Posted on 01.04.2019

Resolve and Remorse - Soapbox Rewind

*NOTE* Charlie will be back with a brand new soapbox on Monday, in the meantime, here's a rewind from 2014. - TeamCDB/BW

I have made one New Year's resolution and that is not to make any more New Year's resolutions. What is a New Year's resolution anyway except a promise to yourself and since you're the only person it involves you feel that you can break it with impunity.

So rather than resolutions, I think I'm better off just making suggestions, like instead of resolving not to eat too much ice cream in 2014, I can just make a suggestion that I should cut back on the Moose Tracks ice cream and since I'm the only one involved I can put one less teaspoon in the bowl and I am keeping my suggestion, as opposed to a resolution when you may go as far as specifying stringent amounts and be bound by your word to yourself, which means that you're apt to take refuge in the lie that you'll do better tomorrow.

How many people resolve to maintain a rigid exercise regimen in the New Year and don their sweat togs and high dollar athletic shoes, effect a steely countenance and attack the extra pounds you've put on over the holidays with the intentions of recapturing the physique in the old pictures you were looking at just the other day?

And with bulldog-like tenacity you stick to the torturous pace you've set, for all of fifteen minutes, then decide that you have set the bar a little too high and realize that you should go back to the couch and redesign a more sensible program, a task which is going to take you until the next New Year when you will make a fresh, more "this time I really mean it" resolution and repeat the whole process.

And if you resolve to do a better job of controlling your temper, the first idiot who runs a stoplight on you brings a string of words out of your mouth that a Barbary Coast pirate would be proud of and, right there, with your foot on the brake and murder in your heart, you realize that you've done it again.

How about this one? You know that you are spoiling your grandchildren and you make a resolution that in the coming year you will take a firmer hand, display some discipline, and get a handle on things.

May I encourage you to make this one a suggestion rather than a resolution? Then when you're walking out of Toys 'R' Us with two shopping carts on your way to Baskin Robbins you won't feel like such a hypocrite.

I personally think that setting goals and taking control of our lives is a good thing and I think that any honest attempt to become a better or stronger person is admirable but sometimes I feel we tend to look around us and measure our persona and our success by what someone else has accomplished and maybe ignore the unique God-given traits, abilities and talents we each possess.

I played football in high school and made the team, not because of athletic ability, but because the pool of talent was small and because I had a burning desire to play on the team and was willing to work as hard as it took to make it.

I could look around me at the guys who had natural athletic ability and instincts and realize that they had something I would never have, something they were born with that no matter how hard I worked I would never accomplish.

But none of them could play a guitar or a fiddle and I could. So, I could spend my time pursuing an impossible thing or spend it pursuing something that had the potential to make my wildest dreams come true.

My advice; never measure yourself by someone else, as it can cause either envy or self-importance.

Follow your own star and if your path splits off from the main highway headed into points unexplored and parts unknown, follow it, ignoring those who warn you to stay on the road most traveled, because the stuff dreams are made of is out there for those bold enough to diligently pursue it.

Concentrate on your strengths, de-emphasize your weaknesses, remember that criticism is only somebody else's opinion, seek the wise counsel but shun the unwise, put your shoulder to the wheel, your nose to the grindstone, and keep on pushing, uphill, downhill wherever your trail of dreams leads you and watch your life turn into an exciting, fulfilling experience.

If you want to make a resolution this year, just resolve to be yourself.

As I begin this New Year I want to very sincerely thank my Heavenly Father and all you people who have enabled me to live my dream for 56 years, and I will make one New Year's resolution.

I will put my all into every show I play.

Come see us.

Happy New Year, one and all.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Not a Resolution
Amen, Amn & Amn Charlie, very wise words indeed, In closing you saying and I will make one New Year's resolution.....I will put my all into every show I play. Is not really a resolution in my mind because it is something that you have always done......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Rolling the dice of the unknown and known facts... I myself have never gave a hoot about news years resolutions for they are pretty much broken within the first 3 months of a so called new year... I live by have resolutions everyday that I awake thru out the year.. For the first and a steady walk with the spirit with a biblical which after decades of trying to stay in tune with our greater design.. I have found myself to know the whole truth...and this inreturn has caused revelations... And I myself don't give a hoot aswell about someone else's accomplishments are short comings, unless it concerns my inner circle of this thing called life... I am a person that will forgive and move on if necessary, but when something's that are greater than self has you bound.. It is impossible to walk away...been there done that..and it always corrals me back.. If places,people and time wasn't a one would have had the opportunity to dissect my life ..or pass judgment with laughter and so fourth... Somethings cannot be explained for it is greater than i.. And some that are gifted as being of higher education..can quickly judge you and put you in a box.. Giving no thought of the greater design that created us.. For they have never walked in the shoes...of a Elijah, a moses, or jesus or job.. Or anyone else that has been anointed with the holy spirit.. My understanding is this...and it only come thru visions or dreams etc.. And the fact is the spirit and soul always I inherited a almost 200 year old spirit.. And if I would have had some one knowledgable of this trait years ago.. I certainly would not be here to figure this bleep out today.. And it has brought me to go to individuals that are wise in their time and it has also created a standoff if you will with the center of the political arena.. There is a lot that I could mention in as far as the top of the pyramid..and about the higher controllers of our current situations as humans... Resolution's...I have none..for it is just a simple gesture in being better than I was yesterday...and making tomorrow best it can be.. And having hope and faith that one day..that it will all.come full circle and I can rise up from what I AM exposed to in trying to achieve things that I have longed for for decades.. Some will say i pissed some things away...and some sort it maybe true..for lack of knowledge and education...but the bottom line is.. No matter how you paint it...paper trail doesn't lie when it comes to the conspiracy that was set forth in undermining someone's true intentions of their last breathe.. Corruption is all around us..worse than ot was 70 years one is immune to being swindled... I.lost a lot of sleep over losing not monetary things. But being characterized by certain ones in a certain way... And it taking it to the point of losing what is valued the most in ones life..and that is my children... And I blame the legal system and the corrupt one that suppose to uphold your rights as a tax paying American citizen.. And if it wasn't for the spirit of christ... I would have ended some that were involved and that check there you And it is only the holy spirit that intercepted that from taking place.. Only by Gods grace....some folks are just pathological liars...and there is a whole bunch if you climb the ladder... As I said before, something more powerful than we are sent me to this forum.. And by the way...i never wanted to be in the spot light or in band.. Some believe that is my direction...i never wanted be a so called Artist... Never done nothing for me...and as far as my belief. Idol's have been a issue with our countries demise... Peace be with you and your family and band....
Posted by Robert
Thank you Charlie for telling it like it is! So fed up with Schumer and his Democrats who are obstructing the President. They took an oath to serve us Americans and they are not doing their jobs!!!
Posted by Susan