The BHO Debacle Du Jour

Jul 18 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Immigration, Obama

I was at Guantanamo Bay entertaining the troops during the days when the Haitians were coming in droves by boat and landing on the beaches at the base expecting mass asylum in the United States.

They were kept in a compound of concertina wire, simply because there was no place else to keep them until they could be processed.

The first thing some of the troublemakers did was rip the wooden legs off the cots they'd been issued to use as weapons, and attack their guards in an attempt to escape the compound, which was a bad idea because they ran a foul of the United States Marine Corps, who had little patience for such behavior and quickly put an end to the foolishness.

The upshot was that all the Haitians were eventually sent back to Haiti - troublemakers included - hopefully much wiser men insofar as the US military is concerned.

The point I'm going around my elbow to get to my thumb to stress is that there are always a few troublemakers in every group, and no matter how justified and noble you may or may not believe the "unattended children" streaming across our southern border may be, you can bet the farm there are some very serious troublemakers included in the bunch.

In other words, the very thing these children are supposedly running away from, they brought with them. Violent gang members, murderers, drug runners and thugs of all description, young though they may be, hardened unrepentant criminals just waiting to ply their sordid trades on the unsuspecting streets of America.

If our Justice Department was lead by anything other than a prejudiced political hack it would be way out in front of this farce detaining the ones with criminal records and deporting them until the President finishes his round of golf and decides what is going to happen to the rest of them.

And therein lies another gigantic conundrum, much of it generated by an irresponsible media that always uses the word "children" in describing them, in an attempt to brand anybody who wants to send them back to their parents a heartless racist pig, never mentioning the MS-13 gang members and the various and sundry grownups included in the bunch.

That not withstanding, the fact that there are so many children involved exacerbates a pitiful situation even more, as nobody wants to be accused of denying little children shelter. But the pertinent question is "How many children"?

Where does this mass migration end, who draws the line, who takes care of them, will their parents be allowed to join them, exponentially increasing the numbers?

These and many other questions remain unanswered and what's happening is like an uncontrolled flood, the water just keeps rising and there's no place for it to go.

The Obama administration will do their level best to lay the blame for this colossal screw up on anybody else except Obama, but the sorry truth is that he is just as overwhelmed as the rest of us and the bunch of idealistic, act first, think later, screw ups he has around him are as lost as a blind calf in a hail storm.

It's like; "Well we brought ‘em here, now you deal with ‘em".

American communities are getting up in arms about bus and plane loads of people being dumped out in their towns and on their faltering economies and even hard core Obama supporters are having second thoughts about the president's inaction.

The saddest thing about this whole situation is an open secret as everybody with enough gray matter to strike a match knows this is not a humanitarian undertaking, it's just an attempt by Obama and the Democrats to build a majority democrat voting base in traditionally conservative territory a future super majority that would keep them in power ad infinitum.

All this human suffering, all these kids subjected to heaven only knows what on the long trip by the coyotes and the other thugs in the bunch. All this to bolster a political party.

How low can you go?

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Sad thing is, this is nothing new. Castro did the same when he cleared out his prisons and asylums and changed Florida forever 30 years back. Any sensible complaint against any liberal policy means the speaker is hateful, spiteful, fearful and without redemption in the eyes of left. How can we as a people stand up and say, "Call us whatever, it doesn't change the situation."

Jim, you seriously need to stop dissing libertarians (notice I spelled it with a small "l")! I am of a libertarian persuasion, which is basically a fiscal conservative and social liberal. I'm also planning on voting for Rand Paul for president, even if I have to write him in. I am NOT voting for any RINOs who are just about as bad as Democrats. We first need to restore personal freedom, get rid of the NSA spying on folks, stop the IRS abuses, etc. Rand Paul is the best person to accomplish those sorts of things. It matters not what we do in the rest of the world if our country falls apart at home, and it is very close to that now.

Have you ever actually listened to a Rand Paul speech? I'll bet you haven't! You probably just get edited sound bites from the lamestream media, or from out-of-touch Republicans.

In the meantime, I'm keeping my ammo dry and ready for whatever comes.

Keep up the good work, Charlie!


My only point beneath all my yelling, etc. is can we just please love the unborn and those Christians suffering in Iraq enough to get the best Republican in there who will get the job done the way we need to.

To say we need the PERFECT Republican is to not trust God to fill in the gaps for good peoples' imperfections and past mistakes, and that is not wise.


BTW Charlie, I was at GITMO also when the Haitians were flooding the place. Thanks for your service then and now!

God Bless!

Jim, I am a man, served my country for 20 years in the military, suffer from the horrors of being caught in a terrorist attack, have seen the Muslim enemy face to face, outnumbered 100 to one, survived by the grace of God, been with Israelites who have died at the hands of the evil Muslim way, and have fought for your right for you to say what you will. I serve my God, Jesus Christ daily, serving the down and out at a homeless mission despite my disabilities, because it is God that defines who I am, not Jim. A true man is known by his compassion, which I see very little of with your immature upbraiding. It is exactly this that the devil thrives on, dividing us as a people and a nation, because every true Christian knows that we HAVE lost our way as a nation and need to get on our knees before God and cry out for His mercy and HE will fight the fight for us. Instead of blasting everyone because they don't follow your self righteous logic, why don't you look at yourself through the image of Christ and see who is judging righteously here and quit all this fussing and fighting with ourselves and be the United States of America, one country under God. Just because you say your a Christian does not make you one no more than standing in a garage makes you a car. You will be known by your fruits....

