Posted on 09.04.2020

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This has been a hectic week given the launch of our new company and a business partnership, but I wanted to still give fans some more tidbits of insider information, but it may be a little more brief than usual.

First of all, dad HATED to be late. He hated it when people were late, and he would prefer to be 30 minutes early for something than one minute late himself. Several of his “Let’s all make the day count” daily tweets reflected that. And one, in particular, stands out.

“Being habitually late is just your way of telling other people you don’t consider their time to be as valuable as yours. Let’s all make the day count.”


I always try to be on time, but in my earlier years, being a bit scatterbrained and not always managing time caused me to be late once or twice… or more - But who’s counting? - but I’ve improved with age. But being early was a core part of dad’s being.

What would be really frustrating sometimes was agreeing on a time for us to leave to go somewhere and I would be getting ready at my house - which is near theirs - but I can’t remember how many times I would be in the middle of drying my hair and budgeting my time so as to allow for me to be there about 5 minutes before our agreed on departure time when dad would call me and say, “Let’s leave about 10 minutes early.” which would usually leave me scrambling in a tizzy to throw clothes on and walk out the door, usually with my hair still wet.

But better early than late.

If you ever saw dad perform, you might have noticed that dad chewed gum constantly. I even saw a perfectly timed shot of him singing with his mouth wide open, and the gum was visible! He was often seen chomping away at press conferences, concerts, you name it.

So why did he chew gum all the time? It’s pretty simple, to keep his mouth from drying out while he was singing or speaking, giving interviews, etc.

It may not have been the most subtle or “couth” way to keep your mouth from drying out, but it worked for him.

Over the years, dad occasionally tweeted about relaxing at Twin Pines with mom and a “libation." Something that might surprise a lot of people that most of the time - at least in his later years - he preferred wine over beer. He wasn’t a wine club snob or anything, but he found a few that he liked. He was particularly fond of Rodney Strong Merlot, and in the last couple of years, discovered Domaine Bousquet Malbec.

In the evening after dad’s funeral, some loved ones and I topped off a long emotional day by toasting him with a bottle of Rodney Strong Merlot… and some Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies which he was also fond of, although I don’t think he ever combined them in one sitting.

I don’t necessarily recommend them together. The lush bouquet of blackberries, black cherry and plum of the merlot clashes with the robust sweetness and chewiness of the creme pies.

Special thanks to Google for helping me craft a wine snob's analysis of the clash of flavors.

That’s all for this week.

And now you know… The Rrrr-est of the story. Good Day!

Apologies to the late Paul Harvey.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police, our country and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels, Jr.


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Early For Sure
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie Jr. I'm 200 % with your Dad on never being late and I feel that with all this new fangled technology people think they can shoot you a text and all is good. I believe that being late is total disrespect to those who are waiting on you. I have cancelled and or drove away from many deals because the other party was not on time, I totally understand flat tires and the such but chronic tardiness is totally unacceptable in my book. We sure do miss his words of wisdom and insight to politics and the currentl PLANdemic that the demonrats are hoodwinking us on in the name of communisism......nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
mr dainels sr
i first heard your dad when i was 18 fell in love with his music still a no1 fan 64 now he was a great guitarist as well as fiddler although i did not know him personly i feel as i have lost a close friend prayers to you and your mom and the entire cdb extended family the roots remain then now and until the end god bless you and your mom wayne lee
Posted by wayne
I just wanted to send you and your mom my condolences. My husband Chris Needler went to school with you in MT Juliet and his family also owned the Gulf gas station there that your dad would go frequently. I loved to hear Chris tell stories of when your dad would go there or even when he would call Chris's dad Jerry to bring the tow truck because he got the Bronco stuck between 2 trees. Jerry and Chris are both gone now. Chris just passed on April 25 2020. I'm going to miss Chris telling those stories. I know they both have met again in Heaven. Prayers coming for you and your mom as our boys and I are going thru the same feelings and emotions of missing our loved one.
Posted by LorI
Greetings CD, Wish you well on the "branding" just be careful on picking worthy products to carry the name. Love the continuation of the Soapbox, especially if you have something to add that was behind the scenes. I've known a few famous musicians well alon with their families. It does seem that your Dad, like mine was somewhat a mystery to you, as mine was to me in what he did dayto day at work. I think that is standard for many people not just musician's kids. You did seem to get a chance many of us didn't by going on the road with him in later years. Keep it up, it's worth reading and looking forward to new columns.
Posted by Robert
On Time
I was like your Dad..I was taught to never be late and always be early..As you said about Charlie’s motto respect others people’s time...Thanks for keeping your dad’s memory alive...😊😷
Posted by Jeff
"He hated it when people were late,"
That reminds me of when I was a kid and I had to wait a long time for something from my parents. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not finding fault with them. I understand they had a lot of other things to do, and I needed to learn to be patient. But it was still annoying. Was Charlie the same way when he was a kid? -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
“Being habitually late is just your way of telling other people you don’t consider their time to be as valuable as yours. Le
That makes sense. Life is short. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru