Posted on 09.24.2018

We Need to Talk

It seems that - for the most part - political dialogue in America has deteriorated from discussion and debate to, name calling, catfights and one-uppance contests, with everybody more intent on having the last word, than proving a point.

We - and I include myself in this group of verbal hyperbolics - instead of responding to some slight of someone on our side with a sensible reason why the accusation is untrue or unfair, our dander rises and we come up with some overinflated criticism of something their fair-haired boy, or girl, has done, or said, they respond in kind and the incendiary battle is joined, waxing more caustic, more unproductive and ridiculous in the process.

Then there are those, and there are many, who don’t even try to be feasible, they simply jump to the name calling, telling you what a fool, or worse, you are for believing the way you do, without giving any reason whatsoever for what they are so profusely, and profanely declaring.

Any attempt at engaging such a person with facts, explanations or reason is met with an ever increasingly nasty barrage of four-letter words and, at least I have found, a total waste of time.

Then there are the “buzzword” people, the ones who grab a line from a newscast or a partisan online column and repeat it as if it were carved in stone on Mount Rushmore, even though the validity of what they are repeating is totally unsubstantiated.

Just because Hillary Clinton came out of the Benghazi hearings, relatively unscathed. There are those who view this as the ultimate proof of her innocence, in allowing four American citizens die without lifting a finger to send help.

The truth of the matter is that Hillary Clinton was the wrong one to question. Actually, high ranking military commanders should have been put under oath and asked why they didn’t respond and where the order not to respond came from.

The military people would never come forth on their own, considering it a breach of decorum, but if subpoenaed, they would never even dream of lying under oath and by simply tracing the thread through the ranks the truth could have been arrived at.

But try telling that to one of Hillary’s zealous defenders and you’re more than likely to have your lineage severely questioned, accused of being a Neanderthal redneck with a misogynistic ax to grind.

Actually, I’ll admit the redneck part, the misogyny is totally untrue, but I do have an ax to grind, and that being, after talking to people who were actually on the scene and folks familiar with military logistics and capabilities, I know in my heart that in 13 hours time, all kinds of military response could have been mounted.

I guess I’m just a voice crying in the wilderness, but whatever opinion you may have of my hypothesis, I have a right to be heard, as do those who disagree with me, and neither one of us are going to accomplish anything by calling each other idiots.

I think one reason for the extreme reticence is that there are those who really don’t want to know the truth if it goes against their persuasions, they’d rather continue believing a lie rather than see one of their heroes or cherished convictions destroyed.

Just because people have different opinions about the problems our nation faces, and the means and the leaders we need to solve them doesn’t mean that we can’t get along with each other.

I have longtime employees who believe differently and vote differently than I do, and while I disagree with their philosophy, they are my brothers and sisters and I love and respect each and every one of them and count them among some of my best friends.

Alan Colmes was about as liberal as they come, and while we could find very little political common ground to stand on together, Alan respected my positions, I respected his and we always had a lot of fun together on TV and on his radio show.

My whole point here is that we can - and should - stand by our deeply held beliefs, we can - and should - try to pick holes in the other side’s views, if we feel differently and be dogged about defending our own.

It’s just that, starting out any discussion by name-calling, hyperbole and nasty language immediately puts the other person on the defensive motivating them to respond in kind, and all you’re apt to end up with is a cussing match and absolutely nothing constructive gets accomplished.

I am not pointing fingers, as I have been guilty of a toxic gilding of the lily and responding with more heat than any civilized conversation can handle.

When the battles lines are drawn by ideology, the heated rhetoric fanned by an agenda driven media and human nature being what it is, it’s hard not to fly off the handle, to start with a prejudiced view of the other person’s opinion, with a preconceived attitude toward the other person and their point.

But can we not just let our differences be settled by courteous dialogue, we might actually learn something about each other. And goodness knows we need too.

The odds are too high to let temper and implacability take over.

Time to cool down.

