Israel and Her Enemies

Jul 11 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Israel, Middle East

While the attention of America is focused on the humanitarian tragedy taking place at our southern border, a much more sinister, potentially catastrophic situation is playing out in the Holy Land, as Hamas rockets rain down on major population areas of Israel, randomly targeting innocent civilians, women, children, the elderly, infirm and helpless, neither knowing nor caring who they fall on as long as they kill Jews.

So far, due to the grace of their Almighty Protector and the Iron Dome, missile defense system, the damage has been held to a minimum although things could change drastically by the time you read this column. Such is the fluid state of the situation.

I watched ABC News with the hopes of hearing a fair assessment, but all I got was basically one side of the story, about the displaced families in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian children who are in danger.

The Jewish side of the story, except for the amount of sorties flown and bombs dropped, went largely untold - at least on ABC. And, unfortunately, that seems to be the pattern with the world media. It’s almost as if they expect Israel to sit back and let Hamas' rockets rain down on them, not complaining and not responding.

It's hard to understand just how small Israel is until you actually go there, it's just a sliver of land between the Mediterranean Sea on one side and surrounded by Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon on the other. Their enemies live in their back yard and will settle for nothing less than wiping them off the face of the earth.

I have been to Israel three times and I can tell you emphatically that they are not going to let that happen, nor are they going to yield to the irrational demands of the Western Nations who seem to think the only way to achieve peace in the Middle East is for Israel to give up even more of the precious little territory they have now.

What Western politicians can't seem to get through their collective heads is that for there to be peace, all parties involved have to want peace and the only involved party who wants peace in this conflict is Israel. No matter how much land they give up or how many concessions they make, the fanatic faction of Islam, which seems to be increasingly more influential and powerful in these nations, will settle for no less than the total withdrawal of all Jews from Israel.

The emergence of ISIS and the swift and terrible victories they have had in Iraq only serves to encourage and recruit and no matter how many nations they invade, they will never stop until they come to the gates of Jerusalem, the most coveted prize in this conflict.

In Yad Vashem - the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, which depicts the Nazi reign in Germany and their efforts to erase the Jews from the European continent - two words are very prominently displayed.

"Never Again"

Two words that pretty much sums up Israel's attitude toward another holocaust or being driven off the land God gave to their patriarch, Abraham, and his decedents forever, and they are not about to be moved off of it no matter how bloody the fighting or how great the odds.

Israel just called up forty thousand reserves and reserves in Israel doesn't just mean weekend warriors but battle hardened veterans of other wars, with experience and savvy who are on standby 24/7/365, ready at a moments notice to drop the tools of commerce and pick up the tools of war.

Israel's aeronautical capabilities are second to none and they lead the world in the development of all kinds of technologies, in my best guess, some they have not even unveiled to the rest of the world as of yet.

When you live in a goldfish bowl surrounded by sharks, constant vigilance and readiness are all that separate you from total destruction, so the research and development of more sophisticated weaponry continues non stop and I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews have some cards up their sleeves, some very lethal cards that would be laid on the table if the situation escalates to that point, which I hope and pray will not be the case.

In my humble opinion, Pandora's Box has been opened; the Islamic forces are ignited and hungry and have been much encouraged by the inaction of our absentee president.

No matter what happens in the present, no matter how many miles John Kerry puts on his jet or how many band aid, peace proposals are cobbled together, the cold hard fact remains, this flame will not be extinguished by talk nor settled in the conference rooms, this one will eventually be settled on the battle field and everybody will be forced to pick a side.

I know which side I'm on. I only wish I could say the same about my country.

It was God who dispersed the Jews throughout the world and God who brought them home in 1948, and no matter what happens, there will always be an Israel.

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Well said!! I only wish our elected leaders had one half of the courage and wisdom you express above. God bless you and your message and God bless Israel!

Very well said. So happy and impressed that you used your celebrity for good, even if what your saying may be unpopular. Let's not forget God's words to Abraham in Genesis 12:2,3. "I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." I know that God will bless you for this Charlie Daniels, and yes, let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem. God Bless you.

