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Death Of A Nation

If you’ve read this column over the last 11 years you know that I am not an alarmist, and don’t say things that I don’t mean.  I take no pleasure in the statements I’m about to make, I wish they weren’t so, but I can’t change reality and this is reality from my humble point of view.

Barack Hussein Obama, with the help of the traitors in Congress and Senate, are systematically destroying the United States of America day by day.

Nothing is going to get any better a long as they are in power, and even if the Democrats lose control of Congress this fall, it will take decades to repair the damage they’ve already caused. In fact, we may never get it done.

If you watch the economic indicators you’ll see that we sink deeper into the mire of big government socialism every day.

Obama says his programs have “saved or created” million of jobs but that is a lie. Some Census workers have been laid off, only to be rehired later so that those jobs could be counted among the “saved or created.” 

The truth of the matter is that his reckless programs cost sometimes as much as a half million dollars apiece to create one job.  Even an idiot knows that’s bad economics.

The administration waited almost two months to do anything meaningful about the oil spill in the gulf and literally stood in the way of anybody who came up with anything meaningful to fix it.

Obama wants to unionize the workforce of America putting them under the control of a central leadership.

He wants to give amnesty to the unknown millions of illegals already here, put them on the fast track to citizenship and make them eligible to vote.

Everybody in this nation is going to feel the sting of Obama’s tax whip whether it be from elevated income taxes, a consumer tax or some other tax, but it’s coming.

When the provisions of Obama’s healthcare bill start to unfold the people of this country are going to start finding out just how devious a man they have elected to the oval office.

They won’t call them death panels but they will exist.  They will determine whether you get the care you need or if you’re just left to die.

Just wait until one of Obama’s supporters are told by a doctor that he or she can’t have a kidney transplant because they’re too old and don’t have enough years left to meet the criteria.

Just wait until the real impact of the Medicare cuts come into play and some little old lady who thinks Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread is told that she can’t have the PET scan because Medicare will no longer pay for it.

Just wait until people start walking into doctor’s offices and see signs that say, Medicare patients not accepted.

Just wait until the price of groceries and other necessities start going through the roof because of the inflation that Obama’s out of control spending will cause.

Just wait until the true intentions of Eric Holder’s Justice Department start becoming evident, prosecuting those who disagree with Obama’s policy and ignoring the rest.

Just wait until China starts calling in our debt.

Our southern border is turning into a full-fledged war zone and Obama’s response is to sue the state of Arizona for trying to protect its citizens, something his government refuses to do.

We have two wars going on, no clear criteria for winning either one of them.

Iran could well start the first nuclear world war in the next few years and Obama is content to leave it to the United Nations.

Eighteen months into office and Obama is still blaming everything on the Bush administration.  This is nothing but the helplessness and bewilderment of his whole administration showing through.  They’re like a bunch of petulant children playing in a sandbox.

They’re like a bunch of egotistic hikers lost in a vast wilderness that are just too proud to admit that they have no idea how to find their way.

You can believe it now or you can believe it after it has happened.  Barack Hussein Obama is ruining America right before our eyes.

James Carville, a Democrat from Louisiana, recently scorched the Obama administration over their failing to do anything about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

He said something to the effect of, ”We’re dying down here."

Well Mr. Carville, unfortunately you could well have been speaking for the rest of the country as well.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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