Posted on 03.20.2017

Observe and Report

When I was a kid in North Carolina, with the exception to the relatively small amount of time radio stations devoted to it, almost everybody got their news from newspapers.

It was the grand day of the print news media and even the smaller towns had at least a weekly newspaper with the larger cities printing daily issues and then there were the giants, the newspapers with massive circulation around the state, delivered to doorsteps every morning or hawked by newsboys on the street.

One such paper in our state was the Raleigh News and Observer, a daily paper with a thick
Sunday edition that blanketed the state, informative and influential, daily digests of world and local news, sports, comics, editorial opinion and social sections.

Although I'm sure the paper had a modicum of political bent involved, the name implied the intent and practice of the publication, to observe and report, as was the mission of most of the newspapers of the day.

The daily cover to cover reading of the newspaper was a ritual in many households and my preceding generation gleaned the lion’s share of their news from them.

I was not then, and I’m still not a voracious newspaper reader and by the time I got truly interested in what was really going on in the world, Walter Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley and company were doing their daily half hour telecasts and the eyes and ears of the nation were turning to television for their information.

There was a time when newspaper and television editors meticulously checked and rechecked the stories they reported for voracity and accuracy and took great care to make sure that the news they reported to the public was valid.

It seems the intent and seemingly the mission of many of today’s news outlets, be they print or broadcast is not to observe and report, but to expose and influence, voracity, validity
accuracy and the reputations of anybody who happens to be on the opposite side of the political spectrum they espouse notwithstanding.

It seems that honest and neutral journalism has gone the way of the mule collar and button hook, just out of style for today's young guns and old lions who all seem to have an ax to grind in their reportage and I've noticed that the network news usually uses the first 8 or 9 minutes of their national newscast to bring up any negatives they can dig up about the current administration, the direct opposite attitude they collectively exhibited toward the last one.

And it's not just the content of what they report, it's the many things they do not report or bury like boiler print or afterthought, bringing as little attention as possible to these issues.

It’s a sad situation when the news industry has violated the standards of truth and neutrality to the point that their trust ratings have fallen even below that of the U.S. Congress, a long-time watermark for citizen distrust in public entities.

Especially when you remember that a few short decades ago Walter Cronkite was among the most trusted men in the nation.

I remember when men of honor, people like Edward R. Murrow, Gabriel Heatter and Ernie Pyle set the standard for hands on, candid and honest reporting, gaining the trust and the eyes and ears of the American public.

America is starved for unvarnished, un-politicized news coverage, without the conveniently edited sound bite, the snide remark and the obvious bias.

At least I know I am.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels


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I agree Mr Daniels it's sad that you can't trust the news anymore because it was also use to keep everyone honest. Social media is now considered news and will be the downfall of this country
Posted by John
Observe and Report
I totally agree with you Charlie! The editorial page has become the front page in all media in America. I tend to watch the local channels here in Western North Carolina - I just want to know if a tornado is coming my way!
Posted by Allen
Astute observations. To bad people can't understand and stand tall against the lib press. Thank you for this article.
Posted by Pat
Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie I am a newspaper reader from way back, Still can spend an hour reading the Sunday paper if I got the time and read at least a half hour in the daily. e news editions are alright but I like my black and white print. Speaking of black & white I think the WND and Info-Wars were the only organizations that mentioned Obama's half brother tweeting a purported copy of his birth certificate showing Kenya as his birth place. I don' know if it is the real McCoy but we do know that the one posted by the White House is phony as a 3 dollar bill. The news ought to be telling us why he is the first president since Woodrow Wilson to set up residence in Washington DC. and less than 2 miles from the White House. It is not for his daughter to finish school.....nuff said God Bless Plowboy
Posted by Plowboy
enjoyed this
I believe my politics differ from your politics, Charlie, but kudos to you for this wonderful piece of writing. The good old days. Wish we could have them back.
Posted by Stella
I have been a fan for many years. I want you to know that your song Georgia got me through my military years when I was station in cal and missing ga. I do pray for our troops our police our Jewish friends and you. America is in a tough time but with people like you it will make it. God bless CBD.
Posted by John
The country has become so polarized, even a weather report is seen as biased. I have lived most of my life in red states but even I cannot figure out where people are getting their news about things like 'pizzagate' or 'Operation Jade Helm'. It is as if there were two different realities housed in the same country.
Posted by dana
Well said I read the newspaper everyday but that is not the only place I get the news
Posted by Mitch
Honest Reporting
Charlie, I have to agree. Every network is severely slanted one way or the other. I used to turn to the BBC World News Report for accurate, no holds barred journalism. They didn't sugar coat anything. sadly, when I tuned in the other day, they weren't reporting the facts or even news. It was an anti-Trump smear. What a shame.
Posted by John
Soap box
HI Charlie, I just wanted to say thank you for your articles and your music. I have enjoyed your music most of my life and now I find your opinion is lifting me out of the anger I feel about the way the media and Democratic party are treating our President. You are able to express the problem in society with knowledge and a level head. Thanks again, God Bless You, Sandee
Posted by Sandee
news media
you are correct as usual..and our times right now are very sad..prayers are very much needed
Posted by Tina
Observe and Report
Right on, Charlie! The only thing I read in the paper anymore is the funnies and have to pick and choose even in that section! Thank you for your honest assessment of our ongoing situation in this country of ours. May God hold us in the palm of His hand.
Posted by Margaret
A good paper
On that note, I want that same thing and the closest I have found is the Christian Science Monitor. I renewed my subscription and I am happy I did.
Posted by Amy