Posted on 11.06.2017

Another Sad Day

Today is Monday, one day after the church massacre in Texas that I don�t even have the words to express the disgust, horror, anger and sadness that I�m feeling.

Was it preventable?

I just don�t know. A lot of people think stronger gun laws would have been effective, but the sad truth is that it was already against the law for this man to own a gun, which is an automatic provision for those who receive dishonorable discharges from the military.

So, as if in so many of these cases, another law wouldn�t have made a difference, and what put an end to his murderous rampage was an ordinary citizen with a legally owned firearm.

America is faced with a problem that, being honest about it, we don�t know how to deal with, and if we don�t stop grasping at straws and pointing fingers we�re never going to find a way to deal with the madness.

Opportunistic politicians rush to judgement to write meaningless laws that would further muddy the waters, and leftist ideologues who don�t know a .22 from a .357 condemn all guns and gun owners, wanting to outlaw all firearms, leaving the villains who obtain their guns illegally to continue the mayhem while ordinary citizens would be left with no way to protect their families.

The same people who self-righteously insist on having sanctuary cities for lawbreakers are the ones who scream the loudest for more gun control, completely ignoring their potential for harboring murderers in their midst.

The overwhelming amount of gun violence is caused by illegal guns, and almost all of those are purchased from unlicensed, street corner dealers or backroom illegal gun brokers, the operative word being �illegal� so the laws are already on the books to bust these dealers and send them away for a long time, so why isn�t the clamor to allow the police to find these people and take them off the street?

Now adequate laws already exist to clean up this situation, so why not start there and work backwards up the food chain to find out which legitimate dealers are allowing these guns to slip out their back door in one way or another.

A lot is said about background checks.

Any legal gun owner - at least in my home state of Tennessee - is put through a background check, not only on the initial purchase of a firearm, but every time you buy another one, and yes, that also covers the gun shows.

You cannot buy a sidearm out of state and even to buy a rifle you have to fill out forms and submit to having your name run through the state and federal files.

If there are unscrupulous dealers who knowingly sell to unethical straw buyers who resell their purchases to unqualified buyers with criminal and mental health records, they should be identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If there are holes in our gun laws that fail to keep guns out of the hands of violent people, they should be tightened up and executed, but the truth of the matter is that law enforcement has at its disposal every law they need to clean up violent street crime and put a serious crimp in mass murders.

The problem is that we just don�t have the political will to follow through.

For example, look at many of our largest cities, where politicians remove the tools police need to protect the communities and �Let them destroy� attitudes take the place of �Let them protect and serve�.

No wonder our police officer�s lives are constantly in danger.

Then there is the real and ever-present arch enemy of evil, demonic wickedness, imported from the halls of hell and visited upon man by the demented, possessed and radical, where detection is all but impossible up until the commission of the heinous crimes, as in the case of the Las Vegas shooter and the one in the Texas church massacre.

So, what do we do?

I sure don�t have the answers, but using cowboy logic it seems to me it would be a good starting place to enforce the laws we have on the books already, and for the politicians to get out of the way of the people who have to enforce them.

Because the truth is that, until this is done, no amount of legislation, no new gun laws, no matter how stringent, is going to make a dent in the horrible problems America is going through.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

