A Lack of Knowledge

Jul 28 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Immigration, Israel, Middle East, Obama

“My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6 NKJV. Holy Bible

Sometimes I am amazed, and literally appalled, at how many good and decent people fail to keep up with current events that have the potential to adversely affect the lives of themselves and their families, or those who draw conclusions from the occasional sound bite or headline, never looking beyond the bold print at the underlying, sometimes extremely adverse ramifications.

A disgustingly adoring media presented Obamacare to the nation as the long sought panacea, the answer to providing healthcare to the masses with no pain and little change to the world model of healthcare already in place.

Phrases like, “affordable healthcare for everyone”, “without additional cost”, “you can keep your insurance plan”, “you can keep your doctor”, “it will actually reduce the national debt”, “closing the doughnut hole”, actually had people who looked only on the surface believing that Obamacare would actually do all the things he said it would.

Anybody with enough sense to close a door, with a little looking behind the pie in the sky rhetoric and fast talk could see that Obamacare's purpose is not primarily a healthcare program at all but federal power grab to grow government and it's influence over their lives and cannot possibly work as it is constructed.

Those who read only the New York Times or watch the evening news are aghast at the plight of the Palestinians, huddled in shelters, their homes destroyed, their lives interrupted and seemingly all hope gone because the aggressors, the Israelis, have destroyed their neighborhoods.

Admittedly it is a pitiful sight, a deplorable situation to say the least, but why are the Israelis firing missiles into their neighborhoods? Because that's where Hamas is hiding themselves and the rockets they have lobbed over 1,600 of into Israeli neighborhoods in an attempt to kill families and destroy homes.

Why did this conflict start? Because Hamas started firing rockets into Israel and the only way to make them stop was to go into Gaza and take them out and Israel makes every effort to avoid civilian casualties, issuing warnings to the areas they are attacking to give the people time to clear out before the attacks begin.

Hamas does no such thing.

Just because certain media outlets and members of the Obama administration say so, many people believe that all the questions about Benghazi have been answered and this is far from the truth.

We are being told that the economy is on the upswing but the economy actually sets on a cardboard foundation, a weak and vulnerable monolith interdependent on so many pieces that if and when one is removed it will tumble like the house of cards it really is.

Obama claims that the Keystone Pipeline is being held up for ecological reasons and that a never-ending bevy of studies need to be completed to confirm it's passive effect on the environment.

But if you could look deep enough, I would wager that there are forces much more powerful and less visible than the Sierra Club, et al pulling the puppet strings and having to do with the availability and price of crude oil.

Why has America not built new oil refineries in decades or more diligently pursued nuclear energy or hydrogen cells?

Did you ever stop to think that controlling the production, distribution and the price of America's prime energy source is one of the most powerful weapons in anybody's arsenal? And that preventing the market from being oversupplied is the way to sustain that power.

What do you think the uncontrolled flow of unaccompanied children over our borders and the open borders policy of the Democratic Party is all about?

The milk of human kindness?

Imagine this.

Sometime in the next few years, the reckless extremes of the Obama and the Democrats are coming home to roost and the reality is going to be such that even his most staunch supporters will realize they've been had and the future of the Democrats will be dim.

Consider that in the years to come millions of new voters, naturalized citizens who are here already parents of the children coming across the border, added to the entitlement class which will continue to grow exponentially and the easily deceived who look no deeper than the headlines, or their own needs, to draw conclusions and there emerges a rag tag majority strong enough to keep the Democrats in power until the day of reckoning finally comes and America implodes.

Dig a little America, lest we perish for lack on knowledge.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Mr. Daniels,
This is a well written blog. So true but the root is the takeover of the minds of our youth by the teachers' unions which has truly made our young relatively unaware of what has made our nation great. A google search for "Tenets of communism" will reveal about 45 things that the mid-50s communist party intended to do in order to take over the US. Many are complete or strongly underway...many more need to realize this. Please help spread the word. Thanks!

Chris,God Bless the South and any man that does what he is Constitutional sworn to do. God Bless Plowboy