Ich habe deinen Kommentar mit Google Übersetzt. Sehr sehr gut.Auch ich meine Israel hat die PFLICHT sich gegen seine Feinde mit ALLEN Mitteln zu verteidigen.Auch ich meine ISRAEL hat seine Militärmacht noch nie gezeigt.Ich als Deutscher muss Israel zustimmen;NEVER AGAIN. Hamas und ALLe anderen Islamisten sind Terroristen und MÜSSEN vernichtet werden. Ohne wenn und aber.Hoffentlich zieht die Israelische Regierung es Diesmal wirklich Durch!!!!! Grüße aus Hamburg

Hi there
I have translated your comment with Google. Very very gut.Auch I mean Israel has a DUTY against his enemies with ALL means to verteidigen.Auch I mean ISRAEL agree its military power, Israel must never gezeigt.Ich than German; NEVER AGAIN. Hamas and all other Islamists are terrorists and MUST be destroyed. No ifs, ands aber.Hoffentlich the Israeli government really pulls it through this time!! Greetings from Hamburg

Well said! G-d bless you and G-d bless the IDF!

Good for you, Charlie. My name is Eliyahu and I produce tribute shows in Jerusalem. This year at the Sixth Annual Jerusalem Woodstock Revival Festival my band Code Redneck will be performing Lynyrd Skynyrd. After being turned on to your brilliant article by a friend, I decided that we have to add a special version of "The South's Gonna Do It Again", changing the names of the towns and cities to those under attack in the Negev, and dedicating the song to our brothers in the South. Do we have your blessing?

Dear Mr. Daniels,
As a proud American and the proud mother of an American IDF Lone Soldier currently serving in Gaza, I can't thank you enough for your support. Thank you for so eloquently and strongly speaking out on our behalf. Praying for a quick and decisive end to the Hamas reign of terror and the safe return of all our sons.

Mr. Daniels,
Your comments are insightful and accurate. I've enjoyed your music for years. Now, I add the clarity of your thinking to that. The devil may have gone down to Georgia, but he resides in Gaza in the embodiment of Hamas.

I've been a fan of yours for decades, but this post gives me even more reason to listen to you. You've told it like it is, and it's greatly appreciated for all friends of Israel, this one included. Thanks Charlie, from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks from your Jewish brother from Jacksonville, FL

Thanks for your well said! And thanks also for your great music. Keep both coming!

