Posted on 10.08.2018

One-Eyed Jacks

It would seem that our Senate, instead of being an institute of diplomacy, common sense and patriotism has become something resembling a bloodless version of a Roman Coliseum spectacle, where political gladiators fight to the death, over, not legislation, nor the betterment of the nation, but for whatever ideology their party is embracing.

The battle lines are drawn between the Democrats and Republicans, with a few gutless cowards who, like jackals at a lion’s kill, skulk around the perimeter until the heavy lifting is done and declare their allegiance to the winner.

Respect for truth and clarity, justice and fairness have fallen prey to party loyalty and the ungodly, insatiable hunger for power that seemingly infects those who cross the Potomac for political purposes and unfortunately, the last entity standing is not America, with the only lasting effect being disunity, distrust and misunderstanding.

Confirmation hearings have become interrogations, and it would be easy to imagine that some of the Senators would gladly resort to waterboarding or worse to confirm an issue, veracity be damned.

In their latest antics, we have seen the time-honored, “innocent until proven guilty” shredded like Old Glory in Hurricane Florence as the “I believe her, though I’ve never met her or heard all her story” crowd rush to judgment, or not really “justice,” but the presumption of guilt.

Grandstanding, misandry, accusals so far afield as to be an insult to bring them up, anything and everything, no matter how low the bar, to keep President Trump from putting another justice on the Supreme Court.

For a body supposedly as august, perspicacious and erudite as our Senate is supposed to be, for them to even countenance the ridiculous dribble of a woman claiming to have witnessed multiple gang rapes, at the same places and perpetuated by the same people and continued attending these orgies until she was drugged or drunk to the point of passing out and became the main event herself, is so far removed from any kind of common sense as to be totally ludicrous.

One Senator has gone so far as to blame the whole thing on men and suggested that males should just quit and go away.

Is a woman this misandrous, and simple-minded enough to make such a broad sweeping, irresponsible and nonsensical statement as this the kind of person who should be serving in a powerful legislative body that is supposed to equally represent all colors, creeds and yes, even sexes?

Or how about the Senator from New Jersey who compared himself with a true gladiator by claiming to put himself in jeopardy by releasing privileged information knowing that it had been declassified and approved for public consumption several hours before.

If the Christ ordained, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” standard prevailed here, Judge Kavanaugh would have been facing an empty chamber.

The Democrats, through that one-eyed jack, GOP Senator Flake, suggested giving the FBI a week to do further investigation, and now, a week is just not long enough, and if they’d tell the truth, as in the case of the Mueller investigation, a decade would not be long enough unless ruinous evidence could be turned up that would completely destroy the object of the investigation

NOTE, a one-eyed jack is someone who perpetually keeps one side of his face hidden, speaks with a forked tongue and always practices CYA.

Now let’s get to the real burr in this saddle blanket.

The Democrats think they have a good chance of gaining seats in the midterms, and they could have a real impeachment party impeaching both a president and a Supreme Court Justice simultaneously, now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed.

Would this tear America apart?

For sure.

Would the Democrats still do it?

Damn straight they would

Would they pay a price at the polls for the next fifty years?

