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Jun 30 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Obama, Politics

I lay no claim to a great knowledge of the Middle East and Southeast Asia, nor do I hold degrees from prestigious universities, and I've never claimed to be the sharpest saw at the mill.

I look at things in a blue collar layman's sort of way and use a measure of judgment I call Cowboy Logic, which consists of three things. Water never runs uphill, two and two is always four and if there's smoke, there's a fire somewhere.

The recent actions of the Obama administration in the Middle East seem to defy all of the above, and unless there's a cork here that hasn't made it to the top of the water yet, it flies in the face of everything logical.

1. Obama was warned by the generals who executed the war in Iraq that if all the troops were pulled out without a decent sized residual force left in place, the very thing that has happened would happen, that there would be war among the Islamic factions that would quickly negate the few gains America had left behind when we pulled out.

Obama refused to honor the general's advice and pulled all the troops out, he makes lame excuses about immunity and political claptrap that precluded his leaving a meaningful force in place, but the truth is that he could have worked it out if he had wanted to. His reasons were purely political.

2. There's nothing new in America propping up a lame ineffective leader and leaving them in place when we pull out, but this fruitcake al-Maliki is even a cut below some of the losers we've supported in the past. Besides being hated by over 10 million of the opposing Sunni population of Iraq, he is obviously a puppet of the Iranians.

3. Even the mainstream media which does everything but polish Obama's shoes is having to admit that the ISIS forces are a clear and present danger to the homeland, as several Jihadists with American passports have joined the fight in Syria and Iraq and there is an uncomfortable possibility that they will come back to the US, bringing with them, the latest technical knowledge in bomb building.

We have been inhibited from making gains in Iraq because the enemy hides among the general population, but ISIS rides through open desert in long convoys, a prime target. Why has Obama not unleashed missiles and fighter planes?

4. Obama released five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world recently, even he himself admitting that there was a chance they would again join the war of terror against America.

Does this make any sense at all? Is this not tantamount to allowing a rattlesnake nest to exist in your living room?

5. After claiming that the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi Libya was the result of some insulting video, then reneging, the Obama administration is identifying the recently captured Ahmed Abu Khatallah as the ringleader of the massacre.

If this is so, Khatallah is most certainly an enemy combatant, and as such should be tried by a military tribunal, not in a civil court with some headline seeking superstar lawyer pleading his case and the media coloring the coverage to Obama's advantage.

6. I recently got an email from a friend of mine in Israel who is in position to stay on top of events in that part of the world and he called Obama and Kerry a "two man wrecking squad" and said the prestige and credibility of the Obama administration in that neighborhood were practically non existent.

Even the idea of America having diplomatic dealings with Iran has to send shock waves the length and breadth of Israel. Much less the ludicrous notion of involving them in Iraq. That is no way to treat the only ally America has in that entire part of the world. Especially since Israel and America are the common enemies of Iran; they hate us as much as they hate the Jews.

I don't know what the upshot of all this will be, but I can tell you that absolutely no good can come from it. Passivity and inaction in the face of danger always gives the advantage to the bad guys and I'm afraid when the chickens come home to roost, disaster is coming with them.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

i do not understand why people could/can not/will not get behind huckabee to run for president again. he should'of won the first time sad that the PRESS always dictates what the BIG BUSINESS wants..they were afraid of h. clinton when she ran for president like wise huckabee... the PRESS only like whinps.

Hi Jim,

I'm a conservative but I want nothing to do with RINO Republicans. There is no difference betweeen the two parties. They both push their political power agendas via the use of debt. Each time a GOP leaves, the power he has concentrated falls to the next president. So, Obama inherited some of his police state powers from GW "911 inside job" Bush. And Bush inherited some of his powers from Clinton. It goes all the way back to Ike and Kennedy. I warned us about the military industrial complex. Kennedy tried to double cross them. They got him elected thinking he was their puppet. He decided to do things they didn't authorize. They shot him in the face for it in order to send a message to future presidents not to agree with the unholy alliance and then turn on them.

Romney is a warmonger like McCain. You are a fool for idolizing him. You are also a fool for thinking that the GOP is conservative. They are a bunch of con men, no better than the dems. This is why Ron Paul disagreed with just about everything they did and this is why none of the Pauls can get behind Mitt "Original Obamacare program" Romney. Wake up and figure out that nothing is as it seems and always follow the money if you want to know what is really going on.

