Posted on 07.14.2017

Benghazi Revisited

Every day on my Twitter page I tweet, “Benghazi ain’t going away,” and I do not do that without a reason.

After talking to some people who were actually involved in the Benghazi debacle, and wear the scars to prove it, and speaking with former military familiar with the logistics and availability of forces in that part of the world, I came to the conclusion that, at the very least, negligence or incompetence or both were involved somewhere up the chain in the Obama administration.

It’s not malice or my many disagreements with the previous administration that motivates my doggedness, but, what myself and a lot of other people feel, was a dereliction of duty, which is a very serious and punishable offense in the military and should not be ignored or glossed over just because of the rank or job description of the people involved.

Some of my critics point to the congressional investigations of Hillary saying that she was absolved of any wrong doing, but, at least in my opinion, the congressional hearings stopped far short of placing the blame for the murder of four Americans including a United States Ambassador who had all but fallen on his knees to beg for additional security.

The subpoena list did not include any of the survivors of the attack, any military personnel familiar with the area and the military assets close enough to send help, and there were several, if you doubt check it out for yourself on a map.

Others say, what about the attacks carried out under Reagan and Bush, why weren’t you critical of them, don’t you care about them?

For anybody with enough sense to walk through a door without bumping their heads the answer to that is obvious.

Of course, I care, I care very much about every American life taken by Islamic Radicals or anybody else for that matter, and have proved it over and over for many years.

So that dog won’t hunt.

The truth is that of all the attacks that have been carried out against Americans, there was not a siege that lasted for over thirteen hours and whoever was in the Oval Office did not even lift a finger to help, did not let the security forces at the embassy in Tripoli make the trip, although they were saddled up and ready to go to the point of loading into vehicles and being told to stand down.

And despite the fact that the ambassador, the most important person in their charge, was in a life or death situation.

Others say that the Republicans in Congress cut the budget so critically that adequate security personnel were not available to protect the ambassador even though he had requested additional security many times.

I don’t know who started that one or how anybody could be dumb enough to believe it. The reason Ambassador Stevens did not have the security he needed was not because of availability but because of incompetence or indifference somewhere up the line.

Even a kindergarten student would know that you deploy your assets where they are most needed, you marshal whatever troops that are available to protect what is most valuable and sending Ambassador Stevens to a volatile hell hole like Benghazi with inadequate security was tantamount to Wyatt Earp walking into the OK Corral armed with a water pistol.

But most importantly, there were assets, well-armed and spoiling to ride to the rescue, and yes, a stand down order was given, or to put it in plain language, permission to deploy was denied.

I would violate a confidence to reveal how I came by this information, but hopefully, one of these days, when time has run its course, the involved parties can come forth and dispel this myth that four Americans had to fight and die for thirteen hours without so much as a fly by from a fighter jet.

So, until that time, day after day, month after month, year after year, I will continue to tweet, Benghazi ain't going away!

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Thank you so much for your rigid commitment to this issue. It absolutely should be in the news everyday until someone is held responsible. I think and tweet about it often. Though I have a fraction of the audience that you have. It is disgraceful that there were attempts to cover it up. And a videographer was arrested.
Posted by Dena
If congress dug into this like the trump stuff..Hillary & Obama would be in gitmo..probably y they never pushed the issue.
Posted by Greg
I read this article and cried. I will do the same every time I see photos of our men, or read about their hours of hell on earth. People absolutely must pay for what happened in those hours. Thank you Charlie. God bless you, and yours.
Posted by kay
I'm with you about Benghazi. Seeing the movie really hit me. How could that happen? Leaders let our American soil of the Embassy be stained with blood of our fine people. Who? A monster, that's who.
Posted by Mary
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, let there be no doubt about it, the blood of these fine Americans is on the hands of Barrack Hussein Obama, a closet Muslim and sodomite. After he and his partner in crime, Eric Holder, got by with Fast & Furious he thought he was beyond reproach. However if nobody in Congress has the gonads to make him answer, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob ultimately will. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
The post and the comments that follow make clear the futility of discussions with the far right.
Posted by Dana
Until someone comes up with another explanation. still think ambassador Stevens found out something over there and knew something that the administration didn't want revealed including then secretary Clinton and was left there to die . I've heard the same thing people were ready to go in and were turned back
Posted by Vicki
This should never have happened and someday the guilty will pay. Thank you for keeping Benghazi alive .
Posted by sandra
Benghazi please
I received the same information from someone who was able to attain clearance to top security meetings that a stand down was ordered.
Posted by Tara
Benghazi Revisited
Thank you, Charlie Daniels!
Posted by Marilyn
God bless you always American Troops.
Our government is totally wrong in so many ways. It's a shame that so many lives are lost because of bureaucrats and their wannabe lives. Enough is enough all of our government must change.
Posted by Wayne
Thank you Charlie for keeping the momentum until the criminals responsible for Benghazi are serving time. How did the Obama administration get away with murder!
Posted by Kathy
Dana Discussion
Dana wrote The post and the comments that follow make clear the futility of discussions with the far right. Why is it futile. Because you cannot deny the facts. Because Clinton's and Obama's explanation of this being caused by a video that insulted Islam and it's pedophile founder was 100% a fabricated lie. Or we just give Obama a free pass. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Thanks for the comment
The futility arises from our living in two separate realities. In my reality, the attack at Benghazi was the subject of likely a dozen Congressional investigations that found nothing remotely like what Charlie and his posters are talking about. At the same time, in my reality, we finally know that the Trumps have been attempting to collude with the Russian government. Two different realities, one based on the news, one based on conspiracy theories. Hard to bridge that gap.
Posted by dana
Very well said...and that's why I retweet your tweet everyday, although I don't have very many people that follow me, but every little bit helps...hopefully!!
Posted by Laurie