We need to talk.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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The this is that you think you know better than the congressional committee
That's hubris.
Posted by Nick
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie I too am guilty of striking back with some not well thought out words, but unfortunately the level of ignorance about right vs wrong, about the foundational truths of the Constitution, about the greatness of the USA gets me so hot at times that if I were a hen I would lay hard boiled eggs. Some of our elected officials are more crooked than a barrel of snakes and meaner than a junkyard dogs. I firmly believe that it has risen to the level it has because they deny the fact that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob choose Donald J Trump to lead this country back from disaster and think that the election was stolen from Hillary, when in fact they tried to rig the election and failed. What we see today in the Supreme court nominee battle is bunch of sore losers that think they can declare a man guilty, by accumulating a bunch of lies without one shred of variable evidence. Come November they will be be shock mode again for they have no plan, they have no answers, they have no solutions, they have no jobs,and the women and blacks of this country will prove them wrong....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Like bread, accusations get stale
Perhaps Hillary Clinton could have parachuted into Benghazi guns blazing but I doubt it. If she is going to be accused of complicity in the deaths that occurred there then there must be a lot more then it must be based on more than a personal judgement. You cannot convict people of a crime without proof or sit in judgement on them for years and years afterwards because you do not like their personality. If you have evidence present it. Otherwise, move on.
Posted by Dana
Not Quite
“they deny the fact that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob choose Donald J Trump to lead this country“. Perhaps God chose Obama to lead the country and Satan stepped in for Trump.
Posted by Dana
You have a bee in your bonnet
And her name is Hillary Clinton. Why do you let her get under your skin so much? She lost the election and is no longer in office, and you really need to move on, Charlie. How about you focus your attention on supporting the women who claimed Brett Kavanaugh sexually attacked them? That would be the Christian thing to do. What you want is revenge, which is as Unchristian as it gets. By the way, I'm not a Christian, but I know more about being a good one than most.
Posted by Nick
Not Quite What?
No doubt about it Mister, God put the sodomite Obama in as president of the USA, for judgement and hopefully too lead us to repentance, just like in Daniel's time he put in Nebuchadnezzar, Romans 13:1 King James Version 13 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. The fact that people choose to believe the truth or choose not to believe the truth does not change truth, it only determines where they will spend eternity. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Christian Thing To Do
Nick, I have no problem believing that you are not a Christian, but as far as knowing what is Christian thing to do, I fail to see that it would be Christian to destroy a man, Brett Kavanaugh, who until some Bernie Sander supporter, with an agenda comes up with a story, or probably better called a fabricated lie from the pits of Hell without one shred of variable evidence. In other words,it is a he said she said argument, that was set on by Senator Feinstein for weeks, not revealed during the proper time, during hearings with Kavanaugh present to answer the allegations. It is nothing more that a hail mary attempt to stop the confirmation of a Christian man who has gone through numerous background checks by the FBI. It worked for stopping Judge Ray Moore in Alabama, but it ain't going to work here. The demoncrats can keep dragging out cockroaches from the wood work until Hell freezes over and it will not change the facts and it will not advance their cause one iota, except in the warped and dementiated minds of people full of pure evil. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Speak the truth, Speak it loud!
Right with ya, my friend - and I can’t agree more about Hillary Clinton, because she is the taproot of much evil, and I pray for the day when she will be held accountable for her actions. We dodged a HUGE bullet in Nov ‘16 and many prayers were answered. More prayers are needed for the family of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he weathers the relentless storm of lies and corruption from the Liberal Socialist Democrats that are desperate to stop his nomination. These leftist cowards will stop at nothing to tear down Donald Trump and destroying a good man and his wonderful family is of no consequence to them. Their evil is rampant and must be stopped! I grew up as a Democrat and I’m ashamed to say I voted for them now. I wouldn’t vote for ANY Democrat, anywhere, for any position! They have gone completely off the rails and must be stopped!!
Posted by Paul
Nick and Dana
Me thinks you protest too much. You must leave so many negative things here. Why? Have you nothing better to do? That pesky First Amendment... Gets you really upset when someone else uses it...
Posted by Dan
Haight Ashbury it ain't
“Verbal hyperbolics" perfect description. Love the way you say it, Charlie. That “Just because Hillary Clinton came out of the Benghazi hearings, relatively unscathed.” What else would we expect? Those of us who predicted exactly that were harpooned and called irreparably cynical. It was more sophistry. You don’t get as far as she has without some help too. And there was plenty of it. When the server story broke, same MO different issue. – same outcome. But the establishment knew all along. The willfully blind did not want to know anything. Move on, again. Yet we dregs as Biden called us are the problem? Why are all the lectures directed at us? What did we do? Oh for not towing that line, not buying their top down narrative. In the 60’s it was cool to be like that. Today it makes you the dregs of society not to accept the establishment-sanctioned illogic. Where are the skeptics now? Color me blue. Comfortably numb has worn off. Today has a whole new breed of radical ideologues. Family gatherings even became a chore for the willfully politicized to the core. Flowers in their hair have been replaced by reproductive organs. Protest is not a necessity, it’s a way of life and livelihood.. “Can’t we all get along” has been answered, a resounding “No.” We may try to pretend otherwise. But they tell us every day. Yet our troops prove everyday that we live together and need each other, and that’s the whole cause.
