Posted on 07.17.2017

Our Own Little World

Many times, when I do a column about the appalling state of affairs in our nation or point out issues that are irritating to me, somebody asks a perfectly fair and legitimate question.

ďOkay, we all know whatís wrong, we agree with you, but what is the answer, youíre able to critique but you donít have solutions.

Basically, put up or shut up, if you donít have any idea how to fix the problems you point out why keep doing it, youíre only preaching to the choir anyway.

I can certainly understand this school of thought, and decided to put some thought into it and hereís what I came up with.

Realistically, as far as politics are concerned, I am limited to my one vote. In all elections except presidential, my vote is limited to those who run for office in my state. I canít vote for the candidates I would favor or against the candidates I donít favor in any other state, regardless of how staunchly I agree with them or how vehemently I disagree with them.

So, I will cast my one vote in my one state and pray for the best in the other 49.

I canít make the world a better place but I certainly can try to improve and maintain my little part of it.

I pledge to do all I can to keep my thirty employees gainfully and steadily employed as long as itís Godís will for me to keep on doing what Iím doing.

I pledge to be a good neighbor, to support the community I live in.

I pledge to be a good citizen, to obey the laws and pay the taxes of my nation and, insofar as its possible, to defend it against all enemiesí foreign and domestic.

I pledge to support the law enforcement agencies of this nation, federal and local, in the belief that they place their lives between us and those who would harm us and keep the jungle at bay.

I pledge to support the United States military, active service and veterans, in the belief that we owe them an unpayable debt of gratitude for over two hundred years of freedom and liberty.

I pledge to support the lives of the unborn, in the belief that the God who created us knew them in their motherís womb and endowed them with membership in the human race and that any action that denies that entry, except in the sincere effort to save another life, is nothing less than murder.

I pledge to respect the rights of all Americans, to reject racism and prejudice in all its forms.

I pledge to adhere to and defend the constitution and its amendments, in belief that it is not a living document and is meant to be interpreted as written by our founders, to be changed only by the conventions and procedures proscribed by them.

I pledge to support my family.

I pledge to accept responsibility for my own behavior, the caliber of work I do, the debts I incur, the promises I make, the protection of my family and my property, my business and personal commitments, and the well-being of all those I feel I am responsible for.

And finally:

I pledge allegiance to flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
One nation, under God, indivisible
With liberty and justice for all.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

ó Charlie Daniels


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Charlie's pledges
If we all did these same things, we could make a better USA. Let's pray we do those to the best of our abilities.
Posted by Elaine
I Pledge
Amen,, Amen & Amen Charlie, I think you put a lot of thought into this one and I believe that you hit the mark. I will join you in this Pledge to the glory of the great I AM, the God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
I pledge
Well said, Charlie. I cannot come up with anything to add.
Posted by Alice
Our Own Little World
An all-encompassing Pledge to live by. Thank you, Charlie Daniels, for answering that question at the beginning of this issue of Soap Box. I will share this issue with all my (few) Facebook friends and hope to spur action and conversation where it's needed. Again, thank you for today's post.
Posted by Maria
I Pledge
I pledge to demand the same courtesy and integrity from the President of the USA that I would expect from myself.
Posted by dana
Your vote
Charlie, what I respect and admire about you is you say what you feel. You do not allow public opinion to waver you. To me that's what all Americans should do and our Nation would run as it should.
Posted by Rebecca
God and Country
This was well written and thoughtful. Thank you. This is a great guide for us all. I am blessed to voluntarily run a soup kitchen that feeds 225 ave a day. My point is with no sponsors except God I have learned that when you step out as you have penned and turn all the tough details over to Him. ALL things are possible! God bless you! You have this Iowa girls complete respect. Once again God bless... our God is an Awesome God! Our country can be too!
Posted by Sher
Our own little world
Just think of what a strong and united country we would be if more people believed this way. It comes down to personal responsibility and accountability for your actions.
Posted by Rob
Our Own Little World
Posted by susan
Very well stated. You can do no more than this if we all did this what a better America we would have!
Posted by Theresa
You ARE the solution!
Thank you, Charlie, for your sincere and honest essays. By sharing your insights, you are leading thousands of voters across the country to honor the same commitments in their own lives. That, sir, is the solution to the problems in our country!
Posted by Gale
Soap Box 7/17/17
Posted by Jane
Charlie, you speak for all Americans when you refer to Justin Trudeau and the Omar deal. To pay a confessed murderer 10.5 million and nothing to ms Speer and to make sure she got nothing is evil. Justin has lied about this and is a truly disgusting and a evil person. Justin should be removed from office and live in disgrace. Charlie you speak for all Americans and the Canadians who hate Justin - maybe he can take some more vacations and selfies. Justin is spending money faster than ever in history and taxing the middle class with every type of carbon tax and other tax he can impose. He has given billions away and is part of the globalist elite. Justin has brought tens of thousands of un-vetted refugees into Canada and is destroying Canada.
Posted by MIKE
Charlie...I truly feel ashamed for trudeau making a huge payout for omar khadr: He not only killed an ally (American Christopher Speer), but Killed a medic which is a violation of the Geneva Convention. RIP Christopher are not forgotten. Thomas
Posted by Thomas
Doing Your Best
I like it Charlie that you Do Your Best to be a good American Citizen. More need to follow your example.
Posted by Kevin
Since You Mentioned Abortion
Charlie, I think, that if abortion was illegal in this day and age, abortions would actually be LESS common now than back when it really was illegal. This is because out-of-wedlock pregnancy no longer has the intensely shameful stigma that it once had. An anti-abortion law is more compatible with this day and age than most people think. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Yesteryear Not So Wonderful
dana, since your point of view on these soapboxes lean to the left, Iíll tell you this: Next time conservatives make their dubious claim that years ago people were God-fearing and virtuous, remember what I said earlier on this soapbox about abortion. -- Tru Cola
Posted by Tru
Where is the middle?
When I was a kid, the left was way off in outer space. Now it seems it is the right's turn to dwell in Crazy Town. Me, I find myself somewhere in the middle though the middle keeps moving right or left depending on who is looking.
Posted by dana