Posted on 12.04.2017

Law or Anarchy

The preamble of our Constitution says,"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union".

A union is a coming together of separate parts, forming a single entity that stands together, working out their problems internally and presenting a united front of opinion and action for the benefit of all involved.

Marriage is a union, when two people pledge their faithfulness, their undying love, and care to each other, forsaking all others and all things that would pull their union apart.

A trade organization is called a union, meaning that a group of people who all practice a certain trade come together and delegate the bargaining power for wages, benefits and job security to a small body of officials, who will do the nuts and bolts of negotiating, run it past the membership for an up or down vote, and whatever the majority of the members decide will be binding for the total membership.

The United States of America is a union, where people from diverse ethnicities, religions, cultures, and beliefs, bind themselves to the will of the majority and elect representatives who are supposed to come together in rational reasoning, to create policy which benefits the body of voters who sent them there.

And once the decisions have been made, accepted and signed into law, the whole society is bound to abide by the ramifications, whether they are completely pleased with the result, or not.

When a state, city or group of citizens refuses to abide by the decisions made into laws approved by the majority of the body politic, it becomes a form of anarchy and it disrupts the ebb and flow of commerce and public safety and makes a mockery of the statutes that separates society from the jungle of lawlessness.

A union cannot exist under a system that allows selective obedience to the law of the land and eventually comes apart at the seams as there is no uniform code of justice that governs by the people for the people, but separate spheres of self-absorbed citizens, who obey the laws they agree with and ignore the rest.

This situation has the potential to turn the American dream into the American nightmare, as respect for the law and those who enforce it withers away and our union becomes a disjointed collection of rogue states, with each going its own way, some forming their own radical standards, gleaning the ones they agree with and ignoring the rest.

The answer that most often comes from our elected leaders is more money or more laws.

In my humble opinion, neither of those options will solve this particular problem, as we have thrown billions of dollars at almost every situation that’s plagued us in the last century, and reached the place of diminishing returns and have adequate laws on the books to deal with almost anything, we just don’t have politicians with the will and the guts to enforce them.

There is no constitutional provision for sanctuary cities, for allowing pressure groups to cavort through the streets, destroying property and intimidating society. There is no amendment that allows illegal aliens to overstay visas and ignore our international borders.

There is no legal footing for a city government or state legislature to act against federal law and go their own way.

If this debacle is not addressed, where does it stop?

There are already moves afoot to legalize some of the most addictive and debilitating drugs.

There are already places where people don’t have to even show a valid identification to vote.

There are places where violent criminals who have been deported numerous times, find sanctuary and are allowed to stay there until they kill, rape or do some other heinous crime that could have been prevented, had the laws of America been obeyed in the first place.

A free, safe and prosperous society cannot exist alongside anarchy, as the lawlessness will eventually become so rampant that drastic measures will have to be taken by law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families,

And the results of such confrontations are never pretty.

So, America has to make a choice.

Union or anarchy?

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America


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Law or Anarchy
You are SO right Charlie Daniels! Charlie Daniels for President and Thurman Mullins Vice President!!! Presidential “Dream team” for sure!
Posted by Julie
Common Ground
The struggle between federal, state, and local governments does not represent anarchy. Anarchists do not write laws nor do they run for election. A union does not require constant agreement. It only requires understanding and a recognition that we do better together than apart. When someone is sincere in their beliefs, it requires respect. There has been little enough respect on hand over the past few years. It has got to change. I read today that Donald Trump cannot obstruct the law because he is the law. If that is true, it will no longer matter what any of us do because we will no longer be free. It will not be anarchy but it will no longer be a union.
Posted by dana
Your post Charlie
What more needs to be said. Articulate and accurate. You spoke my mind, THANK YOU!!!
Posted by Jeffery
Mr. Daniels, I believe that the time is nigh for us to pack in our fiddles and call it a day. I have noticed that people are moreover apathetic to what has been accomplished. I believe that if they so choose to have an anarchy, it is down to civilized folks like us, to start anew. To start towns and cities away from the prying eyes of this dreadful media, of these dreadful people who so wish for anarchy and falsehoods. It's our time to escape. We cannot save everyone. Also, I love the Devil went down to Georgia, long haired country boy wasn't bad either.
Posted by Jack
Amen. Amen & Amen Charlie this Anarchy thing has gotten out of hand and we are treading on slippery slopes. I personally belief that it has come about because many believe in no absolute truths and their warped definition of Justice in the end is what really matters. Illegals have been re-branded as undocumented workers, but the reality of the fact is that they are illegal because they broke the laws of the land when they entered the country and changing what we call them does not change the fact that they are criminals. For reasons unknown to me it appears that many believe that just because criminals have not been charged and prosecuted, they are no longer guilty of their crimes. Right and wrong, Good and Evil, Black and white are still separate and distinct. and will never change no matter how much political correctness tries to shade them gray. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
This country I love
I hear a lot of talk about illegal aliens and talk about the GLBTQ community and religion and how we need to get back to our Christian roots and oh those gun rights. Remember how President Obama was going to come and take your guns away. Did that ever happen? No, it didn't because President Obama never intended to take your guns away. It was just rhetoric used by the NRA to scare people and so many of you fell for it. Our founding fathers never anticipated the type of guns that we would have available to us now and laws written years ago have no connection to the guns of today. Now in comes our new president saying things like make America great again. Now unless you are mentally deficient you must realize that he really means make America white again, and if you have not been sure about that, after the recent statements by this president [1/2018] then you really are deficient. My point in this comment is that it is no longer 1950, it is 2018 and this world is entirely different than it was back when America was white and we will never go back. Caucasians will very soon be the minority in this country and then what will happen? If we continue to be a divided country as we are now, I am afraid there is no hope for us. Now there are Dreamers in this country, working, going to school, and serving in our military protecting our rights. If they are all deported imagine what that could do to our economy, but those trying to get rid of them aren't thinking about that. They are just simply against immigrants regardless of why they are here or how they got here. If the illegals were all gone are all you complainers going to go pick vegetables or do they just rot in the fields? All illegals are not criminals even though that idea makes it easier for all the haters to hate. All people on food stamps are not lazy good for nothing people. Putting them in groups like that and painting them with the same brush just makes it easier for them to be hated. Who would have ever guessed that a man accused of molesting children would come so close to winning a seat in the US Senate and would be backed by so many Christians? There are now 5 people running for seats in our government that have convictions on their record. Why are they even allowed to run? There are now 19 women who have accused our president of sexual misconduct. As long as he denies it, people don't seem to care. Why hasn't he been investigated for sexual misconduct? Hillary was investigated 7 or 8 times concerning Benghazi. They didn't find anything so investigate again. I have read that they ended up spending $100 million and still came up with nothing. That was $100 million of taxpayers dollars. Now when it is obvious that they need to investigate our new president, they won't lift a finger. I hear them say things like "That was unfortunate," when he has made another racist statement. Hypocrite is the only word I can think of to describe Republicans of today. I wish a Republican would tell me what they would have done if President Obama had been accused of sexual misconduct by 19 women or if President Obama had called other countries $$$$holes. Republicans would never have stood for it from him, but with our current president, that is ok. I am very worried about our wonderful country and where we will end up.
Posted by Norma