantasy on my world of reality and commonsense. Why don't THEY try living by their own car,plane,train,HAMBURGER,electricity,support 3 or 4 families 100%, and a few other things they want the rest of us to live by, for at least a year....then MAYBE they will have a better understanding of what life in the real world is about. Maybe I'm living in fantasy land to think any of them would actually do think????
Posted by Sue
Dear Mr. Daniels, I agree with you politically, however, I am reaching out to you because Judy is gone the lord came and took her home she sang with you as a teenager and reflected fondly upon that and also sang with the Allman Brothers. Today would have been her birthday this is just difficult, however, would you keep her daughters in prayer they are good women who at one time were like sisters to me and I am heartbroken
Posted by J
Kooky Cookie
As are most legislators, AOC is mostly just the face of the position. The frightening fact is that she is purely an actress for the Justice Democrats PAC as is blatantly obvious when she speaks and is caught having to ad lib. She is a shell, but the real folks we need to be focused on are those funding her and writing her script. We truly are living in the last days. God bless you, Charlie. God bless Israel and God bless the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!
Posted by Terry
I just thought of something.
Charlie, I know you don't like anagrams for people like her, but I wonder if I should call her The O-C. The name of a crappy TV show for the nickname of a crappy politician. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
A 3rd Option
Conservatives keep struggling to counter the liberals, and yet the liberals keep getting more extreme and more and popular. Don't be surprised if more and more people start seeing conservative politics as a failure and start looking for a 3rd option to counter the liberals. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Now I understand that big hat!
There's just so much under it, Mr. Daniels. And I thank you for sharing it. There is just so much more of America here than in such as the NY Times. Or the flowery-spoken puff pieces on NPR. American the beautiful. The land of the free and the home of the brave. Yes! :)
Posted by Don
The Democratic party's millenial and gen X members
As part of a younger generation, it is easy to see the people who will soon become Democratic advocates or leaders in their lives. It seems to be that most of them will look up the bare minimum on google, (if that) or look on their social media's for the news. Most of the news many of my peers receive, comes through a biased lends of a member of the elite. These includes relevant celebrities or influences who tend to be in the millennial generation. These famous people use their platforms to promote their leftist opinions and I think that is so wrong. It is directly targeted to my generation. I don't think teachers should say wave their opinions around and neither should celebrities. I think it is okay to have an opinion and even make it known. However, I appreciate like this separate site, there is room for disagreement where people are not actively attacking you with their emotional responses.
Posted by Serenity