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Jun 27 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Immigration

I don't blame anybody for wanting to come to America and do believe that our immigration policy needs some serious overhauling; but until it is, if we don't follow the one currently in place, the potential for chaos is extreme.

A few nights ago, I was watching a political TV panel discussing the influx of children across our southern border and how the situation should be handled. Opinions of the talking heads ranged from the practical to the impractical, from deportation to assimilation, from the acquisition of thousands of productive new citizens to dire predictions of the expense of caring for the ones who are already here and the catastrophic results of tens of thousands more who will come in the future.

As usual the conservatives leaned toward pragmatism while the liberals expounded their usual idealistic compassion about how America should take in any child who showed up on our doorstep seeking asylum from violence and oppression and insinuating that anybody who felt differently hated children and wanted to put them on boxcars and send them back from whence they came.

Which brings us right back to where we started, what do we do about the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children coming across our borders, and even more importantly, what are we going to do about the hundreds of thousands more who will be coming across in the months to come?

The liberal mindset that we should take them all in, feed and clothe them, educate them and assimilate them into society is compassionate and well meaning, but as most idealistic remedies, is long on compassion and short on practicality and answers.

And no, everybody who disagrees with them is not calloused and cruel, does not hate children and has no desire to see any child suffer, and no American will stand by and watch a child be mistreated, but there are intrinsic and far reaching problems attached to this situation, whichever way we eventually decide to deal with it.

We are not dealing with just a group of refugee children, they all have families, many of which are still in Guatemala, El Salvador or wherever their countries of origin and when you consider that they will almost certainly be coming to join their children in America it exponentially increases the numbers to the point, should this process continue the numbers of dependents added to the entitlement rolls could run into the millions which translates into billions and then trillions of dollars and adds to the already bloated pool of unskilled workers living in this country.

You have heard it said that America cannot be the police force for the world - and at the same time - neither can it be the orphanage. Our resources are stretched to the breaking point and will not cover an ever-increasing flood of people of any age, children notwithstanding.

Then look at the practical side of things.

Our border patrol agents can no longer patrol the border; they're too busy changing diapers, making up baby formula and finding food and some kind of lodging for the thousands of helpless children who have suddenly been thrust into their care.

How can we possibly know what diseases could be coming across our border?

How can we know that some of the very element of violent gangs and cartels these children are purportedly running away from is not coming across the border with them, the dangerous answer is, we don't.

Where does it stop? Will we allow this to go on and on until it turns into the straw that breaks the camels back? And a very fragile back it is.

What will President Obama do about it?

My guess is next to nothing. Probably just a whole lot of rhetoric about the wonderful compassion of the nation he was going around the world blasting for it's mistakes a few years ago, and how it is incumbent on American "exceptionalism" to take in the needy of the world.

This is truly a conundrum of gigantic proportions, one that should have been foreseen and dealt with before it ever reached the catastrophic proportions it has become, tearing the nation between conscious and practicality, fairness and foolishness, what's right and what's wrong.

It's called leadership…and oh, that we had some.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Hi Texas Mini, thanks for all of the information in that post, it was very good and informative. So tell me your perspective on this question then. Let's take at face value your assertion that Jeb Bush supports amnesty, in the sense that we can at least agree that in some instances he would allow for a path to legal citizenship. Still would he not be a much more effective POTUS than Obama on this? I mean he has an opinion, he can see in hindsight what his brother did and didn't do, and what Obama basically didn't do at all, and we know if nothing else he's a pretty decent person from a pretty decent family, and has good values. And he doesn't talk out of both sides of his mouth. And he has the inside track, name recognition, and connections to win. Do you at least agree that when the dust clears he would be much better than Obama and the situation would be at a least a little more under control, and the bleeding might stop a little bit? That's my sense, but I'm curious what you/others think.


Hate to tell you, but Jeb Bush is in favor of amnesty, which is NOT an option. In years past, illegals already here were sending over a BILLION dollars back to Mexico, yet partaking of free education, welfare, food stamps, Social Security, etc. I was born and raised in Texas, living the first 30 plus years in South Texas, close to Corpus Christi and saw LOTS of illegals during that time, and they DO NOT ASSIMILATE, as do immigrants who have come here legally. Very few of my Mexican classmates spoke good English, which in the long run makes it more difficult to get decent paying jobs. Every year, at cotton picking season, before machines were used, there would be LOTS of drunkenness, fights, shootings and stabbings going on in our small farming, ranching community. No wonder there are so many problems in large cities as they now have to deal with gangs and members of the drug cartels who've come across the border. Israel built a wire fence along the Sinai border to stop terrorists from coming into Israel. This has happened over the past couple of years and has worked great for them in keeping the terrorists out. Right now, there are lots of OTMs (other than Mexicans) coming across our border with Mexico, and that should send chills down everyone's back! In a report, on Fox, a few years ago, it was reported that something had been brought across the border that put off radiation, but they would not say where. We have all these illegals pouring across the border here in Texas, and yet there is a Marine who's been in a Mexican prison since April! If we had a competent POTUS, he'd have been on the phone to the presidents of all these countries, letting them know that the funds we send to their countries is stopping as of right now, and for them to come get their citizens. Mexico could put their military along the border with the U.S. and keep their citizens from coming across. I guarantee you that you cannot go into Mexico illegally as you will be picked up and thrown into prison! For years, ranchers along the border have had to put up with having their fences cut, cattle being slaughtered, trash left all over their land, and worrying about their wives or daughters being raped or worse. None of them go anywhere on their property without being armed, including their wives and children. Jesus said the poor would be with us always. Not only do we have the poor coming across, but also bringing with them diseases that have been wiped out in the U.S., like measles, chickenpox, T.B. and who knows what else. Guess UNICEF, with the United Nations hasn't been doing it's job. Just frustrated that our laws aren't being enforced by the Federal Government, so maybe its time for states' rights to go into play. Sorry for my rant and raving, but I've had enough of this incompetent administration and all the "phony scandals," to quote the POTUS!

