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I know that Barack Obama is an urbane sophisticate who exudes a high degree of charisma and has as fine an education as can be provided by the greatest Ivy League universities in the nation.

His people skills are outstanding and his personal story of coming from a broken, biracial home of meager means, fighting the odds and succeeding is truly inspiring. He is from all appearances a model father, a faithful husband and an all around family man who values the time he spends with his wife and children and goes to great pains to make opportunities to do so.

In his first term the electorate gave him an overwhelming majority of votes and both houses of congress opportunities to mandate, a license to do just about anything he wanted to do about America's ailing economy, the two wars we were involved in, the anemic job market and a plethora of other major and minor aches and pains that plagued America.

The adulation of the population, the impetus of being the first black president, the time in history he came on the scene and America's need for the "Hope and Change" he promised combined to present him with the opportunity of going down in history as one of the greatest and most effective presidents ever.

Obama's inauguration season was grander than anything America had ever seen, and played out on elaborate, columned stages, resembling the set from a high budget Hollywood production, with the American media fawning almost to the point of orgasm as he moved steadily onward toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to take his place as leader of the free world.

The stage was set, the players were in place and the nation and the world waited with baited breath to see what job producing, economy reviving, miraculous domestic policies would issue forth from the new Camelot.

Or what brilliant act of foreign policy would be forthcoming, actions that would astound Planet Earth, being about peace in our time and bolster American prestige and power to it's rightful place as the envy of the world and the defender of freedom and justice.

Right about then things started falling apart, as it became evident to any thinking person honest enough to admit the truth, that this well spoken, attractive president, evidently didn't have a clue when it came to choosing the nuts and bolts of his administration as he surrounded himself with left wing ideological academics and political operatives without enough practical experience among them to run a lemonade stand.

The president's first world tour, instead of touting the greatness, capability and nobility of America was spent bowing to Muslim kings and kowtowing to any leader who came into his presence and apologizing for just about everything America had accomplished in the past two hundred years.

Then instead of shoring up the economy with concessions to the private sector to create and maintain desperately needed jobs, he introduced the most convoluted, government expanding, economy killing piece of socialism ever brought to the floor of Congress and told the American people it had to be passed immediately before the planet spun out of the solar system. The total ramifications of this one won't be felt until after Obama's presidency is history and I think he probably planned it that way.

Then Eric Holder, the first Attorney General who is allowed to decide which laws to enforce and which ones to not enforce, makes it his business to take away states right while ignoring the rot and corruption in the federal government,

The national debt has grown a trillion or so, Iraq is headed toward becoming part of the Federation of al-Qaeda states or whatever, with the Taliban just setting in the wings, licking their chops until America pulls out before they do the same thing in Afghanistan.

The food stamp rolls and disability recipients have grown by the millions under Obama and true unemployment figures are not known as so many people have stopped even trying to find a job.

We could go on, but why? What I have stated is obvious and probably known by just about everybody who will read this.

Obama is a lot of things, but he is simply not a leader, in fact not many people are, but then not many people get to be president.

Obama is an ideologue, a social engineer, a man who doesn't like America's role as the greatest nation the world has ever known, Obama probably would never describe himself as a socialist, but when you are hell bent on leveling the international playing field at the expense of Pax Americana and the influence and benevolence of American exceptionalism, if the golf cap fits, wear it.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

The word was out on who BHO was way, way before the 2008 primary,let alone election. Caroline Glick, who attended the same high school as the FLOTUS, told me early in 2008 that she was terrified of a possible Obama presidency.She and others, like Beck, sounded the alarm early on, not only in reference to Israel, but about the man, his past, and his associations.

Another attempt to post. This is just a private try to post something.

I ran across this today. I believe it pretty well backs up what I said about BO doing EXACTLY what he planned.

"Author Bill Federer said, “This idea that Saul Alinsky adopted is: You’re convinced your agenda is so good, any means necessary to get there is okay—lying, voter fraud, intimidation, bribery, threats, anything.”
Obama studied Alinsky and is reported to have taught Alinsky's views. David Alinsky, Saul’s son, has spoken of “Barack Obama’s training in Chicago by the great community organizers.”
"While many people want to resolve conflict and controversy, Saul Alinksy relished it as a way to achieve power. Alinksy stated in a film, “First rule of change is controversy. Change means movement, and movement means friction and friction means heat and heat means controversy.”

I agree totally. Hopefully independents/undecideds will do a better job of vetting in the 2016 election, since they should know by now that the mainstream media will not do it for him. But it wasn't the undecideds/independents fault that Obama got a 2nd term, it was the fault of conservative divisions. We need to get behind the next Republican nominee. No matter who it is, however imprefect, they will have had to pass the CPAC test to get there, so we should take some comfort in that, and focus on getting a Republican in to undo the damage.


The answer is Gov.Rick Synder, he'll be a dark horse candidate to ride in from out of the blue, a total nerd from Michigan, who doesn't know how to do anything but get things done. We get that guy in there in 2016, we'll be on the right track, he's even fixing Detroit. Obama has no vision except to keep his sick-minded party in power; other than that he has the work ethic of Huckleberry Finn in a drunken stupor, literally the laziest president ever. In essence his golf course is the cemetery of the soldiers dying for him while he plays. "Hey move that tombstone it's getting in the way of my shot." And to me, he never had any charisma at all. To be a Demcorat you have to be a walking corpse with no conscience, a marionette of Hell who worships power to the degree of buying it with the blood of the unborn. You guys here who will lose elections for the Republicans, you're no better, you claim to have principles but you overlook the unborn to stand for them, that's what you do when you talk down The Republicans. I think God is putting us on notice: Pissing our vote down the toilet for a 3rd Party candidate, will only get the baby-killing Democrat on there. If we overlook the needs of someone who desperately needs it (the unborn) to feign standing on principle, there will be a price to pay, and it won't be pretty. Let's trust God to use the imperfect Republicans, not a guaranteed loser, who really in not that principled anyways. If they were they would be REAL leaders and try to UNITE Republicans around their best principles, not talk them down and ditching the party of Abe, Ron, Ike, and damn it, GWB and his dad were great too. Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, come on let's quit being anus-openings and start giving some credit to those guys too.


Herb, my fear is that you are correct B/C I don't think he is that incompetent. In almost 6 years he would have stumbled over a few correct things to do. My question is why hasn't congress reigned him in and stopped some of this madness.

Their plan is to deconstruct America and reconstruct it to a so called Marxist nanny state. The Cloward–Piven strategy!

I wish that I could agree with you that the problem is just that BO is not a leader and has no clue about what needs to be done.

I can't.

In my opinion, he is doing EXACTLY what he intended to do, destroy the USA as it was.

He scared me really bad when he said he intended to "transform" the country. It didn't need transforming, it needed shoring up of the basic ideals of the USA.

Instead of even trying to fix the problems, he has done everything he can to make our problems worse. I know that everything he has done to damage the USA has been planned and intended, not incompetence.

Amen & Amen Charlie you nailed BHO. In my world he is as worthless as teats on a boar hog. Totally unbelievable that somebody with such a opportunity and potential could screw up so badly, which is why I doubt his faithfulness as a husband and his true motives as a model father.Nobody could sit in Reverend Wright's church with Farrakhan idolized, and even have a clue as how to be a model father, which is why 3 members of this Church were murdered in 6 weeks, including sodomite choir director Donald Young, one of Obama's closet (or closet) friends. nuff said God Bless Plowboy

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