The True Winners of the Six-Day War
In 1967, Israel’s neighbors develop a strategy to keep up an expensive, enduring conflict without having to incur the cost of a long drawn out war. Muslim leaders comparing the State of Israel with the Crusades have asserted that they are willing to struggle against the Israeli occupation for as long as necessary until the entire State is eradicated. The cost of such a prolonged conflict in terms of territory, money and life can weaken the aggressor even to the point of hindering its ability to protect itself. In order to protect themselves and weaken the Jewish State, Israel’s enemies conspire to put a large, self-sustaining hostile force inside her borders.
The strategy being employed by Israel’s neighbors put her in control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel being a democracy, found herself unable to allow all the Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to become citizens because the make up of the Knesset would change drastically. She would no longer be a Jewish State if this were to happen. For this reason the Arab nations keep “Right of Return” at the forefront of all peace negotiations. The “Right of Return” requires that all Palestinians and their descendants that fled the country during times of war have the right to return as full citizens. Since Israel can never allow “Right of Return” it keeps peace at bay and the struggle continuing, while giving the appearance that Israel is preventing the negotiations from going further.
The first step in the strategy is to create a nation to do the fighting. People need a reason to fight; a rallying point. Freedom and independence is an easy sell to any group, and has the added bonus of keeping the rest of the world sympathetic to their plight. But the population involved must have a national identity prior to fighting for independence. Before 1948, the Palestinian people considered themselves part of Greater Syria, a territory of the recently fallen Ottoman Empire. From the end of WWI to 1948, they were called Palestinians by the occupying British forces but did not consider themselves an independent nation. But between 1948 and 1967, the Egyptians occupying the Gaza Strip and the Jordanians occupying the West Bank help to form a national identity among their respective populations. No longer are they Syrians, they are Palestinians and they deserve their own country, with their own government, located on their homeland. When Israel takes control of the territories in 1967, she does not just get control of a hostile population, but a new nation of people. Either they will destroy the country from within by voting the Jews out of the government, or sit in an occupied territory, festering. If the latter is true, a new force for fighting Israel is created and Egypt and Jordan no longer have to risk the cost of war.
The second step is inserting that nation into Israel’s borders. In May of 1967 Egypt is amassing forces near the Israeli border, as is Syria. As tensions mount, Israel warns Jordan to keep clear of the fray. There is no confirmation that any participant wants to cede territory at this point. Israel believes the first shot ready to come and preempts it by destroying all of her neighbors’ air forces. In six days, Israel has taken the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. There would be no problem to continue onto Cairo, but Israel stops at the Suez Canal. In two days Israel takes all of the West Bank. There was no plan to take it, but after receiving information that the Jordanians have pulled back to the Jordan River, they send soldiers to occupy the land. While Jerusalem and Hebron are hard fought, and Israel has no intentions of returning them, it is thought by the Israeli high command that the rest of Judea and Samaria could be bartered for peace. They have no idea that the territory is not returnable. Israel takes the Golan Heights from Syria and the UN calls for a cease-fire. From beginning to end, the entire skirmish lasts six days and Israel is left with an arrogance stemming from a swift defeat of her enemies. Defeating the Syrians and Egyptians in six days is an insurmountable victory, but add onto that the defeat of the Jordanians and the Arab League in the West Bank in two days, and something seems odd. Within two weeks Israel is offering the land back for peace. Jordan, Egypt and Syria all refuse the offer.
The lands taken, except for the Golan Heights, are all filled with Muslim inhabitants. If Israel incorporates all the seized territories, the new population will be poised within a few short generations to overthrow the government legally through elections. Therefore Israel cannot give the new population citizenship. The only seized territories that Israel absorbs are East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights is important defensively, as well as a major source of water for the Jewish State. The population is mainly Druze, an Arab community persecuted by the Muslims for their religious beliefs. Israel grants them full citizenship. Unlike the Muslim citizens in the State, the Druish population asks to be drafted into the military and work with the Jews to fight for the country.
Ceding the Golan Heights backfires for Syria, but the cession of West Bank and Gaza Strip appear to work perfectly. Israel cannot incorporate these territories. The Palestinian nation grows and the hostility of occupation works. Israel is mired in a conflict with the Palestinians, and Egypt and Jordan can quietly sit on the sidelines and watch. Syria, realizing there is no pressure coming from the north, employs a variation of the plan by infiltrating the Lebanese government and using her neighbor as a puppet for attacks on Israel. Building up Hezbollah as a political and military force in Lebanon, Syria now has the means to attack Israel remotely. Since the attacks come from Lebanon, Israel is mired in a conflict outside of Syrian borders. The tactic is not as clean, but just as effective. Syria has to deal with the financial cost of the conflict, but deflects the territorial cost and avoids the loss of her own military force.
Egypt becomes the first to move towards peace. Only four years after a brutal war, whose length shines a spotlight on the contrast of the Six Day War, Anwar Sadat gives a speech in Jerusalem and begins peace talks. The negotiations include the return of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt for peace. The Gaza Strip appears in the accords only as an independent, self-governed Palestinian State. Sadat does not attempt to regain the tiny strip of land with over a million inhabitants. A cold peace is reached; a lack of war rather than a true friendship. The struggle against the Jewish State continues from the Gaza Strip, and Egypt can sit on the sidelines and look like a good neighbor to the rest of the world, while receiving billions of dollars in aid every year from the United States in exchange for “peace.”
Jordan was the next to act. In 1994 King Hussein signed a peace treaty with Israel, not asking for any of the West Bank. Jordan’s peace with Israel, unlike Egypt’s is a true peace. The treaty sets up mutual water rights and solves any border dispute. Jordan and Israel even have a trade agreement and plans to build a railroad from the Haifa port to Jordan. But the West Bank remains absent in the agreement. King Hussein did not ask for any territory west of the Jordan River. In times of drought, Jordan will receive help from Israel and benefit from trade with the Jewish State. But Jordan made no attempt to rectify the conflict in the territory ceded to Israel in 1967. King Hussein is vocal about the need to solve the “Palestinian Crisis” but is sure to keep the “Right of Return” as one of the conditions.
While Egypt has a “cold peace” and Jordan has a “true peace”, Syria has no peace with Israel. The two countries are in a constant state of war. Syria’s only demand for a peace treaty with Israel is the return of the Golan Heights for recognition of Israel’s right to exist. While Jordan and Egypt have concocted a self-perpetuating struggle, Syria must continue to aid her puppet to keep up the fight. Since she is actively working against Israel, the Jewish State has nothing to gain from peace with Syria, only the Golan Heights to lose. But Syria and Israel, aside from an incident here and there have not engaged in a direct conflict since 1982 and that was within Lebanese territory. Not since the war in 1973, which included Egypt, have the two militaries met on their own soil. Even though the peace is not official, the border between the two countries is quiet.
Caught between borders of “no peace,” “cold peace,” and “true peace,” the Jewish State must still contend with a war on all sides. The occupied territories now house a nation fighting for independence. The Palestinian children are taught to hate their occupiers guaranteeing the perpetuation of the conflict for generations and replenishing the ranks of lost soldiers in the struggle. Because they are a small nation fighting for their independence, the financial cost is born by the entire world, which sends billions of dollars in aid every year. Egypt, Syria and Jordan sit quietly on the sidelines, incurring no cost and appearing in the right, while Israel is demonized and must deal with the enormous cost of a never-ending war from the north, east, and south. The strategy worked beautifully.