Posted by Jeff
Nick says....
"By the way, I'm not a Christian, but I know more about being a good one than most." I'll just leave that right there, because, well, I can.
Posted by Jeff
Sounds like we are in fantasy land
Donald Trump stepped into the presidency with the support of Russian hackers paid for by Vladimir Putin, a video of Donald Trump showing him bragging about using his celebrity to force himself on women and grab their genitals, and a 25 million dollar judgement against him for fraud so why don’t one of you fine fellows tell me what God has to do with this gentleman and keep in mind that God is watching you.
Posted by Dana
The name calling and vitriol that regularly occurs on this board do not lend themselves to rationale discussion. Complicated problems do need rationale discussion. For example, providing state of the art health care for American citizens regardless of their financial assets is a goal of most Americans. This entails some form of socialism with government run programs such as medicare. Stating that democrats want to cut medicare and increase socialism, or statements such as "keep the government out or my medicare" truly put the moron in oxymoron. Conflating all socialism programs to lazy people who don't want to work, as well as regularly insulting people with alternative views - such as calling the previous POTUS a "sodomite" does not lend itself to rationale discussion. I agree that we need to talk, rationale discussion is needed, and tempers need to cool down. However, this will certainly not occur on this message board. It is ironic that Charlies statement criticizing "name calling" and advocating that we "let our differences be settled by courteous dialogue, (so that) we might actually learn something about each other" is followed by name calling and vitriol expressed to people of different points of view by many of the people on this message board. Charlie - just read the posts in response to this weeks message. You are not the solution; you are the problem.
Posted by Paul (not the same paul as above)
Lifelong fan
I was raised in the sticks as a lifelong redneck and fan of the CDB and although my political opinions differ, I still have a lot of respect for this man. The Benghazi hearing were all politically motivated smoke and mirrors. I do not know whether Hillary Clinton gave stand down orders or not but I am saying that it was a political diversion not unlike a magician waving a kerchief in one hand while the deception is occurring in the other. Politics has become a circus act not unlike pro wrestling. The participants act as if they detest one another in front of the cameras and then attend the same parties together after hours. They use social issues to divide us and give us an illusion of choice while the big money interests of their financiers are all they really care about. We play right into their hands when we fight amongst ourselves. We are supposed to be united and indivisible and yet we are allowing the very people we elect to rip us apart. Let’s start a new trend and stand together with our brothers and sisters of all colors and races and faiths and be the indivisible melting pot that God intended this country to be.
Posted by Kraig
to Dan
"Me thinks you protest too much. You must leave so many negative things here. Why? Have you nothing better to do? That pesky First Amendment... Gets you really upset when someone else uses it..." Dan, the First Amendment restrains the GOVERNMENT from passing laws restricting personal freedom. This is a private website and the owners of the website determine who may or may not post here, not me and certainly not you. As long as I am permitted to post, you are just going to have to put up with an opinion different than your own.
Posted by dana
Plowboy, thank you for proving my point.
I suggest you read the Bible, you may learn something.
Posted by Nick
As always sir, your welcome, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
And now another women has come forward with a signed affadavit
claiming she witnessed Brett Kavanaugh participate in a gang rape. Still don't believe Dr. Ford? All I can say is birds of a feather.....
Posted by Nick
Birds Of Feather
Dang straight birds of feather flock together, and I have no doubt the a porn star lawyer who represents back peddling whores can come up with dozens of em that will perjury themselves for five minutes of fame, just like they will sell their souls for crack, they will spin any story that is written for them. Unbelievable that this new kept going to these rape parties, for what? Unbelievable that Kavanaugh was drunk and partying all the time but made it to class and graduated with such high grades. Ain't it amazing that ALL of them have never breathed a word of any of these allegations until now? But there is no doubt that you will never soar with the eagles (like Donald) when you hang with buzzards (like Avenatti) . nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Half Time Report
The Russian government did not get Trump elected. The American people did that and the left is mad at them and attacks the voters for it. - NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Instead of fretting
Instead of fretting over how it happened ("What Happened?"-HRC), they should start worrying about why it happened.
Posted by Jeff
Plowboy, that's because you are a man
And you will NEVER understand what it is like for a woman to be sexually assaulted. You have no idea what is going through their minds.
Posted by Nick
Nick, Plowboy, and Paul, if Kavanaugh doesn't get into the Supreme Court, another conservative will.
Posted by Tru
How AND Why it happened!
"Instead of fretting over how it happened ("What Happened?"-HRC), they should start worrying about why it happened. Posted by Jeff" HOW it happened is the electoral college, an antiquated political "tool" formed long ago protect the interests of slave states, went against POPULAR choice and implanted a highly unqualified, historically corrupt businessman into the Oval Office! WHY it happened? Well, buoyed by the very unwise choice by one James Comey to non-confidentially reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton's Emails, ironically after he'd already issued an exoneration letter from the previous audit and investigation. This, coupled with the FACT that Russian operatives created numerous social media accounts with which to spread misleading memes about Hillary Clinton -- nonsense stories like Pizzagate and such -- not to mention far-Right conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, who appeals to the most BASE fears of xenophobic whites. I wouldn't act like Trump "won" the vote because he was preferred. He wasn't!