Chris, Plowboy, can we cool it on the silly "We lost our way, blah blah" crap. They are explicitily killing Christians in Iraq, anyone who has the mark of The Nazarene on their house gets executed.

So Plowboy will you quit being such a complete jackass and get behind whatever Republican will get in their and kick some ass in Iraq. Your skull and crossbones theory can go straight to Hell, even if it was true, and I don't give a damn if it was or wasn't, it's the past, it's irrelvant and we gotta take out ISIS, ASAP. How would you like it if you were one of the targets. Now shutup, be a man, and for the love of God, not figuratively, but LITERALLY for love of God, please GROW THE HELL UP and quit behaving like a moron. Amen and Amen, to that Jim.


The way I see it, the sad reality is we are at war and our leaders do not know how to wage it, because it deals with how man personally views God. Our enemies have a God and are fanatical and single minded in their devotion. They have a plan, total destruction of the United States and Israel, to prove that their god is stronger than ours. Their god is the god of this world, and his name is Satan the deceiver. The reason we fight "over there" is so we do not have the fight "over here". After 911, they brought the fight to us, and we responded. I hate the political system that pays off the bribe monies to our enemies. We have forgotten how our forefathers recognized the danger of the Muslim extremist when they went to war with the Barbary coast pirates who were capturing Americans and keeping them for ransom money. Our nation responded decisively and victoriously with men who knew their God, and the Justice that is required to protect our people. We have trampled their blood under our feet from the American revolution to the war in Iraq, we have sowed to the wind and reaped the whirlwind with our spineless leaders. The border is just a symptom of the problem of a nation who forgets Jehovah God. Look at the history of Israel. When they acknowledge and obeyed God, they were safe and prosperous. When they turned their back on God to serve other gods, judgement came in the form of a bad king and the destruction of Israel. Are we not seeing that same thing happening now with those who lead our nation. It is a true saying, there is no honor among thieves and liars.

Well I guess you can start ripping Jim, for anybody that supports another Skull & Bones Member of the Prescott Bush Family that helped put Adolf Hitler into power, whose brother pushed for giving up Gaza, of which God said,

Joel 3:2 (KJV)

2 I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.
needs to re-evaluate their stand with Israel. The days of choosing the lesser of two evils when voting need to stop. We must elect men who understand the Constitution and Christian Judeo principals...nuff said God Bless Plowboy

The answer is to get behind the best Republican with business/executive experience, so Rand Paul is definitely not the answer. Rick Snyder, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker someone like that, not Rand Paul or Rick Santorum. Perry I think would be good, but he already made a joke of himself last time around plus his "have a heart" comment made everyone cringe, so not sure he would be able to win, much as I would like him and trust that he would do a good job.

We go three choices: Rick Snyder, Jeb Bush, or Scott Walker, I don't think Christie will run due to the bridge thing.

Those three choices right now, anyone who says the word "Libertarian" is worse than any liberal Democrat because nobody in their right mind would rally behind such an abstract movement that is so far all over the map it can take up an entire galaxy and then some.

The party of Ike, Abe, and Ron are going to solve this immigration debacle, let's be a lean, mean, focused Republican Party who will take the best race horse we got, feed it, and breed it the best we can and no more bitchin' and moanin' like in 2008 where pseudo-conservatives threw our country into the depths of Obama-Hell by limping their wrists and saying "Wah hah hah, Romney isn't perfect, I'm going to talk him down and not campaign for him, wah hah hah hah hah." It was shameful, despicable, and inexcusable how conservatives acted last time,and if some on here are fixin' to do that again, I'll be here to rip them a new one every day, because they deserve it.


This is a planned invasion. And with the apparent approval of even the Republicans. Hopefully this can be remedied at the ballot box before it must be dealt with at the cartridge box. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!! The future of our beloved republic is in great peril.

Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie. it will always amaze me how the media wants to show a couple of kids injured or even killed when someone such as Israel has to defend itself from terrorists, but never mention their butchering parents as the real reasons these children are in arms way. I just saw a UNICEF commercial last night that claims every 5 seconds (12 per minute) a child in this world living in poverty dies from starvation or an easily preventable disease. Where is the outcry from the media?
When I read the following headline
Obama 'czar': U.S. southern border now … Guatemala


I was not shocked at all, people can bad mouth third party candidates all the want and stay with the party whose President declared on 9/11/1990 (911) "A NEW WORLD ORDER" and signed the NAFTA agreement of which Ross Perot wisely declared would create a "great sucking sound"
I have always believed that charity begins at home and by the same token why are the Obamamites not doing anything about the children in the USA being born into poverty, going to bed hungry, living in drug infested neighborhoods, used in child pornography and prostitution and sacrificed to Satan? Could it be because Obama himself is a sodomite? Could Bush's & Kerry’s allegiance to the Skull & Bones be exactly as they have stated it is? Dang straight it is part of the equation. God Bless Plowboy

Until our congress and Prez are held to the standards the American people endure they will never understand. If U don't have the same laws and health care to follow how can U expect anyone to have invested interest in our outcome.

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