Thank you so much for your supportive remarks on Israel. I always loved your music. Now I see a bit more about the man behind the music. You rock.

Yes, it is good that people like you get what's really going on. Just one thing. As an Israeli, I am also very unhappy about the tens of thousands of Gazans being displaced, and I am angry at Hamas for making that necessary.

Love ya Mr. Daniels, for not shying away from the truth about what is going on right now!

Thank you, Mr. Daniels, from a fellow American, a Jew, and a proud supporter of Israel.

Heard you on trunews and saw you perform live in the 70's in NJ on a July 4. You are spot on about Israel and the current deceived leadership. Glad to know you are out there spreading the truth. Lots of Love to you and the band.

Thank you T Hessler for the link.

Another good site to check is

then click on the red LIVEBLOG link

There are continual updates.
Each day is a new site.

THANK YOU Charlie Daniels! I am an American (NY-Nashville-OH) living in Israel and know that American "news" outlets are not telling you all the truth. Anyone who wants the full story should visit

Amen ,Amen & Amen Charlie,the storm clouds are brewing and the heavens proclaiming that Israel is fixin to kick more butt than they have in their entire history. Obama, Biden and Kerry be damned if they think they can change what is fixin to happen, just like they think they can change the climate by stopping bovines from passing gas. Tells me they ain't never plowed with a mule or horse. The only horse Obama ever new was AKA smack, black tar, or H.
People can deny that the Jews are God's Chosen People and He has an eternal covenant with them, just like they can deny the world is round,but it don't change the truth. I am with you Charlie, Israel has a few cards to play that will shock most of the world. Too bad the Muslims don't know they should fold and run. God Bless Plowboy

Obama has repeatedly emphasized the word “RESTRAINT” to Israel. After 9/11 the entire United States wanted vengeance, and went after it. If not for the Iron Dome, Israel today would be in shreds. Just how much “restraint” are they supposed to exhibit, when no country in the rest of the world would have put up with one-tenth of what the Nation of Israel has, just since it has been formed. WE DIDN’T - WHY SHOULD THEY

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