Posted on 10.15.2018

The Blue Smokescreen

The last few weeks have been chaotic, to say the least, high faux drama wrapped in betrayal, theater, hyperbole and downright comedic antics complete with a heroine, who possessed the unparalleled courage, to witness multiple gang rapes at parties, and keep coming back to these parties, until she herself was the victim.

A high-profile lawyer, best known for representing a porn star and a possible Democrat presidential candidate who - and this is funny - probably cost the Democrats all the pity and empathy Christine Blasey Ford inspired by going a ridiculous bridge too far with a story so far-fetched, so unbelievable and asinine as to be an insult to anybody with enough gray matter to open a package of chewing gum.

As rich as Diane Feinstein is, she still cannot afford enough soap to wash the guilt of betrayal off her hands, and regardless of whatever she says about not being responsible for leaking Ms. Ford’s identity, is responsible and guilty of exposing the identity of an obviously disturbed woman, who was not even informed by her so-called, “defenders” that Senator Grassley had offered to conduct her interview in private, in her area, away from the carnivorous media wolves and the circus atmosphere of Washington.

It seems that even though Ms. Ford could not remember the time, the place or even the date or exact year of such a traumatic event in her life, even after thirty-six years she knew without a shadow of a doubt it was a teenage Brett Kavanaugh who had held her down and tried to take her clothes off and rape her.

So, on the word of a woman with apparent memory problems, and whose story couldn’t be backed up by those she says were there, and the accusations of a another who, by her own admission, must have enjoyed hanging out where gang rapes were going on, coached by a lawyer who must be an embarrassment to every decent attorney on the planet, the Democrats set out to, by any means, whether honorable or dishonorable, with this flimsy "evidence" to completely destroy the reputation, the credibility and the family of a man who has devoted his life to public service.

And herein lies the crux of this column, all I have seen out of the Democratic Party for the past two years is heated words, accusation, innuendo, hyperbole, and from its more scatterbrained members, encouragement to harass Republican politicians in public places, which is downright dumb, to the point that you wonder what these people would do if real power was ever placed in their whimsical hands.

The Democrats, who are offended by the president calling a bloodthirsty international gang of unbelievably cruel murderers "animals" toss around racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic until the words have no real meaning in a political setting anymore, so cheapened by overuse and pointless accusation that I doubt if some young people even know the rational meaning of the words anymore.

While the present administration has made vast advancements in unemployment, revitalizing industry, strengthening the military, consumer confidence, redone NAFTA and is working to level the playing field with all our major trading partners, the Democrats have done nothing but stand apart, criticize and try to give credit for the upturn to a president who told us that manufacturing jobs had gone away forever, low GDP numbers were the new norm and left the country ten trillion dollars further in debt than when he came into office.

Obama also ridiculed Trump’s claims bringing manufacturing jobs back, famously asking what magic wand Trump had to be able to achieve that. Looks like he had one after all.

Prominent members of the Democratic Party have strongly indicated that if they win a majority in the midterms they intend to impeach Justice Kavanaugh and President Trump.

Impeach them for what?

But in the latest incarnation of the Democratic Party the evidence is not important, it’s the accusation that counts, an accusation that they could easily parlay into the closing days of the Trump administration and, in their dreams, cast enough harmful aspersions on the president, and thereby, the Republicans they could regain the White House.

So, what do the Democrats have to offer?

When was the last time you heard a Democrat talk about the actual issues?

They basically don’t, they have not based their hopes on issues and the solving of problems, but have built their entire case for winning control of the White House and the Congress on inciting hate, harassment and disunity, with all their eggs in one basket, that of proving that the Trump administration has colluded with the Russians, obstructed justice or whatever crime du jour they can come up with and point the Mueller investigation toward, in an everchanging and fruitless attempt to remove Trump from office.

Now the furor of the Democrats has turned toward Kanye West for having the audacity to wander off the plantation and consort with the enemy in the Oval Office.