� Charlie Daniels


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Sometimes we humans can never understand hate demonstrated by the church shooter. Hate is evil. That is about the size of it.
Posted by William
Sad Day
Charlie, all I can say is there isn't a word you wrote that I don't agree with. Thank you for your wisdom and courage to share it. Peace to you and your family. PS - If you're ever north of Nashville near my home town of White House, I'd sure love to meet you. Been a fan since I was a DJ in the early 80s. God bless.
Posted by Neal
Texas Massacre
As a transplant to Texas and a Libertarian I too was horrified by this monsters action. Taking guns away only endangers more lives than it would protect. Each tine a shooter attempted or atracked in Texas they were killed by a civilian with a gun. If the gun grabbers knew how many around them each day are legally carrying weapons they would realize that legal owners are not generalky the problem. Taking guns from this group would do to the entire country what has been done to Chicago.
Posted by Steven
American politicians, and politicitians all over the world, just don�t get it. Pass as many las as you wish but wickedness will still be wickedness. The government can�t legislate morality. That has already been proven back in the days of prohibition. The only, and I repeat, the only,way to stop this violence is a change in the heart of each and every American, be he adult or child, man or woman, black, white, yellow, or brown, is to fall on your knees, confessing your sins, and believing in your heart that God raised JESUS CHRIST from the dead. The vil we see being played on our our streets is a direct representation of an evil, unrepentant and rebellious heart. That evil heart can ONLY be changed through faith in JESUS CHRIST. The promise God made to Solomon(2nd Chronicles 7:14) is just as applicable today as it was in the days of young King Solomon. May God have mercy on AMERICA.
Posted by Tom
Mental Illness
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie lets. enforce what is on the books before we try to strip American citizens further of their Constitutional Rights. President Trump was 100% correct when he stated that yesterdays tragedy in Texas was not about guns but about mental illness. Another point worth mention s that a bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good guy with a gun. The tragedy could have been worse if he was not had stopped. If the whole truth comes out this guy is probably an atheist and an Antifa radical, besides being mentally deranged. God Bless Texas, Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Texas Church Massacre
Some would have you believe that is was only your average hate-filled right-wing conservative Christians who go on shooting rampages and that if people would just wise up and step away from foolish notions like religion, everything would be fine. This guy left the church and became a rabid hate-filled atheist. I guess some people might need to do some rethinking.
Posted by Ben
It�s about guns
How many people would hand a loaded gun to a toddler? How many would hand an assault rifle to a lunatic? Quite a few people it seems. This cannot go on. There will have to be a change. You can wait for the left to take control of the government and see what they do or you can get on top of this and change the laws now. Not all the talk about guns not killing people can stop the change. You can decide whether it is a change you can live with or one that is forced on you. Whatever you decide, there is no way the people of this country will abide living in a slaughterhouse.
Posted by Dana
re: Another Sad Day
Like you Charlie, I am at loss for words and solution. I firmly believe we will never forfeit our 2nd amendment rights. I also believe there are people on this planet that should never own or have access to a firearm. I also believe that I belong to a King who doesn't care about Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. He cares abouts widows, orphans, and least that's what the guys that wrote his biography said. I also believe a millennia ago we knew what he believed and we turned away from that. I agree, we should enforce the laws on the books, but I pray Dear Lord, give solace to those who grieve, shelter to those who seek, and wisdom to sit in judgment. Evil is in the world. Let us band together to fight it and not each other.
Posted by Mike
Sad Day
It is sad that The Air Force dropped the ball and never entered information the MAY have prevented this person from getting a firearm.Sadder now have to carry a gun to a house of worship,which should also be a house of peace.
Posted by Sgt
Laws criminal court system jury
The laws in this country are to lax by the liberal bleeding heart n I hate to say it some others there is to much pleading a sentence down to many tricks by defense lawyers i have some sympathy for people put in a place they have a duty to act n wind up charged buy liberals n others take this past weekend in Texas if it wasn't for a person with a legal firearm where would it have stopped new laws yea right try enforcing the ones u have on the books
Posted by Timothy
Looks like an old "friend" is jumping on Charlie for not calling it terrorism. Okay, I have no problem with that. Let's call it what it is, Athiest Terrorism.
Posted by Ben
Gun control
The real problem is they don�t make the punishment fit the crime. If a crime is committed with a gun it should be mandatory prison time. And no plea agreement on gun crimes.
Posted by Keith
Wording truth
I have a hard time putting what I know I'm words .I get sidetrack from what I am saying by who I am just trying to give my view. I thank you for wording my thoughts in a loving way not aggresive . I am proud to share it on Facebook . I normally don't put politics on here but this is worded as I feel also
Posted by Donna
Church shooting
I agree with you Charlie. It�s so horrible what happened at that church. We have a sin problem. If a person wants to kill someone no law is going to stop them. Gods law, one of the 10 commandments, Thou shall not kill didn�t stop him. Prayers for all those affected by this terrible tragedy and prayers for those that done have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Posted by Mechele
Mr Daniels, I've met you several times here in the Heart of Dixie,you signed the inside of my Stetson and now I have Doug Gray's beside yours, and a long time fan of not only your music, but now your soapboxes. I used to couldn't wait to get the latest album to read the liner notes. Your tribute to Ronnie is still my favorite. I agree 100 percent with this entire article. I have served and will continue to serve my church as security detail. I was involved in a church shooting several years ago and had to retrieve my weapon from my car. That will never happen again. Yes it's sad we are at this point in society but it is up to us sheepdogs to step up as well. I do pray for our troops, police, peace of Jerusalem and for you sir. Thank you for what you do. Marty Boyles.
Posted by Marty
Another Sad Day column
CD says, "The overwhelming amount of gun violence is caused by illegal guns..." Nope. Guns don't CAUSE anything. That's like saying stolen getaway cars cause bank robberies or that Sony video cameras cause pornography.
Posted by Jeff
Common sense would go a long way in Making America Great Again! We elect senators and representatives to represent U. S. (us) not themselves or lobbyists or to further their political career. We have a President with a plan that we the people support, so let�s get busy and make it happen . . . NO ROADBLOCKS!!!
Posted by Ed
You are a great American
Charlie, you are a great American, a great patriot and you are spot on with your views. I have the same concerns as you do with where our great nation is headed. If you take the Bible out of the home the home collapses. If you take the Bible out of the nation, the nation will collapse. This is the greatest nation that has ever existed because it was founded based on a strong belief and desire to worship God. As a student of Bible history, I have noticed that anytime a nation turned its back on God, He let the national fall. I fear we are headed that way on greased skids. Thank you so much for your strong love for God and for this nation and for not being afraid to say so. Best regards,
Posted by Wade
Texas church massacre
Like you, Charlie, I believe we need to take the bounds off the police and let them enforce the laws already on the books. Further, the courts need to insure the criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of those laws. Would an armed member or two in the congregation have saved some lives? The shooter started firing outside so maybe. I don't know, but it would have given them a better chance. Personally, I never leave my house without my .45 on my belt. I may not be able to stop a threat but I will not become a defenseless victim. I will do my best to defend myself, my family and those around me.
Posted by Don
Dangerous People
No, we do not need to do a better job of keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. We need to keep dangerous people from walking our streets. We will never succeed in making the whole world into a padded room. There was a time when the dangerously mentally ill and career criminals were locked up and either treated or rehabilitated. These days they walk the streets. free to commit crimes while we argue over yet another gun law. Every mass shooter in my memory who was not a terrorist had known mental issues. These days treatment for such people is a handful of pills and an appointment with a counselor next month. They are returned to the streets to be supervised and cared for by their untrained family members. This is our problem, dangerous people, not inanimate objects. If people like Dana could understand this we could make some real progress in reducing the violence on our streets.
Posted by John
Still about guns
The Las Vegas shooter was not mentally ill, was he? Mass murderers are usually detected by a history of violence, not mental illness. But the point which you missed is this: a change in the laws is coming. What shape that change will be can be determined by conservatives or conservatives can do nothing and wait for liberals to get back into power and change the laws. Your choice.
Posted by Dana