You bet.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Ms. Ford
My kids tell me that I can see lying in the air as it’s spoken. I watched this woman and all I could think of was, evil impish rubbish. We will probably never know but no matter what they do, it won’t help them. God has heard the cries and prayers of his people and change is coming. Pray every day and he will take the lead.
Posted by Anna
Crooked As A Barrel Of Snakes
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, these politicians are more crooked than a barrel of snakes, and just like snakes they have a forked tongue. As far as the Demoncrats gaining seats next month I personally believe that they have as much chance as a snowball in Hell, and anyone who thinks that they will probably needs to quit smoking something. The way I see it, the Trump Train gets a bigger head of steam everyday. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Charlie's remarks make a nice book end to the fiasco of Brett Kavanaugh. I was reading about Joe Manchin, the only Democratic senator to vote for confirmation. Charlie tells me that the Democrats who stood against Kavanaugh are cowards. Years ago, an appointee to the Supreme Court was found to have smoke marijuana. He withdrew his name from consideration. Now Charlie says that a man who has a drinking problem, a credit card problem, a gambling problem, a sex assault problem, and who has openly lied to senators is good enough to sit on the Supreme Court. If this Kavanaugh had been a Democrat, would he feel the same way? Charlie for all his talk is as partisan as they come. I would not ask Kavanaugh to babysit my kid let alone sit on the Supreme Court. There are plenty of fine conservative judges who did not drink till they threw up and passed out, did not try to rape teenage girls, did not expose themselves to women that I have to wonder why Charlie is so intent on getting this loser onto the Supreme Court. Why has the bar been lowered? This is the greatest job you can offer to a judge. Why fight for someone like this? The people who fought to stop this did the country a service and they are not cowards for trying. Charlie has to explain why this guy with such a checkered past was so important to him that even a week long investigation was too much. According to Charlie, the Democrats who tried to stop this travesty are cowards. And Joe Manchin, the lone Democrat who voted for confirmation? Well, guess what? According to the loons on the far right, he is a coward as well. I could have told him how it would be. For Charlie and the rest of the far right, morality no longer exists. They would confirm Jack the Ripper to the Supreme Court if he would stand with them on abortion, immigration, and guns. The right have lost their way. Let us pray they do not drag down this country with their evil folly.
Posted by dana
Sliding toward...............x
Your description defies a parallel, probably because until now there has not been one to this situation. Seems the real central theme and point to it all is 'the price be damned". A word that keeps haunting my brain is pernicious. So it goes. -- NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Cowards, Sedition, and Six-Figure profiteers
Sure we are all cowards -- according to some -- if the new definition of courageous is sedition and making blanket accusations without corroboration, supposedly with “nothing to gain” cashing in on high six figures. Can the radical left never take responsibility for anything, including violence? Or is everything “all’s fair in politics” to them? The truth is this nominee was Kavanaugh but any other nominee would have gotten the same flame-thrower treatment. Then justified by pure politics. But it never reverses. -- NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
The Leftists' Heroes
Let’s face it, heroes of Leftists are: Auntie Maxine, Avenatti, smear merchants, racists, the Che Guevaras, commie thugs, cop killers, terrorists, Marxist Ivy-League agitators and professionals, radical militants, traitors, black-bloc protestors, corrupted public officials, and Deep State seditious hacks. (all with nefarious political objectives) Dem’s Dream Team. That’s who they are. _ NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
"I'm Spasticus.....I'm Spasticus....."
Ian Dury was a brit who got very sick (polio) when he was young, and was placed in a special school. He fought to be placed in a normal school, and begged not to be pampered.....but rather he wanted to be toughened up. It worked. He found success in the British music biz later than normal (in his mid '30s), and he wrote a protest song against coddling challenged children too much called "Spasticus Autisticus" which was banned by the BBC (and thereby becoming popular with punk rock fans). In the climax of that CLASSIC song (or was it an anti-climax)?)) he has various normal voices come in, one at a time, and claim that "I'm Spasticus" ..... and it really is worth a listen now that the dimwitted Senator Walter Mitty has claimed (pocketa pocketa pocketa "i'm Sparticus") ..... it is now enjoyable to listen to again / FRESH. Here is the address: . Enjoy, Al
Posted by Allan
Mr. Daniels I am writing about your support of trump and we all have are rights to go with whoever you want to but, I would like to point out something that I find well the word hypocritical is not strong enough to describe. I am going to send you a link to how Melania and her dad citizenship were paid off by trump and from thi article it's pretty obvious. Now I must explain I hold no judgemnets on what the girl had to do to survive in this country for about three years before trump was taken with her. My beef is that while her and her dad slid in US citizenship by kind of a mail order bride ( although there are verious stories to that too) There are children held in jails trying to get into the US escaping from certain death if returned. surely you have compassion on these children and separation from their parents who sometimes had to leave then here rather than bring them back to a country they were surely to be murder all th while as this article broke today the wealthy and beautiful have no problem. Here is the link to the story which caught Donnie's eye: Definitely not Jackie Kennedy wouldn't you say?