Whether they have enough wool to pull over the collective eyes of America or can generate enough hate to bring about a “blue wave” I honestly don’t know, but this I do know, the blue smoke screen is alive and well and living in the swamp on the shores of the Potomac.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Blue Smoke
Mr. Daniels you hit the nail squarely on the head. The left is like a bunch of lost people just aimlessly spouting off to hear themselves talk. If all this crap they spew was put towards working with the President and Republicans, just think what else could be accomplished.
Posted by Sam
Legal Malprectice
A lawyer has a duty to his or her client to present to them all offers made, for their consideration. Clients are free to accept an offer or not, but they must be made aware when offers are made. Ms. Ford's lawyers did NOT present her with Senator Grassley's offer to conduct an interview in locally and in private. This is prima facie malpractice (assuming the lawyers were representing Ms Ford (and NOT the Democrat Party)).
Posted by Allan
To TEAM CDB: The next time I submit a screed with so many typos, feel free to trash it.
Posted by Allan
The Show Must Go On
The circus producers wanted a high profile carnival performance, and they got one -- price be damned. These days in the circus it is not about what the public needs or wants to see, but what circus dramaticians want you to see. They don't want to waste their deceptive talents in a backroom somewhere away from the cameras. And what of the accompaniment of protestors and the ensuing arrests? No, it's just not a show unless it is a Show! As is the fad on the left these days, their great heroin is ultimately the bad guy. The good guys become the diabolical villains, so hated by the ruling Mobs.
Posted by Jeff
Trump's Attitude
Charlie, the way democrats have been lately has been motivated by Trump's snotty attitude. If Trump had lost the republican primary, the republican candidate would have defeated Hillary in the general election more easily. The democrats would still be nasty, but not as nasty as they've been with Trump as president. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
The Blue Smokescreen
Charlie, Well put. The democrats, in my opinion, have just never gotten over Gore losing to Bush and have carried their hatred forward ever since. How sad!!
Posted by Jeff
Blue Smokescreen
My hats off to you Sir Well said and to the point. Thank you for all the great music and for your support to the Veterans. Your tribute to Veterans in Perry Ga. Was heart warming. Yes this old Viet Nam Vet had tears of pride from your words. My I also send you an Earily Happy Birthday Sir. God Bless You and America.
Posted by Joe
Are you out of your collective drunk and drug abused minds? YES, The Democrat Party will and has always saved Americans. Republicans are killers as evidenced here in S.C. we have been in a Stranglehold since 1955. I know,have you ever ran a Presidential Election? I have, my Dad witnessed everything I saw. I was fourteen and stopped the Illegal Republicn party from adding R votes to our paper votes. I stopped them in the first super computer election in this state. Charlie Daniels has fiddled out of his brain. Must be dead or as I suspect, is not the owner of this site. Grow up!

*NOTE* Charlie will be disappointed to learn that he is dead, and good catch... in addition to promoting his new book, his new CDs and tour dates, we also manufacture opinion pieces and sign Charlie's name to them. 🙄 - TeamCDB
Posted by Melva

At least she got the title of her post right. ~
... ~
Posted by Allan
Stuck on Stupid
"The Democrat Party will and has always saved Americans." Better talk to Tim Kaine, who's Repub father in law took on the good old boy Democrat KKK Party in Virginia and won. Stranglehold. -- NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Weekend at Bernie's now weekend at Charlie's. :-) Sequel to follow. LOL
Posted by Jeff
blue wave
Well put Charlie. My email to the local demacrat senator sharrod brown discribing there actions as Jerry Springer and Mourie show like. A total discrace to the people of this great country.
Posted by Kent
Soapbox 10/15/18
Seems Charlie has another talent, he can read my mind.
Posted by Alan
A Sign Of The Times
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie all of these things are a sign of the times the we are living in, every day when I read Elizabeth Pocahontas's latest claims or a Arizona Senate candidate stating that she was fine with Americans going overseas to join the Taliban and fight against US Troops, I hear the words from Doc Holliday in the Earp classic "my hypocrisy knows no bounds" The good news is they will never be my huckleberry :) nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
The Throes of Desperation
The Dems are removing every article of clothing from themselves and throwing it against the wall, hoping something will stick. After the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, their holster is hollowed out, so its rock throwing. And last I heard, the quarry is filing for bankruptcy.
Posted by Robert
If there's more democrats elected to Congress this November, blame Trump.
If President Trump were to pull out his nomination for Kavanaugh after Dr. Ford gave her testimony, and then nominate another conservative, fewer people would be voting democrat this November AND there'd still be a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Missing this win-win situation shows incompetence on Trump's part. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Specious Talking Points
It was not the conservative base who rejected Kavanaugh. Actually a good pick. And Dems would have thrown a temper tantrum no matter what constitutionalist was nominated. It was the seat not the nominee they are reacting to. So little would have changed. Radical leftists had plans no matter who. It backfired. But of course SCOTUS is important to conservatives, it was a central issue of 2016. The left wanted to outdo the Thomas and Bork nominations. They did, they mocked the process. All the scratching at Supreme Court doors will not change that. - NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Incumbent Democrat Senators
It was wrong for conservatives to confirm Kavanaugh. HOWEVER, it was wrong for liberals to give Trump and the conservatives a chance to nominate and confirm him in the first place. So if you don't like Kavanaugh being on the Supreme Court and your state has an incumbent democrat senator running in this election, let's get out there and vote that incumbent out of office. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
The Blue Smokescreen
Well put Charlie! If only the obstructionist Democrats would work with the president, who the people elected things could be so much better. The only thing the Democrats appear to want is to be in power and raise your taxes.
Posted by Cathy
Power and Principalities
This would is in a fight for it's life against the one wanting total control. Please continue to pray for our Country and our President. Patricia
Posted by Patricia