Posted on 05.19.2017


Every year Coach Phillip Fulmer and myself co-host a golf tournament fundraiser in Nashville for an organization called the Jason Foundation, an entity started by Clark Flatt whose son, Jason, was a victim of teenage suicide, and started the organization on a shoe string determined to fight teenage suicide tooth and nail.

Over the last 20 years or so the Jason Foundation has grown from a kitchen table organization to a national leader in the prevention of suicide among young people and more recently among veterans.

On the day of the tournament this year, I learned a heartbreaking fact, one demographic most at risk of suicide now is the age group of 10 to 14 years! For ages 10 to 24, suicide is the second leading cause of death!

Just try to imagine that! Ten-year-old kids who have not lived long enough to even know what life, its beauty, its promise, its excitement and its fulfillment are all about, falling into such despair, such desperation they feel as if they can't stand another minute of it.

How could this be, what could be so troubling in so young a mind that such a thing would even cross it, much less push them to the point of actually ending a life that has barely begun.

Well, the good news is that the Jason Foundation is straining every nerve to find out the answers to these troubling questions and has developed a system of recognizing the symptoms and signs these young people exhibit in the days leading up to suicide and in many of the schools around the nation teachers are required to take a course in recognizing these danger signs.

There are no statistics to adequately predict how many lives have been saved by this timely intervention but suffice it to say, it is known to be substantial.

A few years ago, Clark Flatt joined forces with Tennessee Adjutant General Max Haston in an effort to do something about the catastrophic suicide rate among our veterans which, even now, stands at around 22 a day.

A program was designed and a cell phone app created called Guard Your Buddy, an app that gives an at-risk veteran immediate access to a mental health specialist to help them off the precarious ledge of taking their own life.

Since instituting this program a few years ago the Tennessee National Guard has evidence of lives saved and there is a move on now to get this program adopted across all branches of service and all state National Guard units.

The cost is relatively infinitesimal in a government budget but so far, the powers that be seem more interested in building bridges to nowhere and studying the sex lives of microscopic organisms than financing a program that is proven to save lives.

Similar to the Guard Your Buddy app, the Jason Foundation has launched Jason Foundation A Friend Asks app designed for young people to help recognize suicide warning signs in their friends or give them tools to help if they are having suicidal thoughts including a one-click direct connection to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

While many of the causes of teenage suicide remain shrouded in mystery, others are well known with bullying being a leading contender.

This is a problem that can be dealt with, schools should be granted the permission to deal with the bullying problem, chronic bullies should be disciplined, penalized, expelled from school.

Cyberbullies should have their internet privileges and devices taken away by their parents and failing that by whatever means the law allows and if the law doesn't allow it should be amended to allow it.

A very accurate description of suicide is "a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

True words.

If you, your school or your organization would like to have information on recognizing the symptoms of a kid at risk of suicide contact:

The Jason Foundation, Inc. -Youth Suicide Prevention and Awareness Facebook Page
18 Volunteer Drive
Hendersonville, TN 37075
1-888-881-2323 or 615-264-2323

Click HERE for Jason Foundation A Friend Asks app

Saving lives is a serious business.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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Teenage suicides
Charlie, I believe that a significantly high number of the suicides are the result of prescription drugs. The reason soooo many kids are on medication is directly related to the continual eroding quality of the food supply. Too many bulk hollow calories that are chock full of GMOs and chemical residue. Do to poor nutrition the kids donīt behave as they should do to the damage to their digestive system and immune system and the vast majority of doctors are properly trained to recognize the real problems and subsequently the children end up on drugs that cause more problems than solutions. Charlie, It is time someone like you stood up and told the truth. I will gladly provide you with all of the research and expert testimony from HIGHLY accredited researchers and MDs to back up what I have said. Please call me (712-441-3911) or email and I will gladly fill you in. THANK YOU for ALL YOU DO!
Posted by Howard
Good post
A very important issue, a great cause and foundation and a very good post.
Posted by Steve
So True
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, everything you say here is so true. I have had to many friends suffer from losing family members to this horrific and tragic loss of human life, most way to young to even grasp what good there is in living. I also belief that Howard is spot on and includes many vets being treated with drugs that should not even be manufactured. nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
Jason foundation
You are so right on so many of your commentaries. Thank you for standing up for your values and your country. On Jason Fiundation. I tried to go to their web site. Directed me to Facebook. I don't do Facebook. Nor do a lot of others. How can one access the signs without going to Facebook?
Posted by Don
22 - too many
Charlie, Amen, brother. As many of my brothers and sisters of the armed forces have chosen to exit early, a cause I'm dedicated to rectifying, learning about the children of our country pains my soul. How can I share a poem I wrote that I've been encouraged to put into a song format about being a combat veteran and dealing with the demons that come with what we have experienced?
Posted by David