Meet New CDB Drummer, Ron Gannaway, Pat McDonald Leaving for Family Reasons

Ron Gannaway

After 17 great years in the CDB, in what was a very difficult decision for him, Pat Macdonald is leaving the band. It's a case where family has to take precident over career as he has a daughter who is coming of age and needs him at home.

We'll miss Pat but support him wholeheartedly in this decision and he'll always be a friend.

We have been blessed to find another excellent drummer.

Folks, meet Ron Gannaway who will begin playing with the CDB May 14.

Charlie Daniels



I'm sorry to hear that Pat had to leave. I got to see and hear him play at the Interlochen Arts Academy in 2007 and absolutely fell in love with his professionalism. I look forward to seeing what Ron can do and wish him all the best. Robert Gray.

Posted by Robert
As a drummer who has toured, I can say Pat might be the best drummer in Nashville! He will be missed but Ron will do a great job and has a lengthy,impressive resume.
Posted by Donny
Ron Gannaway, Great Drummer. Even Greater personality. Cool dude
It's rare I approach a musician as a fan. But last eve I think did just that kind'a. Even my wife teased me after.... I saw the CDB last eve. After the show, in a local establishment, Ron was sitting with a few folks. So told him he performed well and liked his style. I did not get a chance to talk with him back stage and wanted to ask him a few drum tech questions. But there in the open... I just went on about being a local drum in NYC and some of the great talents I've enjoyed playing with. We have some mutual friends. Ron I'll be sure to say hello for you to Thommy and the others on the 15th. Tony P SI/NYC
Posted by Tony
Gift at Harvester
Please thank Ron for the drumstick gift Friday the 20th at the Harvester in RockyMount. Tony Wright
Posted by Tony

Charlie Daniels