Posted on 11.28.2016

Sore Losers

Elections have consequences and at the end of the day, I won.” – Barack Obama 2009

When President Obama was elected, the people who opposed him were told, "The people have spoken" and "Get over it."

And - with a few exceptions - the American people accepted the results and agreed that Barack Obama had won the election fair and square, he is our president, let's wait and see what he can do.

Anybody who continued to criticize his performance were called racists and bigots, which was to be the pattern throughout his two terms as most criticism of our first black president was couched in terms of discrimination and hate by the left and the media, even when valid and substantive.

Not so with this election, and even before Donald Trump has taken the oath of office, the Democratic Party's more vocal left wing is insulting the voters who put him in office, involved in sometimes disruptive and violent civil disobedience, questioning the validity of his election and demanding that the electoral college be disbanded, which by the way was the brainchild of one Alexander Hamilton.

They simply cannot face the fact that they lost, fair and square, legally, according to the same election process that elected Obama and every other president since 1877, a process that many of them now want to change.

There is even a move afoot to threaten or bribe the electoral delegates who will be representing the will of the American people, telling them that if they will betray the trust of the voters, subvert their intentions and change their vote to Hillary any fines or legal costs incurred would be covered.

The truth of the matter is that the Democrats have too long depended on a coalition of liberals, fringe groups, minorities and those on the entitlement roles and taken for granted the middle class working people, who are hurting and tired of the same old empty, unfulfilled promises.

Instead of facing the facts that the hard working middle class just don't trust them anymore, and with good reason, they try to blame voters without college degrees and any number of inane fabrications to mask the fact that the Democratic Party is way out of step with the folks who get stuck with footing the bill for their profligate spending and job killing unfriendly business climate.

This was supposed to be a coronation. I watched ABC Evening News on election night before the vote started being counted and got the impression they already had the corks halfway out of the champagne bottles, they were practically gushing as they interviewed the pollsters and talking heads who all agreed that Hillary Clinton would win by 2-4 points.

Now I can understand the disappointment, even a modicum of bitterness, but this attitude that the loss has induced mass depression amongst Democrats is just a little too much to swallow. Maladies so severe that college students require special "cry rooms" hot cocoa and comfort dogs makes one wonder how the next generation is going to face day to day life should they ever be exposed to the real world.
Of course the petulance is one thing, but the anger that manifests itself in heated protests resulting in the interruption of the commerce and the daily lives of innocent people, and at times exceeds the limits of peaceful civil disobedience and smacks of downright anarchy, is another thing.

Now I know that all Democrats are neither sucking their thumbs in crying rooms or on the street cracking windshields and this is not meant to be a blanket indictment of a whole political party by any means, but there is an element operating under the supposed auspices of the Democrats who seem bent on not even giving the new president a chance to do anything, good or bad.

The truth of the matter is that barring impeachment, a catastrophic meteor shower, or the ground opening up and swallowing Trump Towers in the next few weeks, Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States of America for at least the next four years.

If what he does works and the economy, security and confidence of the American people begins to rise significantly, all the marches will represent nothing but worn shoe leather and all the coddling of the uber-affected will be looked back on as being what it is, childishness.

If he doesn't, Republicans will probably lose the midterms and head toward defeat in 2020 and all the fuss will have been unnecessary after all.

