Terrorist State in the Making

Jun 13 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Iraq

 They call themselves “Isis”, they are fast becoming an organized army and they are storming across Iraq like a cloud of locusts, vicious, totally without conscience when it comes to murdering anybody who gets in their way, including women, children and old people and they are instituting strict Sharia Law as they go.

Tikrit and Mosul have already fallen and now they are approaching Baghdad and the Iraqi army is just giving up, shedding uniforms and abandoning the military hardware America gave them as they run away.

Isis is so cruel that even al-Qaeda refuses to acknowledge them and they instill such fear that citizens are fleeing in front of them by the thousands.

They want to establish an Islamic Caliphate, which would include Syria and Iraq, and so far nothing is inhibiting their doing it. When they achieve this, their next targets will be Israel and America and right now nothing is standing in the way of their accomplishing it.

The implications of what is going on in Iraq are many and sinister.

It means that there will be a terrorist state, a well-armed, well-financed Islamist nation, a base of operations to launch attacks around the world, ruled by cruel, unreasonable men bent on bringing the planet under the Islamic banner, no quarter asked and no quarter given.

There are Americans who have gone to Iraq to join Isis, men carrying American passports who will be coming back to this country battle hardened, well trained and ready to carry out attacks on American soil.

It means that some of the prime oil producing areas of the world will be in control of ruthless men who will use the distribution and the profits to impose their will on the nations who are dependent on oil from that part of the world.

It means that recruiting for the Islamic cause will go through the roof as the Isis march through Iraq appears to be an unstoppable juggernaut to impressionable young Muslim men who are vulnerable to the promises of a virgin filled, male dominated afterlife for those who give their lives in the service Allah.

This whole fiasco has happened in the span of a few days and at the rate things are going what I'm writing could well be old news by this afternoon when it is uploaded.

This is truly frightening for anybody who will put aside their blame game attitudes about the situation and think rationally about the implications, because there is plenty of blame to go around. So whether you're one of the people who believe that George Bush should never have gotten us into to this war or the one who believes that Obama pulled out too many troops too soon, let's put our differences aside for the time being and take a cold, sober, nonpartisan, pragmatic look at the situation.

Regardless of who or what is at fault, the debacle exists; a group of dedicated fanatics - willing to kill their own countrymen, and not afraid to die in battle for the greater glory of Islam - are rampaging across Iraq, with their eyes on much more than Persia.

Since Bush is no longer president and can no longer do anything about the situation, let's turn our attention to Obama, who is about the only person in the world who can do something about it, and as of the writing of this column, has done absolutely nothing.

I am not suggesting putting American soldiers back in Iraq, but for the first time in years we have an exposed enemy openly traveling in convoys and vulnerable to drone strikes and by selective targeting our planes could take out a lot of their personnel and equipment, stop their march dead in it's tracks and disrupt what has, so far, been nothing but a win/win situation for them.

You can bet they took into consideration Obama's weakness and reticence when it comes to immediate action and every day he does nothing emboldens and encourages them.

Diplomacy is like spitting into a heavy wind in this case, it only blows back in your face, these maniacs only respond to the kind of diplomacy that comes out of the business end of a gun.

As usual, the mainstream media is in Obama damage control and when they should be screaming about the clear and present dangers of what's happening in Iraq they are handling the situation with kid gloves, lest the blame should be placed at Obama's doorstep.

People please don't be apathetic about this. The situation has implications that reach far beyond the borders of Iraq and Syria. We are watching an implacable enemy being born and nurtured by their success, an enemy that means imminent danger to your family and the homeland.

The will of America is being tested and right now the people who represent us seem confused and clueless.

But then you have to take into consideration, the president probably only found out about it when he read it in the newspaper.

Vote out the gun-grabbers America, the way things are stacking up you're going to need them.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

If anyone doubts how bad this is. Look at Iran. They are jumping in this because they know, they "Will" be next. They are right on Iraq's doorstep. Charlie is right and we all need to be on the same page with this.

Our Congress can do something about it, but they seem as inept and spineless as our President. Especially our Republicans!

AMEN! That is what I have been saying all along, but my husband disagrees. The only way the USA will accept or be forced to accept a one world system is if we are on the very brink of complete & total collapse.

"Pray for peace"? Really? In the 21st century, in the face of an entire nation of people who are fighting over who's version of their religion is better, you're gonna throw out the "pray for peace" mantra and blindly spew out nonsense from a concept formed over two thousand years ago?

Religion is what causes all of the violence in the world... it's about time we stop fawning over millennia-old mysticism and start using our rational heads to solve the world's problems. Maybe drone/air-strikes are the temporary solution to halting the growth of ISIS... but in the long run the WORLD has to do more to move beyond religious fanaticism and start using the brains we've evolved.

No president can be this stupid. Obama knows what he is doing and his goal is the new world order. The only way to bring that about is to ruin the USA. He knows exactly what he is being told to do.

Amen, Amen & Amen Charlie, once again you have called a spade a spade. Anyone that wants the whole truth on Obama standing with the Muslims needs to watch this video from a Mississippi Preacher who does not compromise the WORD OF God. God Bless Plowboy

I agree with you sir. It doesn't matter who started this war or whether we should be there or not. No matter how you slice it these are our enemies. They wouldn't hesitate to cut off the head of each and every infidel american in this country given the chance and we have them out in the open with an opportunity to take them out. It is a damn shame to stand by and do nothing at all. After all of our countrymen that have fallen in this war to free this place and now we are just gonna let it be overrun by terrorists that are worse than Hussein ever was. Unfortunately, I truly believe that Obama is a radical muslim. I can't understand any other reason someone would intentionally try to destroy our country and he is intentionally weakening and destroying our country. These are his people and this is what he would have for America if we let him. I do pray. I pray God have mercy on this nation and that he would put leaders in power that honor him, have conviction, honor, and a sense of duty once again. I pray for the people in Iraq that are caught in the middle of this invasion. I can't imagine having to flee my own country with children on my hip. I think I would rather die trying but that is another story. How could the USA become what it has become in such a short time? Like it or not we are in a Holy War. In war you either fight or die. There is no playing patty cake with people that want to kill you and chop you body into pieces. We should be taking these people out. We have the firepower to do it without even sending our troops in. This is just ridiculous. I feel in these current times that I now know what people of Rome must have felt like in the last day's before Rome's demise. I hope that's not the case but it's so hard these days not to feel like you are stranded in the middle of the ocean on a sinking ship and the captain is reaching over the side paddling water in the boat.

written perfectly. the only way to control even some is to take them out with drones and other things instead of putting our soldiers back in harms way that will just end up the same way when we leave. stop the blame game.no use for it here. figure that out later.now do what has to be done to stop this group

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