*NOTE* Removed link of the nude modeling photos of the first lady you posted. - TeamCDB
Posted by Rick

Waterboarding be damned
Anyone notice this? “some of the Senators would gladly resort to waterboarding or worse to confirm an issue, veracity be damned.” Sounds like Charlie does not think too highly of waterboarding “or worse”. Apparently, the results cannot be trusted. Guess he might have an argument with Sean Hannity on that point.

*NOTE* Dana, you're putting words in Charlie's mouth. His point was that the Democratic Senators (who most assuredly oppose waterboarding) practically appear ready to embrace it in the context of the confirmation hearings. Mere hyperbole to make a point. - TeamCDB
Posted by Dana

Dana, you're putting words in Charlie's mouth.
Not all Democrats have been opposed to waterboarding. Nor are all Republicans in favor of waterboarding. Nor is opposition to waterboarding based solely on its merits as a tool for interrogation. Waterboarding is known to generate false confessions. As to my putting words in Charlie’s mouth, no, I did not. You may feel I misinterpreted his words but I quoted him exactly.

*NOTE* I'm not talking about the quote, I'm talking about your conclusions as to what his words meant. - TeamCDB
Posted by Dana

Election Day
It seems to me that as election day approaches he liberals get more desperate by the day, Dana I don't speak for Charlie, but for me and many rednecks waterboarding is as good and acceptable as capital punishment when administered to bring about the desired results. I find Ricks comparison of First Lady Trump interesting, when elected I told may people that we have not had a First Lady with such, beauty, grace, intellect and charm since Jackie Kennedy. The Bouvier's were like any other family, they could not cast the first stone, but just like Jackie did, Melania proved herself while traveling abroad by herself, just last week. We must also remember that John F Kennedy was not the Democrat of the same party we see today. The Democrats assassinated him because just like Trump he set out to drain the swamp, him and his brother Bobbie, whom they also assassinated were going after organized crime and the KKK in Mississippi, from whence we got Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society that we are still paying for today, and Rocket Man Kim Jong Un got the USS Pueblo, which he still possess 50 years later.... nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
I'm not talking about the quote, I'm talking about your conclusions as to what his words meant.
What the words mean as I read them is that Democratic Senators were willing to use torture to wring a false confession from an innocent man. You are entitled to your views but if what you wrote was what Charlie intended, it does not match the written word. *NOTE* Dana, you are splitting hairs, and conveniently leaving out the phrase "and it would be easy to imagine." I think I know the man better than you do. Knock it off. - TeamCDB
Posted by Dana
To Plowboy
You have your theory about the Kennedy assassination. "John F Kennedy was not the Democrat of the same party we see today. The Democrats assassinated him because just like Trump he set out to drain the swamp". Now, let us hear from someone else: “His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald's being — you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous,” Trump said Tuesday during a phone interview with Fox News. “What is this, right prior to his being shot, and nobody even brings it up. They don't even talk about that. That was reported, and nobody talks about it.” “I mean, what was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?” Trump continued. “It’s horrible.” Rafael Cruz is a Republican.
Posted by dana
Knock it off. - TeamCDB
Do not be rude. You can kick me off the site if you wish but do not be rude. *NOTE* Don't try to make something out of nothing, and there won't be any need for me to be. - TeamCDB
Posted by dana
Don't try to make something out of nothing, and there won't be any need for me to be.
