Windows (1982)

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    Still in Saigon

    (Dan Daley)

    Got on a plane in 'Frisco
    And got off in Vietnam
    I walked into a different world
    The past forever gone

    I could have gone to Canada
    Or I could have stayed in school
    But I was brought up differently
    I couldn't break the rules

    Thirteen months and fifteen days
    The last ones were the worst
    One minute I'd kneel down and pray
    And the next I'd stand and curse

    No place to run to
    Where I did not feel that war
    When I got home I stayed alone
    And checked behind each door

    Cuz I'm still in Saigon
    Still in Saigon
    I am still in Saigon
    In my mind

    The ground at home was covered in snow
    And I was covered in sweat
    My younger brother calls me a killer
    And my daddy calls me a vet

    Everybody says I'm someone else
    And I'm sick and there's no cure
    Damned if I know who I am
    There was only one place I was sure

    When I was still in Saigon
    Still in saigon
    I am still in saigon
    In my mind

    Every summer when it rains
    I smell the jungle, I hear the planes
    I can't tell no one, I feel ashamed
    Afraid some day I'll go insane

    That's been ten long years ago
    And time has gone on by
    Now and then I catch myself
    Eyes searching through the sky

    All the sounds of long ago
    Will be forever in my head
    Mingled with the wounded cries
    And the silence of the dead

    'Cuz I'm still in Saigon
    Still in Saigon
    I am still in Saigon
    In my mind

    I am still in Saigon
    I am still in Saigon
    Yes, I'm still in Saigon
    In my mind

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    Ain't No Ramblers Anymore

    You have sailed the sparkling waters
    of the shady sandy coast of Carolina.
    From the rock bound coast of Maine
    down past Virgina to the sunny Florida keys.

    You have chased the whistling wind along
    the painted canyon walls of Colorado.
    And you followed that big river from
    Saint Paul to where she flows into the sea.

    You have seen the early sun light kiss
    the blue grass on a cold Kentucky morning.
    And the Palomino oceans of the Kansas
    wheat field when the west wind blows.

    You're a gypsy loose and runnin'
    chasing rainbows in the Mississippi sunset.
    Just a number one hell raiser with the
    taste for whiskey, women and the road.

    And there ain't no ramblers anymore,
    and you can take that for what it's worth.
    Seems like everybody's jet'n
    they ain't got time to touch the earth.
    I guess their feet don't hit the itching
    when they hear the whistle blow.
    They ain't crossed the Chattahoochee.
    And there ain't no ramblers anymore.

    You have heard the lonesome rattle of the
    midnight freight train in the easy hours.
    You've been burned by Arizona sun,
    stood shivering in the Minnesota snow.

    You have smelled the sweet magnolia blossom
    perfume in a Alabama evening.
    You've stood drunk beside the highway wish'n
    ta hell ya' still had some place left to go.

    Cause there ain't no ramblers anymore,
    Leased not like there use to be.
    Everybody's on vacation,
    or watching something on T.V.
    They ain't ever been to Tuscon,
    or been in jail in Mexico.
    They ain't ever going to Bowsik.
    Cause there ain't no ramblers anymore.

    Cause there ain't no ramblers anymore.​

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    The Lady in Red

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    We Had It All One Time

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    Partyin' Gal

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    Ragin' Cajun

    From a town in Louisiana on the wrong side of the tracks,
    came a rowdy ragin' Cajun by the name of Rubinac,
    He was harder than a hickory long and thinner than a rail,
    He was faster than a Copperhead and he weren't afraid of hell,
    He turned 18 in the Parish courthouse facin' 10 to life,
    about some altercation in a beer joint with a knife,
    He said judge, I mean "Your Honor" I hope you'll understand,
    but if it happened here today I think I'd do it all again,
    'cause you don't get up in my face, you don't call my mama names,
    you don't whistle in my kitchen, you dont pull my big dogs chain,
    I don't mean no disrespect but I been stubborn, all my life

    He'd been two years in prison when his cousin Jay came down,
    said his sister was in trouble in some far off Northern town,
    He broke out of jail that night and left a note behind,
    I'll see ya'll in a week or so, till then I'm hard to find,
    He found her in a tavern up in westside Buffalo,
    Gave her a one way ticket home and pushed her out the door,
    Said I'm lookin for the man who done my little sister harm,
    he's a soul destroying punk that stuck a needle in her arm,
    and some pimp back in the corner, started makin' himself small,
    but he grabbed him by the collar and he pushed him to the wall,
    He said you try to run away, you gone regret it, all your life,

    The Cajun started laughin' when the pimp pulled out a knife,
    He said I oughtta kill ya, but I'm gonna spare your life,
    With one sledgehammer fist he knocked him sprawlin' on the floor,
    and then he kicked him in his forked end, and he headed for the door,
    He walked on down the sidewalk and hit the Southern trail,
    He went back to Louisiana and he walked into the jail,
    He said I had some business up above the bunkie line,
    but my debts have all been settled and I've come to do my time,
    and I hope I didn't cause no trouble, I wasn't tryin' to run away,
    But a feller owed me somethin' and I had to make him pay,
    Besides, I'm kind of proud I been a coonass all my life.

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    Makes You Want to Go Home

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    Blowing' Along With the Wind

    The pressure these days isn't easy so they say,
    If you're trying to get through this world.
    And if you're gonna make it,
    Then you've got to live in a hurry.
    This world they say may just end any day,
    And I know that it possibly could.
    But I can't do nothing about it,
    So why should I worry.

    I grew my hair long and sang a protest song,
    And offered myself to this world,
    Doing my best in the
    Search and the quest for the white dove.
    But I always knew I was just passing through,
    And the trip has been rocky and long.
    And through all the changes,
    There's one thing I sure can be proud of.

    I'm just blowing along with the wind,
    Taking it all in stride,
    Thankful for every minute God gives me,
    Goin' along for the ride,

    Holdin' my woman's hand,
    Helpin' out when I can,
    Living the one life I own,
    One day at a time.

    I have lived down in some jerkwater towns,
    Where the sidewalks are rolled up by ten.
    And I've been a swinger,
    And drifted the heart of a big town.
    I've had some low rides and walked on the wild side,
    And it's all been good in its way.
    I've had some high-ole times,
    And yeah, I've had some letdowns.

    I'm just blowing along with the wind,
    Taking it all in stride,
    Thankful for every minute God gives me,
    Goin' along for the ride,

    I'm just blowing along with the wind,
    Taking it all in stride,
    Thankful for every minute God gives me,
    Goin' along for the ride,​

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    Nashville Moon

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    The Universal Hand

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