Posted on 07.31.2017

Media and Manipulation

Since the Debbie Wasserman Shultz - Awan connection has come to light I have watched to see if it would be given a fair outing in the mainstream media and, so far, I haven’t even heard it mentioned.

Is the proven fact that a United States Congresswoman and former head of the DNC continued to pay the salary of a Pakistani IT expert long after he had been denied access to congressional computers - in fact right up to the point when he was arrested by the FBI at an international airport trying to leave the country – of no interest to the mainstream media?

Is this situation not newsworthy?

Does the fact that Loretta Lynch, when she was Attorney General, met in private with the husband of a person her department had under investigation and that she told the director of the FBI, an employee under her supervision to soften the rhetoric concerning the investigation of that same person not need to be proclaimed long and loud?

There is ample evidence, first hand evidence, concerning the lax, incompetent handling of the
debacle in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Now if I can find this out can somebody tell me how all the hotshot “investigative reporters” continue to miss it.

One of the most horrendous torture, rape and murders of a couple took place in Knoxville, Tennessee a few years ago. I live in Tennessee and learned about the incident on the internet.
A murder of nightmare proportions, at least as bad as anything the Manson gang did to their victims, a case that should have attracted all the networks and major newspapers and it barely made the brief attention outside of the local media.

It was black on white crime and didn’t fit the narrative, I guess.

While the most of the media in America are straining every nerve to glean the slightest Russia- Trump connection, there exists in their archives video with sound of Barack Obama sending a politically loaded message to Vladimir Putin, asking for favorable treatment until after his election when he would have more flexibly.

Is this not a promise of quid pro quo?

And is this not asking the Russians to help tilt an election?

And how about Hillary’s Uranium give away, over thirty thousand missing emails, the collusion of the Democratic Party to favor her and make sure Bernie Sanders didn’t have a chance.

And what ever happened to Lois Lerner and the IRS criminal activity. After she pled the Fifth, it seems the whole thing just kind of went away, unsolved and unresolved. Isn’t this gross miscarriage of justice worthy of media pressure to make Congress pursue it until all the players are identified, how high it went and just how rotten it was.

And how about Fast and Furious? How about the fact that Obama sealed the documents that could have proven, at the very least, gross negligence on his Attorney General, Eric Holder? People died as a result of his juvenile folly, do they not deserve justice as much as the ultra-partisan connected lawyer who caused it?

Why isn’t the media screaming for the release of this evidence?


Simple, the preponderance of American mainstream media are not really news organizations, not in the truest sense of the word, but left leaning, propaganda machines, supporting the political candidates and causes they favor, championing issues like global warming without examining the very real science that refutes it and slow walking - or if possible - deleting altogether news items that go against their agenda.

The majority are globalists, socialists and many are ideologues who don’t like America very much and want to water down the native population by lax immigration and mass influx of refugees.

The traditionalist and nationalist are ridiculed and belittled and they’d like nothing better than to see the typical American male become a “pajama boy” type wuss who keeps his opinion to himself and is apologetic about even being born with male genitalia.

Well y’all, us hicks out here in flyover country have learned to read between the lines and trust you about as far as a grasshopper could move the New York Times building.

You should have found that out in the last election. And don’t feel bad that Hillary lost, it sure wasn’t your fault. You gave it your all.

Where I come from, we are thankful for the difference between men and women, we still cling to our God and our guns and we like America just fine the way it is, we believe in working for a living, raising our children to respect the flag and believe in God, our Creator.

We’ve seen socialism’s dismal failure around the world and want nothing to do with it and are in hopes that the current administration can eradicate the dregs left behind by Obama.

We are neither racist, homophobic, misogynist or any of those other things you accuse us of when we disagree with you.

We support our military, our police, our firemen and everybody else who puts their lives between us and danger.

We don’t want a one world government and if some states can’t bear to live in an America with a president they don’t support, they have our permission to secede.

We send our kids to college to learn how to make a living, not to learn how to be an anarchist or to get a degree in something so obscure they’ll spend the rest of their lives living with their parents or on the welfare doles.

There truly are two sides to every story, it’s a shame we only get to see one.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

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Media and Manipulation
Amen and amen! I agree with you 100%. We need to get more people like you to the voting box !!
Posted by Ellen
Two Sides One Right
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie there are two sides, one right and one wrong, as in right conservatives and left liberals. We knew how far this country went down the drain when Hillary and Bernie had the support they had in the last election. Yes sir the media only wants to show white on black injustice, not the animals that committed the heinous crimes in Knoxville. Every point you raised is accurate, that is why I'm locked and loaded. Keep the faith, God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
AMEN Charlie!! Absolutely the truth! We will NOT conform to the evil ways of the world. I BELIEVE in 1 God and the only Holy Bible. God Bless you Charlie!
Posted by Cj
Excellent Article!
I say Amen a hundred times to this article. When are we going to get some honest people in government (Congress), etc., that will handle these type things? We need to see prosecution at the highest level draining the swamp.
Posted by Bobbie
Media Manipulation
Praise God and Amen for telling the truth Charlie!!
Posted by Kathy
which way to the swamp?
When you folks face the fact that Trump is the swamp in its stinkiest form, things may get better. Till then, all we can do is pray.
Posted by dana
Amen and again I say Amen!!!! I've been asking about that heinous crime in Knoxville and wondering why no one has ever talked about it and the reason no one has is because it wasn't a white on black crime, but it's the most heinous crime I've ever read about and instead of commenting on everything you said, let me just say I agree with every word you wrote....I follow you on twitter and I love reading your tweets every day!!!!!
Posted by Laurie
You guys may not have noticed but Trump won the election. Why are you still whining about Obama and Clinton?
Posted by dana
Where are you looking?
Charlie says: "Since the Debbie Wasserman Shultz - Awan connection has come to light I have watched to see if it would be given a fair outing in the mainstream media and, so far, I haven’t even heard it mentioned." That is odd because I have seen it on the headline news on Google a bunch of times. Today, it is a headline on Politico. I assume it also appears as a top story in most other supposed left-wing news sites. No sign that it is being hidden or not mentioned.
Posted by dana
Media and Manipulation
I'd vote for you Charlie!!
Posted by Rick
Thank You
Thanks for standing up for our country. I'm sick and tired of the "Hollywood types". God bless you and yours.
Posted by Randy
i like you Charlie
but I liked you better when you were a hippie
Posted by gerald
i like you Charlie
but I liked you better when you were a hippie
Posted by gerald
God Bless You Charlie and God Bless America !!!
Posted by MaryRuth
Media and Manipulation
AMEN Mr. Daniels! God bless you!
Posted by Martha
God Bless for continually speaking the Truth !!!
Posted by Glen L.