Sorry, but I have never seen you respond like this to anything. I have explained myself as clearly as I know how. It is pretty clear you and most of the readers here have a problem with me posting so let me do you all a favor and make like a tree. I think you really do need to read a different opinion every now and again but I guess it will have to be someone else's. Goodbye and good luck. Thanks for being patient most of the time. *NOTE*Dana, no problem whatsoever with you posting. You tried to make a point that I felt was quite a stretch from what Charlie's intent was, and I was trying to clarify. Then you tried to reiterate your original point leaving out key words which I felt tried to change his context, and pointed that out to you. I may not agree with you often, but you are welcome to post here, but if I feel you are trying to twist Charlie's words, I'm going to point it out. - TeamCDB
Posted by dana
Rude...….and then some..Dump him before he ruins this outstanding site. *NOTE* Sorry if you feel I was rude to Dana, but we only step in when we feel like we need to. We rarely do that with anyone who posts here.- TeamCDB
Posted by Robert J
Team CDB...….you weren't rude ….Dana was rude .You said and did what had to be done.
Posted by Robert J
Democrats are buffoons. But I still don't like Kavanaugh.
Charlie, because of a number of factors, combined, there's very good reason to believe that it was wrong for Kavanaugh to have been put on the Supreme Court. Many of the points you make on this post do a good job at showing how the democrats have not been level-headed in this situation, but are irrelevant as to whether or not Kavanaugh should've been confirmed. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
It looks like Trump bas been doing some bribing to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Here's an article from the Associated Press: -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
It simply amazes me ( for lack of a better word) that there are people who are so "perfect", they judge and condemn .
Posted by Patricia
The Confirmation Hearing
Being denied a seat on the Supreme Court is NOT a punishment. A Senate confirmation hearing is not a criminal prosecution or civil lawsuit. “Innocent until proven guilty” does not apply to a Senator’s confirmation vote, or to public opinion, or to an individual citizen’s vote for senator in the next election. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned
Because of Kavanaugh getting into the Supreme Court after Dr. Ford's testimony, plus the intense zealotry of conservatives in this matter, people are more likely to get an abortion illegally if Roe v. Wade is overturned.
Posted by Tru
So much vitriol here! The best argument for abortion is in fact the desire of sane people that certain obvious others don't which case the hottest button issue won't be abortion anymore, but rather forced sterilization.
Posted by Allan
Sad Farewell Ode
My opinion is Dana seemed to be working up to stomping off in protest but wanted to blame that on CD and others for running off – guns a blazing. If you can’t handle satire maybe don’t read this. I for one am doing a farewell ode for Dana leaving. A voice that will be missed echoing on every Soap Box post. What or who will fill that voice? Who could? A true public service to the Basket of Deplorables, if they only could appreciate it. Selfless. Of course this is Charlie Daniels’ Soap Box but the real star here, everyone knows, is Dana. What would it be without that fearless antagonist? I will grieve the day it went away. [sat off] , - NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Of Clinton and Kavanaugh
I know that Bill Clinton was accused of doing the same kind of things as Kavanaugh allegedly did. No double standard with me. I don't like Clinton OR Kavanaugh. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Savor the Flavor
Waiting 20 years later to call out Bill Clinton is pretty rich and slick, like Kirsten Gillibrand. It loses something in the translation. No, you don't get extra points for that - it's more like a 100 yrd penalty.
Posted by Jeff
If Kavanaugh Is Innocent.
Denying Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court when he wasn't proven guilty is no different than denying a refugee into this country when he's probably not a terrorist but we don't know for certain. Like I said before, being denied a seat on the Supreme Court is NOT a punishment. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
To Jeff, Regarding "Savor the Flavor"
I was just pointing out that having this one liberal opinion (that Kavanaugh shouldn't have been put on the Supreme Court) doesn't make me a liberal or a left-wing hypocrite. My opinion can't be countered by pointing out a hypocrisy that I don't even have. Some people do that, so I'm just being proactive. That is all. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru