Posted on 09.17.2018

No Time For Apathy

If this piece is going to have any impact, it cannot be viewed through partisan eyes, conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat. Preconceived political prejudice and implacable attitudes must be cast aside. For the moment we must view the political system, as just that, a political system without the personalities and policies we loath or the blind loyalty we show for one side and the blind hatred that we feel for the other.

What I will attempt to say in the next few paragraphs are the very deep and profound feelings of my heart, fostered by my abiding love for this country and is not written for the purpose of casting aspersions on any political party, but on individuals who, regardless of their party affiliation, are engaged in a power grab, the likes of which has never taken place in this nation.

Our founders, by virtue of the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights and other federal papers tried to set up our government to include checks and balances to prevent any one person or group from accumulating enough power to become a dictatorial entity, free elections, limits on presidential terms of office, and so on.

They gave us three branches of government, the legislative branch to create and pass legislation and limit the powers of the president and the Supreme Court to interpret the meaning and intent of their writings and have the final word on how the legislation affirmed or disaffirmed the constitution.

Government agencies were to serve all the people equally, to give preferential treatment to none and were never meant to be politicized for the use of the executive, or any other branch to further political agendas or personal vendettas.

I’m firmly convinced in my heart that America has been and still is in the throes of a bloodless revolution, an attempt to subvert government agencies and resources to take away individual privacy, to create an unbeatable voting base, to regulate medical care, education, media coverage, gun control and authority over every aspect of life in America.

When it was brought to light a couple of years ago that the Internal Revenue Service had been subverted and used against right-wing political activist groups, Congress was all a titter. Lois Lerner took the Fifth, and for all intents and purposes, that was the end of it.

Although the Republicans control both houses of Congress, neither body has undertaken the task of digging out the rot amongst the rank and file and identifying the upper echelon who ordered it.

It is obvious that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been politicized, and the awesome power of this feared organization has been subverted. They have supported lies, used false documents to initiate a special counsel, interrupted the lives of American Patriots who gave up defending themselves because it is impossible to outlast a government agency who can use taxpayer money to keep you in court for as long as they want to.

The Justice Department, which has basically been leaderless under the tenure of Jeff Sessions has, under the feckless interim directorship of Rod Rosenstein definitely listed to port and been complicit in obtaining FISA Court warrants under false pretenses.

Had everything gone according to plan, Hillary Clinton would have been elected, all the corruption would have been buried way down deep, two more ultraliberal rubber stamp Supreme Court Justices would have been appointed, the borders completely opened up, a method developed for giving citizenship, and therefore voting rights to undocumented immigrants and our government would have turned into a one-party monopoly, without any way to defeat it.

Guns would have eventually been confiscated, tax cuts never passed, the military gutted, coal mining banned, domestic fracking and petroleum exploration abandoned and business killing

federal restrictions put in force, entitlements would balloon, the national debt would double. Triple and eventually cause the kind of inflation we can’t even imagine.

The American dollar would have ceased to be the official trading currency around the world and America would have to buy whatever the preferred currency would be to pay for imports, environmental groups would have finagled legislation that would make farming unprofitable, abortion mills would have become as common as fast food restaurants and religious rights would have been severely curtailed.

Socialized medicine would have crippled the finest medical care in the world and there would have been a federal bureaucracy to regulate every facet of life and education would have been tailored to raise a generation of sheep who were taught that America is the cause of all the world’s problems and carbon credits would have driven fuel prices out of sight.

Do you think this couldn’t happen?

Best think again.

Part of what I have written is theoretical, but imagine a one-party government with a lock on every foreseeable election, the aims and declarations of the parties involved and follow it to its logical conclusion.

Scary thoughts.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Thank you Charlie for this well written piece - really admire you for the caring patriot you are. You put into words what I worry about on a daily basis. God bless you and Benghazi is not forgotten!
Posted by Dave
Soap Box Comment
I wish that I could disagree with Mr. Daniels comments. I cannot. I am an old man (though younger than Charlie) and cannot do much other than vote. I, who know nothing of music, believe that the best response to much of what is happening should be responded to with a good song. In the late 1960's there was "Okie from Muskogee" to respond to the hippie movements. Later, in the early 1970's, Johnny Russel sung "Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer" to respond somewhat to the attitude of superiority of those folks. Few people today realize that the term "white socks" was a pejorative, as was "red necks". Working people wear white socks and the "elites" of the day looked down their pointy nose at them. Just today ex-VP Biden called Trump supporters the "dregs of society" and "virulent people". Obama had called them those that "cling to their Bible and guns" and Clinton called them a "basket of deplorables". It has gotten old. They support the kneeling of the pro football crowd. I and a veteran, and lost much of my hearing in the late 1970's sitting as Engineer Officer of the Watch in front of a turbine generator on a Polaris submarine. "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" is probably one of the last songs that I really enjoyed and it was popular with the submarine sailors. I did better though than my brother, who took a VC bullet through the leg and still has nightmares, or my dad who had nightmares of WW2 in Italy all of his life. I wish that a Country music group pull out the old Johnny Russell song and add a verse "We don't kneel down like the pro football (or NFL) crowd our great nation makes us all very proud For our flag and our anthem we stand and cheer with the Rednecks white socks and blue ribbon beer. (although it would be interesting to slow music on the chorus and do a statement "and cheer with all proud Americans of all races and religions including the rednecks.."
Posted by Phillip
All you mentioned is meaningless if women are not treated as equals
And Republicans DO NOT treat women as equals. Until you do, we will make life as difficult as possible for your beliefs. How is it obvious that the FBI is politicized? Where is one iota of proof that the FGI have supported lies, used false documents to initiate a special counsel, interrupted the lives of American Patriots? If you're referring to Michael Flynn, please keep in mind that he plead GUILTY.
Posted by Nick
Do you think this couldn’t happen?
Posted by Nick
No Time for Apathy
Blessings - Just a quick note to say I think your'e spot on - All the Best, TW
Posted by Tom
Thank you Patriot Charlie Daniels
So many of us agree with you sir. You give an added nudge to morale at the most perfect times as this. I pray daily for our President, and his family and cabinet, and ask Father God to 'ease his burden' against the corruption/evil that has been allowed to fester. BTW, love seeing pictures of your peaceful ranch. God Be With You and your family. We Can Just Do It, right?
Posted by Carol
No Time For Apathy
Hi Charlie, You are absolutely right about all of this. What needs to be done is get back to basics again. Get rid of all the hyp in the Federal Government and bring it back to only 3 . That is all we need and as foe the rest we throw them out.
Posted by Allen
Wishing others would study and research the truth before getting so offensive and hostile.
There are two books with dates, names, places, events that have been well researched. "KILLING THE DEEP STATE' and 'THE RUSSIA HOAX'. These will open the eyes of people in denial.
Posted by Patricia
Liars They Are
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie you could not be more right on than with this piece. Unfortunately weather these low life scoundrels believe it is irrelevant, if they do not repent they will spend eternity with the cankerworm in torment,we find in Revelation 21:8 KJV But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. ALL LIARS are damned to hell, a sign of the times. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Bloodless Revolution
Well said Charlie Daniels. I pray for this country every day and I know you do too. God help us all.
Posted by Karen
Do you think this couldn’t happen?
