Posted on 06.17.2017

Resistance Versus Hate

A lot is said about resistance these days. Resistance denotes something that goes beyond political discourse and disagreements, it denotes belligerence, intractability, unwillingness to compromise, a militant demeanor willing to go outside the lines of decency and lawfulness.

Resistance is what the French and other European countries practiced during Nazi occupation, a justifiable and noble posture to take, considering that their countries were occupied by an evil and overwhelming force that could only be bitten off in small clandestine chunks in whatever covert actions they were able to mount.

Of course, we're only speaking semantics now and whether it’s called resistance or loyal opposition, is really not as much of a point as is the vitriol and hatred that fuels it.

When you cast your ballot against, speak against, write against or otherwise work against a candidate or a party, that is political dissent, and, if so desired, could be called resistance.

But when a prominent show business personality holds up a replica of the bloody severed head of a sitting president, or a major corporate sponsored Shakespeare company perverts a four-hundred-year-old play to plot and carry out the multiple stabbing of a sitting president, that is hate.

When you wheel and deal and pull out all the political stops to achieve goals you consider beneficial to the nation, that's politics as usual.

But when you're willing to suspend the nation's business and indefinitely delay programs that are desperately needed for the welfare of the country just to keep a president from having a win, that's hate.

Hate is a many headed monster, fickle and deceptive, just as apt to turn on its instigator.

There are many old and unturned stones that reflect badly on both major political parties in this nation, and, if these numerous investigations persist, last long enough and dig deep enough, there could well be a lot of garbage slung on both sides of the aisle.

Be that as it might, the current atmosphere in this nation is unsustainable and can have deadly effects, as we saw take place in Virginia, when a nut with a gun went hunting for Republicans to shoot.

Now, what motivated him, what encouraged him, what made him feel justified in taking the lives of those he disagreed with?

How many more kooks are hiding in the bushes, just waiting until some words or events set them off and they go on a rampage? How many springs are close to snapping, how many malcontents standing on the edge of the precipice just waiting for an excuse to jump off?

It has been proven that both sides, right and left, conservative and liberal have their own oddballs and cliff hangers.

Would it have made a difference if that had been Democrats that were attacked in Virginia the other day?

No, it would not have, nor would the rhetoric, coercion or whatever pushed the shooter over the edge have been any less harmful, regardless of what political direction it came from.

The point is the rhetoric itself, not which direction it comes from, the attitude of take down the other side if it kills us all and destroys America in the bargain.

I know we've heard that our nation is divided until it's coming out of our pores, but this scorched earth, last man standing scenario cannot persist.

No political party and no individual is more important than the country.

It’s time to put the knives away, to cool the rhetoric, let the investigations go forth and if guilt is found, let the guilty be prosecuted and punished.

But in the meantime, there is a nation to run and Capitol Hill is crawling around in the garbage trying to find another accusation or juicy piece of innuendo, so they can get 15 seconds of face time on CNN.


What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Love em
You make the most sense. Thanks for being America's most patriotic Artists.
Posted by Angie
Hate or resistance
When you lie about a President saying that he was born in Kenya, that he is a secret Muslim, and that he is a terrorist, that is hate. When you have over a dozen investigations into one person's use of a personal e-mail server, write stories about her being running a child sex slave ring out of a pizza shop, that is hate. When after a close election, the winners marginalized the losing party by claiming they just cannot handle losin, that is hate. We have a President who like so many others pledged to bring us together as never before. He does this by refusing to talk with the opposition party and claiming everything that's goes wrong is their fault. Based on that, it is easy to say things will get worse before they get better. Maybe it is time to ask why everyone in this country needs to be armed to the teeth.
Posted by Dana
Resistance Versus Hate
In my travels, I have seen so much hate particularly as of late toward our President Trump & his supporters by the liberals/democrats & even some republicans. Hate and evil is quite deep in people these days and appears to be getting worse rather than leveling off or dying out. Getting rid of the hate is like trying to descent a ferret. No matter what you do, what you say, any aspect you try to change,the ferret always appears to stink. The ONLY thing left here is continual prayer to release these haters from their 'stinking' bondage of hate.
Posted by Jacqueline
Resistance vs Hate
Ready for some coming together on issues that involve us all. Health care, safety,Troops AMERICA
Posted by Myran
Hate & Resistance
You're right on the money. There does seem to be a lot of muck raking going on. I wish people would stop and think about their motivations before they act against a person or group. I believe they should ask if they're doing it for the betterment of our country or society, or are they just flinging manure against the wall to see what will stick in order to inflict damage to that person or group.
Posted by Matt
Political mess
Charlie I agree with you we need to pray for this to end let the hate dissolve
Posted by Corey
One World Order
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, so many in office are rabid over losing the election that would have basically kept Obama and his Narcissistic personality in power. If that happened the One world Order that George Bush proclaimed on 09/11/1991 would have been unstoppable. However the people of the USA spoke, just like Briton did on Brexit, and elected Donald J Trump, an American patriot who believes that America should come first, and he wants to make America great again. All this flies in the face of the Obamamites who want a leader that bows to the rest of the world and apologizes for our greatness. It is all a sign of the end times approaching where demons from hell have taken over the Nancy Pelosi's, Chuck Schumer's, as they work with the anti-Christ spirit in Barrack Hussein Obama to bring about the One world Order that will usher in the anti-Christ. When we look at voter fraud and election influence we see much more evidence to support it coming from illegals than Russia. I find it intriguing that in Mexico the government issues a national voting ID card with photo that you must present to cast your vote, but to do so here is racist according to the Democrat's. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
You make perfect sense.
Posted by Fred
This might help
This is certainly not a cure-all, but it might help: People need to understand that they can have a liberal opinion without being a liberal, and have a conservative opinion without being a conservative. I, myself, have more conservative opinions than liberal ones, but these are just individual ideas that happen to be conservative. I don't have these ideas out of some sort of loyalty to conservative ideology. As a matter of fact, conservative ideology actually repulses me. I'm open-minded to the occasional liberal idea. I even think that liberals have a better attitude than conservatives, even though I disagree with most of their ideas.
Posted by Tru
Resistance Versus Hate
Being almost as old as you Charlie, I do believe we think somewhat alike. What made this country so great in the past was the people who came here to make a better life for themselves and their families. All the people came together in a time of need despite heritage or political affiliation. That is no longer true. There are many that can't see past there politics and it is hurting our country.
Posted by suzanne
In response to an article about the irrational hatred running rampant in this country, Democrats are referred to as stinky ferrets, demons from Hell. and servants of the anti-Christ with no sense of self-irony. Let's face it. We are in deep. Let us make sure that the people bent on destruction are not better equipped than the police.
Posted by dana
Words of wisdom
Thank you for this. It makes more sense then anything I have heard in a long time
Posted by Dave
Thank you so much for the article. Very helpful.
Posted by Sharon
Hate or Resistance
Thank you, Charlie. Spot on. I understand why people do it, but there is no logic in their position. Reducing, controlling, or otherwise removing firearms from the general populace will NOT keep the fringe actors from doing their deeds. Those hell bent on mayhem will find a way - fertilizer bomb, 3000 pound vehicle, baseball bat, knife, etc. Willful intent knows no bounds. So like you've said, let's get on with running our beautiful country and tone the rhetoric down to civil discourse. God Bless!
Posted by Robert
Resistance v. hate
Sir, I wish that our politicians and activist groups would read your soap box comments. They are always sensible and are intended to unite us as a Nation, not divide us or resist our blessedness. Thanks. Also, do you perform songs from "The Door" at your concerts? I love that album. Take care and God bless.
Posted by Hank