I recently retired from the military with over 24 years of service. During that time I made 9 deployments to the Middle East, the first one during Operation Desert Storm and the last one ending in Feb 2014.

One thing obvious to anyone that wore the uniform is the complete and utter ineptness of the current resident of the Oval Office. Stand by for heavy rolls folks because it will get worse before it gets better.

In 2 or 3 years, we may have already been visited by the Lord, but not openly, only to take the believers home. I do not care for Ron or Rand Paul, but I do not dislike them, I just do not like their suggestions. Not too sure just how Christian they are, but I am not the judge of that, God is. I believe Obama is our President because God has allowed him to be, either in answer to those who asked for him or because certain things have to fall into place before the Tribulation period can enter in. The attacks on our Religious Freedoms are all part of the plan, but we must remain strong and persevere to speak the Word of God to all we can; whether people want to believe it is up to them as we have all been given free choice. I sense an urgency to reach out to our family and friends about God, those that don't know him. I also pray for our President, his family and those legislators who do not know God, or who are not listening to Him if they do.

Hey Plowboy... it indeed was me Charlie was quoting. And your observation about me having trouble posting comments was spot on. Since I don't have a clue if this will even post, as all my other attempts ended in failure, feel free to write me at:
Israel Mountain Vintner

Hi Bruce Wayne,

When I hear people say that Republicans are greedy, and that Ron Paul isn't, I get very angry.

To me Ron Paul is the ultimate politician because he wouldn't endorse Romney after he won, and that tells me that he has very bad judgement. Obamacare would be outta there, abortions would be down, the Middle East would be more stable, etc.

Plus, I know we can't judge poeples; motives, but it's awfully suspicious that he wouldn't endorse Romney while his son was waiting in the wings for 2016.

The Paul brand has done immense damage; they are very much like Democrats in that they are ruthless and lie through their teeth for their own profit. For instance, Rand said Cheney used Halliburton for Iraq when in fact Cheney had severed all ties with Halliburton a year before taking office. He never really apologized for it either, though he's toned it down. That's a character issue of Rand Paul, for all the good he does stand for.

Please don't hurt our country in 2016 with the Pauls again, like was done in 2012. Please don't judge and divide our party anymore. Please weigh the stakes. Please nail the Paul thing to the cross once and for all. It's done so much damage for so long. Falsehood has a way of doing that.


Amen. But don't hide your light under a bushel, Dr. Daniels. UNC-W?

Thank you, Charlie, for caring about the US. I am a Ron/Rand Paul guy so to me, both parties are too greedy. Iraq War was meant to split apart that country. In 1991 they didnt go in since that would have broken it into 3 by 1992. I asked myself: who benefits from Afghan, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria etc. chaos? Its the US and Israel. If all those countries are in civil wars, Israel is safer. All thats left are Hezbollah in Lebanon and PLO. Last is Iran. When Irans allies are weakened by civil wars, NATO will kindle a youth rebellion in Tehran. Half the country is under 25 and they wanto party. Look for democracy to come to Iran in 2 or 3 years. LORD Bless you and yours.

What a great post, as usual, Charlie. I love sharing your articles, they are usually very concise, informative, and well-reasoned, and this one is no exception.

Let's just hand on tight, count down the days until Obama's out of office, and pray for minimal damage even though he's doing his best to cause as much as he can.

Was encouraged by the Supreme Court siding with Hobby Lobbly today, regarding the contraceptives issue.

Let's just keep watchin' the clock, keep reporting the facts, and keep prayin' our tails off.

"And this too shall come to pass", as The Good Book says.

Also read about Nebuchadnezzar in chapter 4 of Daniel tonight, if there was hope for him, maybe God could even make Obama wittingly or unwittingly do some good things in spite of himself.


Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, me thinks that Obama is a sodomite, which means he cannot be a Christian, or a Muslim for that matter. However before "we the people" elected him the first time around he told us that when the time came he would stand with his Muslim Brothers.
When this Obamanation was elected I said we were on the fast track to a Fascist government, look at us now. So in his mind Obama is a success for him nor Michael were ever proud of the USA. Dang strange a man like this became Commander In Chief. Rather than go on I can only say Shalom to Israel Mountain Vintner and missing his contribution to your soapbox. Hope he it ain't cause he is having 1/2 as much trouble as I am in posting. God Bless Plowboy

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