That’s the way it worked this time and that's the way it will work the next time.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Sore Losers
Totally Agree!
Posted by Patti
Suck it Up
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, Trump won this election fair and square because God Almighty chose him to lead this nation away from the gates of Hell, plain and simple, nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Right On Charlie!
You are spot on Brother Charlie!
Posted by Steve
Right on!
You tell em, Charlie. Who says a country boy can't talk with intelligence?
Posted by Terry
Thank you.
Nice job on writing this column. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.
Posted by Larry
Sore losers
Well Said!
Posted by Ivette
Bearded Brothers Rob Cartwright
Someone who you played with and I am sure he looked up to you tragically died in a motorcycle accident a couple days ago. If you have the time I am sure they would love to hear from you. They are grieving pretty bad at their recent loss.
Posted by Tom
Thank you
Thank you for putting into words what so many of us are thinking and may or may not be able to articulate.
Posted by Mary
Sore losers
Very well said my old friend, we need to get on with business of fixing our country and stop tearing it apart. We all should agree on that if any intelligence is present at all.
Posted by Debbie
Sore losers
They are behaving like a child that could not have thier way. And thew a hissy fit. Make me wonder about how they were raised.
Posted by Pasquale
Thanks Mr. Charlie
Charlie you have been such an inspiration over the years but specially lately.I remember the day are so after 9/11 you were on the John boy and Billy show and what an interview you gave. I also remember election night when they were saying all hillary needed was 1 state and then GOD showed up.Thanks Mr.Charlie Daniels
Posted by Preacher Mike
I went through this 8 years ago and you can go through it now!!
I like what you say Charlie. I specifically remember saying that we should give Obama a chance when he first got elected. I was very unhappy to say the least when he won the Presidency. Quite frankly I was shocked that he even got nominated over Mrs Clinton but that is what history tells us. I remember telling folks that we should observe the first 100 days and give the guy (Obama) a break. Well, we gave him a break for 8 years and NOW it's time to FIX what he has broken. I will also have to say that Mrs Pelosi was probably even a bigger mistake than Mr Obama. She did not have and does not have what it takes to be in Washington by my standards.
Posted by Jimmy
Next 4 Years
Very well said.
Posted by Jennifer
I could not have said it better myself. Charlie, you nailed it with your remarks about the Libs whinning over the loss of Clinton to Trump.
Posted by Timothy
Mr. Daniels, Thank you for your wonderful comments for our Troops, Our Law Enforcement/First Responders and Peace in Jerusalem. So wish I could tell you this in person and give you a GIANT hug at the same time. I realize I am an old person and the majority of society do NOT care a thing about MOST of us Senior Citizens but from one Senior to another...I LOVE YOU!! God Bless! God Bless America!!
Posted by Shirley
Sore losers
CDB ! Right on brother ! These snotty nosed Democrats that are sore losers sure need to grow up and face the facts that Mr. Trump won fair in square ! We all need to make America great again - support and pray for our troops , police and first responders ! Salute the flag and obey God !
Posted by James
Trumps win
Looking forward to the change our country try will have with Trump. God bless America, & our troops, God Bless Trump & God bless you Charlie Daniels!
Posted by Marion
well spoken
I have enjoyed reading your soapbox letters. You look at things with such common sense. Wish more people thought the way you do. Keep on writing.
Posted by Kathy
Sore Losers
AMEN again, Charlie, thanks for telling it like it is! One thing you didn't mention and that I would like to say is that I cannot believe how many blacks are Democrats! It makes NO sense at all except as far as "entitlement" goes. Democrats pay the way for many, but Republicans freed the slaves and the Democrats burned them on crosses! THEN the Democrats try to turn it around and say WE started things like the KKK! Ha! Since I know that wicked group still exists in some places one could try to find out what party they belong to, but of course Soros owns them and the liberal media so it would not make news. Sadly a large proponent of that party teaches our children in our schools and universities and hence grooms them to see lies as truth, love as racism, and freedom as evil, and needing to be controlled.
Posted by Jill
Sore Losers
Thank you Mr. Daniels. I love reading your thoughts and agree with you most of the time. I find it interesting that the Green Party candidate was even allowed to call for a recount in any state let alone WI. An operative for the Democrat party? So all the crying and sniveling netted Mr. Trump 162 more votes than originally talleyed. HMMMMMMMM. Thanks again!
Posted by Lance
Exactly Mr Daniels!
Excellent summary/ biog! With God, All things are possible, & with you Charlie, and Donald Trump, as His tools, America will be the Greatest Nation possible!
Posted by VAL
Sore losers
When George W. Bush was President, the left and their lap dogs in the mainstream media took delight as he was openly ridiculed and called stupid. When his Highness Barack Obama was coronated, any criticism was Racist.It has become apparent that the Democratic party is now the privileged elite. Freedom of speech is allowed only if your speech conforms to their dogma. Tolerance is limited to those the liberals have chosen as worthy. They are behaving like the spoiled elitist children that they are.Get ready this endless haranguing will continue until (God forbid) a socialist is elected President. As Margaret Thatcher said: "Socialism works well until you run out of the other persons money"(or words to that effect). An unknown pundit said of the left wings' hysteria: " This is what comes of raising a generation on "participation trophies". If I voted against Obama solely on the basis of his race, I would have been labeled a racist. When 95% of African Americans voted for BHO, it was racial pride. If women voted for HRC solely because she a woman,who's the sexist? Donald Trump was not my first choice for the RNC nomination,but I'm delighted that the country did not elect a pathologic liar, a fraud(cattle futures trading), an embezzler($100,000 taken from the Clinton foundation to pay for her daughters wedding) and maybe far worse crimes,to the Presidency.Your essay was spot on.
Posted by Scott
Sore Losers
I am a registered Democrat and a native New Yorker (born and raised in Queens, NY) who is very familiar with Mr Trump. While I did not vote for him, I agree that as our President elect I owe it to my loyalty to this country to support him. While I despise the way Obama was treated and I am ashamed of the way our country handled his presidency I will hold hope that if anyone can change the way we politic here he can. I just pray he remembers us working class tax payers that he has promised to help. People need to realize we did NOT elect a politician. We elected a CEO. Cheers to an amazing term that will be good for ALL of us.
Posted by Arlene
sore loser
Protesters an designers should b ashamed its unamerican an presenting a horrible picture tothe world
Posted by diana
Your post was really great Charlie but one thing I might disagree with is about democrats. My mom and dad and probably all my family were democrats and I was too until Bill Clinton who I must say after getting alone and working with republicans did pretty good as President with the economy and getting people off welfare but failed the country as far as protecting us against extremist who killed our troops and entered our country and set us up for 9/11 attach. I am 66 years old and have never saw democrats who are more like communist and are evil in there thinking and protesting. When people wear mask and destroy private property and curse other people that don't think or act like them something or someone is controlling them and it isn't The God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What is bad is that we are at that place where good is called evil and evil is called good not only in this country but world wide. When I see people as old as Pelosi and others say some of the most evil and outrageous things instead of trying to lead the younger mislead democrats in a more sensible direction it tells me their is no hope for change for the better in the Democratic Party. These people are evil. When the democrats booed God in the chamber doing Obama presidency I think that sealed their fate. That said I am not saying they won't win an election anymore because God The Father will use evil to bring His people to repentance when they stray from Him and His ways. God bless America and May Gods people live for Him and follow His Son The Lord Jesus Christ who died for everyone's sins that receive Him as their Lord And Savior.
Posted by Captain
I thought that this was a very well thought out essay, and I have to say I agree on all points. Generous, fair, even handed. I wish I could see this more in the regular news.
Posted by William