Posted by Mervin Malone
To Tru
Another conservative would be fine. I am sure it would not be too difficult to find one who has not sexually assaulted teenage girls.
Posted by Dana
Sir: Its nice to read a clear meaningful post.. Keep Em Coming!
Posted by patrick
leftee Dana
As usual leftee Dana knows more than the FBI and everyone else.
Posted by Robert
False accusations
Perhaps, someday, the people who are so ready to condemn President Trump and the people he appoints .... will get to enjoy defending their character amid constant nit-picking and false allegations. I have been there myself and know what it is like. Some are so "righteous" that they do not want to hear the TRUTH . Look at the evidence and stop the Satan profiling. That is just downright ugly and not very becoming.
Posted by Patricia
The truth is unclear
Trump was filmed by a tv crew bragging about sexually assaulting women and the folks on the far right are still not sure he did anything. They think by even mentioning it, I am lying. Crazy times. Now we will get a guy who thinks lie detectors are great but refuses to take a lie detector test and put him on the Supreme Court. But complaining about attempted rape is just more left wing nit-picking.
Posted by Dana
To Dana
Thank you. I hope others on this thread agree with me as well.
Posted by Tru
United STATES of America
Mervin Malone you need to do some research before you make comments about the electoral college. The men who framed our Constitution when asked said that the thing they were most proud of was the election of President. Popular vote was discussed and voted down several times by the convention. In 1787 the population was centered in the cities much as it is today. In order to give every state a voice in selection of the President the electoral collage was formed. This country was formed by 13 colonies each having their own Constitution some allowing slavery and some not,but slavery had nothing to do with the election of the executive. Mervin,did you know that if just the popular vote from California was not counted in the 2016 election Trump would have won popular vote of the other 49 states by more than a million votes. It's amazing how broad the vision of our forefathers.
Posted by bill (good guy with a gun)
Taking points
It probably should be soon, hopefully.. To clear the air...and make way for a future endeavor
Posted by Robert
Funny how many of the same leftists
Made the argument for the electoral college before the election, when it was hands down that Hillary would win. The same people seem fine with mob rule.
Posted by Jeff
Thanks for what you post...
Posted by Robert
How AND Why it happened!
Mervin you are still substituting the how for the why. The why is pretty much because people were fed up. And a lot of people did not want more status quo. They went outside the circle. We are only seeing it validated everyday how bad that all really was. That is after Hillary called us all kinds of names on top of how Obama lectured us. That bashing of America, voters continues. Hillary isn't through scorning Americans ...or Trump. -- NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Talking to Shadows...
No matter what we the average Joe says... We as a Country have come to this point of time due to neglect...neglecting the fundamentals of being a country that supports truth... We all have become intolerant for structure and correction.... My cheese has slid off of my crackers along time ago...thinking that when you walk a certain way..or think a certain way.. Eventually you will end up in a group people that cherish the same things.. To only find out that it is all a hoax...from humbled beginnings to the most scholasticly gifted and talented people that can be.. We all are in this funnel called life and being jammed together... Only thing that will save the truth..and restructuring what has been destroyed as far as a legitimate centralized governing body.. Were law and order is respected again...our values as Americans are reestablished in our Military and the family and humbleness of being susceptible of a higher calling.. Call me ole fashion or call me bonkers..but we as a country really had some closeness in years past when these values were out in place.. I'm just saying ... May Gods grace lead us in a way that is truly in a way that is good for all of humankind
Posted by Robert
To Tru
"Thank you. I hope others on this thread agree with me as well." I am not sure what we are agreeing on but it is a safe bet that whoever Trump nominates will be as far to the right as he can get. Anyway, do not worry about Kavanaugh or any other Trump nominee. If the nominee had burned down an orphanage he would still get the Republican vote.
Posted by dana
Talked out....
Some folks may think it is funny in where some folks have had to walk.. For lack of knowledge or other circumstances.. Or in reality have been cursed by the greater of what controls the universe.. Who knows....for if you would follow scriptures and study the people that were in that passage of time.. You will find a man named JOB...he went thru terrible tribulations and test... But his love for the lord our God was greater than any trial.. Who is to say there will not be a human that will walk this life amongst us..that has endured the same similar circumstances... And another thing depending on the wouldn't know what it is like to be susceptible to pondering the thoughts of taking anothers life... It will eat a hole in you and you will battle between the spirits... And thank God it doesn't happen to you... I give God thanks everyday for delivering me from doing such actions... Because of what a many of year ago...and being a target of being a bit job... It has played a tremendous role in where I am today.... I contemplated for several years over it... Until Gods grace touched my heart to where i could forgive so i could get forgiveness... So to all the ones that sit on their high horse. And laugh about others demise... You have no clue... I pray you don't have to walk that trail.... Bigman.i made a dicision some are not worth diddly...
Posted by Robert