Medical care in this country is not the best in the world, not even in the top ten. Life expectancy is below all other developed countries. Obama was president for 8 years and made no effort to confiscate guns. I wish he had done a little to stop the slaughter but the far right always says now is not the time to talk about it. Fracking causes earthquakes. If you think that is a liberal complaint go out to Texas or Oklahoma and ask. I am tired of fiction. I do not know where this junk starts but it seems to me Charlie is too honest to have created it. But even Charlie should know that the IRS was used by Nixon and George W. Bush as a weapon against their enemies. And you do not need to have a great memory to recall that FBI director Comey handed the presidency to Trump by declaring that Hillary Clinton was still being investigated just a short time before the election. I do not know where the corruption of the far right starts, the other day, the NRA was attacking the kids’ show Thomas the Train because they introduced a character from Kenya. The NRA used to be concerned with gun ownership. Now they are so twisted and corrupted by money they attack kids’ shows. This has to stop.
Posted by Dana
Not Orwellian but new abnormal
Excellent summary of a sad state. Well, until you got to the, very highly likely, theoretical... I was thinking how much it sounded like a Declaration of Independence in a list of grievances. Surely a thorough list would be lengthy. But that IRS corruption was never rectified. Mueller was the man in the FBI that team Lerner leaned as investigative enforcer. All too willing to comply. Flash forward, the very guy applied for the job to clean up the FBI. Sure about every department was politicized but it really hurts when it was IRS and DOJ -- two places where partisan politics does not belong. Yet.... there it is. Good for you, Charlie, someone has to say it. - NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
Dana - life expectancy
"Life expectancy is below all other developed countries." But the good news is if you move ta Canada you could get an extra 3 years.
Posted by Jeff
Thank you
You have put into words what my soul has been feeling Thank you God Bless you God Bless America
Posted by Jennifer
Soap box
Another, so correct, soapbox. It's a treat to read like minded stuff, that does not get on the MSM.
Posted by Alan
The one thing I disagree with is the term limits on presidents, that happened with FDR (I thought). What I do believe is that we need to get rid of every politician in office now! They need term limits (2), cut their pay drastically, no retirement (especially if they only serve one term and take away any current retirement from those 50 and under), no special medical care, let them use Medicare (just like everybody else). Outlaw lobbying. Take the secret service off lifetime duty for presidents and put them back to a four year service, let our veterans patrol our borders, build our military back up and use it properly! Stop sending reserve and guard to war, that is not their job, it is the job of active duty, the reserve steps into the place of the active duty stateside, and the national guard is for national emergencies only, not foreign wars. Wasn't the government supposed to be: of the people, for the people, by the people? If so, then NO MORE career politicians, they are ruining our great country! One final thing, make the military mandatory for all kids 18 and up. Maybe then they will learn some manners and respect for their elders and authority. The kids today think they are "entitled" to anything! Well honey child, think again. You are entitled to the right of an education, anything else you need to work for, earn, and show respect! Think of somebody besides yourself for a change. Debbie
Posted by Debbie
It could not have been spoken more clearly. And I truly pray there are enough Americans who can see through the fog of deception to see the forces who are at work to destroy this great nation. There may be another Revolution in our future, but I pray that is not the case.
Posted by John
Charlie Daniels for President !
What a world we are living in and what a great man you are. I have been saying Charlie Daniels for president for a lot of years. I am 59 years old and remember seeing one of your shows way back ( The Blue Moon Tour ) and have seen you many times since. Thank you for being Great !
Posted by Doug
No Time For Apathy
Spot on, Charlie. You have said it all, here. It is very much like Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel “Atlas Shrugged” which portends the exact ideas you hypothesize without references to particular political parties. Well stated. Skip
Posted by Skip
Life expectancy in the US?
Not only does the US rank 26th in life expectancy but we get to pay more for it. “Even though the United States doesn’t have the highest life expectancy among the OECD nations, it does have the highest share of health spending. Health costs made up 17.7 percent of the U.S. GDP in 2011, compared with the OECD average of 9.3 percent. And the U.S. spent $8,508 per capita on health that year, compared with $3,339 on average for all OECD nations.“. Let’s all laugh as we reread Charlie’s prediction: “Socialized medicine would have crippled the finest medical care in the world”.
Posted by Dana
No time for apathy
You are right. Don't think you are that far off, look at the Hunger Games trilogy what has been somewhat scifi but could be possible. The American voting public needs to wake up and pay attention to what is going on.Not just watching the news read some also to know the rest of what is going on. God Bless .
