The Intransigent Mindset, Scourge of American Politics

Jun 20 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Politics

To deny that there are unreasonable people on both sides of the political spectrum would be an out and out lie. Both the right and left have their own collection of zealots, ranging from the self aggrandized pseudo-intellectual who is absolutely positive that he or she has seen the light and that for the nation to take any other path than the one in his vision would lead to sure disaster, to the downright kook who bristles at the very mention of the other party's name and, depending on their persuasion, believes that an “R” or a “D” stands for evil and idiocy.

In my opinion, their biggest mistake is to allow their political feelings to drift into the personal realm, negating any hope of meaningful discourse, their intractable, never give an inch attitudes blinding them to even the remote possibility that a modicum of good could actually come from the despised loyal opposition.

For instance, there are people who are totally convinced that Barack Obama has no claim to the presidency because he was not actually born in the USA, which, even if true, is a colossal waste of time six years after the fact.

There are also those who believe that 9/11 was an inside job, facilitated by the Bush administration for some sinister reason that so far has never come to the light of day.

There is the group that believes Fox News is made up of elaborate lies just because they cover stories the main stream won't touch and expose raw nerves of realism in situations that shine a light on issues that affect the politics and politicians they so fiercely defend.

One of the most radical, unbendable and hard core constituencies is the global warming, climate change - or whatever the tacit and grandiose title du jour currently in use – who, over the last century, have gone back and forth between predicting a global Ice Age and then global warming while they are not really sure what's going to happen, they are absolutely convinced that it's catastrophic and monolithic.

And people who don't ascribe to their theory of doom (by the way, I fall in that category) are classified as Neanderthals and throwbacks often castigated by those who refuse to believe that the universal thermostat is in the hand of the One who created the whole thing and that He is not about to turn such a formidable task over to so frail a creature as mankind.

I believe these people have the right to express their opinions, and would be willing to at least listen to their explanations, were they presented in a civil, logical way, but when the first thing out of their mouth is "stupid" or "ignorant", things just kind of deteriorate from there.

And they're not about to give any validity to what I say, no matter how civilly and logically I approach the subject, so here we are at loggerheads.

Any criticism of President Obama is often met with, “you’re a racist” or, "look at the mess Bush left him with”. If you mention Obama's cold decision to not even attempt to send help to four Americans trapped in a burning building in Benghazi the response is, "well look how many embassies were attacked and how many people were killed on Bush's watch".

The only answers some people have for Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, Benghazi, trading five of the world's most dangerous terrorists for one soldier of questionable loyalty, the house of cards economy, the insurgency in Iraq, the Russian occupation of Crimea, the firing of battle hardened military officers and the downgrading of our military, the VA mess, an attorney general who selects which laws he will enforce, the refusal to allow the Keystone Pipeline and allow drilling on federal land, the unyielding national debt, the exit of American industry to other countries and a whole plethora of critical policy mistakes by the Obama administration is to harken back to some mistake made by the Bush administration.
The media protects this president like no other who ever held the office, and in doing so, do a very harmful injustice to the people who depend on them for the information to form their opinions.

Getting only one side of a situation makes for uninformed one-sided opinions.

I refuse to have either an “R” or a “D” next to my name, no party owns my vote and to tell the truth I'm pretty disgusted with both of them right now as I feel they have both let us down and care more about their political futures than they do about the country.

They have refused to curb the excesses of the presidential fiat, they fold in the face of adverse publicity and place stiff backed, out of touch political hacks like Harry Reid in positions of great power and pass legislation they haven't even read.

They refuse to do anything meaningful about the border debacle and pander to ethnic and racial pressure groups and political correctness, talk out of both sides of their mouths and stand by docilely while America's individual rights disappear one by one.

They refuse to come forth in defense of our only ally in the Middle East and I would imagine that the Israeli trust level in the president and Congress is about as low as mine.

But folks, politicians are not what make this nation great; it's us. We The People, Joe Six-Pack, Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen, we drive the trucks, plow the fields, lay the bricks, build the railroads and man the assembly lines.

We pay the taxes, fight the wars and form the soul and conscience of America and except for the power of Almighty God; our collective opinion is the most powerful force in this country.

Brother and Sister Americans, we don't have to agree on everything, but in the rush to disagree with anything we don't consider to be our brand, we are ignoring all the ultra important things we should at least look at from both sides.

Holding a politician accountable is not being disloyal, it's common sense, trying to insure that your children will still have an American dream to live, it means the difference between the land of the free and the home of the brave or some sniveling, has-been burn out afraid of our own shadow.

It means living free or living under a monolithic top heavy and oppressive government not even knowing what our rights really are.

We need to come together, we need to seek the truth, we need to turn back to the God who made this the greatest nation the world has ever know.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Thanks Plowboy, always good to read your posts too. I've tried to comment several times since that last post and have not been able to. I wish the new Administrator would give us instructions on exactly how to do it so it's not hit and miss.

Linda I am with you 100%, glad to see you got your post up, always nice to hear what you have to say. I usually try 10 times to get 1 post up, and once I posted the same thing 3 times. Still try to figure the method to the madness> Also and old fogy like me sees everything kinda foggy with the current mix of fonts and colors. But hey maybe Mr. Daniels is making the statement that everything is either Black or White.....nothing gray...not even between my ears:) God Bless Plowboy

Jim, the problem is that we ain't had a good Republican president after Reagan. The Bush's are skull & bones loyal, end of story. Chaney endorses sodomites because his daughter turn to be one, God only knows why Laura Bush endorses it. It is past time to get a party that supports the US Constitution, no holds barred, period nuff said. God Bless Plowboy

Hi Charlie, I agree with all you said, including this: "I refuse to have either an “R” or a “D” next to my name, no party owns my vote and to tell the truth I'm pretty disgusted with both of them right now as I feel they have both let us down and care more about their political futures than they do about the country"

The Republican Party lost me on 06 when Bush pushed the Kennedy/McCain Shamnesty plan on us and Lindsey Graham called us who were against it, bigots! I will vote 3rd Party if the GOP keeps attacking Tea Party Candidates.

Our country is in deep trouble and it won't get any better until/unless God opens some eyes and people realize how we have spit in His face and repent! Woe to them who call evil good, and good evil. BTW...this is off topic, I don't like this new set up at all. The black background with the white writing is hard on my eyes and the font showing who is replying is way too small to see. The Captcha is a pain, too. It doesn't make for a pleasant experience like we used to have here. This is the fourth time I've tried to post, I hope it works.

Then please tell me why aren't WE THE PEOPLE doing anything besides posting opinions? Where is the peoples militia and WHEN are we going to march to take Washington BACK? Tell me. I'll join in whatever capacity I possibly can. Let's go NOW!

Hi Charlie, I agree with all you said except the part about not putting an "R" by your name. That's the attitude that allowed pseudo-conservatives to not vote for Romney and force us into Obama's 2nd term. I've always maintained that we should proud to be called Republicans because it stands for Reagan, Lincoln, strong military, lower taxes, protected 2nd amendment, more hope for border security, etc. I think it is liberal to not call ourselves Republicans for the simple reason that it divides the ranks of the good guys and lets the bad guys win. We made that mistake in 2012, let's not make it again. Please change your attitude on that, to be ashamed of the party of Reagan, Lincoln, Ike, and even GWB and his dad for any pet peaves, is just plain wrong, and makes the devil happy because it's a sign of having put hope on hold. We made the devil happy in 2012, let's please not think we're heroes for making happy in 2016 again. I can nitpick at Republicans all day, but when the dust clears, I am darn proud to be called one. I know what their ideals are, and they are malleable in the hands of goodness, so I will support them and encourage them to do the right things. While YOU might still do that, other people here will take what you said and flush their vote down the toilet for a 3rd party and then the devil gets his way by having baby-killing Democrats in power. It's not cool or constructive anymore to distance ourselves from the Republican Party. We need to say "these are traditional Republican principles, let's encourage our Republican party to be true to it." To distance ourselves from it would be like distancing ourselves from our family when we don't like the behavior of some, or from our country, when we get disgusted with the behavior of too many Americans. It's just not constructive, or heroic, or fruitful, and the track record is there to prove it.


Sorry to say but, MR. Smith left Washington a long time ago. This once great nation of ours once had Yahweh's blessing but seems to have lost it. Most people don't realize what Yahweh says in the Bible, He does not like it when a nation messes with Israel, and look what this President with his Islamic belief's, has done.

I've said it before, a president can't be this stupid. He's a puppet for a bigger motive.

Amen Charlie, some very good thinking.
I will disagree on one point however,...."For instance, there are people who are totally convinced that Barack Obama has no claim to the presidency because he was not actually born in the USA, which, even if true, is a colossal waste of time six years after the fact." I for one believe that he is an illegal, and no one can deny that his birth certificate is a forgery. By letting this Obamanation stand we are giving our stamp of approval for every lie, every death, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Sodomy and the list goes on.
You are right brother, it is time to turn or burn, ( &I dang sure ain't talking about global warming burning us).....God Bless Plowboy

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