Conquest, War, Famine and Death

Aug 4 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Middle East, Religion

All my life I have heard good Christian people say that the time for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ was at hand, that the signs of His coming were appearing and that His return was imminent. These statements were made in total sincerity and good reason.

When He was on earth Jesus said that no man knew the day of His return, that only God the Father knew. But Jesus did not say that we wouldn't recognize the season, in fact He encouraged us to look for the signs and be ready for His return, which would take place quickly like "a thief in the night".

A major sign of the second coming and something that had to happen was the rebirth of the nation of Israel, which happened in 1948. So much of the last days prophecies take place in and around Jerusalem and the final battle involving Israel and an army numbering in the hundreds of millions takes place on a huge flat plain in Israel known as the Valley of Megiddo which in Greek is Armageddon.

The Bible speaks of a time when Israel will stand alone, surrounded by armies. Practically, the only friend Israel has is the United States and, truly in my heart I do not believe that Barack Obama is a friend of Israel. I know he repeats the platitudes and says the slogans but he seems to equate the nation of Israel equally with band of murdering terrorists like Hamas that is dedicated to the total destruction of Israel.

So Israel could well "stand alone" when the time of the final battle comes.

Where does that leave America? Actually it leaves us in the unenviable position of defying a promise God made to Abraham when He told him He would make him the father of a great nation,

"I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse” – Genesis 12:3

America has blessed Israel since it's inception in 1948 and America has prospered as no other nation on the face of the earth and turning our backs on Israel in her time of need is tantamount to bringing a curse on our nation.

The Bible speaks of a day when the world and society would be "as in the days of Noah", when the taking of life was rampant and morality was all but unknown.

Look at the world today, the murder and persecution of Christians in Islamic controlled countries is common place, Mexico is controlled by drug cartels, unwed pregnancy in some sectors is over fifty percent of the birth rate, Russia is in the process of reconstituting at least part of the "Evil Empire”, America's profligate spending has mounted a national debt we may well never pay, television channels pour out vile trash twenty four hours a day and millions of unborn babies are murdered without remorse every year.

The Bible speaks of pestilence and as I write this, the worst outbreak of Ebola the world has ever experienced is taking place, not to mention the other myriad of antibiotic resistant viruses that are springing up around the world.

Am I predicting?

No I'm only observing, and in my humble, personal opinion the pieces are falling into place that will bring about the season of prophecies the Bible speaks about when the antichrist will appear and bring about a seven-year period known as the Great Tribulation.

There are three schools of thought on the return of Jesus as it relates to the period of the great tribulation.

Before the tribulation - Pre Trib
Halfway through the tribulation - Mid trib
After the tribulation - Post trib

As for me, I make no statement to back or refute any of these three beliefs as they have been researched and held by people I have a great deal of respect for.

I don't know when all this will take place, but as one who has heard that the second coming was at hand all my life, and believe with all my heart every prophecy in God's word, it is my conviction that all the pieces could come together very quickly and the beginning of the end could commence most any time.

One very important point to remember, the antichrist will not have a set of horns or a tail. On the contrary, he will be viewed at first as a man of great peace, an international problem solver who holds the key to the world's most perplexing problems.

Only after three and a half years of prosperity will he show his true colors and unleash hell on earth.

Nor do I believe the mark of the beast will be some disfiguring brand or garish tattoo but possibly a simple implanted microchip which will enable the wearer to buy, sell and carry on daily life, but it is also a one way ticket to hell as the Bible says.

The Bible says to watch and pray.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

I have spent too much time studying prophecy. I now have seen the signs in Matthew 24 increasing in severity and magnitude just as a woman's birth pangs signals the beginning of a new life. (Mat 24:8). Israel, not the United States is the barometer for measuring the closeness of The Day of the Lord. We are to look up because our redemption is closer than ever before. Now the deal is getting everyone in the boat before the coming flood of evil takes over the earth and the door is slammed shut just as the days of Noah. You don't have to have a PHD or any other credentials except the one Jesus told us, to go and preach the good news of the eternal life that He has offered us and completed on the cross. I have been called to finance with my military disability money, and work a small homeless mission located in the most dangerous section of town. That is where you find the homeless, who turn to drugs to deaden the misery of each empty day in their miserable life. Most times you can preach the Gospel without any words, because Jesus said that anyone offering a cup of cold water in His Name would not lose their reward. So the smallest things that we can do makes a big difference in Heaven's Eyes. The most important thing for people is just listening and giving them a hug, because they are so marginalized by the world and it makes them feel loved and respected to walk into a house of prayer and healing, have a warm meal served to them at the table with love and compassion and listen to their stories. Once a trust has been established, they will then ask the questions concerning God and Jesus, that is when the Spirit is moving and then you can lay the good news on them which they readily accept eagerly at that time. They perish due to lack of knowledge. If you thought you had big problems you will find after spending a couple of hours with the down and out that your problems pale in comparison to their situation. I go home every time with a grateful heart that I have good food, a roof over my head, a doctor to visit and things of this sort that I can easily take for granted. I know my days have a purpose and I feel much better at night knowing I did my part to make the world a better place one person at a time, just the way that Jesus ministered. That in itself is a great reward. Disabled and can't leave the home? you can always join a social network and find needs there, as you have world wide access to people you would never know in any other way. Not blowing my horn here but an example of a 200.00 dollar investment in the Kingdom has blessed and helped the homeless, orphaned children in Bangladesh to come to the gospel in a tangible way. You will quickly find how appreciative and grateful the ministers there are for even the smallest support. Don't think because your housebound you cannot do a work for Christ. Even though it is painful at times, you can read the bible with the right hand and the newspaper in the other and see that the prophecy is unfolding in rapid fashion. We got ta git them rounded up into the fold before the promised storm hits. I think that is why Jesus wrote prophecy, to give us Hope for so we won't lose our faith. It is so sad when you listen to the talking heads on TV search for explanations to the horrors occurring and trying to find meaning when we already know the answer because Jesus has already told us so. He IS coming soon, not a a sweet cuddly baby which seems cute and harmless, but instead, He will be on that thar white horse, in full glory, and will be pretty darn upset when enough is enough. Keep looking up!