Posted by Kent
Thank You!
You are a Patriot! Have not read it said better. Thank You Sir!
Posted by tom
Flip The Script
I think that the half of the nation who voted for Trump wasn’t necessarily pro-Donald. I think there is a deep sense of anti-establishment feelings and total disdain for the politicians at large that drove that vote. Washington needs to be turned upside down like a full wastebasket and put to the curb. Money and power has usurped the Golden Rule and our Constitution. I think you are right. Blood has been shed before. It’ll happen again. We’ve been robbed of our nation. Hopefully those on both sides of the aisle realize that while they are screaming at each other, a socialist movement is slowly stealing their freedoms and their nation out from under them. May God bless America. He’s our highest hope.
Posted by Eric
in response...
Charlie, thank you for your words. I am not a hothead by any means and believe in peaceful resolution. I love many of the things the left tries to own for political purposes such as the environment, legalized marijuana, conservation, preservation, etc. etc. But, I consider myself libertarian...and I love what Trump is doing. Everyone has their boiling point, Charlie. Im not in any way suggesting Im there...but our founders knew its citizenry needed to be armed when threatened with a tyrannical government. I know you know this. So acknowledging this truth, how do we have an honest conversation about the real intent behind the 2A without addressing that our founders protected it so we could defend our lives and our freedom with lethal force? Believe me, the 2A should largely only serve as a deterrent for those wishing to take our country and freedoms...but what happens if the 2A becomes so bastardized and demeaned it no longer is a threat to the enemies of America? I mean, the NRA has become the Sacrlet Letter(s). So thinking ahead and imagining the continued decline of our nation, it has caused me to thoroughly research the 2A in an effort to determine exactly what the citizenry is entitled to under the Constitution. What I found is pretty amazing and represents truths we as Americans have largely forgotten. Sure we spout off the 2A language...but what does it really mean? This is the question I've studied. For instance, is it "State" of "state". Does it mean a government body or a state of being? Did Thomas Jefferson use a last minute grammatical shift to alter the definition? The word "state" is actually lower case in the 2A. I sincerely request you to analyze the following: The Militia - US Code Title 10, Subtitle A, Part 1, Chapter 12, Sections 246 and 247 website: It says the militia has 2 classes. The 2nd class is unorganized and consists of able bodied males 17-45. What is also interesting is that it falls under US Armed Forces. This got me thinking about why the unorganized citizenry militia is grouped along with institutionalized military branches...key word being "institutionalized". It is evident to me that We the People are not figuratively the last line of defense for freedom...We are Literally the last line. After all, if government controls the Armed Forces, and government is corrupted, We are all that is left...and it was designed this way deliberately by our founders. This is my conclusion. Translating this reality into action has led me to believe all American Patriots, and our adversaries, need to be reminded and educated of this truth. Not just in general terms...but in chapter and verse as listed above sanctioned by the Declaration, protected by the Constitution, and immortalized in present day US Law. Now as I continue my own slightly drunken soapbox rant (as they tend to go), how do we spread the word. It is a tricky thing to remind people they have the ultimate power while simultaneously asking for and expecting restraint...but it must be done...trying to prevent hotheads from seeing it as permission in a fit of rage. Again, a dangerous and delicate thing to accomplish...but it must be done. My thoughts are it should be a well organized gentlemanly marketing campaign including websites, speakers, books, educational series, etc. If successful, perhaps the threat of the 2A would again have the power of deterrence. My fear though is that America's enemies wont back down until it is tested...and then what? Im just thinking out loud and hoping you'll give it an honest look. Respectfully, Josh in Nashville
Posted by Joshua
Soap Box
Thank you for saying that Mr. Daniels. I pray and hope your words are heeded.
Posted by David
No time for apathy
Article is spot on. I do believe this could happen.
Posted by Patricia
No Time for Apathy
Excellent! former Presidents back to Bush has wanted to take away our rights to be we the people! Global government is seeked! Thank you!
Posted by Gail
unawareness of the European people