We need to get past the generalities and get to the specifics, and the specifics are for states as well. We all know it's very complex and a million factors to consider. So let's list every factor we can think of and think out loud, and come to conclusions together:

- Many of the illegals were here legally, but it expired.
- For all the fences, helicopters drive over them.
- Many of the illegals are from drug trades, we'll get you over here if you bring the drugs over here.
- Many young women get over here by bribing with sex or used as bait for someone else to get over here.
- So a lot of the corruption is over here.
- We all want immigration to be the legal and fair way.
- Life is messy, though, unless some of you have the perfect lives with all the perfect family members, and no grace was ever needed ;)
- Yet, there is a balance between being merciful and being a pushover.

I suggest we just continue listing fact after fact, then we'll know all the data we have to process. I don't trust people who say they have a one-size-fits-all answer for this, and on the other hand I don't trust people who label every plan to make people citizens as "amnesty".

We're the human race, it's a very complex issue, there is no one-size-fits-all.

I say let's just continue sharing all the information we can on this. I don't want to be like every other blog, with the stupid back and forth of a bunch of self-appointed know-it-alls. I would really like if people would keep listing link-free facts, for my part.


If I remember correctly a few years back Jeb Bush had his own immigration trouble in his house. Most politicians will tell you whatever you want to hear. With two major parties to choose from and many more other political parties, the stories can be quite intricate. Amensty?, not realistic. Being killed trying to keep our borders from being overrun? Realistically closing the borders and following the laws already in place would be the little more than a bandaid solution at this point. Let the illegals buy into living here, pay income taxes, pay for the extra education that their children will need to live here. Everything in this world has a price. The illegals should have to pay their own way or be forced to leave. Stop catering to those who are breaking the law and trying to force the US into accepting them because they are already here. Not all rules are made to be broken.

Good post addressing an important issue, Charlie. I'll say one thing perfectly clear: This guy Jeb Bush is a great guy and has it in really good perspective, and doesn't talk out of both sides of his mouth on the issue, whether people like what he stands for or not. I'd like Gov. Snyder of MI for prez in 2016, because of the dark horse factor that could be helpful; but I'll tell you what Jeb Bush is a straight talking guy who knows who he is and what he stands for, and from everything I've seen, he would take on the immigration issue head on and deal with it, and some might like it and some might not how he does it, but he believes it will be good for America and good for our party. Well what about California and what happened to thatyou ask? Well look at Texas and Florida, they still vote Republican for all their immigrants, so California is it's own unique case like every state is.

If pseudo-conservatives, like a lot that we see on this board, are going to go "wah hah hah, it's amnesty, it's amnesty", every time a Republican proposes a practical solution to actually deal with the solution, then all they're doing is satiating us with the kind of division the liberals love to see among conservatives.

Here Jeb out, he makes sense and talks clear. He thinks like a leader on the issue, not all doom and gloom, IMHO.


Amen & Amen Charlie, you nailed it, it is the total lack of leadership. Unless it is like some believe, which is the sodomites plan is lead the USA into third world status. Any ignoramus with as much brains as the south end of a north bound mule can see this as another obamanation fixing to derail this country.
Two things that Reagan did that I totally disagreed with was the dairy buyout program and amnesty for illegals. I recently heard a gentleman on Hannity say that Reagan latter regretted the amnesty he gave, which gave me a little hope. Besides coming from California I could see Reagan being soft on illegals, just like him & Bush bailing out the Savings & Loans because most of em were from California & Texas.
The rubber meets the road and our future depends on doing the right thing on immigration. It won't be easy, nor politically correct, but it must be done now because we have let it go to long and just like yesterday sodomites began marrying in Indiana, (God help us), tomorrow the bunch that gave us Fast & Furious will have their border brothers keeping you in line just like the Black Panthers kept voters in line 6 years ago. God Bless Plowboy

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