Well Said! If the blind lead the blind then they will both fall into the ditch. It would seem that people liked to be deceived. The liberal few have mesmerized and control the people with their "agenda" (21)..I was outraged yesterday when I heard my state Attorney General say he will no support the law, that we the people in North Carolina voted on concerning same sex marriage. He was referring to the ruling by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Virgina where a judge ruled that Virginia's law banning same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Our Attorney General, Roy Cooper, a democrat, went on to justify his non support of the law by citing that since NC falls under the the 4th circuit court's jurisdiction, that he would not enforce the law, and the unsubtle declaration that all arguments have been exhausted! He threw in the towel to states rights. The two judges that wrote that the law was "unconstitutional" are democrats while the lone dissenting voice, who made the natural traditional law argument, was a republican. But no where can I find what exactly was unconstitutional about this "preference" ruling. We the people have elected and placed men into position to make laws concerning the majority vote, and trust them to do the right thing and appoint honorable and trustworthy people with the power to ENFORCE that law, not look for a "constitutional loophole" or do as Eric Holder and his henchmen, selectively enforcing laws that support his parties views and not necessarily the people of the United States. At least South Carolina has the gumption to stand by their same sex marriage ban and not capitulate against federal pressures against the wishes of the people. Ironic that South Carolina was also the first state to break union in the civil war when they felt that the federal government had overstepped it's bounds on state's rights. The south is gonna do it again! Not in uncivilized rebellion, but in putting some tar on their heels and standing their ground and fighting for our fundamental rights as a people. Just read the first amendment to any third grader, and most with more wisdom than our highly educated lawmakers, will tell you exactly what the simple, true interpretation means. If opposition of a unrestrained political entity running amok doesn't start in the bible belt, we may soon find that we are under the lash!

BTW, also Plowboy, the woman on the beast was Jerusalem who was whoring with Rome by joining them in persecuting the Christians. Plus the writer was aware that his audience knew that Jerusalem was called a whore in other instances in the OT, so the association should have been straightforward for the original readers. Revelation was probably written around 64 AD, before 70 AD, and it's purpose was to describe a more "tangible" transition from the Old Covenant to the new one, nothing being more tangible than the destruction of the very heart and soul of the whole social structure of the Old Covenant in the form of the temple in Jerusalem. The New Covenant/Testament is The Eucharist, Jesus took the cup and said this is the blood of the new covenant. He wants you to receive Him entirely in it, He's more excited to have that unity with you than any engaged person has been to be married. He's calling you home to the church He established on the rock of Peter. You say The Catholic Church has gone to the dogs at times, maybe, but The Lamb has always been on the throne, and it's His church. The Pharisees were corrupt, but Jesus said that they still sit on Moses; seat and we should do what they say anyways. Same principle with if we see corruption in The Catholic Church, the official teachings (not off the cuff opinions of this or that pope), are protected from error by The Holy Spirit. Christ is The Truth, and He is the invisible head of the church, He would not leave us with a church that could teach error.


Thanks Plowboy, I honestly appreciate your sincerity and concern. I know about Dave Hunt and his book, I saw him debate it live with Catholic apologist Karl Keating, so I am aware of both sides of the issue. I believe in the ressurection of the dead that we will all experience some day, so I believe in Christ's second coming in that sense. I do not believe in the rapture, jus tin the ressurection of the dead and eternal life, etc.


I will be praying for you Jim, I believe that Dave Hunt in his book " A Woman Rides The Beast" correctly identifies the Catholic Church as The Whore of Babylon. How can Jesus come a second time after the rapture if He is here now? Do you believe that his second coming has already occurred? Do you not believe in the rapture? God Bless Plowboy

Hi Charlie, I totally agree with everything in your post, very good Bible verse and very well applied to the situation with the media influence of today.

Plowboy, the anti-Christ has come and gone. St. John in his epistle was talking about the Gnostics, which he referred to as "those who deny that Jesus came in the flesh", since they thought material things were evil, and that therefore it would be a contradiction for Christ to come in the flesh since the flesh is made of material.

Christ is here, I receive Him body, soul, blood, and divinity in The Holy Eucharist, when I attend mass. So did all the saints of old. The Protest Reformation didn't reform, it divided. Christ prayed "Father, make them one as we are one." It's time for you to take an RCIA class and become a Roman Catholic.


Amen & Amen Charlie, you spot on this one. What I am about to say is not directed at any one individual, but a large segment of our society today. The dumbing down of America has been going on for years, it has been necessary to bring about the One World Government, One World Economy, and One World religion for the anti-Christ to rule. I still doubt Obama's intelligence, but make no mistake about his handlers who cut the back room deals. The ones who create the crisis after they have already written the solution so that they can take over 1/6 of the US economy with Obamacare. The same ones that know when people no longer understand the US Constitution or what freedom really means they will gladly give it all up for "safety & security".
These same people realize that the Black Vote will not carry the Democrats to victory much longer because many of them have come to see the facts that the Democratic Party is the party of the KKK, that democrats have pitted whites against blacks and blacks against whites for generations so that both are to riled up to see the scheming, wheeling, dealing, murdering, commies for what they are. Therefor it is time to legalize another group for their voting block.
Yes sir Mr.Daniels it is truly amazing the the USA is fixin to become the worlds largest oil producer (2015) and you and I are paying almost $4.00 / gal for diesel fuel. God Bless Plowboy

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