Charlie Daniels

Birthdate: October 28
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
Wife: Hazel
Children: Charlie, Jr.
Instrument: Fiddle, Guitar

Favorite CDB Song:

Charlie hasn't really picked a favorite, but likes some of the more obscure songs, like "Carolina (I Remember You)" - from the Full Moon LP

Charlie Hayward

Birthdate: January 21
Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL
Wife: Pat
Children: Charlie, Jr.
Instrument: Bass Guitar
Favorite CDB Song: Money and Passing Lane

Bruce Brown

Birthdate: September, 20
Hometown: West Frankfort, IL
Wife: Robyn
Instrument: Lead Guitar
Favorite CDB Song: Still In Saigon

Pat McDonald

Birthdate: December 8
Hometown: St. Simons Island, GA
Instrument: Drums
Favorite CDB Song: The Legend of Wooley Swamp

Chris Wormer

Birthdate: October 29
Hometown: Peoria, IL
Instrument: Guitar
Children: Julia, Joshua & Victoria
Favorite CDB Song: High Lonesome
Favorite Song To Play In Concert:: William Tell Overture

Shannon Wickline

Birthdate: July 14
Hometown: Roanoke, VA
Instrument: Keyboards
Children: None
Favorite CDB Song: Trudy
Favorite Song To Play In Concert:: Saddle Tramp

Photos by: Skip Lenois


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