There are three ways the events of Revelation are approached. First of all, all Christians agree that the beginning of the book (chapters 1-3) applies to the first century and the end of the book (end of chapter 20 through chapter 22) applies to the end of history; the argument is over where the middle chapters (4 through the first half of chapter 20) apply. The first option (preterism) says it applies to the first century or the first few centuries — that it is bunched up toward the First Coming; the second view (historicism) says that it is spread more or less evenly between the First and Second Comings; and the third view (futurism) says that it is bunched up toward the Second Coming.

I vote for the first way, preterism. That crap about an anti-Christ coming is ridiculous, it is not even in the book of Revelation or the OT prophets, it was John's epistle and referred specifically to the gnostics who did not believe Jesus came in the flesh. EVery liberal you talk to is an anti-Christ, Christ's image is in the unborn and they're OK with killing them.

I believe the immediate fulfillment of The Book of Revelation was the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. I believe Revelation was written around 64 AD, and that 666 applies to Nero, whose firt name middle name and last name added up to that numerically.

I've been around the track on Revlation my whole life, from Hal Lindsey, to Finis Jennings Dake, etc. The book that makes the very most sense to me, and literally goes verse by verse through the entire Book of Revelation, expalaining context and everthing is "Coming Soon" by Michael Barber. If any here can get past their unjustifed nucances against Catholicism (like how too many black Americans have unjustificed nuances against Republicans to the degree they wouldn't even give the time of day to listen to them), it would be a good book to check out.

And Dave Hunt's "A Woman Rides the Beast" is garbage. The beast was Rome and the harlot on it was Jerusalem. Clearly, in the gospel accounts the Jewish priestly leadership worked with Rome to deal with Jesus. And they did so to persecute Christians in the immediate decades following as well. That's what the author had in mind, when writing to his immediate audience. Obviously Jerusalem / the Jewish priestly leadership, etc. would be basically whoring with Rome, reflecting imagery the prophets used when Israel would turn away.


Hey, is this Denise Doering's sister Moose? Sharon?

My papaw used to talk about this all the time, he always said that it wouldn't happen in his lifetime, but that I would see it in mine.

I agree that people have predicted the end all the years since, but the difference between then and now is simply this, they based their opinions on just a handful of Bible verses whereas now we are looking at very specific prophecy being fulfilled in a very specific order under a very specific set of circumstances. No one knows when the hour will be, nor or we supposed to worry or try to predict it, but being aware of what is going on in the world is something more people need to try.

Interesting perspectives. I spent many years researching the End Times from a Christian perspective. Frustrated by the discrepancies and being badgered by pastors who each claimed that only their version could be the truth, I turned to the Jewish scriptures to learn what they teach about it. On a very elementary level, there are 2 Messiahs - Mashiach ben Yosef who will be a military leader during the final war, and Mashiach ben David, an ancestor of King David who will lead Israel.

Charlie, thank you for being such an incredibly positive supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. I live on the outskirts of Jerusalem and very much enjoy reading your articles and posts on Facebook.

Who is wailing and moaning? I look forward to Jesus' return. If you believe, you see the signs. We can look forward to Jesus' return without fear. And what is wrong with repentance? Repentance can make positive changes, one person at a time. The scriptures are not "obscure". They are written throughout the Bible. It's your choice to believe or not. But the only wailing and moaning you will hear will be those who chose unbelief.

Here we go again with the "End times" talk. For over five thousand years people have looked at current events and poorly linked them to some obscure Scripture to gin up fear, repentance, and boost church attendance. When the end doesn't come as predicted, the goalposts get moved back once more, at least until the next current event gets poorly linked to some obscure writing in a holy book.

Here's an idea for y'all. Instead of wailing and moaning about the End Times, why not use all that energy to make a POSITIVE change that will make the entire world a better place to be?

"Nor do I believe the mark of the beast will be some disfiguring brand or garish tattoo but possibly a simple implanted microchip which will enable the wearer to buy, sell and carry on daily life, but it is also a one way ticket to hell as the Bible says." You are spot on Charlie and this is, which is why my coon hounds are not even chipped for the anti-Christ (AKA ID purposes to help locate the owner in the event the dog becomes lost). It will come to a surprise to many Democrats but my Bluetick has more brains and common sense than Obama. God Bless Plowboy

Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie. I used to be like you with the tribulation and considered myself a Pan Trib, meaning it would all pan out in the end. After much study and what I believe to be rightly dividing the Word I am a pre-trib. When we read Matt chapter 24, the disciples ask Jesus about "when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?" Jesus through verse 14 tells them several things, ending with "and then shall the end come." This "end" in my humble opinion is the end of the church age, therefore it is here that we have the rapture.
When we start in verse 15 we are in the tribulation period, we see Judea flee to the mountains, we read "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." these elect are those who have been "saved or born again" after the rapture.
As I have stated before Mr. Daniels, we need only look at Obama's comrades to see that he is an anti-Semitic. Don't matter what he says, birds of a feather flock together and you cannot soar with eagles when you hang with buzzards. God Bless Plowboy

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