Welcome to the All-new CharlieDaniels.com!


Welcome to the brand new charliedaniels.com website!

CDB has partnered with BubbleUp, one of the top website companies in the business, to bring you our all-new website, with lots of new features.

Special attention has been paid to our fan club and our new fan club section should be a major upgrade for our members, and waiting for login info which never comes will be a thing of the past. We will be instructing fan club members on how to enter the new fan club section very soon.

There's an all-new discography with lyrics for most songs, and all of Charlie and the CDB's social media posts are on their own page.

This new site will also be focusing on Charlie's upcoming 80th birthday, and we will be rolling out more CD80 celebration elements in the near future.

Look around, explore, and come back often, and as always, Charlie's regular soapboxes will be posted on Mondays and Fridays.


-- TeamCDB



Will Charlie still be doing his Twitter page?


*  It would be impossible to stop him. - TeamCDB

Posted by Mark
membership #839

howdy from europe. love the new website. just ordered NIGHT HAWK and can't wait to listen to it. still have 2 problem with my membership. 1. i can't log in. 2. i renewed my membership via pay pal in june 2016, but didn't recived my package. all my love george 


You should have received an email explaining how to access the new fan club membership, but here are the instructions:

1. Go here: https://www.charliedaniels.com/password-reset

2. Enter your email address

3. A new password will be sent to you

4. Go to the login page here http://www.charliedaniels.com/fanclub and enter email address and the new password.

If you have trouble, email charliedanielsfanclub@bubbleup.net and they'll help you.

DeAnna was behind getting out fan club packets because we had to get new band pictures signed, because Pat McDonald left the band a couple of months ago, and we got new photos with new drummer, Ron Gannaway, but it took a bit longer to get them, and then get them signed. Email DeAnna and I'm sure she can give you the status of your renewal. - TeamCDB

Posted by george
miss kay Scott passed away from Eagles Club in New Port Richey

following in New Port Richey afterwards at the eagles post those gloves and so the Spring Hill Club everybody is very sad. Nothing came out right I apologize so I said anything wrong I was trying to say that Miss Kay Scott passed away from the Eagles Club. Nothing is working right because of the storm I am sorry

Posted by tammi

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