Dear Mr. Daniels and friends, I'm posting this comment from all the way in Flanders, Belgium. You have no idea of how little the European citizens now of what is going on in the States. The dire warnings you send to the American people have already been put in place here. The left has taken all key posts in all layers of our civilisation: Culture, education, administration, justice, the media, they control almost everything. Like a flood, muslims are pooring in all over the continent and are disrupting our way of life. Believe me when I say, that wall near the Mexican border is absolutely essential to the survival of your culture and society. The European Union is being controlled by leftists who have only one program and that is to destroy everything we, the little people, have built over the last century with lotst of blood, sweat and tears. The right is beginning to win elections everywhere, despite the far reaching cheating in the voting. The left is furious, constantly sanctioning the countries that turn to the right with boycots and ludicrous legislations. Don't let that happen in the US ... and keep the great country music coming! Eric C
Posted by Eric
To Eric
“we, the little people”. The one true thing you said.
Posted by Dana
Charlies Soapbox
I just wanted to say that I agree with you and your assessment of what is happening to our government from within.. We will never forget the atrocities perpetrated against America from people who took an oath to defend our country from enemies foreign and domestic. God bless you Charlie!
Posted by Linda
HOOE For Christmas . USS IOWA
Hi ! This is Kathleen . I posted you on Twitter . They did not connect me to you . I am glad I can reach you now ! I am a widow 6/07/16!. My husband was drafted . Two tours of Vietnam . Wounded first tour TET Offensive . My husband died of Agent Orange/ PTSD . I am committed to our Military . I have so much to do ! I have a Dream . A Living Water Fountain next to the WALL DC . In memory of our Veterans who died of Agent Orange / PTSD . Next I want to put together All Muscians to support Bob Dylan & POTUS in Duluth MN . Bob holds the 🗝 to Healing our V Vets . I need you ! Next : I would L💜VE to support HOPE for CRISTMAS🌲 aboard USS IOWA . Please , contact me through POTUS . P.S . Do you know John Prine ? Ask him to join you ! 💋 RSVP . Pray I win the lotto ! I want to bring churches to the dedication of the Fountain to pray with and heal heart of our Vets and families .
Posted by Kathleen
One thing
The one thing that really made America great was/is desire to be different, not idolizing the European system. But it is funny how academics and self-anointed intellectuals (the left) from across the British Isles so freely criticize us. It is celebrated there -- sort of like their right of passage or something. Apparently they don't care how that comes off here. On the other hand, we were built as a protest nation not to fall into the same foibles as they have. (For example: CNN is very fond of their regular prof and scholar pundits from Birmingham (UK), London and Belgium, as some of the biggest critics of this administration. But what do we care about their critical pontifications about US politics? We have no shortage of them here. ) -- NIMOC
Posted by Jeff
No Time for Apathy
Thank you for writing this. I already know it, and I feel that impotent anger so many people feel right now. What can we do to get our Republican representatives to stop reacting to all these in the mud attacks br the sour grapes losers? I'm 70 years old, but I'd be willing to join any group that plans to coordinate efforts to demand action on the parts of any conservative "representatives" we elected. I'm so sick of the left's disgusting tactics and tantrums. There has to be SOMETHING we can do! On another note, my husband has cancer. We don't have any clear idea at this time how long he has. Right at this moment he is doing pretty good, riding his Harley, doing most normal activities. He is also a Vietnam Veteran - Navy Corpsman. He's got a great attitude, knows where he's going. His greatest wish is to get a good enough report from the Doctor tomorrow that we might be able to return to Uganda one last time to visit the kids in the orphanage we founded in 2008. If you'd like to see about that our web site is The point is, I just wanted to tell you he is telling me what he wants at his funeral when it comes time and his first choice for a song is your "Kneel at the Cross." Thank you for being a performer we can actually admire for more than the music. God Bless You P.S. I'm a Hospice Chaplain. I play my guitar and sing to my patients, mostly old hymns. The positive effect of the music is amazing.
Posted by April
Charlie Daniels for POTUS
sitting here watching Charlie Daniels Band volunteer Jam trying to teach my son about his music God and loving the land and then I'm reading some of Charlie Daniels thoughts about our government and I just think he should be president of the United States thank you Charlie for the music and your beliefs.
Posted by GEORGE
A man well put Mr Daniels, God bless you for all your words of wisdom
Posted by Eric